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David Widger cdwidger at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 06:44:15 PDT 2010

I believe you are ready now to do an entire posting.

First you have to obtain a file number.

The command at the prompt in PUTTY is simply:


It will give you a tentative number and you will be asked to confirm 
with a Y (yes) that you do indeed want this number.

It will also give you some extraneous and invalid information 
regarding "month" and "year" which is no longer appropriate and has 
not been since the change in the file directory system when we 
reached etext #10000. Disregard this.

Then as you have done before in FireFTP open \spool and download the 
files  for the set you are going to process, in this case: 
ChuckGreiffear.zip and its accompanying info.txt file.

Process the file and put all the generated files for me to download 
in the usual place.

I will check them and then give you the OK to upload the final zipped 
file to the \push directory on FireFTP.

After all this you email the pnote to: posted at lists.pglaf.org

And you have posted your first file.


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