[posted] Language detection error? (Re: Posted (#40466, Sifferath) !)

Marcello Perathoner marcello at perathoner.de
Sat Aug 11 14:50:39 PDT 2012

On 08/11/2012 10:21 PM, Al Haines wrote:

> When a copyright clearance is submitted, the only allowed language entry
> on the clearance form is a language code, e.g. "en".  When the finished
> ebook files are later uploaded, that "en" is translated into "English",
> which is what comes to the WWers.
> I suspect that if this translation can't be done, as apparently with
> "oj", either because the copyright submitter or uploader entered an
> incorrect or unknown code, the code is passed as-is to the WWers, unless
> the uploader intervenes with the full name of the language.

According to Ethologue "Ojibwa" is a macrolanguage encompassing 7 languages.


I have added Ojibwa to the known languages and updated #40466 to Ojibwa. 
If somebody wants to provide a more specific language attribution, I can 
add that one too.

It would be useful to get a heads-up before new obscure languages get 
posted. That way I can add the language to the catalog before the book 
gets posted and avoid the mess.

Marcello Perathoner
webmaster at gutenberg.org

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