[glibrary] Temple Bailey's "Contrary Mary" - blurred word

Al Haines (shaw) ajhaines at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 4 20:52:20 PST 2006

Thanks, Andrew!  I was trying to come up with words that might fit, but 
"shivering" wasn't one of them.


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> Hi Al.
> Ok, I now have in front of me a copy of Bailey's "Contrary Mary".
> It seems to match your description. Here are the first two lines
> of page 163:
>  future. Resolutely she had conquered all the shiv-
>  ering agony which had swept over her as she had
> Hope this helps,
> Andrew
> On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Al Haines (shaw) wrote:
>> I have a copy of "Contrary Mary" by Temple Bailey, copyright 1914 by The 
>> Penn Publishing Company, published by Grosset & Dunlap.
>> The words at the end of the first line on page 163 are blurred, the last 
>> one beyond recognition.  The line they're in reads:
>> Resolutely she had conquered all(?) the(?) _____
>> ering agony... (this fragment is the start of the next line on the page)
>> Can someone who has this book confirm the questioned words above, and 
>> fill in the blank?

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