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Consumption Curable, by Henry Congreve                                   53880
   [Subtitle: Observations on the treatment of Pulmonary Diseases]
   [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/5/3/8/8/53880 ]
   [Files: 53880-0.txt; 53880-h.htm]

For those wishing to know: This 1839 pamphlet is mainly an advert for the 
writer's own quack cure (which naturally he praises to the heights and 
gives no specific details of).  However, he also protests against 
then-current medical opinion that consumption was incurable.  It must have 
been truly terrifying to contact T.B. in those days when it wasn't 
understood and no cure was known.  Within 30 years the Brompton 
Consumption Hospital would open just a few miles from where this author 
lived and practised.

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