[posted] Posted (#38296, Haynes) !

David Widger cdwidger at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 10:04:17 PST 2011

I have no idea which of the three of us screwed up: PGLAF, David or Joe.

It just seems to happen a couple of time a year.  My routine is to 
_move_ the files from \spool to one of my PGLAF home folders as that 
takes only a few milliseconds, and then copy it from that folder to 
my computer.  That way I cannot "forget" to delete them from \spool.

This was an easy fix as my file was still sitting in \spool when your 
posting not arrived.  All I had to do was delete the folder from 
spool so it never got to the server.

Slow start to the winter here.  Heidi is recovering from two 
fractured ribs (her horse stumbled and Heidi went flying over his 
head), so we are having a very quiet time.

Best over the holidays,


At 10:22 AM 12/13/2011, you wrote:
>Did I leave the files in spool?
>Sorry for the mixup.
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>>This file was posted by Joe earlier as filenumber 38296, so I have 
>>deleted my files and will use this filenumber for another ebook.
>>At 10:08 AM 12/13/2011, David Widger wrote:
>>>Henrietta Maria, by Henrietta Haynes 38296
>>>   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/3/8/2/9/38296 ]
>>>   [Files: 38296.txt; 38296-8.txt; 38296-h.htm]
>>>Thanks to Juliet Sutherland, Alex Gam and the Online
>>>Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net

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