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Greg Newby gbnewby at pglaf.org
Tue Mar 1 12:36:48 PST 2011

Poezii, by Mihai Eminescu                                                35323
  [Editor: prof. Nicolae Gutan, acad. Mihai Cimpoi, Chisinau ]
  [Language: Romanian ]
  [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/3/5/3/2/35323 ]
  [Files: 35323-8.txt ]
  [Clearance: cleared-hart.txt ]

Thanks to Liviu Munteanu, Luminita Catanus, Alexandra Baciu, Anamaria
Petrea, Liviu Jalba and Nicolae Gutan.

Note that this eBook has long unwrapped lines.  I did not attempt to
re-wrap, which is a variation on our usual procedure.

  -- Greg

PS: Files will be online 

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