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John Mark Ockerbloom ockerblo at pobox.upenn.edu
Mon Mar 31 05:43:32 PDT 2014

The earlier posting of this etext had JPEGs for the musical score snippets
in a zipped HTML file (etext05/8abpt10h.zip).  They seem to have been dropped
from the reposted version, but they go in the 6 places where it has
"[Illustration: Musical Notation]", toward the end of the HTML file.

Could these be restored to the reposted version?  Although 8abpt10h.zip
doesn't seem to have made it into the "old" subdirectory on gutenberg.org,
it can still be found on some mirror sites.


On 03/30/2014 01:14 AM, Al Haines wrote:
> A Little Book of Profitable Tales, by Eugene Field                        9485
>    [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/9/4/8/9485 ]
>    [Updated edition of: etext05\7abpt10.txt, 7abpt10.zip]
>    [Files: 9485.txt; 9485-h.htm]
> Corrections have been made in this file and it has been updated
> with the new header, removed from its old address in etext05,
> and filed under the new directory system.  An HTML version
> has been provided.
> Thanks to Juliet Sutherland, Sheila Vogtmann and PG
> Distributed Proofreaders. HTML version by Al Haines.
> Regards,
> Al

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