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David Widger cdwidger at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:51:19 PDT 2010

All looks good.

You did not mention, and I forgot to ask, Did you run a gutcheck, 
jeebies and spellcheck on this file?  Just running in on the text 
file is good enough as the html file was generated from the text file 
and the upload note has told us that the html file is valid.  If you 
did do the three checks and all was well then, you may do the final 
two steps in the posting process.

1. In your FireFTP program open in the remote window \push,  you will 
see a list of old directories, these are only for files posted before 
the filenumber 10,000 (referred to by the WWRs as pre-10k).  Your 
file 32780.zip goes into the main push directory not any of these 
subdictories.  Then make your local window show your working 
directory and then select the file 32780.zip.  Then click on the 
middle arrow pointing from the local window to the remote window. The 
file will upload to the remote push directory and should show up 
there on the screen. Send me an email that you have done this so I 
can check to see the zipped file is in the right place.  Be sure it 
is the zipped file only which is transferred. If the plain directory 
32780 was uploaded it would make a hash of things.

2. In your working directory copy the body of the pnote to your 
clipboard. In your email client copy this note

The TO: line in the header of the email should be posted at lists.pglaf.org
THe Subject line should have: Posted (#32780, Gallun) !
The Cc line should be:  Mary Meehan <jack_fishing_king at yahoo.com>, 
Gregory D. Weeks <greg at durendal.org>

When satisfied that all is right send the email.

I will watch for your email and follow the progress of the uploading 
from my computer.

Good luck!


At 03:19 PM 6/11/2010, you wrote:

>Ticket for this is 32780
>Everything seems (to me) produced and zipped properly
>The results are here:
>--- On Fri, 6/11/10, David Widger <cdwidger at gmail.com> wrote:
>From: David Widger <cdwidger at gmail.com>
>Subject: WWing
>To: "Chuck Greif" <cbgrf at yahoo.com>
>Cc: posted at lists.pglaf.org
>Date: Friday, June 11, 2010, 9:44 AM
>I believe you are ready now to do an entire posting.
>First you have to obtain a file number.
>The command at the prompt in PUTTY is simply:
>           ticket
>It will give you a tentative number and you will be asked to confirm 
>with a Y (yes) that you do indeed want this number.
>It will also give you some extraneous and invalid information 
>regarding "month" and "year" which is no longer appropriate and has 
>not been since the change in the file directory system when we 
>reached etext #10000. Disregard this.
>Then as you have done before in FireFTP open \spool and download the 
>files  for the set you are going to process, in this case: 
>ChuckGreiffear.zip and its accompanying info.txt file.
>Process the file and put all the generated files for me to download 
>in the usual place.
>I will check them and then give you the OK to upload the final 
>zipped file to the \push directory on FireFTP.
>After all this you email the pnote to: posted at lists.pglaf.org
>And you have posted your first file.
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