[gmonthly] How To Get and Use eBooks on Cell Phones

Michael S. Hart hart at pobox.com
Wed Jul 29 18:56:16 PDT 2009

How To Get and Use eBooks on Cell Phones

This is a request for anyone to submit ideas for little "How To's"
for their particular brands and models of cell phones.

Nothing fancy to start off with, just the bare bones of how to get
the eBook into the phones and how to read them in comfortable ways
in terms of setting font size, zoom, or the like.

Eventually we hope to create "How To" files for each model, and in
ways that will encourage a greater usage of the nearly 4.5 billion
cell phones now in use, and to give some worthwhile uses to phones
that are no longer in service, but still work well as eReaders.

If your phone has WiFi built in, so much the better.

If nothing more, please just send the barest outline, and we would
hope to get others to fill it in to make it more user friendly.

Many Many Thanks!!!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg
Inventor of ebooks

If you ever do not get a prompt response, please resend, then
keep resending, I won't mind getting several copies per week.

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