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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for January-February 2017


* The TPP
* Public Domain Growth in 2019
* Join Distributed Proofreaders
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* New eBook listings from September-November 2016

* The TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership appears to have fallen apart in recent months.  As mentioned in prior newsletters, the TPP was going to be bad news for the public domain, in several of the potential signatory countries.  It is Project Gutenberg's desire that the public domain will continue to be robust, broad, and accessible across the world.

* Public Domain Growth in 2019

The Public Domain will grow again in 2019!  In the US, annual copyright term expiry is set to begin again in 2019, after a 20-year hiatus due to the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998. On January 1, 2019, items published in 1923 will enter the public domain in the US. In the early days of Project Gutenberg, growth of the public domain on January 1 was an annual event. See Duke Law's "Public Domain Day" for a listing of many items that were scheduled to enter the public domain, but have yet to do so because of the 1998 extension: https://law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/

It is possible that a new copyright term extension law will be introduced and passed, while attention is elsewhere. The 1998 extension, which was the last of 14 copyright term extensions in the 20th century, occurred at the same time as the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. Distraction was a benefit to that law's passage, and it is conceivable that history could repeat itself. Project Gutenberg is in favor of renewed growth of the public domain due to limited-term copyright.

Some notable items scheduled to enter the public domain in 2019 include Felix Salten's "Bambi" and Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet."

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* New eBook listings from December 2016-January 2017

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jan 2017 to 31 Jan 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

The Boy Inventors' Diving Torpedo Boat, by Richard Bonner                54069
 [Illustrator: Charles L. Wrenn]

Hearts of Three, by Jack London                                          54068

A Colonial Reformer, Vol. 1 of 3, by Rolf Boldrewood                     54067
 [Author a.k.a. Thomas Alexander Browne]

The Younger Sister, Volumes 1-3, by Catherine Anne Austen Hubback        54066
 and Jane Austen

Four Months in Libby and the Campaign Against Atlanta,                   54065
 by I. N. Johnston

La cruz en América, by Adan Quiroga                                      54064
 [Language: Spanish]

The Mimic Stage, by George M Baker                                       54063
 [Subtitle: A Series of Dramas, Comedies, Burlesques, and
  Farces for Public Exhibitions and Private Theatricals]

Saunder's Books on Pathology, Physiology Histology, Embryology           54062
 and Bacteriology, by W. B. Saunders Company

Anecdotal Recollections of the Congress of Vienna,                       54061
 by Auguste Louis Charles, compte de La Garde-Chambonas

Beyond the Gates, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps                             54060

Northern Lands, by William T. Adams                                      54059
 [Subtitle: Young America in Russia and Prussia]

Love Poems and Others, by D. H. Lawrence                                 54058

Soldiers of the Legion, by John Bowe                                     54057
 [Subtitle: Trench-Etched]

In the Clouds for Uncle Sam, by Ashton Lamar                             54056
 [Subtitle: or, Morey Marshall of the Signal Corps]
 [Illustrator: S. H. Riesenberg]

Letters to Children, by E. C. Bridgman                                   54055

Historical Record of the Twelfth, or the East Suffolk,                   54054
 Regiment of Foot, Containing an Account of the Formation
 of the Regiment in 1685, and of Its Subsequent Services
 to 1847, by Richard Cannon

The Laird of Norlaw; A Scottish Story, by Margaret Oliphant              54053

Lääkärin muistelmia, by Alexandre Dumas, père                            54052
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani Ludvig XV:n hovista]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Book of the Sailboat, by A. Hyatt Verrill                            54051
 [Subtitle: How to rig, sail and handle small boats]

Little Wideawake, by Lucy Elizabeth Drummond Sale-Barker                 54050
 [Subtitle: A story book for little children]

Sailor Jack, The Trader, by Harry Castlemon                              54049
 [Illustrator: Geo. G. White]

The Romany Rye, by George Borrow                                         54048
 [Subtitle: A sequel to "Lavengro"]

Best Lincoln stories, tersely told, by James E. Gallaher                 54047

Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada, by Clarence King                    54046

The Economical Jewish Cook, by May Henry and Edith B. Cohen              54045
 [Subtitle: A Modern Orthodox Recipe Book for Young Housekeepers]

Onnellisten saari, by August Strindberg                                  54044
 [Subtitle: Kaksi kertomusta kokoelmasta 'Svenska öden och äfventyr']
 [Language: Finnish]

The Life of Cardinal Wolsey, by George Cavendish                         54043

A Short History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Trials,                  54042
 by Martin Van Buren Perley
 [Subtitle: Illustrated by a Verbatim Report of the Trial
  of Mrs. Elizabeth Howe]

The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898; Volume XLVII, 1728-1759, by Various   54041
 [Subtitle: Explorations by early navigators, descriptions of the
  islands and their peoples, their history and records of the catholic
  missions, as related in contemporaneous books and manuscripts,
  showing the political, economic, commercial and religious conditions
  of those islands from their earliest relations with European nations
  to the close of the nineteenth century]
 [Editors: Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 6, December 1850, by Various         54040
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

Fast-Day Cookery, by Grace Johnson                                       54039
 [Subtitle: or Meals without Meat]

Life and Times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt,                             54038
 by Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall
 [Subtitle: A Study in the Origin of the Roman Empire]

The Seaside Sibyl, by Anonymous                                          54037
 [Subtitle: Or Leaves of Destiny, a fortune teller in verse]

Armenian Legends and Poems, by Various                                   54036
 [Illustrator: Zabelle C. Boyajian]

Aventures de l'abbé de Choisy habillé en femme,                          54035
 by François-Timoléon de Choisy
 [Illustrator: Jules-Armand Hanriot]
 [Language: French]

The Boy Inventors' Electric Hydroaeroplane, by Richard Bonner            54034
 [Illustrator: Charles L. Wrenn]

When She Came Home from College, by Marian Hurd McNeely                  54033
 and Jean Bingham Wilson
 [Author Marian Hurd McNeely a.k.a. Marian Kent Hurd]
 [Illustrator: George Gibbs]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 5, November 1850, by Various         54032
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4, October 1850, by Various          54031
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

Ben o' Bill's, The Luddite, by Daniel Frederick Edward Sykes             54030
 and George Henry Walker
 [Subtitle: A Yorkshire Tale]

Historical Record of the Twenty-First or The Royal North British         54029
 Fusiliers: From Its Formation in 1678 to 1849, by Richard Cannon

Three Heroines of New England Romance, by Harriet Prescott Spofford,     54028
 Louise Imogen Guiney and Alice Brown
 [Subtitle: Their true stories herein set forth by
  Mrs. Harriet Spoffard, Miss Louise Imogen Guiney,
  and Miss Alice Brown]
 [Illustrator: Edmund H. Garrett]

Nil Darpan; or, The Indigo Planting Mirror, by Dinabandhu Mitra          54027
 [Subtitle: A Drama. Translated from the Bengali by a Native]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3, September 1850, by Various        54026
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

The Writer's Desk Book, by William Dana Orcutt                           54025
 [Subtitle: Being a Reference Volume upon Questions of Punctuation,
  Capitalization, Spelling, Division of Words, Indention, Spacing,
  Italics, Abbreviations, Accents, Numerals, Faulty Diction,
  Letter Writing, Postal Regulations, Etc.]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 2, August 1850, by Various           54024
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

Cambridge Papers, by Walter William Rouse Ball                           54023

Dorothy Dale in the West, by Margaret Penrose                            54022

Dorothy Dale's Promise, by Margaret Penrose                              54021

Journal de Eugène Delacroix, Tome 1 de 3, by Eugène Delacroix            54020
 [Language: French]

Farthest North, by Charles Lanman                                        54019
 [Subtitle: The Life and Explorations of Lieutenant
  James Booth Lockwood of the Greely Arctic Expedition]

Farmington, by Clarence S. Darrow                                        54018

Two Women, 1862, a Poem, by Constance Fenimore Woolson                   54017

In Search of Treasure, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                             54016

Artistenleven, by Joh. W. Broedelet                                      54015
  [Language: Dutch]

The Merchant Prince of Cornville, by Samuel Eberly Gross                 54014
  [Subtitle: A comedy]

Satuja, by August Strindberg                                             54013
 [Language: Finnish]

The Younger Sister, Vol. 3, by Catherine Anne Austen Hubback             54012
 and Jane Austen

The Younger Sister, Vol. 2, by Catherine Anne Austen Hubback             54011
 and Jane Austen

The Younger Sister, Vol. 1, by Catherine Anne Austen Hubback             54010
 and Jane Austen

Metropolitan Subway and Elevated Systems, by General Electric Company    54009
 [Subtitle: Bulletin 49]

Technic and Practice of Chiropractic, by Joy Maxwell Loban               54008

Through the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota,                    54007
 by Purl Dewey Peterson

Tattered Tom, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                                      54006
 [Subtitle: or The Story of a Street Arab]

Books Worth Reading, by Greening & Co                                    54005
 [Subtitle: Being a List of the New and Forthcoming
  Publications of Greening & Co., Ltd, season 1901]

Food Adulteration and its Detection, by Jesse P. Battershall             54004
 [Subtitle: With photomicrographic plates
  and a bibliographical appendix]

Farm Legends, by Will Carleton                                           54003

La duchesse bleue, by Paul Bourget                                       54002
 [Language: French]

Il nipotismo di Roma, or, The History of the Popes Nephews,              54001
 by Gregorio Leti
 [Subtitle: from the time of Sixtus IV to
  the death of the last Pope, Alexander VII]

Punainen viiva, by Ilmari Kianto                                         54000
 [Language: Finnish]

Kotoisten rantojen ikuinen kohina, by Ilmari Kianto                      53999
 [Language: Finnish]

Ristiriitoja, by Selma Anttila                                           53998
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Hills of Han, by Samuel Merwin                                           53997
 [Subtitle: A Romantic Incident]
 [Illustrator: Walt Louderback]

Where Love Is, by William J. Locke                                       53996

A Study In Shadows, by William J. Locke                                  53995

Stella Maris, by William J. Locke                                        53994
 [Illustrator: Frank Wiles]

At The Gate Of Samaria, by William J. Locke                              53993

Peggy O'Neal, by Alfred Henry Lewis                                      53992
 [Illustrator: Henry Hutt]

Chap-Book Stories, by Various                                            53991
 [Subtitle: Being a Miscellany of Curious and Interesting Tales,
  Histories, Newly composed by Many Celebrated Writers and very
  Delightful to Read]

The Story of Paul Jones, by Alfred Henry Lewis                           53990
 [Subtitle: An Historical Romance]
 [Illustrators: Seymour M. Stone and Phillipps Ward]

The Double Life, by Gaston Leroux                                        53989

The Bride of the Sun, by Gaston Leroux                                   53988

Marjorie Dean Macy's Hamilton Colony, by Pauline Lester                  53987

Right Half Hollins, by Ralph Henry Barbour                               53986
 [Illustrator: Leslie Crump]

The Celtic Christianity of Cornwall, by Thomas Taylor                    53985
 [Subtitle: Divers Sketches and Studies]

Tarzan, apinain kuningas, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                        53984
 [Subtitle: Seikkailuromaani Afrikan aarniometsistä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 8, August 22, 1840, by Various       53983

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 7, August 15, 1840, by Various       53982

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 6, August 8, 1840, by Various        53981

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, No. 1, July 1850, by Various             53980
 [Editor: George Rex Graham]

The Borzoi 1920, by Various                                              53979
 [Subtitle: Being a sort of record of five years' publishing]

Veien til Skjønhed, Sundhed og et Langt Liv, by Boyd Laynard             53978
 [Language: Norwegian]

Aeneidi, by Virgil                                                       53977
 [Author a.k.a. Publius Vergilius Maro]
 [Language: Finnish]

Why Armenia Should Be Free, by Garegin Pasdermadjian                     53976 
 [Subtitle: Armenia's Role in the Present War]

Annie Laurie and Azalea, by Elia W. Peattie                              53975
 [Illustrator: Joseph Pierre Nuyttens]

Principles of Public Health, by Thos. D. Tuttle                          53974
 [Subtitle: A Simple Text Book on Hygene Presenting
  the Principles Fundamental to the Conservation of
  Individual and Community Health]

Max Butziwackel der Ameisenkaiser, by Luigi Bertelli                     53973
 [Subtitle: Ein Buch für Kinder und große Leute]
 [Illustrator: Karl Elleder]
 [Language: German]

Anteckningar öfver Fälttågen emot Ryssland åren                          53972
 1808 och 1809, by Carl Johan Holm
 [Language: Swedish]

Anmärkningar och nödvändiga Upplysningar vid Herr C. J. Holms            53971
 Anteckningar öfver Fälttågen emot Ryssland åren 1808 och
 1809, by Gustav Magnus Adlercreutz
 [Language: Swedish]

Memoirs of the life, exile, and conversations of the Emperor             53970
 Napoleon, Volume 4, by Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné Las Cases

Memoirs of the life, exile, and conversations of the Emperor             53969
 Napoleon, Volume 3, by Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné Las Cases

Memoirs of the life, exile, and conversations of the Emperor             53968
 Napoleon, Volume 2, by Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné Las Cases

Memoirs of the life, exile, and conversations of the Emperor             53967
 Napoleon, Volume 1, by Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné Las Cases

The American Missionary, Volume 33, No. 5, May, 1879, by Various         53966

The Book of the Hamburgs, by L. Frank Baum                               53965
 [Subtitle: A Brief Treatise upon the Mating, Rearing
  and Management of the Different Varieties of Hamburgs]

The Sins of the Cities of the Plain, by Jack Saul                        53964
 [Subtitle: or, The Recollections of a Mary-Ann,
  with Short Essays on Sodomy and Tribadism]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 6, June 1849, by Various              53963
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson and J. B. Taylor]

Anthroposophie im Umriss, by Robert Zimmermann                           53962
 [Subtitle: Entwurf eines Systems idealer
  Weltansicht auf realistischer Grundlage]
 [Language: German]

The Story of Milan, by Ella Noyes                                        53961
 [Illustrator: Dora Noyes]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 5, May 1849, by Various               53960
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson and J. B. Taylor]

Sir Ian Hamilton's Despatches from the Dardanelles, etc.,                53959
 by Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton

The Kallikak Family, by Henry Herbert Goddard                            53958
 [Subtitle: A Study in the Heredity of Feeble-Mindedness]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 4, April 1849, by Various             53957
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson and J. B. Taylor]

Avioliitto, by Ilmari Kianto                                             53956
 [Subtitle: Tarina tuhansien joukosta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Chatto & Windus's List of Books, May 1883, Chatto & Windus, Publishers   53955

William Morris to Whistler, by Walter Crane                              53954
 [Subtitle: Papers and addresses on art and craft and the commonweal]
 [Illustrator: Walter Crane]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 3, March 1849, by Various             53953
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson and J. B. Taylor]

Impressions of England, by Arthur Cleveland Coxe                         53952
 [Subtitle: or Sketches of English Scenery and Society]

A Book of Simples, by H. W. Lewer                                        53951

La Panhypocrisiade, ou le spectacle infernal du seizièm siècle,          53950
 by Népomucène L. Lemercier
 [Language: French]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 2, February 1849, by Various          53949
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson and J. B. Taylor]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 1, January 1849, by Various           53948
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Patterson, and J. B. Taylor]

La señorita de Trevelez, by Carlos Arniches y Barrera                    53947
 [Subtitle: Farsa cómica en tres actos]
 [Language: Spanish]

Ein deutsches Kriegsschiff in der Südsee, by Bartholomäus von Werner     53946
 [Language: German]

A Book of The Cevennes, by S. Baring-Gould                               53945

Erotopægnion, sive Priapeia Veterum et Recentiorum, by François Noel     53944
 [Language: Latin]

Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. I., No. 5, January, 1835, by Various   53943
 [Editor: James E. Heath]

Letters from a Landscape Painter, by Charles Lanman                      53942

The Theatrocrat, by John Davidson                                        53941
 [Subtitle: A Tragic Play of Church and Stage]

Haw-Ho-Noo, by Charles Lanman                                            53940
 [Subtitle: Records of a Tourist]

Adventures of an Angler in Canada, Nova Scotia                           53939
 and the United States, by Charles Lanman

Nothing to Do, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                                     53938
 [Subtitle: A Tilt at Our Best Society]

A Woman's Philosophy of Woman, by Jenny P. d'Héricourt                   53937
 [Subtitle: or, Woman affranchised. An answer to Michelet, Proudhon,
  Girardin, Legouvé, Comte, and other modern innovators]

Notes on the Mangue: An extinct Dialect formerly spoken                  53936
 in Nicaragua, by Daniel Garrison Brinton

Catholic World Magazine, Vol.5, April to September 1867, by Various      53935

The Sabbath and the Crystal Palace, by Anonymous                         53934

Jacht naar Fortuin, by Emile Zola                                        53933
 [Language: Dutch]

Frank Reade, Jr., and His New Steam Man, or, the Young                   53932
 Inventor's Trip to the Far West, by Luis Senarens
 [Subtitle: Frank Reade Library Vol. I]

The Gathering of the Nations, by Anonymous                               53931

Parisiana, by Rubén Darío                                                53930
 [Subtitle: Obras Completas, Vol. V]
 [Illustrator: Enrique Ochoa]
 [Language: Spanish]

Baree, Son of Kazan, by James Oliver Curwood                             53929
 [Illustrator: Frank B. Hoffman]

Wide World Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 129, December, 1908, by Various        53928

Apuntes biograficos de escritores, oradores y hombres de estado          53927
 de la Republica Argentina, D. Juan M. Gutierrez
 [Language: Spanish]

Jacob Martens, by G. C. Hoogewerff                                       53926
 [Subtitle: Een verhaal uit de zestiende eeuw]
 [Language: Dutch]

Belgiens Volkscharakter, Belgiens Kunst, by Ernst Wilhelm Bredt          53925
 [Language: German]

Abroad and at Home; Practical Hints for Tourists, by Phillips Morris     53924

Valkopukuinen nainen II, by Wilkie Collins                               53923
 [Subtitle: Perheromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Valkopukuinen nainen I, by Wilkie Collins                                53922
 [Subtitle: Perheromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Menneiden vuosisatain vaiheita, by August Strindberg                     53921
 [Language: Finnish]

Kittyboy's Christmas, by Amy Ella Blanchard                              53920 
 [Illustrator: Ida Waugh]

Sister Gertrude, by Daniel Frederick Edward Sykes                        53919
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the West Riding]

The Woman and the Priest, by Grazia Deledda                              53918

Disraeli, by Walter Sydney Sichel                                        53917
 [Subtitle: A Study in Personality and Ideas]

Ireland under the Stuarts and during the Interregnum, Vol. 2 of 3,       53916
 1642-1660, by Richard Bagwell

Folk-Lore of West and Mid-Wales, by Jonathan Ceredig Davies              53915

Theocritos' Idyller, by Theocritus                                       53914
 [Language: Swedish]

Alamainen, by Heinrich Mann                                              53913
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Über die bürgerliche Verbesserung der Weiber,                            53912
 by Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel
  [Language: German]

Short-Title Catalog of Publications and Importations of Scientific       53911
 and Engineering Books, by D. Van Nostrand Company
 [Subtitle: (August 1910)]

The School and Society, by John Dewey                                    53910
 [Subtitle: Being three lectures]

A Short History of Newnham College Cambridge, by Alice Gardner           53909

The Diary of a Girl in France in 1821, by Mary Browne                    53908

Universal Counterfeit and Bank Note Detector at Sight, by H. C. Foote    53907

Pyhän Birgitan vaellus, by Verner von Heidenstam                         53906
 [Language: Finnish]

Nostalgia, by Grazia Deledda                                             53905

Slavery, by J. L. Baker                                                  53904

Catalogue of Practical and Scientific Books, by Henry Carey Baird & Co   53903

A Soldier of the Legion, by George Manington                             53902
 [Subtitle: An Englishman's Adventures Under the French
  Flag in Algeria and Tonquin]

The Merman and The Figure-Head, by Clara F. Guernsey                     53901

Historical Record of the Seventh, or the Queen's Own Regiment of         53900
 Hussars: From Its Formation in 1690 to 1842, by Richard Canno

Eva's Adventures in Shadow-Land, by Mary D. Nauman                       53899

Thomas Campbell, by J. Cuthbert Hadden                                   53898
 [Subtitle: Famous Scots Series]

Trails of the Pathfinders, by George Bird Grinnell                       53897

Christmas Speakin' at Skagg's Schule, by Marie Irish                     53896

Christmas at McCarthy's, by Elizabeth F. Guptill                         53895

The Peep of Day, by Mrs. Favell Lee (Bevan) Mortimer                     53894

The Thompson-Houston System of Electric Lighting, by H. T. Cory          53893

An Ideal Kitchen, by Maria Parloa                                        53892
 [Subtitle: Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion
  A Guide for All Who Would be Good Housekeepers]

Bobbie, General Manager, by Olive Higgins Prouty                         53891
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Some of our East Coast Towns, by J. Ewing Ritchie                        53890

She hath done what she could, by Matthew Feilde                          53889
 [Subtitle: A Discourse addressed to the Ratepayers
  of St. Marylebone, urging the adoption of
  The Public Libraries Act, 1855]

The Marylebone Penny Readings and their Critics, by Henry Taylor         53888

Armenia and the War, by Avetoon Pesak Hacobian                           53887 

Vanhuudesta, by Marcus Tullius Cicero                                    53886
 [Language: Finnish]

A Gentleman of Courage, by James Oliver Curwood                          53885
 [Subtitle: A Novel of the Wilderness]
 [Illustrator: Robert W. Stewart]

A Biblical and Theological Dictionary, by Richard Watson                 53884
 [Subtitle: Explanatory of the history, manners, and
  customs of the Jews, and neighbouring nations]

Guvernanten Celias minnen, by Axel Gabriel Ingelius                      53883
 [Language: Swedish]

How Beauty Was Saved, by Amanda Alcenia Strickland Washington            53882
 [Subtitle: And Other Memories of the Sixties]

Foster's Complete Hoyle, by R. F. Foster                                 53881
 [Subtitle: An encyclopedia of games]

Consumption Curable, by Henry Congreve                                   53880
 [Subtitle: Observations on the treatment of Pulmonary Diseases]

The Witches' Dream Book; and Fortune Teller, by A. H. Noe                53879
 [Subtitle: Embracing full and correct rules of divination
  concerning dreams and visions, etc, etc]

Sydän, by Edmondo De Amicis                                              53878
 [Subtitle: Kirja nuorisolle]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Sanitary Condition of the Poor, by Benson Baker                      53877
 [Subtitle: in Relation to Disease, Poverty, and Crime]

Nathaniel Parker Willis, by Henry Augustin Beers                         53876

Madame Young's Guide to Health, by Madame Young and Amelia Young         53875
 [Subtitle: Her experience and practice for nearly forty years]

Under the Red Dragon, by James Grant                                     53874
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Old Coaching Days, by Moses James Nobbs                                  53873
 [Subtitle: Some Incidents in the Life of Moses James Nobbs,
  the last of the Mail Coach Guards]

Bragelonnen varakreivi eli Muskettisoturien viimeiset urotyöt II,        53872
 by Alexandre Dumas (père)
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani Ludvig XIV:n hovista]
 [Language: Finnish]

Bragelonnen varakreivi eli Muskettisoturien viimeiset urotyöt I,         53871
 by Alexandre Dumas (père)
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani Ludvig XIV:n hovista]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Gipsy Fortune Teller, by W. Parker                                   53870

How to Become a Public Speaker, by William Pittenger                     53869
 [Subtitle: Showing the best manner of arranging thought
  so as to gain conciseness, ease and fluency in speech]

Helen Ford, by Horatio Alger Jr.                                         53868

Lira Póstuma, by Rubén Darío                                             53867
 [Subtitle: Obras Completas Vol. XXI]
 [Illustrator: Enrique Ochoa]
 [Language: Spanish]

Thoughts on the Proposed Inclosure of Waltham (commonly called Epping)   53866
 and Hainault Forests, by An Old Inhabitant

Harper's Round Table, February 18, 1896, by Various                      53865

The Story of a Baby, by Ethel Turner                                     53864

A Special Mortality among Infants at Loughton, in the Epping             53863
 Rural Sanitary District, by William Henry Power

Loughton, Essex, by William Chapman Waller                               53862
 [Subtitle: A brief account of the Manor and Parish]

The Apple-Tree Table and Other Sketches, by Herman Melville              53861

Country Life in the Poetry of John Clare, by Mildred M. Coen             53860

With the British Legion, by G. A. Henty                                  53859
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Carlist Wars]
 [Illustrator: Wal. Paget]

Lowestoft in olden times, by Francis D. Longe                            53858

Journael ofte gedenckwaerdige beschrijvinghe van de                      53857
 OostIndische Reyse van Willem Ysbrantsz. Bontekoe
 [Language: Dutch]

Die dreizehn Bücher der deutschen Seele, by Wilhelm Schäfer              53856
 [Language: German]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Dec 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Iberia Won, by Terence McMahon Hughes                                    53855
 [Subtitle: A poem descriptive of the Peninsular War]

Forge Work, by William L. Ilgen                                          53854

Språket en spegel av kulturen, by Einar Odhner                           53853
 [Language: Swedish]

Letters to Catherine E. Beecher, by Angelina E. Grimké                   53852
 [Subtitle: in reply to an essay on slavery and
  abolitionism, addressed to A. E. Grimké]

Deborah, by James M. Ludlow                                              53851
 [Subtitle: A tale of the times of Judas Maccabaeus]

Design and Tradition, by Amor Fenn                                       53850

The Symbolist Movement in Literature, by Arthur Symons                   53849

La Femme doit-elle voter ? Le pour et le contre, by Joseph Ginestou      53848
 [Subtitle: Thèse pour le doctorat ès sciences
  politiques et économiques]
 [Language: French]

Merry's Book of Puzzles, by J. N. Stearns                                53847

Briefe, Aufzeichnungen und Aphorismen. Zweiter Band, by Franz Marc       53846
 [Language: German]

Briefe, Aufzeichnungen und Aphorismen. Erster Band, by Franz Marc        53845
 [Language: German]

The Land of Oz, by L. Frank Baum                                         53844
 [Illustrator: John Neill]

Oaths of Allegiance in Colonial New England, by Charles Evans            53843 

Anakreons sånger, by Anacreon                                            53842
 [Language: Swedish]

Virgin Saints and Martyrs, by S. Baring-Gould                            53841
 [Illustrator: F. Anger]

Äiti, by Maxim Gorky                                                     53840
 [Language: Finnish]

Tragic Romances, by Fiona Macleod                                        53839
 [Subtitle: Re-issue of the Shorter Stories of Fiona
  Macleod; Rearranged, with Additional Tales]

Virginia of Virginia, by Amélie Rives                                    53838
 [Subtitle: A Story]

Antología de prosistas castellanos, by Ramón Menéndez Pidal              53837
 [Language: Spanish]

Intestinal Irrigation, by Alcinous B. Jamison                            53836
 [Subtitle: Why, How and When to Flush the Colon]

Light Come, Light Go, by Ralph Nevill                                    53835
 [Subtitle: Gambling--Gamesters--Wagers--The Turf]

James Oliver Curwood, Disciple of the Wilds, by Hobart Donald Swiggett   53834
 [Illustrator: J. C. Weber]

American Unitarian Hymn Writers and Hymns, by Henry Wilder Foote         53833

A Strike in Santa Land, by Effa E. Preston                               53832
 [Subtitle: A Play in One Act]

Christmas at Punkin Holler, by Elizabeth F. Guptill                      53831

Natchez, Symbol of the Old South, by Nola Nance Oliver                   53830

Pagan Ideas of Immortality During the Early Roman Empire,                53829
 by Clifford Herschel Moore

New York Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 1 of 3, 1852, by Various              53828
 [Subtitle: Published by Authority of the College
  of Pharmacy of the city of New York]
 [Editor: Benjamin W. McCready]

The Hospital Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 2, April 15, 1909, by Various         53827

Janet, or, The Christmas Stockings, by Louise Élise Gibbons              53826

Leivän haussa, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                                     53825
 [Language: Finnish]

Heart Songs, by Jean Blewett                                             53824

Hygiene des Geschlechtslebens, by Max Gruber                             53823
 [Language: German]

Footprints of Abraham Lincoln, by J. T. Hobson                           53822
 [Subtitle: Presenting many interesting fact, reminiscences
  and illustrations never before published]

Julius, The Street Boy, by Horatio Alger Jr                              53821
 [Subtitle: or Out West]

A Short History of the Worshipful Company of Horners, by H. G. Rosedale  53820

The Coil of Carne, by John Oxenham                                       53819

Poems, by Geoffrey Dearmer                                               53818

The Goddess of Reason, by Mary Johnston                                  53817
 [Subtitle: A Drama in Five Acts]

A Book of Christian Sonnets, by William Allen                            53816

Elizabeth Ann's Houseboat, by Josephine Lawrence                         53815
 [Illustrator: John M. Foster]

A searchlight on Germany: Germany's Blunders, Crimes                     53814
 and Punishment, by William T. Hornaday

The History of the Maritime Wars of the Turks, by Kâtip Çelebi           53813
 [Subtitle: Chapters 1 to 4]

The Book of Clever Beasts, by Myrtle Reed                                53812
 [Subtitle: Studies in Unnatural History]
 [Illustrator: Peter Newell]

Rescue the Perishing, by Fred Seibert                                    53811
 [Subtitle: Personal Work Made Easy]

The Mysterious Basket, or The Foundling, by Anonymous                    53810
 [Subtitle: A Story for Boys and Girls]

Saint John Chrysostom, his Life and Times, by W. R. W. Stephens          53809
 [Subtitle: A sketch of the church and the empire in the fourth century]

The Hope of the Katzekopfs, by Francis Edward Paget                      53808
 [Subtitle: or, The Sorrows of Selfishness, A Fairy Tale]

Glossarium eroticum linguae Latinae, by Pierrugues Pierre-Emmanuel       53807
 [Subtitle: sive Theogoniae, legum et morum
  nuptialium apud Romanos explanatio nova]
 [Language: Latin]

Suburban Residences, by Jane Ellen Panton                                53806
 [Subtitle: and how to Circumvent Them]

Voyage des souverains: Inauguration du Canal de Suez,                    53805
 by Gustave Nicole and Edouard Riou
 [Language: French]

The Red Fox's Son, by Edgar M. Dilley                                    53804
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Bharbazonia]
 [Illustrator: John Goss]

Report of a special committee of the City Council, on the improvement    53803
 of the Fire Department, by The City Council of Halifax, Nova Scotia
 [Subtitle: and also, on the best means of obtaining an additional
  supply of water for fire purposes, for the city of Halifax]

Drowsy, by John Ames Mitchell                                            53802 
 [Illustrators: Angus Macdonall and John Ames Mitchell]

La moglie di Sua Eccellenza, by Gerolamo Rovetta                         53801
 [Language: Italian]

Orpheus and Other Poems, by Edward Burrough Brownlow                     53800

A General View of Positivism, by Auguste Comte                           53799
 [Subtitle: Or, Summary exposition of the System of Thought and Life]

Ranchos, by Javier De Viana                                              53798
 [Subtitle: Costumbres del Campo]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Dyer's Guide, by Thomas Packer                                       53797

Life of Frederick Marryat, by David Hannay                               53796

The Prince of the House of David, by J. H. Ingraham                      53795

Within the Gates, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps                             53794

A Literary History of Ireland, by Douglas Hyde                           53793
 [Subtitle: From Earliest Times to the Present Day]

Philosophical Works, Vol. 2 of 4, by David Hume                          53792
 [Subtitle: Including all the Essays, and Exhibiting
  the more Important Alterations and Corrections in
  the Successive Editions Published by the Author]

Philosophical Works, Vol. 1 of 4, by David Hume                          53791
 [Subtitle: Including all the Essays, and Exhibiting
  the more Important Alterations and Corrections in
  the Successive Editions Published by the Author]

Sotavanhuksen joulu, by Zacharias Topelius                               53790
 [Subtitle: Talvikuva 1859]
 [Language: Finnish]

Pikku lordi, by Frances Hodgson Burnett                                  53789
 [Language: Finnish]

Elizabeth, Her Folks, by Barbara Kay                                     53788
 [Illustrator: The Donaldsons]

Renascence, by Walter Crane                                              53787
 [Subtitle: A Book of Verse]

The Dolls on Dress Parade, by Effa E. Preston                            53786

The Violin and Old Violin Makers, by A. Mason Clarke                     53785
 [Subtitle: Being a Historical & Biographical Account of
  the Violin with Facsimiles of Labels of the Old Makers]

Old Melbourne Memories, by Rolf Boldrewood                               53784 
 [Subtitle: Second Edition, Revised]

Kuolemantuomitun viimeinen päivä, by Victor Hugo                         53783
 [Language: Finnish]

Mestari Olavi, by August Strindberg                                      53782
 [Subtitle: Viisinäytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Weihnachtsabend, by Theodor Mügge                                        53781
 [Language: German]

Der Weihnacht-Abend, by Gustav Schilling                                 53780
 [Language: German]

Vie de Henri Brulard, Tome 2 of 2, by Stendhal                           53779
 [Language: French]

First Lessons in Natural Philosophy, by Joseph C. Martindale             53778
 [Subtitle: For Beginners]

Cussons' Horncastle Compendium, 1837, by D. Cussons                      53777

The First Report of the Horncastle Teatotal Society, 1843, by Anonymous  53776

Studies in the Book of Revelation, by Stephen Alexander Hunter           53775

The Mercer Boys in the Ghost Patrol, by Capwell Wyckoff                  53774

Eine deutsche Frau im Innern Deutsch-Ostafrikas, by Magdalene von Prince 53773
 [Subtitle: Elf Jahre nach Tagebuchblättern erzählt]
 [Language: German]

Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science,                        53772
 and Art, Vol. 41, No. 5, May 1885, by Various

Bee: The Princess of the Dwarfs, by Anatole France                       53771

Hymnological Studies, by Matthew N. Lundquist                            53770

Floreat Etona, by Ralph Nevill                                           53769
 [Subtitle: Anecdotes and Memories of Eton College]

Progetto filosofico di una completa riforma del culto e dell             53768
 'educazione politico-morale del popolo ebreo, by Aron Fernando
 [Language: Italian]

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 5 of 9, by Thomas Jefferson       53767
 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports,
  Messages, Addresses, and Other Writings, Official and Private]

Merry Tales, by Eleanor L. Skinner and Ada M. Skinner                    53766

Kabumpo in Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson                                   53765
 [Illustrator: John R. Neill]

The Tower Menagerie, by Edward Turner Bennett                            53764

The Intermediate Sex, by Edward Carpenter                                53763
 [Subtitle: A Study of Some Transitional Types of Men and Women]

Somme, Vol. 2, The Second Battle of the Somme, 1918, by Michelin & Cie   53762

Mademoiselle de Scudéry, sa vie et sa correspondance,                    53761
 by Edmé-Jacques-Benoït Rathery and Boutron
 [Language: French]

Orlowit: mies ja vaimo, by Maksim Gorky                                  53760
 [Language: Finnish]

Mary, by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson                                           53759
 [Language: Finnish]

Down South, by Lady Duffus Hardy                                         53758

Die Klerisei, by Nikolaus Leskow                                         53757
 [Language: German]

The Judgement of Valhalla, by Gilbert Frankau                            53756

The Taleef Shereef, by Muhammad Sharif Khan                              53755
 [Subtitle: Or, Indian Materia Medica]

The Captain of the Wight, by Frank Cowper                                53754
 [Subtitle: A Romance of Carisbrooke Castle in 1488]

Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. 1, No. 4, December, 1834, by Various   53753
 [Editor: James E. Heath]

Sissipäällikkö, by Henryk Sienkiewicz                                    53752
 [Subtitle: Kohtauksia ranskalais-saksalaisesta sodasta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Secrets of Earth and Sea, by Ray Lankester                               53751

Book Review Digest, Vol. 13, 1917, by Margaret Jackson                   53750
 and Mary Katharine Reely
 [Subtitle: Thirteenth Annual Cumulation Reviews of 1917 Books]

Vie de Henri Brulard, tome 1 of 2, by Stendhal                           53749
 [Language: French]

The Diplomatists of Europe, by M. Jean Baptiste Honoré Raymond Capefigue 53748

Richard Coeur de Lion and Blondel, by Charlotte Brontë                   53747

Among the Head-Hunters of Formosa, by Janet B. Montgomery McGovern       53746

Persialaisia kirjeitä, by Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu      53745
 [Language: Finnish]

Sir Robert's Fortune, by Margaret Oliphant                               53744

El misterio de un hombre pequeñito, by Eduardo Zamacois                  53743
 [Language: Spanish]

Recuerdos de Italia (parte 2 de 2), by Emilio Castelar                   53742
 [Language: Spanish]

Recuerdos de Italia (parte 1 de 2), by Emilio Castelar                   53741
 [Language: Spanish]

The Telescope, by Louis Bell                                             53740

Duty of American Women to Their Country, by Catharine Esther Beecher     53739

The Unseen Hand, by Elijah Kellogg                                       53738
 [Subtitle: or James Renfew and His Boy Helpers]

L'Illustration, No. 3736, 10 Oct 1914, by Various                        53737
 [Language: French]

The Fighting Retreat To Paris, by Roger Ingpen                           53736

The Daring Twins, by L. Frank Baum                                       53735
 [Subtitle: A Story for Young Folk]
 [Illustrator: Pauline M. Batchelder]

What Christmas Did for Jerusha Grumble, by John D. MacDonald             53734

The Fiddlers, by Arthur Mee                                              53733
 [Subtitle: Drink in the Witness Box]

Standard Catholic Readers by Grades: Fifth Year, by Various              53732
 [Editor: Mary E. Doyle]

Der persische Orden, by Anton Tschechow                                  53731
 [Subtitle: und andere Grotesken]
 [Illustrator: W. N. Massjutin]
 [Language: German]

The Red Cross Girls in Belgium, by Margaret Vandercook                   53730

In Partnership, by Brander Matthews and H. C. Bunner                     53729
 [Subtitle: Studies in story-telling]

Asiatic Cholera, by Elijah Whitney and A. B. Whitney                     53728
 [Subtitle: A treatise on its origin, pathology, treatment, and cure]

Azalea, by Eliza W. Peattie                                              53727
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Little Girl in the Blue Ridge Mountains]
 [Illustrator: Hazel Roberts]

Cædwalla, by Frank Cowper                                                53726
 [Subtitle: or The Saxons in the Isle of Wight]
 [Illustrator: Frank Cowper]

>From Palmerston to Disraeli (1856-1876), by Various                      53725
 [Editor: Ewing Harding]

Jessie Trim, by B. L. Farjeon                                            53724

Early English Hero Tales, by Jeannette Marks                             53723

Viviane, by Alfred Tennyson                                              53722
 [Illustrator: Gustave Doré]
 [Language: French]

Kaksi husaaria, by Graf Leo Tolstoy                                      53721
 [Language: Finnish]

On Love, by Marie Henri Beyle                                            53720

The Nootka Sound Controversy, by William Ray Manning                     53719
 [Subtitle: A dissertation]

Revista de Filosofía, Año V - Nº 3 - May/1919, by Various                53718
 [Subtitle: Cultura--Ciencias--Educación]
  [Editor: José Ingenieros]
 [Language: Spanish]

Through the Sikh War, by G. A. Henty                                     53717
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Conquest of the Punjaub]
 [Illustrator: Hal Hurst]

Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri: or, Memoirs of Jahangir, Vol. 2 of 2,                 53716
 by Alexander Roger, Henry Beveridge and Nuru-d-din Jahangir                      

Sydän unhotettu, by Gustav zu Putlitz                                    53715
 [Subtitle: Komedia yhdessä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mehiläispyytäjä, by James Fenimore Cooper                                53714
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Lännen saloilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Das österreichische Antlitz, by Felix Salten                             53713
 [Subtitle: Essays]
 [Language: German]

The Boy Inventors' Flying Ship, by Richard Bonner                        53712
 [Illustrator: Charles L. Wrenn]

The Orchid, by Robert Grant                                              53711
 [Illustrator: Alonzo Kimball]

Genièvre, by Alfred Tennyson                                             53710
 [Illustrator: Gustave Doré]
 [Language: French]

The American Missionary, Vol. 32, No. 03, March, 1878, by Various        53709

Tacoma and Vicinity, by Anonymous                                        53708

St. Leon, by William Godwin                                              53707
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Sixteenth Century]

Peter Moors Fahrt nach Südwest, by Gustav Frenssen                       53706
 [Subtitle: Ein Feldzugsbericht]
 [Language: German]

Harper's Outdoor Book for Boys, by Various                               53705
 [Editor: Joseph H. Adams]

The Motor Boys Bound for Home, by Clarence Young                         53704
 [Subtitle: or, Ned, Bob and Jerry on the Wrecked Troopship]

Pohjalla, by Maksim Gorky                                                53703
 [Subtitle: Kuvaelmia, neljä näytöstä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Field Book, by W. H. Maxwell                                         53702
 [Subtitle: or Sports and pastimes of the United Kingdom
  compiled from the best authorities ancient and modern]

Uncle Sam Abroad, by J. E. Conner                                        53701
 [Illustrator: Clyde J. Newman]

Tales from the Works of G. A. Henty                                      53700

A Code for the Government of Armies in the Field, by Francis Lieber      53699
 [Subtitle: as authorized by the laws and usages of war on land]

Life and public services of Martin R. Delany, by Frank A. Rollin         53698
 [Subtitle: Sub-Assistant Commissioner Bureau Relief
  of Refugees, Freedmen, and of Abandoned Lands,
  and late Major 104th U.S. Colored Troops]

The House of Armour, by Marshall Saunders                                53697

Baden-Powell of Mafeking, by J. S. Fletcher                              53696

Among the River Pirates, by Hugh Lloyd                                   53695
 [Subtitle: A Skippy Dare Mystery Story]
 [Illustrator: Seymour Fogel]

Bouquiniana, by Bernard-Henri Gausseron                                  53694
 [Subtitle: notes et notules d'un bibliologue]
 [Language: French]

Uussi raumlaissi jaarituksi, by Hjalmar Nortamo                          53693
 [Language: Finnish]

The Flying Girl and Her Chum, by Edith van Dyne                          53692
 [Illustrator: Joseph Pierre Nuyttens]

Men We Meet in the Field, by A. G. Bagot                                 53691
 [Subtitle: or, The Bullshire Hounds]

Lamia's Winter-Quarters, by Alfred Austin                                53690
 [Illustrator: George S. Elgood]

Anzeiger für Kunde der deutschen Vorzeit, 27. Band, 1880, by Various     53689
 [Subtitle: Organ des Germanischen Museums]
 [Language: German]

Melmoth the Wanderer, Vol. 4 of 4, by Charles Robert Maturin             53688

Melmoth the Wanderer, Vol. 3 of 4, by Charles Robert Maturin             53687

Melmoth the Wanderer, Vol. 2 of 4, by Charles Robert Maturin             53686

Melmoth the Wanderer, Vol. 1 of 4, by Charles Robert Maturin             35685

In the Desert of Waiting, by Annie Fellows Johnston                      53684
 [Subtitle: The Legend of Camel-back Mountain]

Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands, by Clara Endicott Sears                     53683
 and Louisa M. Alcott

Gallipoli, by John Masefield                                             53682

The Life and Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, Vols. 1 and 2,        53681
 by Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq, Francis Henry Blackburne Daniell
 and Charles Thornton Forster

Précis writing for beginners, by Guy Noel Pocock                         53680

Philosophical Letters: or, modest Reflections upon some                  53679
 Opinions in Natural Philosophy, by Margaret Cavendish

On Naval Timber and Arboriculture, by Patrick Matthew                    53678
 [Subtitle: With Critical Notes on Authors who
  have Recently Treated the Subject of Planting]

Otawa, Osa I, by C. A. Gottlund                                          53677
 [Subtitle: eli Suomalaisia huvituksia]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Dangerous Flirtation, by Laura Jean Libbey                             53676
 [Subtitle: Or, Did Ida May Sin?]

The Story of the Gravelys, by Marshall Saunders                          53675
 [Subtitle: A Tale for Girls]

Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri: or, Memoirs of Jahangir,                              53674
 by Nuru-d-din Jahangir Padshah

The Mercer Boys on a Treasure Hunt, by Capwell Wyckoff                   53673

Sketches in Crude-oil, by John J. McLaurin                               53672
 [Subtitle: Some accidents and incidents of the petroleum
  development in all parts of the globe]

Modern Poets and Poetry of Spain, by James Kennedy                       53671

A Sketch of Assam, by John Butler                                        53670
 [Subtitle: With some account of the Hill Tribes]

The United States War Department Technical Manual TM 3-376 A,            53669
 [Subtitle: Portable Flame Thrower M2-2]

Kate Vernon, Vol. 3 of 3, by Mrs. Alexander                              53668
 [Subtitle: A tale. In three volumes]

The Song of Hugh Glass, by John Gneisenau Neihardt                       53667

George in Camp, by Harry Castlemon                                       53666
 [Subtitle: or Life on the Plains]

Historiallisia pikakuvia, by August Strindberg                           53665
 [Language: Finnish]

Viimeinen tuomio, by Upton Sinclair                                      53664
 [Language: Finnish]

Sweet P's, by Julie Mathilde Lippmann                                    53663
 [Illustrator: Ida Waugh]

Ein Volk in Waffen, by Sven Hedin                                        53662
 [Language: German]

Jockele und die Mädchen, by Max Geißler                                  53661
 [Subtitle: Roman aus dem heutigen Weimar]
 [Language: German]

Riita, by Nikolai Gogol                                                  53660
 [Subtitle: Kertomus siitä, kuinka Ivan Ivanovitsh
  ja Ivan Nikiforovitsh riitaantuivat]
 [Language: Finnish]

Toteutuneita unelmia, by August Strindberg                               53659
 [Subtitle: Neljä kertomusta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Markiisitar, by George Sand                                              53658
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mnää ja Tasala Vilkk ja Hakkri Iiro, by Hjalmar Nortamo                  53657
 [Subtitle: Raumlaissi jaarituksi]
 [Language: Finnish]

How To Get the Most Out of Your Victrola,                                53656
 by The Victor Talking Machine Company

Telephoning to Santa Claus, by John D. MacDonald                         53655

Snowbound for Christmas, by Edna I. MacKenzie                            53654

Our Home and Personal Duty, by Jane Eayre Fryer                          53653
 [Illustrator: Edna A. Cook]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, January 1884, by The Chautauquan Literary       53652
 and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture. Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle.]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

America and the World War, by Theodore Roosevelt                         53651

Mothers to Men, by Zona Gale                                             53650

Horace Walpole, by Austin Dobson                                         53649
 [Subtitle: A memoir]

Trip to the West and Texas, by A. A. Parker                              53648
 [Subtitle: comprising a journey of eight thousand miles,
  through New-York, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana
  and Texas, in the autumn and winter of 1834-5]

Texas Flowers in Natural Colors, by Eula Whitehouse                      53647

Anthropology and the Classics, by Sir Arthur Evans, Andrew Lang,         53646
 Gilbert Murray, F. B. Jevons, Sir John Linton Myres,
 and W. Warde Fowler
 [Subtitle: Six Lectures Delivered Before the University of Oxford]

Heart and Cross, by Margaret Oliphant                                    53645

Historical Characters in the Reign of Queen Anne,                        53644
 by Mrs. M. O. W. Oliphant

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