[posted] Gutenberg: Shakespeare Apocrypha 1546, 1547, 1548, copyright and header

David Price ccx074 at pglaf.org
Fri Jun 19 14:32:16 PDT 2015

Last one for today - promise!

These three are also flagged as copyright in the catalog but don't appear 
to have a copyright notice in the text - all being done by a team of 20 PG 
volunteers.  I never worked out which of 3 clearances were used for these 
so don't have a copy of their original posting state.

HOWEVER, all three have the really old gutenberg header in it, most of 
which doesn't apply at all these days ("this files should be called...") - 
and there's no old files directory either.

Any ideas?

 	Sonnets on Sundry Notes of Music, 1546C

 	Sir Thomas More, 1547C

 	Locrine; Mucedorus, 1548C

GUTINDEX does not have them as copyright:

The Lamentable Tragedy of Locrine; and Mucedorus, by William Shakespeare  1548
Sir Thomas More, by William Shakespeare                                   1547
Sonnets To Sundry Notes of Music, by William Shakespeare                  1546

Oh dear - just noticed a lot more of these in the 1736+ range - if a 
decision can be made can it be made for other such cases too please?

All the best,
Hot and heavy England

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