[gmonthly] PG Canada - *April* news summary

Michael S. Hart hart at pglaf.org
Sun May 31 19:41:24 PDT 2009

Here is the (delayed) news from PG Canada for April.

We published a total of 18 ebooks during the month: we have now
published a cumulative total of 307 ebooks.

The New Releases section at the top of the PGC main page always
gives the details of new releases for the most recent three months.

LANGUAGES: - 16 in English - 2 in French

GENRES - 9 novels - 2 books of short stories - 1 anthology with
introductory essay - 1 autobiography - 1 children's book - 1
biography - 1 history book - 1 dictionary - 1 scientific manual

6 of this month's ebooks were by Canadians or had a connection to

12 of this month's titles were fiction, 5 were non-fiction, and one
was an anthology of fiction with a lengthy introductory essay.

April saw the posting of two further titles by the famous English
novelist and essayist Arnold Bennett (1867-1931), courtesy of
Distributed Proofreaders Europe.

Authors new to PGC this month included:

Abbott-Smith, George (1864-1947) [Canadian theologian and

Bridges, Thomas Charles (1868-1944) [English boys'

Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn (1810-1865) [English novelist
and biographer]

Lawler, James (1868-1945) [Canadian silviculturist]

McArthur, Peter Gilchrist (1866-1924) [Canadian journalist] Niven,

Frederick John (1878-1944) [Canadian novelist]

Thorpe, James (1876-1949) [English cartoonist]


Thanks as ever for your support!


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