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John Mark Ockerbloom ockerblo at pobox.upenn.edu
Mon Jun 7 06:45:18 PDT 2010

This appears to be only the first volume of the 2-volume work first published
in 1881, but there seems to be no indicator of that either in the etext or
in the cataloging I've found on gutenberg.org.

I don't know if this was taken from an edition that left of the "Volume I"
indicator, or whether it was dropped somewhere in transcription.  But it should
probably be noted in the files and cataloging.

(I've noted in on my site.  To see what the original two volumes
  looked like, see


for Volume I, and


for Volume II).


David Widger wrote:
> The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, by Jefferson Davis      19831
>   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/1/9/8/3/19831 ]
>   [Files: 19831.txt; 19831-8.txt; 19831-h.htm]
> Thanks to Geoff Horton, David King, and the Online
> Distributed Proofreaders team at http://www.pgdp.net
> David

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