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ΝΕΚΡΟΚΗΔΕΙΑ, by Thomas Greenhill                                                   57829
  [Full title: ΝΕΚΡΟΚΗΔΕΙΑ: Or,
                the Art of Embalming;]
  [Subtitle: Wherein Is Shewn the Right of Burial, and Funeral
              Ceremonies, Especially That of Preserving Bodies After the
              Egyptian Method. Together With an Account of the Egyptian
              Mummies, Pyramids, Subterranean Vaults and Lamps, and Their
              Opinion of the Metempsychosis, the Cause of Their Embalming.
              As Also a Geographical Description of Egypt, the Rise and
              Course of the Nile, the Temper, Constitution and Physic
              of the Inhabitants, Their Inventions, Arts, Sciences,
              Stupendous Works and Sepulchres, and Other Curious
              Observations Any Ways Relating to the Physiology and
              Knowledge of This Art.]
  [Link: http://www.gutenberg.org/5/7/8/2/57829 ]
  [Files: 57829-0.txt; 57829-h.htm]

Thanks to Richard Tonsing and the Online Distributed
Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net (This file was
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