[posted] REPosted(#4007, Landor)

David Price ccx074 at pglaf.org
Fri Aug 15 10:04:25 PDT 2014

Corrections have been made in this file and it has been updated with the 
new header, removed from its old address in etext03, and filed under the
new directory system.  Unicode, HTML, etc. have been provided.

IMPORTANT: When I transcribed this book back in 2001 Michael Hart 
generally didn't like multiple titles within one eText, so the original 
book (which is Gebir and Count Julian) was split into two eTexts: 4007 
and 4008.  With this repost the original book is restored on 4007 and 
contains BOTH works.  Once the copyright clearance comes through I'll 
repost a different edition to Count Julian to replace 4008 as there's no 
point posting this eText twice.

Gebir, and Count Julian, by Walter Savage Landor                          4007
   [Editor: Henry Morley]
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/0/0/4007 ]
   [Updated edition of: etext03/gebir10.txt and etext03/cntjl10.txt]
   [Files: 4007-0.txt; 4007-h.htm]

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