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Michael S. Hart hart at pglaf.org
Tue Jul 6 13:56:36 PDT 2010

5th Annual World eBook Fair Provides 3.7 Million Free Titles

The 5th Annual World eBook Fair hopes to hand out 1 million
to 2 million eBooks every day from July 4 to August 4 for a
total of 50 million eBooks in a single month.

Once again The World eBook Fair has added over a million new
freely downloadable items in a single year to offer you many
new items in many new formats, errors corrected, etc.

About a million of these bear smaller resemblance to today's
average eBook, as they have been proofread and formatted for
easier reading, search, and research, and many are available
in various formats that include cellphones, PDA's, etc.

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of eBooks with us July 4th to
August 4th. . .Pick Up A Personal eLibrary from 3.7+ million
eBooks, not to mention music, movies, artwork, etc.

All you have to do is visit the portal at:


and follow the pointers to the following collections, etc.

. . .

The 40th year of eBooks will start on July 4 with 3.5+ million
FREE eBooks available at http://www.worldebookfair.org

These books run the range from light to heavy literature and a
host of other subjects and have been made available for you by
hundreds of eLibraries around the world from extreme polish of
The World Public Library's 750,000 titles to Project Gutenberg
with over 100,000 well proofread eBooks to the 2+ million from
The Internet Archive.

eBooks will be available in over 100 languages!!!

All of these should be in the public domain in the US, as well
as in most other countries.  Check your local copyright law to
be sure they are public domain in your location.

If you ever wondered why you should buy a new terabyte drive--
this is the reason. . .you can put a million plain text eBooks
on a terabyte drive at a million characters per book.  This is
is pretty decent sized book of about 300 pages.  If you run in
.zip files or other similar compression formats you can have a
terabyte drive with about 2.5 million similarly sized eBooks.

2.5 million eBooks in the palm of your hand!!!  For $75!!!

. . .


Here is a handful of the largest collections:

As of Monday, June 28, 2010 there were approximately:

2,378,397  from The Internet Archive
  750,000  from World Public Library
  400,000  from Wattpad
  112,000  from Project Gutenberg
   62,000  from International Music Score Library Project
3,702,397  Grand Total

Please note that archive.org and PG etc. have many
audio files, movies, music files, etc. with totals
of an additional ~.5 million files.

Many of these eBooks are available for cellphones.

5,000 to 10,000 titles will be added each week.

Disclaimer:  As with all large book collections,
some editions appear in more than one collection.


For further information please contact:

If you have any questions, or seek further materials,
an interview or would like to confirm the schedule or
contents please feel free to contact the following:

Project Gutenberg

Michael S. Hart, Founder
405 W. Elm, Urbana, IL 61801
hart at pglaf.org
hart at pobox.com
US Phone  217-344-6623
Cellphone 808-295-0615

Gregory B. Newby
CEO, Project Gutenberg
gbnewby at pglaf.org
US Phone 907-450-8663

World Public Library

John Guagliardo, Director
Honolulu, Hawaii
john at gutenberg.cc
US Phone 808-292-2068

The Internet Archive


contact at wattpad.com


contact at qioo.de

. . .

About The World eBook Fair Major Donors

Project Gutenberg

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Project Gutenberg is the oldest "site" on the Internet, providing
eTexts and eBooks since July 4, 1971, giving millions of eBooks a
month from http://www.gutenberg.org, not to mention hundreds more
sites around the world.  Don't forget Gutenberg of Australia, and
Gutenberg of Canada, as well as PG of Europe, etc.

The World Public Library

A 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Corporation

A membership driven organization at $8.95 per individual with big
discounts for schools and other groups and organizations.

Works in .pdf to provide an elegant searchable eLibrary, which is
approaching one million books.

The Internet Archive

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

Millions of eBooks in a variety of formats, as well as recordings
and movies as well as a wide range of other materials.


QIOO Interactive offers a reader software for mobile phones
driven by a server-based automated system that allows instant
creation of user generated mobile books. You can try out on

http://www.qioo.de/qic or simply use the "Mobile" format
provided at Gutenberg.org that is built by using QIOO's
QiC-technology that converts plain text to common JAR format.
The resulting eBooks are readable by nearly all JAVA-enabled
cell phones world wide.


Founded in 2006, Wattpad is now the world's most popular
ebook community. Wattpad has revolutionized the way
people read written works by providing a social
networking platform for readers and writers to discover,
share and connect.  Anyone can publish what they have
written on Wattpad a romantic story, a piece of
science fiction, poetry, an essay or a novel,
and interact with readers and fans.

Content is easily accessible through Wattpad's website and
with Wattpad apps available for over 1,000 mobile devices
including iPad/iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Nokia,
Samsung and the majority of popular brands and models.

Wattpad has experienced explosive growth since its
inception and has become the world's most popular
destination to publish and read ebooks. Wattpad delivers
billions of pages from its library of hundreds of
thousands of works created and published by the Wattpad
community. Millions of readers visit Wattpad every month
on www.wattpad.com and through their mobile apps.

Wattpad eBooks are copyright as per respective authors.

You may also wish to try a relatively new eBook site:


Since april 15, 2010.

Two goals: supporting Project Gutenberg by producing eBooks,
and so by producing and distributing free eLiterature on the
web in general ... and more by linking to 600+ eBook sites,
all over the world in many different languages - including
general literature, poetry, Greek, Roman and Medieval, Art,
Music, Audiobooks, Books and Literature in general, plus a
body of Research, Education and Scientific Publications.

>From the Projects page, check out a book you like to work on
for a first or second round proofreading. Beginners are fully
welcome and supported.  Those wanting to do more will be hand
guided through the whole process - all the way from scanning
to a pleasantly readable e-book available to millions.

(Links will be more ordered thematically and by language
in the near future...site still under construction, so we
can't give firm details)


marcdh at freeliterature.org


The World eBook Fair presents both copyrighted and public domain in
these various eLibraries.  While you have permission to download an
eLibrary of your own, and to pass it on free of charge, please make
sure you honor copyrights where indicated, and check your own local
copyright laws before presuming the others are in public domain out
of the U.S. copyright jurisdiction.  Copyright laws are changing so
you might want to ask at your local libraries.

While most of the Project Gutenberg eBooks are in the public domain
there many that are copyrighted for a variety of reasons.  Before a
sales attempt, we suggest you consult a copyright attorney after an
earlier reading of the information accompanying each title.

While most of The World eBook Fair Materials are free of charge for
any personal use via The World eBook Fair, note all copyrights.

Grand Totals, Sub-Totals, etc.

Please note:  In any combination of large collections of books will
be any number of duplications, sometimes of the same edition or the
same title and author, but a different edition.  For example, these
collections each have a number of editions of Shakespeare's works--
but--in addition to this, both World Public Library and in Internet
Archive collections, as well as many other such collections, nearly
all of the Project Gutenberg collection appears.  In addition, many
of the items at http://www.gutenberg.cc are new electronic editions
of the original Project Gutenberg editions at http://gutenberg.org.

Out of each million eBooks presented in The World eBook Fair, I may
guess that about 10%, or 100,000, are more or less duplicates of an
electronic edition available in one of the other collections.

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