[glibrary] Harold MacGrath - Hearts and Masks - possible missing pages?

Andrew Sly sly at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Dec 15 18:51:19 PST 2005

Today I checked the microfiche of this title at the University of
Victoria Library. It was made from a 1905 printing by McLeod & Allen,
Toronto, and also mentiones The Bobbs-Merrill Company on the TP verso.

The last numbered page is 186, but there is one more page, [187],
which has the final text of the novel. This last page begins with
the paragraph:

  "Hang it; I _do_ love you!"

and ends with:

  But she didn't.

This text does indeed have ten full-page illustrations. They seem
to match the story on the surrounding pages. Descriptions as
follows [page numbers indicate facing page.]:

p.8 -- 3 people sitting at a table and 1 standing.
p.32 -- exchange with pawn broker.
p.38 -- man in robe.
p.56 -- man in monk costume talking with woman in columbine costume.
p.82 -- "Monk" and "Blue Domino" seated, talking.
p.100 -- same two characters, candle and apples in foreground.
p.154 -- Man and woman in formal evening wear.
p.170 -- woman bandaging wounded arm as others look on.
   (seems to match events on p.179)
p.182 -- Woman in cloak and man in evening wear, standing.

Hope this helps,

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Al Haines (shaw) wrote:

> I'd like to check these two items:
> 1. The book ends at page 314.  There's no "The End" or "Finis" or any
> definitive end-of-book indicator.  Are there any pages after 314?
> 2.  The book has ten illustrations: the Frontispiece, and nine others facing
> these pages: 10, 22, 38, 58, 70, 98, 110, 124, and 250.  Some of the
> existing illustrations are loose, so I don't know if they're where they
> should be or not.  Are the existing ones in the correct locations?  Are
> there any others that are missing?

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