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Al Haines ajhaines at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 14 10:23:39 PDT 2013

The Honey-Pot, by Countess Barcynska                                     42531
  [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/2/5/3/42531 ]
  [Files: 42531.txt; 42531-8.txt; 42531-0.txt; 42531-h.htm
  [All the file formats were generated at the time of posting
   from an RST master file.]

Thanks to Al Haines

This is the first book by this author to enter the Project
Gutenberg collection.

A novel of the trials/tribulations faced by stage actresses 
in early 1900's London, England.

Note to cataloguers: the "n" in Barcynska is actually
n-grave (Unicode 01F9).  (The correct character, and
its uppercase equivalent (01F8), are in the posted HTML 
and UTF8 files.)


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