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Subject: An urgent appeal to all Canadian supporters of Project Gutenberg

Dear friends:

I am the founder of Project Gutenberg Canada, and would like to make
a special appeal to Canadian supporters of Project Gutenberg.

Our government is sponsoring a Copyright Consultation on future
changes to the Copyright Act. This is an unprecedented request from
the government for the people of Canada to express their views on
copyright law.

Please consider making your personal submission. In the submission
which I made on behalf of Project Gutenberg Canada, I made the
following five recommendations:

1. A "Safe Harbour" provision for works more than 75 years old where
the life dates of the authors are not known

2. No extensions of copyright durations

3. Explicit assignment to the Public Domain of those photographs
that were in the Public Domain in 1997

4. 75 year copyright for works with more than 15 authors

5. Enhanced protection of the Public Domain

You can read the full PG Canada submission at


Your own submission should be in your own words, and can be quite
short.  We don't want to bury the government in spam, and truly
individual submissions will have the greatest effect.  There is no
need to precisely mirror the recommendations I made.

You will find the main Copyright Consultations page here:


You will find information on how to email your submission here:


You might also wish to send a copy of your submission to your Member
of Parliament:


The main Copyright Consultation page has information on how you can
participate in the forums being conducted by the government on
copyright issues, which naturally cover many issues which do not
affect PG Canada, but do affect your life in other respects.

The main thing is to make your submission sooner rather than later:
the Copyright Consultation ends on September 13th.

It appears possible that there will be a federal election in Canada
this fall.  Don't forget to tell your candidates that they are
answerable to you when it comes to copyright law, and that you
expect any future government to protect and promote the Public

Thank you in advance for your help.  And don't forget to make your

Dr. Mark Akrigg Founder, Project Gutenberg Canada

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