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The Adventures and Vagaries of Twm Shon Catti,by T. J. Llewelyn Prichard 
   [Subtitle: descriptive of Life in Wales: Interspersed with Poems]
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/0/4/1/40419 ]
   [Files: 40419-0.txt; 40419-h.htm]

For those wishing to know: This is a _very_ Welsh which is probably more 
or less unknown outside Welsh culture.  Twm Shon Catti is a part mythical 
part real person from Welsh history, who had a very adventurous life and 
often used his nature wit to get them better of his adverseries.  The 
first half of the book uses Twm's early life to introduce Welsh customs to 
the reader, and then moves to biography proper.  Little is known of the 
author, who is believed to have been an actor, who died in poverty in 

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