[glibrary] Everychild - illegible words

Andrew Sly sly at victoria.tc.ca
Sun Apr 8 20:21:10 PDT 2012

First of all, you don't really include enough information to identify the
book you are talking about. Why would you not mention the author? After a
bit of detective work, I'm guessing that what you are looking for is this:
by Louis Dodge.

If that is so, that you might want to take a look at:
Which appears to be the same text.
It was released on January 16, 2006.


On Sun, 8 Apr 2012, Kristen Eisenberg wrote:

> Scribner's Sons, New York, 1921, copyright 1921 by Charles Scribner's Sons.
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While scanning it, I found that two words on page 159 were illegible from
what looked like dried, spilled food.  When I tried to (carefully) scrape
away the residue, the whole residue flake came free and took some of the
book's paper with it, along with the printing.

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