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Project Gutenberg Monthly Newsletter

The Project Gutenberg Monthly Newsletter--Aug. 24, 2009
eBooks Readable By Both Humans And Computers Since 1971

40 Months to The End of the World Via Mayan Calendaring
on December 21, 2012 [some now saying October 11, 2011]

Leaving 3 years 4 months, 13 1/3 seasons or 40 months.

Not to worry, I will still make long range predictions.

Headline News

We just released our 25,000th English Project Gutenberg
eBook as "Merriam-Websters Unabridged Dictionary, 1913"

For those of you unfamiliar with Merriam-Websters, this
was the dictionary started by Noah Webster and model of
all dictionaries bearing his name, though I should warn
you that no official connection is required under law--
as he did not trademark his name.

I am having a little trouble writing up press releases,
and would appreciate any possible assistance as below:


Massive Dictionary Is Gutenberg's 25,000th English eBook

The 1913 Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary marks a
watershed in both the eBook world and paper publication.
This is one of the finest dictionaries of all time, with
as much history in its previous editions as those from a
later period that now includes nearly a whole century.

This dictionary, one of the world's greatest, is free of
all charges, new and improved, and in the public domain,
just waiting for you to download and own your own copy.

In paper, this is one of the massive dictionaries movies
use when they want to impress people, weighing so much a
stand is usually provided at libaries, etc.  Literally a
potential murder weapon beyond the mythical blunt object
usually associated with movie whodunits.

However, for those who understand this dictionary, it is
a source of a major portion of their educaction enabling
a reader to follow links from one definition to another,
until one understands why the same symbol is used for an
element:  copper, a planet:  Venus, and the symbol for a
human female. . .and education in itself, from the later
1950 edition edition, but not from current editions that
have been pared down to a more businesslike performance.

All of these are available at:


The Details:

This weekend Project Gutenberg posted its 25,000th home-
grown eBook: home-grown means not including eBooks given
by the various Project Gutenbergs that are springing up,
including Australia [approaching 2,000], PG of Europe is
approaching 650, PG of Canda is approching 500, and many
more around the world.

All in all, adding up all the Project Gutenberg sites in
toto, not discount duplications, there are 100,000+ book
titles, along with music, movies, audiobooks, etc.

All in all the original Project Gutenberg has produced a
total of 29,660 at the time of this release, meaning the
their total in all 50+ languages they have produced will
be turning 30,000 in about a month.

This larger total includes nearly 1,500 books in French,
about 600 in German, 500 in Finnish, over 400 in Dutch &
Chinese, about 350 in Portuguese, and 250 in Spanish and
the list goes on and on.

If it is languages other than English that interest you:


where there are over 100 languages represented in a wide
variety of languages and subjects, with about 75,000 all
total, approximately half of which are non-English.


Our 30,000th eBook created under U.S. copyright law will
come out a month or so from now, suggestions welcome for
items in any language or medium.




We Recently Published Our:

200th eBook in Italian
400th eBook in Chinese
500th eBook in Finnish

We are coming up on our 250th in Spanish. . .suggestions???

We are coming up on our 600th in German. . .suggestions???

iPhone Acquisition

As you know, we try to get one of each of the popular reading
devices to test how our eBooks work on them and demonstrate a
wide variety of reading options.

A friend is updating his iPhone today and I am buying his old
one, so we would appreciate any suggestions of which programs
we should load to demonstrate the widest variety of readers.

Our All Time Hottest Requests!!!!!!!


I am looking for the earliest flash RAM possible.

The ideal piece around which to center this collection is
one of the 8 megabyte USBs.

The very earliest were PCMCIA cards, such as used for the
Poqet computer, etc.

The earliest USB flash drives were DisgoDizgo, M-Systems
and these were OEMed by IBM, HP, etc. They are particular
in a recognizable fashion because their snapon connectors
resemble the connectors of jigsaw puzzles.

We received two examples of RAM actually labeled "Flash,"
for the H-P 95 pocket DOS machine from 1991, and a sample
of Fairchild bubble memory, as well, from down under.

Thank you, Mate!


We need someone who can do PowerPoint illustrations.

One in particular, building a 3-D box of 1,000 dominoes.

Additional Newsletter Services

In addition, we will provide the PG Canada Newsletter and
totals from PG of Australia, Europe, PrePrints, etc.

These totals do NOT include 75,000+ at


Where there are eBooks representing over 100 languages.

As you may have noticed, I cheated by a few days on the
date of this Newsletter so I could include #25,000 so I
should warn you that the monthly totals will be larger,
this month, and smaller next time.

The Project Gutenberg Statistical Report
[As of about noon Central Daylight Time]

Various totals from the ~30,000 at


and our other Project Gutenberg Sites

This week:

      day       | cnt
 Mon 2009-08-17 |  12
 Tue 2009-08-18 |   3
 Wed 2009-08-19 |  13
 Thu 2009-08-20 |   4
 Fri 2009-08-21 |   8
 Sat 2009-08-22 |  15
 Sun 2009-08-23 |  10
Thanks to Marcello Perathoner!

Here are the current language totals
for languages with 200 or more eBooks.

[Warning:  this did not change overnight,
so I am doubtful it is totally accurate.]

Grand total for today: 29662

25002   English en
1454    French  fr
597     German  de
513     Finnish fi
441     Dutch   nl
402     Chinese zh
344     Portuguese      pt
253     Spanish es
203     Italian it

Total increase       +294

Last month           +286      All Reported Languges

Previous month       +287

Not counting PrePrints, Canada, Australia, PG Europe

Thanks to Greg Newby!


And From Project Gutenberg Sites Worldwide

29,662   up   294  PG General Automated Count
 1,786   up    12  PG of Australia
   644   up     3  PG of Europe
 2,021   up     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved [42],etc.
              [PrePrints was down when I checked, sorry]
   425   up    50  PG of Canada [Est. since End of June]
              [No additional news from PG of Canada]
34,528   up   359  Grand Total

Up from last month's

34,179   up   347  Grand Total

Up from previous month's

33,832   up   320  Grand Total

Note  There are perhaps 100 eBooks not listed here
that are already in circulation from Project Gutenberg.

Note  PG Canada includes English, French, and Italian.


Here is how we ended 2008

27,616   PG General Automated Count
 1,726   Project Gutenberg of Australia
   554   Project Gutenberg of Europe
   225   Project Gutenberg of Canada [Estimated]
         [202 up to December, no current report]
 2,431   PrePrints [Counting the 307 Chinese eBooks +111]
======   ======
32,552   Grand Total [Counting those PrePrints]

Here is how we ended 2007

The combined PG projects had produced a total of 26,161 titles.

The most number of books posted...
 ...in one day was 65 on the 26th December
 ...in one week was 151 in Week 18 (week ending 9th May)
 ...in one month was 477 in November

We averaged
338 per month [Over 4,000 for the year]
 78 per week
 11.13 per day

99 titles were newly REposted to the new filing system, bringing us

almost to the 2,000 mark.

Here is a small selection of project milestones;

TOTAL Original Project Gutenberg eBooks equals about
the number of books in the average U.S. public library
  32,500 on 20082121 [Counting the 307 Chinese Preprints]
                     [And presuming 3 after official count]
  32,000 on Calcuating
  31,500 on 20081021 [not an error, 1,777 PrePrints]
  30,000 on 20081021
  29,500 on 20080919
  29,000 ~~ Calculating
  28,500 ~~ Calculating
  28,000 ~~ 20080516
  27,500 on 20080405
  27,000 ~~ 20080229
  26,500 on 20080126
  26,000 on 20071224
  25,000 on 20071012
  24,000 on 20070710
  23,000 on 20070415

  1,700 on 20081010
  1,600 on 20080208
  1,500 on 20070407

PG Canada
  175 on 20080930
  100 on 20080325
  110 on 20080417


Here is the July emergency Newsletter in toto for archiving.

Extra Edition of the PG Newsletter

I'm sending this out now because I have serious doubts as
to whether I will be able to do this very easily when the
Newsletter is actually due.  This may be the last time on
this hard drive that I actually get booted up, and it was
pretty much just luck that got me this far.

I'll be buying some new computers this week, I hope, with
the hopes that I will be more or less back to normal, but
right now the thing won't even let me make backups as the
USB ports have power, but don't recognize any drives.

I'm actually dialed up on the modem right now.

If any of you have any suggestions as to the best deals I
should be looking at for laptops and netbooks, please let
me know, and please cc:  gbnewby at pglaf.org

The Brief News

We are rapidly coming up to our 25,000th eBook in English
and all suggestions for what title to use are welcome.

This should take place next month.

In addition, we are coming up on our 30,000th PG eBook of
all languages perhaps a month or so after that, so we are
also looking for a great eBook in another language to put
up as #30,000.

We are giving away about 75,000 books per day through the
http://www.gutenberg org server, for ~2 million per month
and the monthly total was often over 3 million per month,
all told over the past 4 years or so.

This means we have given away over 100 million books over
the past 4 years, just through that one site alone.

The World eBook Fair

In addition, over these same four years we have sponsored
The World eBook Fair along with The Internet Archive, The
World Public Library, ebooksabouteverything.org, etc.

http://www.worldebookfair.org handed out a million files,
just on one day alone, July 4, to start up this 39th year
of presenting eBooks on the Internet.

Please note:  this is less than a million eBooks, as some
entries are multi-file in nature.

Traffic has since dropped to about half that, with a very
healthy 50,000 downloads per day of our "best sellers."

In its first year The World eBook Fair gave away nearly a
total of 30 million eBooks, and if the averages have been
at 25 million over the 4 years, that's a 200 million book
total over those two URLs over a 4 year period, or totals
somewhere in that range.

This does not count all the other sites such as Australia
or Canada or PG of Europe, etc.

The Current PG Totals

I'm not sure I have time right now to fill in everything,
with monthly comparisons as I usually do, as I am running
mostly on adrenaline right now and will have to stop soon
to eat, sleep, shower, etc.

Here are the brief reports you can compare to last month:

I will also try to get back online after the fact and try
to redo a real Newsletter with all info as of July 21st.

Here are today's numbers for languages with 200+ eBooks:

Grand total for today: 29326

24725   English en
1442    French  fr
587     German  de
508     Finnish fi
433     Dutch   nl
402     Chinese zh
338     Portuguese      pt
242     Spanish es
202     Italian it

Courtesy of Greg Newby.

Here are the weekly totals:

      day       | cnt
 Fri 2009-07-10 |   9
 Sat 2009-07-11 |  11
 Sun 2009-07-12 |  11
 Mon 2009-07-13 |  11
 Tue 2009-07-14 |   7
 Wed 2009-07-15 |   8
 Thu 2009-07-16 |   8

Courtesy of Marcello Perathoner

We have recently been averaging just under 10 books per day
with some very good days that are much better.

If we are lucky, we may do 3,500 to 4,000 books for 2009.

Not to mention the hundreds of books that have been updated
and improved, corrected, etc.

Many thanks to all who have helped us reach our 39th year!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg

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