[glibrary] Everychild - illegible words

Al Haines (shaw) ajhaines at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 11 13:59:00 PST 2006

I have a copy of "Everychild", by Louis Dodge.  It was published by Charles 
Scribner's Sons, New York, 1921, copyright 1921 by Charles Scribner's Sons.

While scanning it, I found that two words on page 159 were illegible from 
what looked like dried, spilled food.  When I tried to (carefully) scrape 
away the residue, the whole residue flake came free and took some of the 
book's paper with it, along with the printing.

The missing text is on page 159's last paragraph, which begins with "A 
bluff, soldierly-appearing man...".  The last four lines of the paragraph 
are these, with the missing fragments indicated by underscores:

      ing rascals followed him into the room he re-
      _____, with a sigh: "He's not here.  And that's
      _____ of luck at least--to have no one about whilst
      we mix this devil's brew."  Then more briskly:

The first missing fragment ends with "ed".  From the context, and when 
combined with the "re" at the end of the previous line, the word might 
something be "reported" or "remarked", but I'm just guessing.  (Judging by 
the amount of space occupied by the missing characters, "remarked" is 
probably the better guess.)

As for the second missing fragment, from its context, I think it reads "a 
bit".  A portion of the T is visible, but the rest is a guess.

Does anyone have this book, that they can fill in the missing words for me?


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