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The Duty of a Christian People under Divine Visitations, by Newton Smart 49126
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/4/9/1/2/49126 ]
   [Files: 49126-0.txt; 49126-h.htm]

For those wishing to know: the book was occasioned by the outbreak of 
Cholera at various seaports in England, around 1832.  The Rev. Smart 
thought this was God's punishment against a sinful people and in the book 
lists the multiple failings of the English and demands repentance and 
reform.  He's also very worried about the future of the Church of England 
which had started to come under attack from "free thinkers" and, he felt, 
scientists.  It's an alternate response to the issues of the times to that 
provided by the Tractarian movement, which started at more or less the 
same time.

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