[gmonthly] It's The Year of the eBook!

Michael S. Hart hart at pglaf.org
Tue Mar 1 08:26:53 PST 2011

It's The Year of the eBook!

Project Gutenberg, the granddaddy of all eBook libraries,
announced today they have put number 40,000 of internally
produced free eBooks online as of March 1st.

This raises their grand total to 100,000, as they receive
a number of eBooks from other producers worldwide.  These
figures even subtract 15,000 for various duplications.

If you have a Kindle, set your browser to:


to partake of these eBooks free of charge.

If you have an iPad just search the various book features
for "Project Gutenberg."

Before buying an eReader you might want to check that the
Project Gutenberg library is available to get you started
on the path to building your own collection for free.

People who are already comfortable with browsers can surf
to the following sites and download Gutenberg's eBooks:

http://www.gutenberg.org    and   http://www.gutenberg.cc

The first site has most of the 40,000 eBooks created from
the Project Gutenberg volunteers around the world and has
eBooks in 60 languages in a variety of formats, and has a
site that's very user friendly to cellphones, iPods, etc.

The second site has eBooks in .pdf format, 100+ languages
are represented, and also includes some 15,000 from those
at the first site.

You can also do searches for Project Gutenberg of Canada,
Australia and Europe, for even more free eBooks.

You can also do such searches for specific eBooks.

This comes just in time for "Read An eBook Week," running
from March 6-12!!!


By the way, the 40,000th eBook was pretty much a tie of a
handful of books coming in from Canada, another coming in
from Romania, and yet another coming from Poland.

However, the Canadians seem to have edged everyone out in
fact with:

Neighbours (1922)
[Novel. In rural Canada, your neighbours are important.]
by Robert James Campbell Stead (1880-1959)
Canadian Poet and Novelist

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