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Here is the news from PG Canada for June.

We published a total of 15 ebooks during the month: we have now published a cumulative total of 340 ebooks.

The New Releases section at the top of the PGC main page always gives the details of new releases for the most recent three months.

- 13 in English
- 2 in French

- 7 of this month's 15 ebooks were by Canadians or had a connection to Canada.

- 8 fiction
- 7 nonfiction


- 3 novels
- 3 books of essays
- 2 biographies (one of them an autobiography)
- 2 children's books
- 2 manuals
- 1 book of short stories
- 1 book of poetry
- 1 book of geography

To complement our recent edition of the later volumes of Proust's cycle of novels À la recherche du temps perdu, we published a 1927 set of reviews and articles on Proust by his contemporary Paul Souday (1869-1929).

We also published "Sister Teresa" (1909 version) by Irish novelist and art critic George August Moore (1852-1933), and the 1925 edition of his monumental three-part autobiography "Hail and Farewell".

Authors new to PGC this month included:

Auzias-Turenne, Raymond (1861-1940) [Écrivain et diplomate français]
Chase, Alvin Wood (1817-1885) [American physician and entrepreneur]
Dunham, Bertha Mabel (1881-1957) [Canadian librarian and novelist]
Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864) [American novelist]
Johnson, Clifton (1865-1940) [American author and photographer]
Lindsey, Charles (1820-1908) [Canadian journalist]
Moore, George Augustus (1852-1933) [Irish novelist and art critic]
Souday, Paul (1869-1929) [Critique littéraire français]
Sterrett, Virginia Frances (1900-1931) [American illustrator]
Verga, Giovanni (1840-1922) [Italian novelist]


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