[gmonthly] Project Gutenberg monthly newsletter March 2012

Greg Newby gbnewby at pglaf.org
Wed Mar 7 17:31:22 PST 2012

This is the Project Gutenberg newsletter for March 2012.  In this issue:

** Michael Hart birthday
** Distributed Proofreaders highlighted in Innovation News Daily
** New language: Telugu
** Small grants available for digitization
** Etext93, etext94 updated
** Ebook listings since our previous newsletter

** Michael Hart birthday

Michael Hart founded the Project Gutenberg effort in 1971, decades before
home computers, mobile computing, the Internet, or the eBook industry.

Michael Hart would have turned 65 on his birthday, September 6 2012.
For more of Michael's legacy, including links to news coverage of his
passing last year, see:

** Distributed Proofreaders highlighted in Innovation News Daily

Distributed Proofreaders (www.pgdp.net) provided some input to this
article, which talks about the value of keeping people in the loop for
digitization projects: 

  Volunteer Transcribers Put Millions of Pages Online

** New language: Telugu

This is the 61st language to become available in the Project Gutenberg

  Subhalekha, by Rama Mohana Rao Mahidhara

This author, also known as Mahidhara Ramamohanarao, was a famous
novelist and journalist, a native of India.  He granted all of his
works to the Public Domain.  There is a nice biography of him, from
1997, at this location: 

** Small grants available for digitization

Did you know that the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation
can provide small grants to support people who are creating eBooks
for Project Gutenberg?  This can be for digitiation software,
or acquisition of printed books for digitization (up to $1/book only),
or similar purposes.  Email Greg Newby (gbnewby at pglaf.org) if you 
have ideas.

** Etext93, etext94 updated

Thanks to tremendous efforts from our posting team, especially
whitewashers David and Al, all files in etext93 and 94 have now been
updated and re-released.  In most cases, this includes updating or
adding HTML, and in some cases we used the new ReStructured Text (RST)
format.  RST is particularly friendly for conversion to mobile formats
including EPUB and MOBI.

Among these newly updated eBooks, you can find a video we posted in
1994 (many years before YouTube and similar services!) of the Apollo 11
moon landing:

Trivia: Contrary to popular belief, the first words spoken after humans
landed on the moon were not "The Eagle has Landed," nor "That's one small
step for [a] man...".  They were: "Contact light."

** Ebook listings: Here are extracts from GUTINDEX.ALL listing our new
publications since our last newsletter.  Find the full listing at
www.gutenberg.org ("Offline Catalogs"):

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Mar 2012 to 31 Mar 2012 ~ ~ ~ ~

Hegel's Philosophy of Mind, by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel             39064

The Motor Girls in the Mountains, by Margaret Penrose                    39063
 [Subtitle: or, The Gypsy Girl's Secret]

The Last Lion and Other Tales, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                  39062

Samba, by Herbert Strang                                                 39061
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Rubber Slaves of the Congo]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

39060 Not Ready

Kapteeni Grantin l?ytyminen, by Jules Verne                              39059
 [Language: Finnish]

Kapteeni Grantin lapset, by Jules Verne                                  39058
 [Language: Finnish]

Kapteeni Grantia etsimässä, by Jules Verne                               39057
 [Language: Finnish]

Bruce of the Circle A, by Harold Titus                                   39056

The Trial of Henry Hetherington, by Henry Hetherington                   39055
 [Subtitle: On an Indictment for Blasphemy]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Volume 30 of 55,                      39054
 by Antonio Alvarez de Abreu and Diego Aduarte
 [Subtitle: Explorations by early navigators,
  descriptions of the islands and their peoples,
  their history and records of the catholic
  missions, as related in contemporaneous books and
  manuscripts, showing the political, economic,
  commercial and religious conditions of those
  islands from their earliest relations with
  European nations to the close of the nineteenth
  century, Volume XXX, 1640]

Electric Bells and All About Them, by S. R. Bottone                      39053
 [Subtitle: A Practical Book for Practical Men]

Ecce Homo!, by Paul Henry Thiry Baron d' Holbach                         39052
 [Subtitle: A Critical Inquiry into the History
  of Jesus of Nazareth: Being a Rational Analysis
  of the Gospels]

Ralph in the Switch Tower, by Allen Chapman                              39051
 [Subtitle: or Clearing the Track]

Ralph of the Roundhouse, by Allen Chapman                                39050
 [Subtitle: or Bound to Become a Railroad Man]

Old-Time Gardens, by Alice Morse Earle                                   39049
 [Subtitle: Newly Set Forth]

The Slaves of the Padishah, by Mór Jókai                                 39048
 [Translator: R. Nisbet Bain]

Nurse Heatherdale's Story, by Mary Louisa Molesworth                     39047
 [Illustrator: Leonard Leslie Brooke]

Kartanoita kalliolla, by Emil Frommel                                    39046
 [Subtitle: Valikoima kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mr Punch's Model Music Hall Songs and Dramas, by F. Anstey               39045
 [Subtitle: Collected, Improved and Re-arranged from Punch]

39044 Not Ready

Die Kakomonade, by Simon Nicolas Henri Linguet                           39043
 [Subtitle: Ein Nachla? vom Doktor Panglos,
  als ein Supplement des Kandide]
 [Language: German]

In Morocco, by Edith Wharton                                             39042

Elementary Illustrations of the Differential and Integral                39041
 Calculus, by Augustus De Morgan

Manners and Rules of Good Society, by Anonymous                          39040
 [Subtitle: or Solecisms to be Avoided]

Wat is het dat eene zondaar zaligmaakt?, by Joseph Charles Philpot       39039
 [Subtitle: zamenspraak tusschen een kappersknecht, 
  Methodisten predikant en den heer Easterman met
  een antwoord op die gewichtige vraag]
 [Language: Dutch]

One dialogue, or Colloquye of Erasmus (entituled Diuersoria),            39038
 by Desiderius Erasmus
 [Subtitle: Translated oute of Latten into Englyshe: And
  Imprinted, to the ende that the Judgement of the Learned
  maye be hadde before the Translator procede in the reste.]
 [Translator: E. H.]

Life Without and Life Within, by Margaret Fuller                         39037
 [Subtitle: or, Reviews, Narratives, Essays, and poems]

Essays In Pastoral Medicine, by Austin ÓMalley and James J. Walsh        39036

Nederlandsch handboek voor roeisport, by Pieter Helbert Damsté           39035
 and Frans Eduard Pels Rijcken
 [Language: Dutch]

Rahaa, by Victoria Benedictsson                                          39034
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

An Introduction to Machine Drawing and Design, by David Allan Low        39033

Songs Ysame, by Annie Fellows Johnston and Albion Fellows Bacon          39032

La dégringolade, by Émile Gaboriau                                       39031
 [Language: French]

Influence and Development of English Gilds, by Francis Aiden Hibbert     39030
 [Subtitle: As Illustrated by the History
  of the Craft Gilds of Shrewsbury]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 7, by Various   39029
 [Subtitle: "Horticulture" to "Hudson Bay"]

Servian Popular Poetry, by John Bowring                                  39028

An Historical View of the Philippine Islands, Vol II (of 2),             39027
 by Martinez de Zuniga
 [Subtitle: Exhibiting their discovery, population, language,
  government, manners, customs, productions and commerce.]
 [Translator: John Maver]

Our Journey to the Hebrides, Joseph Pennell and                          39026
 Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Ladies in the Field, by Various                                          39025
 [Subtitle: Sketches of Sport]
 [Editor: Beatrice Violet Greville]

La coucaratcha (II/III), by Eugène Sue                                   39024
 [Language: French]

The Future Belongs to the People, by Karl Liebknecht                     39023
 [Translator: S. Zimand]

The Dramatization of Bible Stories, by Elizabeth Erwin Miller Lobingier  39022
 [Subtitle: An experiment in the religious education of children]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Feb 2012 to 29 Feb 2012 ~ ~ ~ ~

Story of the Rome, Watertown, and Ogdensburg RailRoad,Edward Hungerford  39021

Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball, by J. W. Duffield                           39020

Long Odds, by Harold Bindloss                                            39019 

Mr. Marx's Secret, by E. Phillips Oppenheim                              39018
 [Illustrator: F. Vaux Wilson]

Eight Lectures on Theoretical Physics, by Max Planck                     39017
 [Subtitle: Delivered at Columbia University in 1909]
 [Translator: A. P. Wills]

La guerre injuste, by Armando Palacio Valdés                             39016
 [Subtitle: lettres d'un Espagnol]
 [Language: French]

Ophiolatreia, by Anonymous                                               39015
 [Subtitle: An Account of the Rites and Mysteries Connected
  with the Origin, Rise, and Development of Serpent Worship
  in Various Parts of the World]

Outline Studies in the Old Testament for Bible Teachers,                 39014
 by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut

North-Pole Voyages, by Zachariah Atwell Mudge                            39013

Famous American Statesmen, by Sarah Knowles Bolton                       39012

Disease in Plants, by H. Marshall Ward                                   39011

An Historical View of the Philippine Islands, Vol I (of 2),              39010
 by Martinez de Zuniga
 [Subtitle: Exhibiting their discovery, population, language,
  government, manners, customs, productions and commerce.]
 [Translator: John Maver]

The History of the Great and Mighty Kingdom of China and the             39009
 Situation Thereof, Volume I (of 2), by Juan Gonzalez de Mendoza
 [Translator: R. Parke]

De kleine vossen, by Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe                     39008
 [Language: Dutch]

Secret of Marriage - The Farce of Life, by Giannis Kampysis              39007
 [Language: Greek]

The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI), by Max Duncker                39006
 [Translator: Evelyn Abbott]

American Gentleman's Guide to Politeness and Fashion, by Henry Lunettes  39005
 [Subtitle: or, Familiar Letters to his Nephews]

Subhalekha, by Rama Mohana Rao Mahidhara                                 39004
 [Language: Telugu]

Money, by John P. Jones                                                  39003
 [Subtitle: Speech of Hon. John P. Jones, of Nevada,
  On the Free Coinage of Silver; in the United States
  Senate, May 12 and 13, 1890]

Herbert Spencer, by J. Arthur Thomson                                    39002

Social Transformations of the Victorian Age,                             39001
 by Thomas Hay Sweet Escott
 [Subtitle: A Survey of Court and Country]

39000 Not Ready

Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth, by Anonymous                                 38999
 [Subtitle: Its Ruins and Associations, a Guide and Popular History]

Solomon, by Constance Fenimore Woolson                                   38998

Paris and the Parisians in 1835 (Vol. 1 of 2),                           38997
 by Frances Milton Trollope

Dix contes modernes des meilleurs auteurs du jour, by Various            38996
 [Editor: H. A. Potter]
 [Language: French]

The Sheep and Lamb, by Thomas Miller                                     38995

The Iron Boys as Foremen, by James R. Mears                              38994
 [Subtitle: or, Heading the Diamond Drill Shift]

The Integration of Functions of a Single Variable, by G. H. Hardy        38993

Black Tales for White Children, by C. H. Stigand                         38992
 and Mrs. C. H. Stigand
 [Illustrator: John Hargrave]

Roumanian Stories, by Various                                            38991
 [Subtitle: Translated from the Original Roumanian]
 [Translator: Lucy Byng]

Ovington's Bank, by Stanley J. Weyman                                    38990

Laid up in Lavender, by Stanley J. Weyman                                38989

Kurittaja, by Jonas Dahl                                                 38988
 [Language: Finnish]

L'Illustration, No. 0032, 7 Octobre 1843, by Various                     38987
 [Language: French]

Zahlentheorie, by Kurt Hensel                                            38986
 [Language: German]

My Lady Rotha, by Stanley J. Weyman                                      38985
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

Colour Measurement and Mixture, by W. de W. Abney                        38984

The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery, by Hildegard G. Frey                38983
 [Subtitle: or, The Christmas Adventure at Carver House]

Dictatorship vs. Democracy, by Leon Trotsky                              38982
 [Subtitle: (Terrorism and Communism)]

The Chase of the Golden Plate, by Jacques Futrelle                       38981
 [Illustrator: Will Gref? and E. A. Poucher]

Reisindrukken in het Oosten, by Louis Heldring                           38980
 [Illustrator: R. Julius Hartmann]
 [Language: Dutch]

Kaarle XII vanginvartijana, by J. O. ?berg                               38979
 [Language: Finnish]

Mildred's New Daughter, by Martha Finley                                 38978

Wings and the Child, by Edith Nesbit                                     38977
 [Subtitle: or, the Building of Magic Cities]
 [Illustrator: George Barraud]

Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde and Other Stories, by Mary De Morgan     38976
 [Illustrator: Walter Crane]

Karl Marx en zijne voorgangers, by Jos. Loopuit                          38975
 [Language: Dutch]

Arnoldiana, ou Sophie Arnould et ses contemporaines,                     38974
 by Albéric Delville
 [Subtitle: recueil choisi d'Anecdotes piquantes,
  de Réparties et de bons Mots de Mlle Arnould
  précédé d'une notice sur sa vie et sur l'Ac]
 [Language: French]

Lace, Its Origin and History, by Samuel L. Goldenberg                    38973

Eskimomärchen, by Jan. Suchl                                             38972
 [Translator: Paul Sock]
 [Language: German]

La coucaratcha (I/III), by Eugène Sue                                    38971
 [Language: French]

Phil Bradley's Snow-shoe Trail, by Silas K. Boone                        38970
 [Subtitle: The Mountain Boys in the Canada Wilds]

Ralph, the Train Dispatcher, by Allen Chapman                            38969
 [Subtitle: The Mystery of the Pay Car]

First at the North Pole, by Edward Stratemeyer                           38968
 [Subtitle: Two Boys in the Arctic Circle]
 [Illustrator: Charles Nuttall]

History of Painting in Italy, Vol. IV (of 6), by Luigi Antonio Lanzi     38967
 [Subtitle: from the Period of the Revival of the
  Fine Arts to the End of the Eighteenth Century]
 [Translator: Thomas Roscoe]

The Manifestation of the Miraculous Medal, by Anonymous                  38966
 [Subtitle: A Brief Account of Its History and
  of the Establishment of the Association]

Mater Christi, by Mother St. Paul                                        38965
 [Subtitle: Meditations on Our Lady]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 8, by Various   38964
 [Subtitle: "Hudson River" to "Hurstmonceaux"]

The History of the Negro Church, by Carter Godwin Woodson                38963

Vocational Psychology: Its Problems and Methods, by Harry                38962
 L. Hollingworth and Leta Stetter Hollingworth

Narrative of the surveying voyages of His Majesty's                      38961
 ships Adventure Adventure and Beagle, between the
 years 1826 and 1836, by Robert FitzRoy
 [Subtitle: Volume I. - Proceedings of the First
  Expedition, 1826-1830]

The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels, by John William Burgon         38960

Comparative Ecology of Pinyon Mice and Deer Mice in Mesa                 38959
 Verde National Park, Colorado, by Charles L. Douglas

Cardigan, by Robert W. Chambers                                          38958

Argentine Ornithology, Volume II (of 2), by P. L. Sclater                38957
 and W. H. Hudson
 [Subtitle: A descriptive catalogue of the birds
  of the Argentine Republic.]

Argentine Ornithology, Volume I (of 2), by P. L. Sclater                 38956
 and W. H. Hudson
 [Subtitle: A descriptive catalogue of the birds
  of the Argentine Republic.]

Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 12, March 22, 1884, by Various              38955
 [Subtitle: A Weekly Journal for the Farm, Orchard and Fireside]

Eye Spy, by William Hamilton Gibson                                      38954
 [Subtitle: Afield with Nature Among Flowers and Animate Things]

British Manufacturing Industries, by L. Arnoux,                          38953
 Professor Barff and J. H. Pollen
 [Subtitle: Pottery, Glass and Silicates,
  Furniture and Woodwork.]

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol IV. No. XX. January, 1852,            38952
 by Various

The Curiosities of Heraldry, by Mark Antony Lower                        38951

Fletcher of Madeley, by Frederic W. Macdonald                            38950

Charles Auchester, Volume 1 of 2, by Elizabeth Sheppard                  38949

Four Years A Scout and Spy, by E. C. Downs                               38948

Der Teemeister, by Melchior Vischer                                      38947
 [Language: German]

Bib-li-op-e-gis-tic (Pertaining to the art of binding                    38946
 books.--Dibdin), by Unknown
 [Subtitle: to which is appended a glossary
  of some terms used in the craft]

Canute the Great, by Laurence Marcellus Larson                           38945
 [Subtitle: The Rise of Danish Imperialism during the Viking Age]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, June 28th, 1916, by Various    38944

Science and Medieval Thought, by Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt             38943
 [Subtitle: The Harveian Oration Delivered Before the
  Royal College of Physicians, October 18, 1900]

The Oregon Territory, by Travers Twiss                                   38942
 [Subtitle: Its History and Discovery]

Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast, by Samuel Adams Drake        38941

Last Words of Distinguished Men and Women, by Frederic Rowland Marvin    38940
 [Subtitle: (Real and Traditional)]

The Little Colonel at Boarding-School, by Annie Fellows Johnston         38939
 [Illustrator: Etheldred B. Barry]

Through East Anglia in a Motor Car, by James Edmund Vincent              38938
 [Illustrator: Frank Southgate]

Sertum Anglicum, by Charles L'Heritier de Brutelle                       38937
 [Subtitle: Plantae Rariores quae in Hortis Juxta Londinum,
  imprimis in Horto Regio Kewensi excoluntur, ab anno 1786
  ad annum 1787 observata]
 [Language: Latin]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 93, November 19, 1887, by Various   38936
 [Editor: Sir Francis Burnand]

L'Illustration, No. 3670, 28 Juin 1913, by Various                       38935
 [Language: French]

The Camp Fire Girls' Larks and Pranks, by Hildegard G. Frey              38934
 [Subtitle: or, The House of the Open Door]

38933 Not Ready

Steel, by Charles Rumford Walker                                         38932
 [Subtitle: The Diary of a Furnace Worker]

The Perjur'd Husband, by Susanna Centlivre                               38931

Elsbeth von Küssaberg, by Karl Friedrich Würtenberger                    38930
 [Subtitle: das Gotteli von St. Agnesen]
 [Language: German]

Quacks and Grafters, by Unknown                                          38929

Meteorology, by J. G. M'Pherson                                          38928

The Mountainy Singer, by Seosamh MacCathmhaoil                           38927

Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 104, October 25, 1851, by Various     38926
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men,
  Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Les énigmes de l'Univers, by Ernest Haeckel                              38925
 [Language: French]

Kevät-ajoilta, by Mathilda Roos                                          38924
 [Subtitle: Kuvaelmia lasten maailmasta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Modern Painters. Vol. III (of V), by John Ruskin                         38923
 [Subtitle: Containing Part IV. Of Many Things]

Pine Needles, by Susan Bogert Warner                                     38922

The Romance of a Great Store, by Edward Hungerford                       38921
 [Illustrator: Vernon Howe Bailey]

Vonken, by Selma Ottiliana Lovisa Lagerlöf                               38920
 [Language: Dutch]

Een vriendelijke morgenstond, by F. Lohr and Karl Gustav Nieritz         38919
 [Subtitle: De ganzenkoopman van Neurenberg]
 [Language: Dutch]

Vignettes of Manhattan; Outlines in Local Color, by Brander Matthews     38918
 [Illustrator: W.T. Smedley]

Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck, by Jethro Bithell              38917

The Trial of Oscar Wilde, by Anonymous                                   38916
 [Subtitle: From the Shorthand Reports]

Anna Karenina, by Leon Tolstoy                                           38915
 [Language: Greek]

Válogatott magyar népdalok, by János Erdélyi                             38914
 [Subtitle: Képes kiadás]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Manuel des difficultés de la langue française adapé au jeune âge         38913
 et suivi d'un Recueil de locutions vicieuses, by Thomas Maguire
 [Language: French]

L'Illustration, No. 3669, 21 Juin 1913, by Various                       38912
 [Language: French]

For the Cause, by Stanley J. Weyman                                      38911

The Abbess Of Vlaye, by Stanley J. Weyman                                38910

Andromache, by Gilbert Murray                                            38909 
 [Subtitle: A Play in Three Acts]

Kyökissä, by Roderich Benedix                                            38908
 [Subtitle: Huvinäytelmä 1:ssä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Transcendentalism in New England, by Octavius Brooks Frothingham         38907
 [Subtitle: A History]

Ex-President John Quincy Adams in Pittsburgh, by Wilson McCandless       38906
 and John Quincy Adams
 [Subtitle: Address of Welcome, by Wilson McCandless, and
  Mr. Adams Reply; together with a letter from Mr. Adams
  Relative to Judge Brackenridge's "Modern Chivalry."]

England in the Days of Old, by William Andrews                           38905

Our Flowering Shrubs, by Anonymous                                       38904
 [Subtitle: and how to know them]
 [Illustrator: Charles Kirk]

The Business of Mining, by Arthur J. Hoskin                              38903
 [Subtitle: A brief non-technical exposition of the principles
  involved in the profitable operation of mines]

Buzz a Buzz, by Wilhelm Busch                                            38902
 [Subtitle: or The Bees]
 [Translator: William Charles Cotton]

Twelfth Night, by William Shakspeare and J. P. Kemble                    38901
 [Subtitle: or, What You Will]

Chronological Table of the Catholic Primates of Ireland, by John Murphy  38900
 [Subtitle: With the Years in Which They Succeeded to the
  Metropolitan Sees of Armagh, Dublin, Cashell and Tuam]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, June 21st, 1916, by Various    38899

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, March 4th 1914, by Various     38898
 [Editor: Owen Seaman]

Baseball Joe on the School Nine, by Lester Chadwick                      38897
 [Subtitle: or, Pitching for the Blue Banner]

The Hollow Tree Snowed-in Book, by Albert Bigelow Paine                  38896
 [Subtitle: being a continuation of the stories about
  the Hollow Tree and Deep Woods people]
 [Illustrator: J. M. Conde]

The Cloister and the Hearth, by Charles Reade                            38895
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Middle Ages]
 [Illustrator: Evelyn Paul]

Vagaries, by Axel Munthe                                                 38894

Spiritual Adventures, by Arthur Symons                                   38893

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 10, by Various   38892
 [Subtitle: "David, St" to "Demidov"]

The Cruise of the 'Alerte', by E. F. Knight                              38891
 [Subtitle: The narrative of a search for treasure
  on the desert island of Trinidad]

A Literary Pilgrimage Among the Haunts of Famous British Authors,        38890
 by Theodore Frelinghuysen Wolfe

Literary Shrines, by Theodore F. Wolfe                                   38889 
 [Subtitle: The Haunts of Some Famous American Authors]

Out of a Labyrinth, by Lawrence L. Lynch                                 38888

How to Write a Novel, by Annonymous                                      38887
 [Subtitle: A Practical Guide to the Art of Fiction]

The Wild Flowers of California: Their Names, Haunts, and                 38886
 Habits, by Mary Elizabeth Parsons
 [Illustrator: Margaret Warriner Buck]

Tratado de Paz, Amistad, Comercio y navegacion entre la                  38885
 Confederación Argentina y la República del Paraguay, by Anonymous
 [Language: Spanish]

Shoshone-Bannock Subsistence and Society,                                38884
 by Robert F. Murphy and Yolanda Murphy

L'Illustration, No. 3668, 14 Juin 1913, by Various                       38883
 [Language: French]

Miehuullisuutta, by Edmondo de Amicis                                    38882
 [Language: Finnish]

In Kali's Country, by Emily Churchill Thompson Sheets                    38881
 [Subtitle: Tales from Sunny India]
 [Illustrator: Elma McNeal Childs]

The Land of Song, Book II, by Various                                    38880
 [Subtitle: For lower grammar grades]
 [Editor: Larkin Dunton]

The Seven Periods of English Architecture, by Edmund Sharpe              38879
 [Subtitle: Defined and Illustrated]
 [Illustrator: T. Austin]

Idän kuningatar, by Mór Jókai                                            38878
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Poems, by W. B. Yeats                                                    38877

Villainage in England, by Paul Vinogradoff                               38876
 [Subtitle: Essays in English Mediaeval History]

The Maid of Honour, Volume 2 (of 3), by Lewis Wingfield                  38875
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Dark Days of France]

Browning and His Century, by Helen Archibald Clarke                      38874

The Gentle Reader, by Samuel McChord Crothers                            38873

A Little Wizard, by Stanley J. Weyman                                    38872

Chippinge Borough, by Stanley J. Weyman                                  38871

West African studies, by Mary Henrietta Kingsley                         38870

>From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn, by Henry M. Field        38869

L'Illustration, No. 3667, 7 Juin 1913, by Various                        38868
 [Language: French]

Un Cadet de Famille, Volume 2 (of 3), by Edward Jones Trelawney          38867
 [Language: French]

The Evolution of Photography, by John Werge                              38866
 [Subtitle: With a Chronological Record of Discoveries,
  Inventions, etc., Contributions to Photographic
  Literature, and Personal Reminescences
  Extending over Forty Years]

The Maid of Honour, Vol. 1 (of 3), by Lewis Wingfield                    38865
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Dark Days of France]

Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 103, October 18, 1851, by Various     38864
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men,
  Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

My Lords of Strogue Vol. III, (of III), by Lewis Wingfield               38863
 [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Ireland, from the Convention to the Union]

My Lords of Strogue, Vol. II (of III), by Lewis Wingfield                38862
 [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Ireland, from the Convention to the Union]

My Lords of Strogue, Vol. I (of III), by Lewis Wingfield                 38861
 [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Ireland, from the Convention to the Union]

Comrade Yetta, by Albert Edwards                                         38860

Civil War Experiences, 1862-1865, by Edward Mott Robbins                 38859
 [Subtitle: Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Buzzard Roost,
  Resaca, Rome, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain,
  Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Averysboro,

Pictures of Canadian Life, by J. Ewing Ritchie                           38858
 [Subtitle: A Record of Actual Experiences]

Irradiations; Sand and Spray, by John Gould Fletcher                     38857

Goblins and Pagodas, by John Gould Fletcher                              38856

The Iron Furnace, by John H. Aughey                                      38855
 [Subtitle: Slavery and Secession]

The Maid of Honour  (Vol. 3 of 3), by Lewis Wingfield                    38854
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Dark Days of France]

The Curse of Koshiu, by Lewis Wingfield                                  38853
 [Subtitle: A Chronicle of Old Japan]

Eredeti népmesék, by László Arany                                        38852
 [Language: Hungarian ]

La sorcière, by Marcel Prévost                                           38851
 [Language: Greek]

The Rogues and Vagabonds of Shakespeare's Youth,                         38850
 by John Awdeley and Thomas Harman
 [Subtitle: Awdeley's 'Fraternitye of vacabondes'
  and Harman's 'Caveat']

L'oiseau bleu, by Maurice Maeterlinck                                    38849
 [Subtitle: Feerie en six actes et douze tableaux]
 [Language: French]

Paul Gauguin, His Life and Art, by John Gould Fletcher                   38848

Princess Belle-Etoile, by Walter Crane                                   38847
 [Illustrator: Walter Crane]

The Wreckers, by Francis Lynde                                           38846
 [Illustrator: Arthur E. Becher]

38845 Not Reaady

Little Friend Lydia, by Ethel Calvert Phillips                           38844
 [Illustrator: Edith F. Butler]

Egypt of the Hebrews and Herodotos, by Archibald Henry Sayce             38843

L'Illustration, No. 3666, 31 Mai 1913, by Various                        38842
 [Language: French]

The Commercial Restraints of Ireland, by John Hely Hutchinson            38841

The Aventures of Buffalo Bill, by Col. William F. Cody                   38840

A Little Book of Old Time Verse, by Various                              38839
 [Subtitle: Old Fashioned Flowers]
 [Editor: Gladys Sidney Crouch]

Tales From the 'Phantasus', etc. of Ludwig Tieck, by Ludwig Tieck        38838

Norman's New Orleans and Environs, by B. M. Norman                       38837
 [Subtitle: Containing a Brief Historical Sketch of the Territory
  Territory and State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans,
  from the Earliest Period to the Present Time]

Catalogo de los Objetos Etnologicos y Arqueologicos                      38836
 Exhibidos por la Expedición Hemenway, by Anonymous
 [Language: Spanish]

Black-Eyed Susan, by Ethel Calvert Phillips                              38835
 [Illustrator: Harold Cue]

The Twins in the South, by Dorothy Whitehill                             38834

The Lucky Piece, by Albert Bigelow Paine                                 38833
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the North Woods]

A Life's Secret, by Mrs. Henry Wood                                      38832
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Barb and the Bridle, by Vielle Moustache                             38831
 [Subtitle: A Handbook of Equitation for Ladies, and
  Manual of Instruction in the Science of Riding,
  from the Preparatory Suppling Exercises]

Unfettered, by Sutton E. Griggs                                          38830
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Garden-Craft Old and New, by John D. Sedding                             38829

Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, Volume II (of 2), by Isabella L. Bird  38828
 [Subtitle: Including a Summer in the Upper Karun Region
  and a Visit to the Nestorian Rayahs]

Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, Volume I (of 2), by Isabella L. Bird   38827
 [Subtitle: Including a Summer in the Upper Karun Region
  and a Visit to the Nestorian Rayahs]

Bolanyo, by Opie Percival Read                                           38826
 [Illustrator: Charles Francis Browne]

Letters of a Diplomat's Wife, by Mary King Waddington                    38825
 [Subtitle: 1883-1900]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, June 14, 1916, by Various      38824

Clayton's Quaker Cook-Book, by H. J. Clayton                             38823
 [Subtitle: Being a Practical Treatise on the Culinary
  Art Adapted to the Tastes and Wants of all Classes]

The Genius of Scotland, by Robert Turnbull                               38822
 [Subtitle: or Sketches of Scottish Scenery, Literature and Religion]

A Ten Year War, by Jacob A. Riis                                         38821
 [Subtitle: An Account of The Battle with The Slum in New York]

The Strand Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 161, May 1904, by Various              38820

Behind the Mirrors, by Clinton W. Gilbert                                38819
 [Subtitle: The Psychology of Disintegration at Washington]

Miss Ellis's Mission, by Mary P. Wells Smith                             38818

The Irish Penny Journal, No. 1, Vol. 1, July 4, 1840, by Various         38817

Poor Relations, by Compton Mackenzie                                     38816

Prowling about Panama, by George A. Miller                               38815
 [Illustrators: Alice Best and A. W. Best]

La novela de un novelista, by Armando Palacio Valdés                     38814
 [Language: Spanish]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Complete Contents, by Robert G. Ingersoll  38813
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Twelve Volumes]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 12 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll    38812
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Miscellany]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 11 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll    38811
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Miscellany]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 10 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll    38810
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Legal]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 9 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38809
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Political]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 8 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38808
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Interviews]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 7 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38807
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Discussions]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 6 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38806
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Discussions]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 5 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38805
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Discussions]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 4 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38804
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Lectures]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 3 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38803
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Lectures]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 2 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38802
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Lectures]

Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 1 (of 12), by Robert G. Ingersoll     38801
 [Subtitle: Dresden Edition--Lectures] 

Malvina, by Marrie Cottin                                                38800
 [Subtitle: Romantic Novel of the 18th century]
 [Language: Greek]

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 9, by Various    38799
 [Subtitle: "Dagupan" to "David"]

The Monctons, by Susanna Moodie                                          38798
 [Subtitle: A Novel: Volume 2 (of 2)]

Histoire de la prostitution chez tous les peuples du monde               38797
 depuis l'antiquité la plus reculée jusqu'à nos jours,
 tome 1 (1/6)]
 [Language: French]

Second String, by Anthony Hope                                           38796

With Drake on the Spanish Main, by Herbert Strang                        38795
 [Illustrator: Archibald Webb]

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 146, March 4th 1914, by Various     38794
 [Editor: Owen Seaman]

South America and the War, by F. A. Kirkpatrick                          38793

For the Major, by Constance Fenimore Woolson                             38792
 [Subtitle: A Novelette]

The Bushranger's Secret, by Mrs. Henry Clarke                            38791
 [Illustrator: W. S. Stacey]

England, by Frank Fox                                                    38790

Antigua and the Antiguans, Volume II (of 2), by Anonymous                38789
 [Subtitle: A full account of the colony and its inhabitants
  from the time of the Caribs to the present day]

Antigua and the Antiguans, Volume I (of 2), by Anonymous                 38788
 [Subtitle: A full account of the colony and its inhabitants
  from the time of the Caribs to the present day]

Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol III, No 13, 1851, by Various          38787

Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 62, Feb 3, 1872, by Various         38786

Secret Societies of the Middle Ages, by Thomas Keightley                 38785

Travels in the Interior of North America, Part I,                        38784
 (Being Chapters I-XV of the London Edition, 1843),
 by Alexander Philipp Maximilian, Prince of Wied
 [Subtitle: Early Western Travels, 1748-1846, Volume XXII]
 [Translator: Hannibal Evans Lloyd]
 [Illustrator: Karl Bodmer]

Women of Achievement, by Benjamin Brawley                                38783
 [Subtitle: Written for the Fireside Schools]

Inventors, by Philip Gengembre Hubert                                    38782

A Russian Gentleman, by Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov                       38781
 [Translator: J. D. Duff]

Lebensansichten des Katers Murr, by E. T. A. Hoffmann                    38780
 [Subtitle: nebst fragmentarischer Biographie des Kapellmeisters
  Johannes Kreisler in zufälligen Makulaturblättern]
 [Language: German ]

Translations from the German (Vol 3 of 3), by Thomas Carlyle             38779
 [Subtitle: Tales by Musaeus, Tieck, Richter]

L'Illustration, No. 3665, 24 Mai 1913, by Various                        38778
 [Language: French]

Lad: A Dog, by Albert Payson Terhune                                     38777

The Letters of Henry James (volume I), by Henry James                    38776

The First Easter, by J. H. Willard                                       38775

Oregon and Eldorado, by Thomas Bulfinch                                  38774
 [Subtitle: or, Romance of the Rivers]

Notes and Queries, Vol. IV, Number 102, October 11, 1851, by Various     38773
 [Subtitle: A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men,
  Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]
 [Editor: George Bell]

Kehitys-aikana: Tytöistä, by Toini Topelius                              38772
 [Language: Finnish]

The Little Princess of Tower Hill, by L. T. Meade                        38771

The Aboriginal Population of the San Joaquin Valley,                     38770
 California, by Sherburne F. Cook

A Course of Pure Mathematics, by Godfrey Harold Hardy                    38769
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

South Africa and the Transvaal War, Vol. IV (of 6), by Louis Creswicke   38768
 [Subtitle: From Lord Roberts' Entry into the Free State
  to the Battle of Karree]

Spanish Highways and Byways, by Katharine Lee Bates                      38767

Songs of the Mexican Seas, by Joaquin Miller                             38766

History of the Greek Revolution, Volume C, by Spyridon Trikoupis         38765
 [Language: Greek]

A Roving Commission, by G. A. Henty                                      38764
 [Subtitle: Or, Through the Black Insurrection at Hayti]
 [Illustrator: William Rainey]

Witch, Warlock, and Magician, by William Henry Davenport Adams           38763
 [Subtitle: Historical Sketches of Magic and Witchcraft
  in England and Scotland]

How We are Fed, by James Franklin Chamberlain                            38762
 [Subtitle: A Geographical Reader]

The Man with the Pan Pipes, by Mrs. Mary Louisa Molesworth               38761
 [Subtitle: and other Stories]
 [Illustrator: W. J. Morgan]

L'Illustration, No. 3664, 17 Mai 1913, by Various                        38760
 [Language: French]

Next Door Neighbours, by Elizabeth Inchbald                              38759
 [Subtitle: A Comedy in Three Acts]

Story of the Airplane, by C. B. Galbreath                                38758

New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies: Papers by Many Writers, by Various     38757
 [Editor: Edward Pollock Anshutz]

Geneviève, by Alphonse Karr                                              38756

Über die Vulkane im Monde, by Immanuel Kant                              38755
 [Language: German]

Was heißt: sich im Denken orientieren?, by Immanuel Kant                 38754
 [Language: German]

Running Sands, by Reginald Wright Kauffman                               38753

Story of a Doctor's Telephone--Told by His Wife, by Ellen M. Firebaugh   38752

Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Volume 1, November 1864, by Various         38751

Current History: A Monthly Magazine of the New York Times,               38750
 May 1918, by Various
 [Subtitle: Vol. VIII, Part I, No. 2]

Our House, by Elizabeth Robins Pennell                                   38749
 [Subtitle: And London out of Our Windows]
 [Illustrator: Joseph Pennell]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Volume 29 of 55, by Various           38748
 [Subtitle: Explorations by Early Navigators, Descriptions
  of the Islands and Their Peoples, Their History and Records
  of the Catholic Missions, as Related in Contemporaneous Books
  and Manuscripts, Showing the Political, Economic, Commercial
  and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their
  Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Close
  Of the Nineteenth Century]
 [Editors: Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson]

Thrice Armed, by Harold Bindloss                                         38747

The Unpublishable Memoirs, by A. S. W. Rosenbach                         38746
 [Illustrator: Oliver Herford]

The Little Gleaner, Vol. X., by Various                                  38745
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine for the Young]

Dunamelléki eredeti népmesék (2. kötet), by László Merényi               38744
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Corner House Girls, by Grace Brooks Hill                             38743
 [Subtitle: How they moved to Milton, what
  they found, and what they did]
 [Illustrator: R. Emmett Owen]

The Corner House Girls Under Canvas, by Grace Brooks Hill                38742
 [Subtitle: How they reached Pleasant Cove and what happened afterward]
 [Illustrator: R. Emmett Owen]

The Isle of Palms, by John Wilson                                        38741
 [Subtitle: and Other Poems]

The History of Louisville, from the Earliest Settlement                  38740
 till the Year 1852, by Ben Casseday

The Wright Brothers' Engines and Their Design, by Leonard S. Hobbs       38739

American Military Insignia 1800-1851, by J. Duncan Campbell              38738

Campagne d'Égypte (Volume 1), by Alexandre Berthier and                  38737
 Jean-Louis-Ebénézer Reynier
 [Subtitle: Mémoires du maréchal Berthier]
 [Language: French]

Cours Familier de Littérature, by Alphonse de Lamartine                  38736
 [Subtitle: (Volume 11)]
 [Language: French]

Highways and Byways in Cambridge and Ely, by Edward Conybeare            38735
 [Illustrator: Frederick L Griggs]

Mémoires du Baron de Bonnefoux, by Baron de Bonnefoux                    38734
 [Subtitle: Capitaine de vaisseau. 1782-1855]
 [Language: French]

Father Bear and Bobby Bear, by Howard B. Famous                          38733

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