[posted] REPosted (#20023, Victoria)

Joseph E. Loewenstein, M.D. loewenstein at suddenlink.net
Sun May 3 11:44:34 PDT 2009

The html file has been revised to create links between the three volumes, 
including the index in Vol. III (just posted).

The Letters of Queen Victoria, Volume 1 (of 3), 1837-1843), by Victoria 
  [Subtitle: A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence Between the Years 
1837 and 1861 ]
  [Author: Queen Victoria ]
  [Editor: Arthur Christopher Benson and Viscount Reginald Baliol Brett 
Esher ]
  [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/2/0/0/2/20023 ]
  [Files: 20023.txt; 20023-8.txt; 20023-h.htm; ]



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