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The Project Gutenberg Monthly Newsletter--Aug. 21, 2010
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The 40th Year of PG eBooks Started on July 4, 2010!!!!!

Several Major New Projects Are In The Works. . . .

Right now looking for volunteers to fine tooth comb PG
eBooks of Alice In Wonderland, Through Looking-Glass &
Hunting Of The Snark for errors!!!  See #7 below.

40th Year Special Projects!!!

We have several special projects we will be starting on
or around July 4, and if you have a project you like to
work on, why not send us a note and see if we can get a
team of volunteers to help.

Our newest project is to solicit suggestions where this
project should be in it's 50th year.  Suggestions are:

1.  Make it more obvious that PG wants error messages--
    how to write them, where to send them, etc.

2.  Make it more obvious that PG will send DVD's so the
    people who have to pay by the megabyte can use PG.

3.  An extensive library of human read audiobooks.

4.  Please make it more obvious how to do PG eBooks for
    Kindle, Sony, nook, and other eReaders.

5.  More current books under Creative Commons licenses.
    More apps for cellphones.  A model to encourage new
    writers to share their work in the same spirit.
    Showcase how people who used to be on the bad sides
    of various digital divides enjoyed and benefitted.

6.  Please add more bookshelves, particularly one to do
    eBooks from each country and make sure each one has
    at least one eBook to show how it can be done.

7.  Proofread the Top 100 or so downloaded books to the
    point where we they approach perfection.

So right now I'd like as many volunteers as possible to
let me know they would like like to proofread Top Tens.

New Ways To Keep Up With Project Gutenberg

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to receive our latest dual-layered DVD containing nearly
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U.S. public libraries contain.

More New Projects We Listed Before

Pro-Active Information About New Copyright Extensions

As many of you know, just 5 years ago or so Australia's
Parliament voted a resolution to resist those copyright
extensions that had recently taken place in the US, EU,
and other locations, but only a few years later tumbled
into line after a few rounds of economic warfare levied
upon them by The Mouse or other long copyright holders.

What many of you may not remember is how the copyrights
were extended in the U.S. in 1998 and 1976 without even
anything like the publicity in Australia or recently in
Canada where it appears they might be the first country
to actually resist such economic warfare efforts.

If you don't think this deserves the term "warfare" and
that it is really not such, perhaps you should consider
that the 1998 U.S. Copyright Act was passed at the same
time as President Clinton's impeachment bill was passed
and done behind closed doors in a "voice vote" where it
was not recorded who voted which way.

Many people have asked why President Clinton could have
been impeached when it would so obviously fail with far
more votes missing that would have made it interesting.

What they do NOT do is answer that question by listing,
even with just a short list, the other bills that their
special interests got passed, hidden behind smokescreen
politics created by the impeachment.

This is very powerful political maneuvering, and should
be brought to light, even if it cannot be stopped.

Perhaps there is time enough to shed light on these new
bills coming up to continue the ad infinitum extensions
of copyright that have changed the U.S. from having the
shortest copyright terms to having the longest in those
89 years from 1909 to 1998 when U.S. copyright extended
from 42 years maximum with rewnewals to 95 years and no
renewal required. . .even though 92% of all books would
never be renewed via the simple paperwork and the small
nominal fee that was required.

If nothing is done to dissuade Congress from doing this
The Supreme Court has already given them the power from
their point of view to extend as long as they want, and
that makes permanent copyright of Mickey Mouse a given,
and everything else of that era along with it including
Winnie The Pooh [1928 and 1926, respectively.]  The new
current U.S. copyrights already date back to 1923 so it
is obvious that Disney has the powerful vested interest
required to keep the lobbying pressure on Congress.

It should be noted that in The Supreme Court case lists
of Eldred v Ashcroft [originally set as Hart v Reno] it
was the Disney representative who got the best seats as
Eric Eldred was confined to the back row as Rosa Parks,
who won her case, and didn't have to sit in the back of
the bus, but had to sit in the back of the courtroom.

Hopefully there is time enough and interst enough to do
something to bring attention to this matter before vote
time for the next such copyright extension.

If they pass another such extension, the odds are we'll
have no more public domain books for Project Gutenberg.

[Apologies for any rough spots here, or not enough good
new materials, Greg and I have been on the road a week,
and are just getting back into the swing of things.]

More About The New Volunteer Support Listed Below

In our 40th year of Project Gutenberg, we would like to
provide more alternatives for eBook production and also
for eBook distribution.

For added eBook production alternatives, we should also
need some decent supervisors to provide assistance to a
new type of volunteer group[s], as well as to insure an
eBook is quite readable upon release.

Obviously our distribution via our web sites or DVDs is
going to continue, and perhaps our volunteers will have
an interest in handing out DVDs, as well as pointing to
our various download sites.

Improved Support For Our Project Gutenberg Volunteers

As a tribute to our volunteers we would like to make an
extraordinary effort to thank them for all their effort
over these four decades with a program to make the work
less onerous and more easy to do.

If you, or anyone you know, has any suggestions, of how
we can make the work go more smoothly, more easily, and
improve things for our volunteers in any manner, please
answer this Newsletter and let us know.

As one particular part of this program I would like for
us to create a new kind of "Blue-washers" group for the
specific purpose of helping our volunteers with problem
areas specific to them.  i.e. some volunteers just have
one or two specific production areas at which they balk
at certain procedures that are insisted upon and that's
all the prevents them from being *perfect volunteers.*

If any of you are willing to help me help them overcome
such problem areas, I would be extremely grateful!!!

Sometimes these are a simple as helping someone who has
their margins counted in millimeters instead of inches,
or who simply can't get their mind quite wrapped around
certain details our post production people insist upon;
other times it might just be a language gap where these
volunteers don't quite have the same command of English
as those who are trying to teach them.

If you feel you have the ability to make up for some of
these or other small difficulties that are all the keep
some of our volunteers from really taking off, you will
be more than welcome.

Thank you so much!!!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg,
Inventor of eBooks

PS  The term "Blue-washers" is a combination of terms:

"Blue Pencil" is the publisher/editor term for comments
to writers about how to improve various article, essay,
or even book length submissions.

"Whitewasher" is a term I invented long ago to name the
people who supported me in my Project Gutenberg efforts
after I realized I could not continue being the last of
the editors to see each and every book and to put these
all online myself after about #4,000.

NB  Two people, including our CEO tried to help me with
this this for about a month at a time, but each said it
not something they ever wanted to do again.  So, kudos,
and plenty of them, to those who are willing to be last
in the lineup to take the ultimate responsibility of an
eBook's final content, format and appearance!!!

However we should add that Greg Newby and I have always
championed the fact that some of our volunteers should/
would/could be able to have their eBooks published with
no interference from anyone else, rules or not, with an
exception for obvious spelling and formatting errors.

We have always had a few such volunteers that we took a
personal hand in helping through the process, for those
various reasons listed above, or many others.

We have some who submit perhaps one book per month, and
others that take a year or longer between books.

Please let me know if you are willing to help.

Timeline Events

As you can see in our Grand Total figures below we have
just passed 37,500 titles this past month and will have
40,000 eBooks during our 40th year celebration, 1,000 a
month over 40 years doesn't sound like much, but we are
on track right now to do 5,000 this year.

We are currently giving away about 100,000 books a day,
just through the one single site:  http://gutenberg.org
About 3 million eBooks per month or 36 million per year

In 2000 USB flash drives were just getting started with
8M "IBM Memory Sticks" available for about $60 and also
16M and 32M size were available.

Today 1,000 times as much memory, 8G, is available from
over the counter stores for $20.

I just bought a somewhat larger "terabyte pocket drive"
for $75 over the counter.  Larger is a relative term in
this case, it's still pocket-sized, but just requires a
doubly larger pocket and the weight is noticeable and a
"wall wart" power supply is required, so _I_ should NOT
think the term "pocket-sized would be appropriate but I
bought it anyway, sight unseen, due to misunderstanding
or being misled by the advertizing.

Still, it's no larger and not much heavier than a book,
and it will hold 2.5 million such books in .zip format.

Think for just a moment about how much a terabyte would
cost you back in the year 2000, how much power it took,
and how hard it would be to fill it up.

Google wouldn't even announce its "invention" of eBooks
for about 5 more years, Project Gutenberg wouldn't have
10,000 titles for another 2 3/4 years, so just think of
the changes we have in store by 2020, the next decade.

We should all be considering getting petabytes if we do
have them already by then, and all of the findable book
titles that are public domain should have been put into
at least some eReadable formats, if not most or all.

It should be simple to hold each word ever published, a
billion books of a million pages each, uncompressed and
2.5 billion such titles, using compressed formats which
should be the default by then.

However, the rules will likely have been changed again,
and perhaps yet again, to stop the public domain and to
insure that copyright is more and permanent not so much
for the additional few percent in sales, but mostly for
the purpose of preserving and protecting:

"The Digital Divide."

Our 300th Italian eBook is coming up!!!

Please send in your suggestions for title #300!!!

New Project Gutenberg Web Pages

Please note TWO new Project Gutenberg web pages below--
new features, new search engines, etc.  Please test and
make comments, suggestions, etc.

We have yet another Project Gutenberg Web Page coming!

If you want free new places to put your eBooks just let
me know!!!

30 Months to The End of the World Via Mayan Calendaring
on December 21, 2012 [some now saying October 11, 2011]

Leaving 2 years 6 months, 10 seasons, or 30 months.
[Leaving 1 year 4 months, 5 1/3 seasons, or 16 months.]
[All bracketed figures minus 10 days, of course.]

Not to worry, I will still make long range predictions,
such as that there will be affordable petabytes [2021],
and enough eBooks to fill an entire petabyte around the
same time.  Current long range prediction for drives:
1 petabyte drives in 2025, possibly even in 2022, along
with 1 terabyte solid state drives [SSDs].  1 petabyte=
enough storage for every word ever published, 1 billion
books of 1 million characters each.

>From June 21, 2010 to December 21, 2012 is 30 Months.

June 21, 2010 to October 11, 2011 is 16 Months -10 days.


1894 Dr. Johnson Edition of:
The Complete Works of Shakespeare collection.
Missing volumes 2 & 6.  Got all the other volumes for a
couple dollars at a garage sale, but will pay 20 dollars
each for for volumes 2 & 6.


I got a book this week called "Generation Change," that
lists "150 Ways We Can Change Ourselves, Our Country,
and Our World."  Most of these 150 items come with some
suggestion of sites to visit on the Internet.  #1 is:


"Generation Change" is available from:


Help create the  "http://m.gutenberg.org"  web pages!!!

We are working on making all our eBooks optimized to do
their best on iPads, iPhones, iPods, cellphones and PDA
devices, and to do our web pages to the same degree.

Let us know if you have any of these and can test them,
or would like to optimize for any other devices.

There are 4.5 billion such devices in the world, versus
only 1.15 billion computers, and more and more readers,
in spite of what the pundits say, are surfing, reading,
and everything else on such mobile devices.

More and more such devices will ONLY surf to "m" sites
such as "m.gutenberg.org"

In Our Own News Bin

New Project Gutenberg Web Pages

We have two new Project Gutenberg web sites up for testing.

I think you will find some interesting additional searching
and expanded lists of other eBook sites worth trying out:


and another new effort at:



The goal I'm aiming at with this initiative is twofold.

I'd like to provide as much useful information as possible
about e-books (freely) available on the web, where to find


And secondly, to offer people the opportunity to help out,
producing e-text for PG, in first instance by doing a first
round of proofreading on texts I deliver.

People who want to do more are welcome to and can count on

in going through the process from start to finish.

Experienced proofers who enjoy working on a complete book
are also very welcome.

Marc D'Hooge
marcdH at belgium-mail.com





Suggestions are more than welcome how to publicize this
upcoming event before it even starts to happen!!!

Apparently everyone is keeping silent about the various
copyright extensions coming up in Canada and the U.S.

In just a few years yet another bill will be introduced
in the U.S. Congress to extend copyright that has quite
literally been extended from 14 years to 115 years.

Here's Why We Need To Start Before The Issue Arises!!!

When the last Australian Copyright Act was discussed in
Parliament, they passed a resolution stating they would
NOT extend copyrights.


However, just three years later, under economic warfare
from, shall we just say, outside sources, they crumbled
to the pressure and gave in.

The Canadian Parliament is currently in that position--
and while some tell me they have enough signatures from
those against any extensions, I will bet you lunch that
they, too, crumble before it is over.

I would gladly lose every one of those wagers!!!

Further Information

As you may already know, any time the copyrights in the
characters Winnie the Pooh [1926], or The Mouse [1928],
start coming close to expiration The U.S. Congress will
be sure to start a very quiet frenzy of copyright bills
that are designed to go into effect before anything can
happen to those two copyrights.

As I understand it, Disney(R) made a huge lobby effort,
successful, to create the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act; paid
as a result an additional $200 million for the right to
another 20 years of Winnie the Pooh, and still made the
fabled laughing trip to the bank as a result, since the
effective date of 1978.

As a result I have to imagine their sales of The Mouse,
Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, etc., must have been predicted
to be so terribly large as to devour Avatar's gross.

Given that next bill passed right in the middle of what
must have been the busiest day in Congress for the last
few decades, the impeachment of President Clinton, this
means we should expect something of equal secrecy quite
soon, as the current copyright extension runs out 2018.

Usually they would make an effort to pass the new one a
session or two early, such as in 2016, but given that a
snag or two has hit before, we should probably look out
starting in 2015, though it will be hard to see.


Even during the election just before the last extension
I went to ask televised press conference questions on a
new U.S. Copyright Act I had heard about, but candidate
responses were uniform. . ."I know nothing."

I would have to expect that even if the big anchors ask
the same question in 2015 they will get that answer.

Or non-answer.

>From what I have heard there is an ever larger movement
to keep everything copyrighted permanently, and to make
all media as pay-per-view as possible, to the points of
making all broadcast television pay-per-view on a first
viewing premise [except public stations].

We are very likely to see a dissolving out boundaries--
cable products showing up on network television and the
opposite direction as well.

What else CAN we expect when Comcast cable has been the
allowed buyer of NBC?

If you think programming won't leak over:

Consider what happened when Disney took over ABC.

Not only did Disney flood ABC with their own programmed
output, but they killed off the best of all cartoons.

Anyone remember Reboot?

I can put you in touch with many copyright experts, and
I fear that all of them underestimate the power working
to make copyright permanent, in spite of the fact words
"limited time" are the U.s. Constitution's description.

However, the U.s. Supreme Court decided that limited is
really unlimited in "Eldred v Ashcroft."

Welcome To Our Newest PG Mirror. . .In Africa!!!

Continent: Africa
Nation: Namibia
Location: Windhoek
Provider: Polytechnic of Namibia
Url: http://gutenberg.polytechnic.edu.na
Url: http://ftp.polytechnic.edu.na/pub/gutenberg

The mirror is updated thrice daily.


We invite interested persons to visit a tag cloud

visualization and
search system at www.bookdownloadlibrary.com

This is updated weekly, from the Project Gutenberg catalog.


Project Gutenberg is seeking donation of an iPhone, and

other modern cell phones and eBook readers.  We are working

on some
new versions of content at www.gutenberg.org

These need to work, including in Europe , but without having

a paid
cell phone plan.  In other words, they need to be unlocked or
unlockable.  We are particularly interested in devices that

built-in WiFi, so they can access content at

without using the cellular network at all.

Project Gutenberg is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in

the US.

Our All Time Hottest Requests!!!!!!!


I am looking for the earliest flash RAM possible.

The ideal piece around which to center this collection is
one of the 8 megabyte USBs.

The very earliest were PCMCIA cards, such as used for the
Poqet computer, etc.

The earliest USB flash drives were DisgoDizgo, M-Systems
and these were OEMed by IBM, HP, etc. They are particular
in a recognizable fashion because their snapon connectors
resemble the connectors of jigsaw puzzles.

We received two examples of RAM actually labeled "Flash,"
for the H-P 95 pocket DOS machine from 1991, and a sample
of Fairchild bubble memory, as well, from down under.

Thank you, Mate!


We need someone who can do PowerPoint illustrations.

One in particular, building a 3-D box of 1,000 dominoes.

Additional Newsletter Services

In addition, we will provide the PG Canada Newsletter and
totals from PG of Australia, Europe, PrePrints, etc.

These totals do NOT include 75,000+ at


Where there are eBooks representing over 100 languages.

The Project Gutenberg Statistical Report
[As of about noon Central Daylight Time]

Various totals from the ~33,000+ at


and our other Project Gutenberg Sites

Week up to August 21

      day       | cnt
 Sat 2010-08-14 |   8
 Sun 2010-08-15 |   9
 Mon 2010-08-16 |   7
 Tue 2010-08-17 |   7
 Wed 2010-08-18 |   7
 Thu 2010-08-19 |   5
 Fri 2010-08-20 |   5

Weekly total    =  48

[Lots of people on vacation]

Week up to July 21

      day       | cnt
 Wed 2010-07-14 |   9
 Thu 2010-07-15 |  21
 Fri 2010-07-16 |   6
 Sat 2010-07-17 |   6
 Sun 2010-07-18 |   6
 Mon 2010-07-19 |   5
 Tue 2010-07-20 |   9

Weekly total    =  62

Week up to June 21

      day       | cnt
 Mon 2010-06-14 |  15
 Tue 2010-06-15 |  10
 Wed 2010-06-16 |  17
 Thu 2010-06-17 |  20
 Fri 2010-06-18 |  20
 Sat 2010-06-19 |  17
 Sun 2010-06-20 |  35

Weekly total    = 134

Week up to May  21

      day       | cnt
 Fri 2010-05-14 |   8
 Sat 2010-05-15 |  20
 Sun 2010-05-16 |   7
 Mon 2010-05-17 |   7
 Tue 2010-05-18 |  12
 Wed 2010-05-19 |  25
 Thu 2010-05-20 |  19

Weekly total    =  88

week up to Apr. 21

      day       | cnt
 Wed 2010-04-14 |  14
 Thu 2010-04-15 |  11
 Fri 2010-04-16 |  12
 Sat 2010-04-17 |  19
 Sun 2010-04-18 |  12
 Mon 2010-04-19 |  19
 Tue 2010-04-20 |   7

Weekly total    =  94

week up to Mar. 21

      day       | cnt
 Sun 2010-03-14 |   9
 Mon 2010-03-15 |  16
 Tue 2010-03-16 |  11
 Wed 2010-03-17 |  12
 Thu 2010-03-18 |  16
 Fri 2010-03-19 |   6
 Sat 2010-03-20 |  11

Weekly total    =  81

Week up to Feb. 21

      day       | cnt
 Sun 2010-02-14 |   5
 Mon 2010-02-15 |  12
 Tue 2010-02-16 |  10
 Wed 2010-02-17 |  16
 Thu 2010-02-18 |  11
 Fri 2010-02-19 |   4
 Sat 2010-02-20 |   4

Weekly total    =  62

Week up to Jan. 21st:

      day       | cnt
 Thu 2010-01-14 |   8
 Fri 2010-01-15 |  13
 Sat 2010-01-16 |  16
 Sun 2010-01-17 |   8
 Mon 2010-01-18 |  12
 Tue 2010-01-19 |   5
 Wed 2010-01-20 |  11

Weekly total    =  73

Previous Month  12/09

      day       | cnt
 Mon 2009-12-14 |  11
 Tue 2009-12-15 |   4
 Wed 2009-12-16 |   4
 Thu 2009-12-17 |  10
 Fri 2009-12-18 |   7
 Sat 2009-12-19 |   7
 Sun 2009-12-20 |   9

Previous month: 11/09

      day       | cnt
 Sat 2009-11-14 |   6
 Sun 2009-11-15 |   4
 Mon 2009-11-16 |   6
 Tue 2009-11-17 |   9
 Wed 2009-11-18 |   3
 Thu 2009-11-19 |   6
 Fri 2009-11-20 |   5

Weekly total    =  39

Thanks to Marcello Perathoner for these figures!


Here are the current language totals
for languages with 100 or more eBooks.

Grand total for today: 33372

August 21st

     1  28047   English en
     2  1633    French  fr
     3  701     German  de
     4  532     Finnish fi
     5  487     Dutch   nl
     6  460     Portuguese      pt
     7  405     Chinese zh
     8  292     Spanish es
     9  244     Italian it

Please note:

    10  97      Greek   el

Suggestions Welcome For
#100 in Greek!!!
#300 in Spanish!!!
#500 in Dutch!!!

July 21st

Grand total for today: 33108

     1  27832   English en
     2  1617    French  fr
     3  692     German  de
     4  531     Finnish fi
     5  482     Dutch   nl
     6  456     Portuguese      pt
     7  405     Chinese zh
     8  287     Spanish es
     9  244     Italian it

June 21st

Grand total for today: 32841

1  27597   English en
2  1605    French  fr
3  685     German  de
4  529     Finnish fi
5  481     Dutch   nl
6  450     Portuguese      pt
7  405     Chinese zh
8  287     Spanish es
9  244     Italian it

May 21st

Grand total for today: 32366

1  27176   English en
2   1598   French  fr
3    680   German  de
4    527   Finnish fi
5    479   Dutch   nl
6    433   Portuguese      pt
7    405   Chinese zh
8    287   Spanish es
9    242   Italian it

Apr 21st

Grand total for today: 31975

26832   English en
1590    French  fr
674     German  de
526     Finnish fi
476     Dutch   nl
424     Portuguese      pt
405     Chinese zh
284     Spanish es
236     Italian it

N.B.  Portuguese added as many as any other language,
up to the top two, of course, tied for third.

What do we need to do to get Spanish up and running?

Mar 21st

Grand total for today: 31616

26540   English en
1568    French  fr
662     German  de
524     Finnish fi
472     Dutch   nl
410     Portuguese      pt
405     Chinese zh
283     Spanish es
235     Italian it

Feb. 21st

Grand total for today: 31234

26241   English en
1557    French  fr
647     German  de
521     Finnish fi
470     Dutch   nl
405     Chinese zh
395     Portuguese      pt
275     Spanish es
234     Italian it

Jan. 21st

Grand total for today: 30935

25995   English en
1547    French  fr
628     German  de
518     Finnish fi
459     Dutch   nl
405     Chinese zh
391     Portuguese      pt
274     Spanish es
230     Italian it

Compared to the last month:

Grand total

25757   English en
1520    French  fr
618     German  de
515     Finnish fi
453     Dutch   nl
405     Chinese zh
376     Portuguese      pt
270     Spanish es
220     Italian it

Compared to previous month's:

Grand total for today: 30399

25587   English en
1498    French  fr
614     German  de
515     Finnish fi
451     Dutch   nl
404     Chinese zh
371     Portuguese      pt
268     Spanish es
218     Italian it

Previous increases:


All Reported Languges

Not counting PrePrints, Canada, Australia, PG Europe

Thanks to Greg Newby!


>From Project Gutenberg Sites Worldwide

[Don't forget ~75,000 at http://www.gutenberg.cc in .pdf]

August 21st

Grand total for today:

33,372  up from 33.108   up   264  PG General Automated Count
 1,870  up from  1,866   up     4  PG of Australia
   723@ up from    719@  up     3@ PG of Europe [REVISED!!!]
 2,008    --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved
   598  up from    576   up    22  PG of Canada
37,848  DN from 37,588   UP   260  Grand Total

Please note we have have been asked to presume all PG Europe
entries are being included in the top line.  However, I hope
we will eventually hear this is not the case and grand total
figures are somewhere in between:

This WOULD have appeared as follows under the old system:

38,571  up from 38,277   up   294  Grand Total  [off by 2]

[41 entries are still listed as reserved, and the automated
count still seems to have missed about 100 completed eBooks
but I'm leaving both of those out for the moment.]

July 21st

Grand total for today:

33,108  up from 32,841   up   257  PG General Automated Count
 1,866  up from  1,854   up    12  PG of Australia
   719@ up from    716   up     3@ PG of Europe [REVISED!!!]
 2,008    --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   576  up from    558   up    18  PG of Canada
37,588  DN from 37,977   DN   489  Grand Total

This WOULD have appeared as follows under the old system:

38,277  up from 37,977   up   292  Grand Total  [off by 2]

As above:

Please note that the Project Gutenberg of Europe entries have
apparently all been fed to general Project Gutenberg counting
systems, though I was originally told they were not due to an
apparently different copyright system.  However I am told now
that they all were selected to work under US copyright.

I will continue to research this and make updates.

I think I made an error here, beyone the "off by 2" so if you
figure this out better, please let me know.

Right now I'm just taking people's word for all this and will
have to make future updates and announcements, but give these
weeks included the start of our 40th year, I wanted to made a
change at this time for recording purposes of this year.

June 21st

Grand total for today:

32,841 up from 32,366   up   475  PG General Automated Count
 1,854 up from  1,851   up     3  PG of Australia [Vacation]
   716 up from    712   up     4  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   558 up from    536   up    22  PG of Canada
37,977 up from 37,473   up   504  Grand Total

May 21st

Grand totals for today:

32,366 up from 31,975   up   391  PG General Automated Count
 1,851 up from  1,845   --     5  PG of Australia [Vacation]
   712 up from    704   up     8  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   536 up from    521   up    17  PG of Canada
37,473 up from 37,053   up   421  Grand Total  [found lost


Apr 21st

Grand totals for today:

31,975 up from 31,616   up   359  PG General Automated Count
 1,851 up from  1,845   --     5  PG of Australia [???]
   704 up from    699   up     5  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   521 up from    504   up    17  PG of Canada
37,054 up from 36,672   up   386  Grand Total  [off by 1,


700th PGEu eBook Posted!!!
Serving over 2,000 users in 24 hours.

Mar 21st

Grand totals for today:

31,616 up from 31,234   up   382  PG General Automated Count
 1,845 up from  1,842   up     3  PG of Australia
   699 up from    684   up    15  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   --     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   504 up from    486   up    18  PG of Canada
36,672 up from 36,254   up   418  Grand Total

Feb 21st

Grand totals for today:

31,234 up from 30,935   up   299  PG General Automated Count
 1,842 up from  1,834   up     8  PG of Australia
   684 up from    680   up     4  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   up     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   486 up from    462   up    24  PG of Canada
                                  Posted #400 on October 10
                                  July: 14 (Title 349 to 362)
                                  August: 16 (Titles 363 to

                                  September: 17 (Titles 379

to 395)
                                  October: 13 (Titles 396 to

                                  November: 9 [up to November

                                  December: 19[up to December

36,254 up from 35,919   up   335

Jan 21st

Grand totals for today:

30,935 up from 30,613   up   322  PG General Automated Count
 1,834 up from  1,830   up     4  PG of Australia
   680 up from    664   up    16  PG of Europe
 2,008   --     2,008   up     0  PG PrePrints, Reserved

   462 up from    436   up    26  PG of Canada
                                  Posted #400 on October 10
35,919 up from 35,551   up   368

Previous month:

35,551   up   240  [Not including Canada's illustrations]

35,311   up   235  [Including correcting above estimate by 2]

Note  There are perhaps 100 eBooks not listed here
that are already in circulation from Project Gutenberg.

Note  PG Canada includes English, French, and Italian.


Here is how we ended 2009

      day       | cnt
 Wed 2009-12-30 |   9
 Thu 2009-12-31 |  12
 Fri 2010-01-01 |   6
 Sat 2010-01-02 |  10
 Sun 2010-01-03 |   2
 Mon 2010-01-04 |  21
 Tue 2010-01-05 |   5

Weekly Total       65

Grand total for today: 30761  from automated in house counter

25866   English en
1531    French  fr
625     German  de
517     Finnish fi
455     Dutch   nl
405     Chinese zh
384     Portuguese      pt
270     Spanish es
225     Italian it

30,761  Up 3,145  From  27,616  PG General Automated Count
 1,830  Up   104  From   1,726  Project Gutenberg of

   675  Up   121  From     554  Project Gutenberg of Europe
   468  Up   243  From     225  Project Gutenberg of Canada

 2,008  DN   423  From   2,431   PrePrints [Subtracted 307

Chinese eBooks]
======   ======
35,742  Up 3,190  From  32,552   Grand Total [Counting


  9.825 eBooks Per Day
 68.773 eBooks Per Week
297.850 eBooks Per Month


Here is how we ended 2008

27,616   PG General Automated Count
 1,726   Project Gutenberg of Australia
   554   Project Gutenberg of Europe
   225   Project Gutenberg of Canada [Estimated]
         [202 up to December, no current report]
 2,431   PrePrints [Counting the 307 Chinese eBooks +111]
======   ======
32,552   Grand Total [Counting those PrePrints]

Here is how we ended 2007

The combined PG projects had produced a total of 26,161


The most number of books posted...
 ...in one day was 65 on the 26th December
 ...in one week was 151 in Week 18 (week ending 9th May)
 ...in one month was 477 in November

We averaged
338 per month [Over 4,000 for the year]
 78 per week
 11.13 per day

99 titles were newly REposted to the new filing system,

bringing us almost to the 2,000 mark.

Here is a small selection of project milestones;

TOTAL Original Project Gutenberg eBooks equals about
the number of books in the average U.S. public library
  32,500 on 20082121 [Counting the 307 Chinese Preprints]
                     [And presuming 3 after official count]
  32,000 on Calculating
  31,500 on 20081021 [not an error, 1,777 PrePrints]
  30,000 on 20081021
  29,500 on 20080919
  29,000 ~~ Calculating
  28,500 ~~ Calculating
  28,000 ~~ 20080516
  27,500 on 20080405
  27,000 ~~ 20080229
  26,500 on 20080126
  26,000 on 20071224
  25,000 on 20071012
  24,000 on 20070710
  23,000 on 20070415

  1,700 on 20081010
  1,600 on 20080208
  1,500 on 20070407

PG Canada
  175 on 20080930
  100 on 20080325
  110 on 20080417


Many thanks to all who have helped us reach our 40th year!

Michael S. Hart
Project Gutenberg

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