[gmonthly] Old Firewire Cable Needed

Michael S. Hart hart at pobox.com
Tue Sep 8 14:23:19 PDT 2009

What I am looking for is a device (probably a camcorder or tape
deck) that will play a Mini DV tape and has a 4 pin Firewire (IEEE
1394 output) (Sony calls it i.Link and DV out, Canon calls it a
Firewire port, JVC call it a DV (Firewire) port, Panasonic calls it
DV port, Samsung calls it a DV port, others may call it something
else) that I can borrow for a very short period to get some material
off of Mini DV tapes into my computer.  I have the 4 pin to 4 pin
cable I need to make the connection to my computer.  If there is
another type of device I can play a Mini DV tape and there is
cabling that will present a 4 pin Firewire to my computer I could
use that also, I just don't have the cabling.

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