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* New eBook listings from July-November 2017

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Nov 2017 to 30 Nov 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Drei Erzählungen für junge Mädchen, durch Clementine Helm                56098
 [Language: German]

The Ranch Girls at Boarding School, by Margaret Vandercook               56097
 [Illustrator: Hugh A. Bodine]

The Gallery of Portraits, with Memoirs, Vol. 7 of 7, by Anonymous        56096

Janus in Modern Life, by W. M. Flinders Petrie                           56095

Allegheny Episodes, by Henry Wharton Shoemaker                           56094
 [Subtitle: Folk Lore and Legends Collected in Northern and
  Western Pennsylvania, Vol XI. Pennsylvania Folk Lore Series]

Kuvaelmia itä-suomalaisten vanhoista tavoista 3:                         56093
 Kylänluvut, mennessä Johannes Häyhä
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuvaelmia itä-suomalaisten vanhoista tavoista 2:                         56092
 Maahanpanijaiset, mennessä Johannes Häyhä
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuvaelmia itä-suomalaisten vanhoista tavoista 1:                         56091
 Joulun vietto, mennessä Johannes Häyhä
 [Language: Finnish]

Woman's Profession as Mother and Educator, with Views in                 56090
 Opposition to Woman Suffrage, by Catharine E. Beecher

An American Diplomat in China, by Paul S. Reinsch                        56089

John Marshall, by James Bradley Thayer                                   56088

In Queer Street, by Fergus Hume                                          56087

Tunisias, durch Johann Ladislav Pyrker                                   56086
 [Subtitle: Johann Ladislav Pyrker's sämmtliche Werke (1/3)]
 [Language: German]

The Silver Princess in Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson and L. Frank Baum     56085
 [Illustrator: John R. Neill]

Catharine de Bora, by John G. Morris                                     56084
 [Subtitle: Social and Domestic Scenes in the Home of Luther]

De Soto, Coronado, Cabrillo, by David Lavender                           56083
 [Subtitle: Explorers of the Northern Mystery]

Dream-Songs for the Beloved, by Eleanor Farjeon                          56082

A Traitor in London, by Fergus Hume                                      56081

The Fever of Life, by Fergus Hume                                        56080

Handy Mandy in Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson and L. Frank Baum             56079
 [Illustrator: John R. Neil]

Notes Geographical and Historical, Relating to the Town of               56078
 Brooklyn in Kings County on Long-Island, by Gabriel Furman

Love Insurance, by Earl Derr Biggers                                     56077

Travels in Southern Europe and the Levant, 1810-1817,                    56076
 by Charles Robert Cockerell
 [Subtitle: The Journal of C. R. Cockerell, R.A.]

Seneca's Morals of a Happy Life, Benefits, Anger and Clemency,           56075
 by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Pan-Worship and Other Poems, by Eleanor Farjeon                          56074

Captain Salt in Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson and L. Frank Baum            56073
 [Illustrator: John R. Neil and Dick Martin]

La vie privée d'autrefois : Arts et métiers : modes,                     56072
 moeurs, usages des parisiens du XIIe au XVIIIe
 siècle, par Alfred Franklin
 [Subtitle: Les soins de toilette -- Le savoir vivre]
 [Language: French]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20. No. 997, February 4, 1899, by Various     56071

List of Post Offices in Canada 1873, by Postmaster General of Canada     56070

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 66: Das Weltenfahrzeug       56069
 zwischen den Riesen-Kometen, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 63: Die                      56068
 Schreckensreise des Weltenfahrzeuges, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 56: Die Weltenfahrer         56067
 auf dem Riesen-Planeten, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 42: Im Todeskrater           56066
 des neuen Planeten, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 40: Die Empörung             56065
 im Weltenfahrzeug, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Der Luftpirat und sein lenkbares Luftschiff 1: Der Beherrscher           56064
 der Lüfte, durch Anonym
 [Language: German]

Oxford Mountaineering Essays, by Various                                 56063

>From Zone to Zone, by Luis Senarens                                      56062
 [Subtitle: Or, The Wonderful Trip of Frank Reade, Jr.,
  with His Latest Air-Ship]

In Tamal Land, by Helen Bingham                                          56061

Presidential Problems, by Grover Cleveland                               56060

Old Crosses and Lychgates, by Aymer Vallance                             56059

Lost in the Atlantic Valley, by Luis Senarens                            56058
 [Subtitle: Or, Frank Reade, Jr., and His Wonder, the "Dart"]

Hétfalusi csángó népmesék (Népköltési gyüjtemény 10. kötet),             56057
 által Antal Horger
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Young Circus Rider, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                            56056
 [Subtitle: or, the Mystery of Robert Rudd]

Neitsyt Maarian lahja, mennessä L. Onerva                                56055
 [Subtitle: ynnä muita legendoja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Les trois mousquetaires, Volume  1 of 2, par Alexandre Dumas             56054
 [Illustrator: Maurice Leloir]
 [Language: French]

The Day of Doom, by Michael Wigglesworth                                 56053
 [Subtitle: Or, a Poetical Description of the Great and Last Judgement]

Jääkärien jäljiltä, mennessä Jalmari Kara and Tapio Riikonen             56052
 [Subtitle: Kymmenen kertomusta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Colección de Documentos Inéditos Relativos al Descubrimiento,            56051
 Conquista y Organización de las Antiguas Posesiones
 Españolas, por Varios
 [Subtitle: Tomo 1, Isla de Cuba]
 [Language: Spanish]

Castillo de San Marcos, by National Park Service                         56050
 [Subtitle: A Guide to Castillo de San Marcos
  National Monument, Florida]

Cleopatra, by Henry Houssaye                                             56049
 [Subtitle: a Study]

Jewish Portraits, by Lady Katie Magnus                                   56048

Cabezas: Pensadores y Artistas. Políticos, por Rubén Darío               56047
 [Subtitle: Obras Completas Vol. XXII]
 [Language: Spanish]

Story of Duciehurst; A Tale of the Mississippi,                          56046
 by Charles Egbert Craddock

Erzgebirgische Geschichten. Erster Band, durch August Peters             56045
 [Language: German]

Dulce Dueño, por Emilia Pardo Bazán                                      56044
 [Language: Spanish]

Rock-climbing in the English Lake District, by Owen Glynne Jones         56043
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

Discovery of the Yosemite, by Lafayette Houghton Bunnell                 56042
 [Subtitle: And the Indian War of 1851, Which Led to That Event]

Vices of Convents and Monasteries, Priests and Nuns, by Thos. E. Watson  56041

Memoirs of Mistral, by Frédéric Mistral and Alma Strettell               56040

Lincoln's Plan of Reconstruction, by Charles H. McCarthy                 56039

Port Arthur, by Richard Barry                                            56038
 [Subtitle: A Monster Heroism]

Sorrow of War, by Louis Golding                                          56037
 [Subtitle: Poems]

Inside the Lines, by Earl Derr Biggers and Robert Welles Ritchie         56036

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 7 of 9                          56035
 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports,
  Messages, Addresses, and Other Writings, Official and Private]

Folklore of Scottish Lochs and Springs, by James M. Mackinlay            56034

Old Virginia and Her Neighbours, by John Fiske                           56033
 [Subtitle: Volume 2]

Paras vihollinen, mennessä Jean Webster                                  56032
 [Subtitle: "Setä Pitkäsäären" jatkoa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kiljusen Plättä, mennessä Jalmari Finne                                  56031
 [Language: Finnish]

Koneiden ääressä, mennessä Mikko Tervas                                  56030
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

"E R B", by W. Pett Ridge                                                56029

The Romance of the Harem, by Anna Harriette Leonowens                    56028

The Achievement of the British Navy in the World-War, by John Leyland    56027

Enyim, tied, övé (2. rész), által Mór Jókai                              56026
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Enyim, tied, övé (1. rész), által Mór Jókai                              56025
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Kiljusen herrasväki satumaassa, mennessä Jalmari Finne                   56024
 [Language: Finnish]

Vienna 1683, by Henry Elliot Malden                                      56023 
 [Subtitle: The History and Consequences of the Defeat
  of the Turks before Vienna, September 12, 1683, by
  John Sobieski, King of Poland, and Charles Leopold,
  Duke of Lorraine]

The Catholic World, Vol. 20, October 1874-March 1875, by Various         56022

Poisonous Snakes of Texas and First Aid Treatment of Their Bites,        56021
 by John E. Werler
 [Subtitle: Bulletin No. 31]

The Power of Truth, by William George Jordan                             56020
 [Subtitle: Individual Problems and Possibilities]

A Class-Book of Biblical History and Geography, by Henry S. Osborn       56019
 [Subtitle: with numerous maps]

Business Administration, by Various 56018
 [Subtitle: Theory, Practice and Application]

The Black Barque, by T. Jenkins Hains                                    56017
 [Subtitle: A Tales of the Pirate Slave-Ship Gentle Hand
  on Her Last African Cruise]
 [Illustrator: W. Herbert Dunton]

Memories of Old Montana, by Con Price                                    56016

Idols, by William J. Locke                                               56015

The Demagogue and Lady Phayre, by William J. Locke                       56014

The White Dove, by William J. Locke                                      56013

The Yankee and the Teuton in Wisconsin, by Joseph Schafer                56012

Ein Sommer im Orient, durch Alexander, freiherr von Warsberg             56011
 [Language: German]

Las transformaciones de la sociedad argentina y sus consecuencias        56010
 institucionales (1853 à 1910), por Horacio C. Rivarola
 [Language: Spanish]

Marjorie in Command, by Carolyn Wells                                    56009
 [Illustrator: Julie C. Pratt]

Schetsen uit de Dierenwereld, by Daniel Giraud  Elliot                   56008
 [Illustrator: Joseph Wolf]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Sagamore of Saco, by Mrs. E. Oakes Smith                             56007

One Thousand Ways To Make Money, by Page Fox                             56006

Marsena and Other Stories of the Wartime, by Harold Frederic             56005

Fossil Butterflies, by Samuel H. Scudder                                 56004
 [Subtitle: Memoirs of the American Association
  for the Advancement of Science, I.]

Old Virginia and Her Neighbours, Vol. 1 of 2, by John Fiske              56003

Studies in Greek Scenery, Legend and History, by James George Frazer     56002
 [Subtitle: Selected from his Commentary on Pausanias'
  'Description of Greece,']

The Busy Woman's Garden Book, by Ida D. Bennett                          56001

Schetsen uit de Dierenwereld, door Daniel Giraud Elliot                  56000
 [Illustrator: Joseph Wolf]
 [Language: Dutch]

Die schöpferische Pause, durch Fritz Klatt                               55999
 [Language: German]

London Labour and the London Poor, Vol. 1 of 4, by Henry Mayhew          55998

Illustrated Handbook of Mount Vernon, by the Mount Vernon                55997
 Ladies' Association
 [Subtitle: The Home of Washington]

Godey's Lady's Book, Philadelphia, Volume 48, March, 1854, by Various    55996

Reminiscences of Prince Talleyrand, Vol. 2 of 2, by Édouard Colmache     55995

Peradventure, by Robert Keable                                           55994
 [Subtitle: or the Silence of God]

The Diamond Ship, by Max Pemberton                                       55993

Ylenkatsotuita, mennessä Jaakko Nikkinen                                 55992
 [Language: Finnish]

Kazan susikoira, mennessä James Oliver Curwood                           55991
 [Language: Finnish]

Post-Mediaeval Preachers, by Sabine Baring-Gould                         55990
 [Subtitle: Some Account of the Most Celebrated
  Preachers of the 15th, 16th and, 17th Centuries;
  with outlines of their sermons, and specimens of their style]

Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx, Volume 2 of 2, by John Rhys             55989

Natural History of Enthusiasm, by Isaac Taylor                           55988

Letters of Asa Gray, Vol. 2, by Asa Gray                                 55987

Letters of Asa Gray, Vol. 1, by Asa Gray                                 55986

Névtelen vár, 2. rész, által Mór Jókai                                   55985
 [Subtitle: Történelmi regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Névtelen vár, 1. rész, által Mór Jókai                                   55984
 [Subtitle: Történelmi regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

New England and the Bavarian Illuminati, by Vernon Stauffer              55983

Forward Pass, by Ralph Henry Barbour                                     55982
 [Subtitle: A Story of the "New Football"]

The great Galeoto; Folly or saintliness, by José Echegaray               55981
 [Subtitle: two plays done from the verse of José
  Echegaray into English prose by Hannah Lynch]

With Sack and Stock in Alaska, by George Broke                           55980

Life and Confession of Sophia Hamilton, by William H. Jackson            55979
 [Subtitle: Who was Tried, Condemned and Sentenced to be Hung,
  At Montreal, L. C. On The 4th Of August, 1845, For the
  Perpetration of the Most Shocking Murders and Daring
  Robberies Perhaps Recorded in the Annals of Crime]

A History of Troop A Cavalry, Connecticut National Guard                 55978
 and Its Service in the Great War as Co. D, 102d Machine
 Gun Battalion, by Various

Flight, by Irwin R. Franklyn                                             55977
 [Subtitle: An Epic of the Air]

The Trial of an Ox, for Killing a Man;, by Anonymous                     55976
 [Subtitle: With the Examination of the Witnesses,
  Before Judge Lion, at Quadruped Court, near Beast Park]

Voyager Encounters Jupiter, by the National Aeronautics                  55975
 and Space Administration

Anthropophagy, by Charles W. Darling                                     55974

Shinto: The ancient religion of Japan, by William George Aston           55973

Pyhä hymy, mennessä Lauri Sauramo                                        55972
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen kertomus Hemming piispan päiviltä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Photo-Lithography, by Georg Fritz                                        55971

The Panama Canal, by Harry Clow Boardman                                 55970

Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. 1, No. 2, by Various    55969

A History of the British Army, Vol. 1, by J. W. Fortescue                55968
 [Subtitle: First Part—to, The Close of The Seven Years' War]

Felfordult világ; Észak honából; A debreczeni lunátikus,                 55967
 által Mór Jókai
 [Language: Hungarian]

In Taunton town : a story of the rebellion of James Duke of Monmouth     55966
 in 1685, by Evelyn Everett-Green

Air Monster, by Edwin Green                                              55965

The Sapphire Signet, by Augusta Huiell Seaman                            55964
 [Illustrator: C. M. Relyea]

Shepherd Singing Ragtime and Other Poems, by Louis Golding               55963

Kate Meredith, Financier, by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne                        55962
 [Illustrator: Frank Parker]

The Millionaire Mystery, by Fergus Hume                                  55961

The Lady from Nowhere, by Fergus Hume                                    55960

The Coming of the White Men, by Mary Hazelton Wade                       55959
 [Subtitle: Stories of How Our Country Was Discovered]
 [Illustrator: Sears Gallagher]

The Holy Land, by John Kelman                                            55958
 [Illustrator: John Fulleylove]

Study of Army Camp Life during American Revolution, by Mary Hazel Snuff  55957

The Lost Parchment, by Fergus Hume                                       55956
 [Subtitle: A Detective Story]

Ports of Entry, by Home Missions Council and                             55955
 Council of Women for Home Missions
 [Authors a.k.a. The Joint Committee of Six]
 [Subtitle: Missionary Herald]

Stranga Heredajho, per Heinrich August Luyken                            55954
 [Subtitle: Romano originale verkita]
 [Language: Esperanto]

Memoirs of the Late War, Vol. 2 of 2, by John Cooke,                     55953
 George Fitzclarence, and John Moodie
 [Subtitle: Comprising the Personal Narrative of Captain Cooke,
  of the 43rd Regiment Light Infantry; the History of the
  Campaign of 1809 in Portugal, by the Earl of Munster; and a
  Narrative of the Campaign of 1814 in Holland, by Lieut.
  T. W. D. Moodie, H. P. 21st Fusileers]

Memoirs of the Late War, Vol. 1 of 2, by John Cooke,                     55952
 George Fitzclarence, and John Moodie
 [Subtitle: Comprising the Personal Narrative of Captain Cooke,
  of the 43rd Regiment Light Infantry; the History of the
  Campaign of 1809 in Portugal, by the Earl of Munster; and a
  Narrative of the Campaign of 1814 in Holland, by Lieut.
  T. W. D. Moodie, H. P. 21st Fusileers]

Wise Saws and Modern Instances, Volume 1 of 2, by Thomas Cooper          55951

A Madcap Cruise, by Oric Bates                                           55950

A Woman of the Ice Age, by Louis Pope Gratacap                           55949

The Abysmal Brute, by Jack London                                        55948
 [Illustrator: Gordon Grant]

Dean Dunham, by Hortatio Alger                                           55947
 [Subtitle: Or, the Waterford Mystery]

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 2. No. 16, January, 1921, by Various     55946
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

Exiles, by James Joyce                                                   55945

Kiljusen herrasväen uudet seikkailut, mennessä Jalmari Finne             55944
 [Language: Finnish]

Satuja ja tarinoita VI, mennessä H. C. Andersen                          55943
 [Language: Finnish]

The Iris, by Various                                                     55942
 [Subtitle: An Illuminated Souvenir for MDCCCLII]

Beethoven, by Romain Rolland                                             55941

Theosophy and Life's Deeper Problems, by Annie Besant                    55940
 [Subtitle: Being the Four Convention Lectures
  Delivered in Bombay at the Fortieth Anniversary
  of the Theosophical Society, December, 1915]

When I Was a Boy in Japan, by Sakae Shioya                               55939

Kiljusen herrasväki, mennessä Jalmari Finne                              55938
 [Language: Finnish]

Satuja ja tarinoita V, mennessä Hans Christian Andersen                  55937
 [Language: Finnish]

Kotipellon kynnökseltä, mennessä Jaakko Nikkinen                         55936
 [Author a.k.a. Jouko Nikkinen]
 [Subtitle: Kertomuksia]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Municipal and Sanitary Engineer's Handbook, by H. Percy Boulnois     55935

A Damokosok, által Mór Jókai                                             55934
  [Language: Hungarian]

Peggy Finds the Theatre, by Virginia Hughes                              55933
 [Subtitle: Peggy Lane Theater Stories, #1]
 [Illustrator: Sergio Leone]

Collected works of William Hazlitt, Vol. 1 of 12                         55932

California Missions, by Karl Frederick Brown                             55931
 [Subtitle: A Guide to the Historic Trails of the Padres]

Section-Cutting: A Practical Guide, by Sylvester Marsh                   55930
 [Subtitle: To the preparation and mounting
  of sections for the microscope, etc.]

De complete werken van Joost van Vondel, door Joost van den Vondel       55929
 [Subtitle: Met eene voorrede van H.J. Allard,
  leraar aan 't seminarie te Kuilenburg.]
 [Language: Dutch]

The House Of Dreams-Come-True, by Margaret Pedler                        55928

Derelicts, by William J. Locke                                           55927

The Commentaries of Caesar, by Anthony Trollope                          55926

Kant's gesammelte Schriften, durch Immanuel Kant                         55925
 [Subtitle: Band V. Kritik der Urtheilskraft.]
 [Language: German]

Setä Pitkäsääri, mennessä Jean Webster                                   55924
 [Language: Finnish]

Carl The Trailer, by Harry Castlemon                                     55923

Richard Steele's Plays, by Richard Steele                                55922

Lancashire Songs, by Edwin Waugh                                         55921

Journal of a Tour in the Years 1828-1829, through Styria,                55920
 Carniola, and Italy, whilst Accompanying the Late Sir
 Humphrey Davy, by J. J. Tobin

William Caxton, by E. Gordon Duff                                        55919

Oxford, by Edward Thomas                                                 55918
 [Illustrator: John Fulleylove]

Teatro selecto, tomo 2 de 4, por Pedro Calderón de la Barca              55917
 [Language: Spanish]

Tres novelas ejemplares y un prólogo, por Miguel de Unamuno              55916
 [Language: Spanish]

Torquemada y San Pedro, por Benito Pérez Galdós                          55915
 [Language: Spanish]

Deutsche Humoristen, 8. Band (von 8), durch Otto Julius Bierbaum,        55914
 Gorch Fock, Rudolf Presber, Wilhelm Schäfer, Karl Schönherr,
 and Ludwig Thoma]
 [Illustrator: Theodor Herrmann]
 [Language: German]

Seitsemän, mennessä Aino Krohn Kallas                                    55913
 [Subtitle: Titanic-novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

A jövo század regénye (2. rész), által Mór Jókai                         55912
 [Language: Hungarian]

A jövo század regénye (1. rész), által Mór Jókai                         55911
 [Language: Hungarian]

Social Life in Old Virginia Before the War, by Thomas Nelson Page        55910
 [Illustrator: The Misses Cowles]

Kustaa II Aadolf ja hänen aikalaisensa II: Jumalan valittu sankari,      55909
 mennessä Louise Stjernström
 [Kirjailija a.k.a. Caarl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Our Town and Civic Duty, by Jane Eayre Fryer                             55908
 [Subtitle: Young American Readers Series]
 [Illustrators: Jane Allen Boyer and Charles Holloway]

The Golden Circle, by Roy J. Snell                                       55907
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Girls]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 6 of 6,             55906
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 5 of 6,             55905
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 4 of 6,             55904
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 3 of 6,             55903
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 2 of 6,             55902
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Vol. 1 of 6,             55901
 by Thomas Babbington Macaulay
 [Subtitle: With a Memoir and Index]

Gids bij de studie der Nederlandsche letterkunde, door E. Rijpma         55900
 [Subtitle: Voor leerlingen der gymnasia, H. B. scholen
  en studeerenden voor de hoofdacte]
 [Language: Dutch]

Kew Gardens, by A. R. Hope Moncrieff                                     55899
 [Subtitle: With 24 full-page Illustrations in Colour]
 [Illustrator: T. Mower Martin]

Solitude, by Johann Georg Zimmermann                                     55898
 [Subtitle: In Two Parts]

Spices and How to Know Them, by W. M. Gibbs                              55897

With Mask and Mitt, by Albertus T. Dudley                                55896

Erinnerungen eines Achtundvierzigers, durch Stephan Born                 55895
 [Language: German]

The Pleasures of Collecting, by Gardner Callahan Teall                   55894

Peeps at Many Lands: Portugal, by Agnes M. Goodall                       55893
 [Illustrator: Agnes M. Goodall]

Die Anfänge der Naturbeherrschung, durch Karl Weule                      55892
 [Subtitle: 1. Frühformen der Mechanik]
 [Illustrator: Max Wilhelm]
 [Language: German]

The Family on Wheels, by J. MacDonald Oxley                              55891

Mies ja nainen, mennessä L. Onerva                                       55890
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Tjuvbandet i Dägerö skärgård, av K. A. Melin                             55889
  [Illustrator: Viktor Andrén]
  [Language: Swedish]

Pennsylvania Dutch Rip Van Winkle, by Edward H. Rauch                    55888
 [Subtitle: A romantic drama in two acts]
 [Language: Pennsylvania Dutch]

Manual of Library Cataloguing, by J. Henry Quinn                         55887

On Molecular and Microscopic Science, Volume 1 of 2, by Mary Somerville  55886

John Galsworthy, by Sheila Kaye-Smith                                    55885

Kustaa II Aadolf ja hänen aikalaisensa I: Kuningas Jumalan armosta,      55884
 mennessä Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mykkä paholainen, mennessä Jalmari Kara                                  55883
 [Subtitle: Kertomuksia]
 [Language: Finnish]

La dama joven, por Emilia Pardo Bazán                                    55882
  [Language: Spanish]

Sämmtliche Werke 6: Arabesken, Prosaschriften, Rom, durch Nikolaj Gogol  55881
 [Language: German]

The Young Train Master, by Burton E. Stevenson                           55880
 [Illustrator: Henry Goss]

La psychologie comme science naturelle, son présent                      55879
 et son avenir, par Joseph Delboeuf
 [Subtitle: Application de la méthode expérimentale
  aux phénomènes de l'âme]
 [Language: French]

The New Spirit, by Havelock Ellis                                        55878
 [Subtitle: Third Edition]

The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd, by David Herbert Lawrence                  55877
 [Subtitle: A Drama in Three Acts]

In the Prison City Brussels, 1914-1918, by Julia Helen Watts Twells      55876
 [Subtitle: A Personal Narrative]

Uit de ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van het Menschelijk Denken,             55875
 Deel 1 van 2, door Rommert Casimir
 [Language: Dutch]

Der Weg zur Zeichenkunst, durch Ernst Weber                              55874
 [Subtitle: Ein Büchlein für theoretische und praktische Selbstbildung]
 [Language: German]

Eri uria, mennessä Maria Furuhjelm                                       55873
 [Language: Finnish]

A History of Architecture in all Countries, Volume 2, 3rd ed.,           55872
 by James Fergusson
 [Subtitle: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day]

A History of Architecture in all Countries, Volume 1, 3rd ed.,           55871
 by James Fergusson
 [Subtitle: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day]

A History of Architecture in all Countries, Vol 1 & 2, 3rd ed.,          55870
 by James Fergusson
 [Subtitle: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day]

Les grands navigateurs du XIIIe siècle, par Jules Verne                  55869
 [Illustrator: Paul Philippoteaux]
 [Language: French]

Lady William, by Margaret Oliphant                                       55868

Life and Adventures of Rear-Admiral John Paul Jones,                     55867
 by John S. C. Abbott
 [Subtitle: Commonly Called Paul Jones]

Hämäläisiä, mennessä Jalmari Finne                                       55866
 [Subtitle: Kirja yksinkertaisista ihmisistä]
 [Language: Finnish]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Oct 2017 to 31 Oct 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Spiritual Tales, by Fiona Macleod                                        55865
 [Subtitle: Re-issue of the shorter stories of Fiona Macleod
  rearranged, with additional tales]

The Young Wireless Operator——Afloat, by Lewis E. Theiss                  55864
 [Subtitle: How Roy Mercer Won His Spurs in the Merchant Marine]

Evolution of Modern Band Saw Mills for Sawing Logs, by D. Clint Prescott 55863

The Industrial History of England, by Henry de Beltgens Gibbins          55862

The Outcasts and Other Stories, by Maxim Gorky                           55861

La Comédie humaine - Volume IX, par Honoré de Balzac                     55860
 [Subtitle: Scènes de la vie parisienne - Tome I]
 [Language: French]

The West Indies, by John Henderson                                       55859
 [Illustrator: Archibald Stevenson Forrest]

The Girl Scouts' Canoe Trip, by Edith Lavell                             55858

Cynthia Ann Parker, by James T. DeShields                                55857
 [Subtitle: The Story of her Capture at the Massacre
  of the Inmates of Parker's Fort]

The Travels and Extraordinary Adventures of Bob the Squirrel,            55856
 by Anonymous
 [Illustrators: Various]

Un hollandais à Paris en 1891, par Willem Byvanck                        55855
 [Subtitle: Sensations de littérature et d'art]
 [Language: French]

Letters from The Raven, by Lafcadio Hearn                                55854
 [Subtitle: Correspondence of L. Hearn with Henry Watkin]

Kaarlo Bergbomin kirjoitukset II, mennessä Kaarlo Bergbom                55853
 [Subtitle: Tutkimukset ja arvostelut]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Children of Cupa, by Mary E. Mannix                                  55852

The Wishing Horse of Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson and L. Frank Baum       55851
  [Illustrator: John R. Neil]

Leaves from the Diary of an Impressionist, by Lafcadio Hearn             55850
 [Subtitle: Early Writings]

Truth, by Émile Zola                                                     55849

Satuja ja tarinoita IV, mennessä H. C. Andersen                          55848
 [Language: Finnish]

Known to the Police, by Thomas Holmes                                    55847

Boat Sailing, by A. J. Kenealy                                           55846
 [Subtitle: In Fair Weather and Foul, 6th ed.]

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Egypt, by Floyd Akers                         55845
 [Author a.k.a. L. Frank Baum]

Military Service and Adventures in the Far East: Vol. 1 of 2,            55844
 by Daniel Henry MacKinnon
 [Subtitle: Including Sketches of the Campaigns Against
  the Afghans in 1839, and the Sikhs in 1845-6]

Snagged and Sunk, by Harry Castlemon                                     55843
 [Subtitle: Adventures of a Canvas Canoe]

The Pennsylvania Journal of Prison Discipline                            55842
 and Philanthropy, April, 1853, by Anonymous

The Catholic World, Vol. 6, October, 1867, to March, 1868, by Various    55841

Seekers in Sicily, by Elizabeth Bisland and Anne Hoyt                    55840
 [Subtitle: Being a Quest for Persephone by Jane and Peripatetica]

The Law's Lumber Room, Second Series, by Francis Watt                    55839

Signers of the Declaration, by Various                                   55838
 [Subtitle: Historic Places Commemorating the Signing
  of the Declaration of Independence]

The Rainbow Bridge, by Frances Margaret Fox and Frank T. Merrill         55837

La reine Victoria intime, par J. H. Aubry                                55836
 [Subtitle: Ouvrage illustré de 60 gravures d'après
  des photographies et des documents inédits]
 [Language: French]

Kaarle ja Sigismund II: Lehti kääntyy, mennessä Louise Stjernström       55835
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Arbeiders, door Alexander L. Kielland                                    55834
 [Subtitle: Roman]
 [Language: Dutch]

Letters That Have Helped Me, by Various                                  55833

Richard Judkins' Wooing, by Thornton Jenkins Hains                       55832 
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Virginia in the Revolution]

The Spider, by Fergus Hume                                               55831

Peggy on the Road, by Virginia Hughes                                    55830
 [Subtitle: Peggy Lane Theater Stories, #4]

History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature, Vol. 1 of 2,               55829
 by Friedrich Bouterwek

Confession, by Maxim Gorky                                               55828
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Who was Lost and is Found, by Margaret Oliphant                          55827

Peggy Goes Straw Hat, by Virginia Hughes                                 55826
 [Subtitle: Peggy Lane Theater Stories, #3]
 [Illustrator: Sergio Leone]

A Hardy Norseman, by Edna Lyall                                          55825
 [Author a.k.a. Ada Ellen Bayly]

>From Dan to Beersheba, by John P. Newman                                 55824
 [Subtitle: A Description of the Wonderful Land with Maps
  and Engravings and a Prologue by the Author Containing
  the Latest Explorations and Discoveries]

Satuja ja tarinoita III, mennessä H. C. Andersen                         55823
 [Language: Finnish]

Argonauts of the Western Pacific, by Bronislaw Malinowski                55822
 [Subtitle: An Account of Native Enterprise and Adventure
  in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea]

>From the Angle of Seventeen, by Eden Phillpotts                          55821

Jongens van Oudt-Holland, door C. Joh. Kieviet                           55820
 [Illustrator: Joh. Braakensiek]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Story of Lutheran Missions, by Elsie Singmaster                      55819

The Complete Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries       55818
 Concerning the Sabbath and First Day, by John Nevins Andrews

Automata Old and New, by Conrad William Cooke                            55817

The Bird in the Box, by Mary Mears                                       55816

Peggy Plays Off-Broadway, by Virginia Hughes                             55815
 [Subtitle: Peggy Lane Theater Stories, #2]
 [Illustrator: Sergio Leone]

The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard, and Her Dog,                 55814
 by Sarah Catherine Martin
 [Subtitle: In which is shewn the wonderful powers that good old lady
  possessed in the education of her favourite animal]

Autobiography of a Female Slave, by Martha Griffith Browne               55813

Cuentos de navidad y reyes; cuentos de la patria;                        55812
 cuentos antiguos, por Emilia Pardo Bazán
 [Language: Spanish]

Aarteen etsijät, mennessä James Oliver Curwood                           55811
 [Language: Finnish]

Kaarle ja Sigismund I: Protestanttiko vai katolinen?,                    55810
 mennessä Louise Stjernström
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Squirrel Hunters of Ohio, by N. E. Jones                             55809
 [Subtitle: or Glimpses of Pioneer Life]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              55808
 No. 734, January 19, 1878, by Various

Verses, by Edith Wharton                                                 55807

Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz, by Ruth Plumly Thompson                55806
 and L. Frank Baum
 [Illustrator: John R. Neil]

Travels in a Tree-top, by Charles Conrad Abbott                          55805

Recollections of a Peninsula Veteran, by Joseph Anderson                 55804

Mitä Katy teki, by Susan Coolidge                                        55803
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]

Out of the East, by Lafcadio Hearn                                       55802
 [Subtitle: Reveries and Studies in New Japan]

Teen-age Super Science Stories, by Richard M. Elam                       55801
 [Illustrator: Frank E. Vaughn]

Mosaic of New Mexico's Scenery, Rocks, and History, by Various           55800

Lassen Trails, by Stephen Halsey Matteson                                55799
 [Illustrator: Dorothy M. Matteson]

False Evidence, by E. Phillips Oppenheim                                 55798

Memorial de Ayres, by Machado de Assis                                   55797
 [Language: Portuguese]

Historia de Gil Blas de Santillana, Vol. 3 de 3, by Alain-René Lesage    55796
 [Subtitle: Novela]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Sealed Message, by Fergus Hume                                       55795

Zeven kleine Australiërs, by Ethel Turner                                55794
 [Illustrator: A. J. Johnson]
 [Language: Dutch]

Tube, Train, Tram, and Car, by Arthur H. Beavan                          55793
 [Subtitle: or Up-to-date locomotion]

Greeks & Barbarians, by James Alexander Kerr Thomson                     55792

Grundzüge der Perspektive nebst Anwendungen, by Karl Doehlemann          55791
 [Language: German]

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 2. No. 13, October, 1920, by Various     55790
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

Catalogue of Publications in Belles Lettres, by Various                  55789
 [Subtitle: Published by John Lane at The Bodley Head, 1895]

Kaarlo Bergbomin kirjoitukset I, by Kaarlo Bergbom                       55788
 [Subtitle: Näytelmät ja kertomukset]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Telephone, by Alexander Graham Bell                                  55787
 [Subtitle: A lecture entitled Researches in Electric Telephony]

World Stories Retold for Modern Boys and Girls, by William James Sly     55786
 [Subtitle: One Hundred and Eighty-seven Five-minute Classic
  Stories for Retelling in Home, Sunday School, Children's
  Services, Public School Grades and "The Story-hour"
  in Public Libraries]

The Ethics of Diet, by Howard Williams                                   55785
 [Subtitle: A Catena of Authorities Deprecatory
  of the Practice of Flesh Eating]

Two Strangers, by Margaret Oliphant                                      55784

Tracked by a Tattoo, by Fergus Hume                                      55783
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

The Turnpike House, by Fergus Hume                                       55782

Willem Adriaan Van Der Stel, by George McCall Theal                      55781
 [Subtitle: And Other Historical Sketches]

The Strife of the Sea, by T. Jenkins Hains                               55780

To Herat and Cabul, by G. A. Henty                                       55779
 [Subtitle: A Story of The First Afghan War]
 [Illustrator: Charles M. Sheldon]

Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence          55778
 in South America, Vol. 3 of 3, by William Bennet Stevenson
 [Subtitle: Containing travels in Arauco, Chile, Peru, and
  Colombia with an account of the revolution, its rise,
  progress, and results]

Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence          55777
 in South America, Vol. 2 of 3, by William Bennet Stevenson
 [Subtitle: Containing travels in Arauco, Chile, Peru, and
  Colombia with an account of the revolution, its rise,
  progress, and results]

History of the Royal Sappers and Miners, Vol. 1 of 2,                    55776
 by T. W. J. Connolly
 [Subtitle: From the Formation of the Corps in March 1712
  to the date when its designation was changed to that of
  Royal Engineers]

Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence          55775
 in South America, Vol. 1 of 3, by William Bennet Stevenson
 [Subtitle: Containing travels in Arauco, Chile, Peru, and
  Colombia with an account of the revolution, its rise,
  progress, and results]

The Law of Storms, by John Ross                                          55774
 [Subtitle: The various phenomena by which their approach
  can be ascertained with certainty, and practical directions
  to mariners for the avoidance of their fury, compiled from
  various sources]

My Fifteen Lost Years, by Florence Elizabeth Maybrick                    55773
 [Subtitle: Mrs. Maybrick's Own Story]

The Peddler Spy, by W. J. Hamilton                                       55772
 [Subtitle: or, Dutchmen and Yankees]

A History of Spanish Literature, by James Fitzmaurice-Kelly              55771

Semmering 1912, by Peter Altenberg                                       55770
 [Language: German]

Robert Greene, by Robert Greene                                          55769
 [Subtitle: Six Plays]

The Guardsman, by Homer Greene                                           55768

The Boy Fortune Hunters in China, by L. Frank Baum                       55767

Vingt-cinq poèmes, by Tristan Tzara                                      55766
 [Illustrator: Hans Arp]
 [Language: French]

The Faery Queen and Her Knights, by Alfred John Church                   55765
 [Subtitle: Stories Retold from Edmund Spenser]

Dave Porter's Great Search, by Edward Stratemeyer                        55764
 [Subtitle: The Perils of a Young Civil Engineer]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

The Boy Fortune Hunters in the South Seas, by L. Frank Baum              55763

Outpost in the Wilderness: Fort Wayne, 1706-1828, by Charles Poinsatte   55762

The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, by Rudolph Steiner                 55761
 [Subtitle: A Modern Philosophy of Life
  Developed by Scientific Methods]

Ambrose Lavendale, Diplomat, by E. Phillips Oppenheim                    55760

A Colored Man Round the World, by David F. Dorr                          55759

The Boys' and Girls' Herodotus, by John S. White                         55758
 [Subtitle: Being Parts of the History of Herodotus
  Edited for Boys and Girls]

The Art of Paper-Making, by Alexander Watt                               55757
 [Subtitle: A Practical Handbook of the Manufacture of Paper
  from Rags, Esparto, Straw, and Other Fibrous Materials,
  Including the Manufacture of Pulp from Wood Fibre]

Prins Alphabet, by Piet Valkenstein                                      55756
 [Language: Dutch]

Eerik XIV ja Juhana III: II. Pimeys, by Louise Stjernström               55755
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The O. S. U. Naturalist, by Various                                      55754
 [Subtitle: (Vol. 1, No. 1)]

The Review (Vol. 1, No. 10), October, 1911, by Various                   55753

Dom Casmurro, by Machado de Assis                                        55752
 [Language: Portuguese]

Lucy Larcom: Life, Letters, and Diary, by Daniel Dulany Addison          55751

Ground Tumbling, by Henry Walter Worth                                   55750

The Raven and The Philosophy of Composition, by Edgar Allan Poe          55749
 [Illustrator: Galen J. Perrett]

The Red Bicycle, by Fergus Hume                                          55748

Eerik XIV ja Juhana III: I. Veljesviha, by Louise Stjernström            55747
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Exclusives Vol. 3 of 3, by Charlotte Campbell Bury                   55746

The Exclusives Vol. 2 of 3, by Charlotte Campbell Bury                   55745

The Exclusives, Vol 1 of 3, by Charlotte Campbell Bury                   55744

How to Succeed in The Christian Life, by Reuben Archer Torrey            55743

Tales of My Native Town, by Gabriele D'Annunzio                          55742

Kaarlo Bergbom, by Jalmari Finne                                         55741
 [Subtitle: Henkilökuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Dürer, by Hermann Knackfuß                                               55740
 [Language: German]

Artificial Limbs, by Auguste Broca and Charles Ducroquet                 55739

Genetic Effects of Radiation, by Isaac Asimov and Theodosius Dobzhansky  55738

Queen Zixi of Ix, by L. Frank Baum                                       55737
 [Subtitle: Or, the Story of the Magic Cloak]

The Catholic World, Volume 7, by Various                                 55736

Perfumes and their Preparation, by George William Askinson               55735
 [Subtitle: Containing complete directions for making
  handkerchief perfumes, smelling-salts, sachets,
  fumigating pastils;...]

Miss Beecher's Housekeeper and Healthkeeper, by Catharine E. Beecher     55734
 [Subtitle: Containing Five Hundred Receipes for Economical
  and Healthful Cooking; also, Many Directions for Securing
  Health and Happiness]

Feu de joie, by Louis Aragon                                             55733
 [Language: French]

Palace and Hovel, by Daniel Joseph Kirwan                                55732 
 [Subtitle: Phases of London Life]

The Philosophy of Fine Art, Volume 4 of 4, by G. W. F. Hegel             55731
 [Subtitle: Hegel's Aesthetik]

Joe Wayring at Home, by Harry Castlemon                                  55730
 [Subtitle: or The Adventures of a Fly-Rod]

Bananas, by Edward Wilkin Perry                                          55729
 [Subtitle: Nature's Institution for the Promotion of Laziness]

Hellenism in Asia Minor, by Karl Dieterich                               55728

The Early Oxford Press, by Falconer Madan                                55727
 [Subtitle: A Bibliography of Printing and Publishing at
  Oxford '1468'-1640 With Notes, Appendixes and Illustrations]

The Blue Duchess, by Paul Bourget                                        55726

The Train Boy, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                                     55725

The Law's Lumber Room, by Francis Watt                                   55724

The Chief Mate's Yarns, by Mayn Clew Garnett                             55723
 [Subtitle: Twelve Tales of the Sea]

Woman and Her Wits, by G. F. Monkshood                                   55722
 [Subtitle: Epigrams on Woman, Love, and Beauty]

Under Rocking Skies, by L. Frank Tooker                                  55721

The Wolf Hunters, by Robert M. Peck                                      55720
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Buffalo Plains]

The Social Secretary, by David Graham Phillips                           55719
 [Illustrators: Clarence F. Underwood and Ralph Fletcher Seymour]

Land of Enchantment: From Pike's Peak to the Pacific, by Lilian Whiting  55718

In the Days of Queen Mary, by Edward Ebenezer Crake                      55717
 [Illustrator: Walter Sydney Stacy]

The Poetical Works of David Gray                                         55716
 [Subtitle: A New and Enlarged Edition]

Those Smith Boys on the Diamond, by Howard R. Garis                      55715
 [Subtitle: Nip and Tuck for Victory]

Stevenson at Manasquan, by Charlotte Eaton                               55714
 [Illustrator: George Steele Seymour]

Seeing America First, by Eleanor Colby                                   55713
 [Subtitle: With the Berry Brothers]
 [Illustrator: F. W. Pfeiffer]

Egy az Isten, 2. rész, by Mór Jókai                                      55712
 [Language: Hungarian]

Egy az Isten, 1. rész, by Mór Jókai                                      55711
 [Language: Hungarian]

Suppressed Plates, Wood-engravings, &c., by George Somes Layard          55710
 [Subtitle: Together with other Curiosities Germane Thereto]

The Crimson Azaleas, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                          55709

Death the Knight and the Lady, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                55708
 [Subtitle: A Ghost Story]

John Brown the Hero, by J. W. Winkley                                    55707
 [Subtitle: Personal Reminiscences]

My Lady Clancarty, by Mary Imlay Taylor                                  55706
 [Subtitle: Being the True Story of the Earl of Clancarty
  and Lady Elizabeth Spencer]
 [Illustrator: Alice Barber Stephens]

Canoe and Camp Cookery, by  H. H. Soulé                                  55705
 [Author a.k.a. "Seneca"]
 [Subtitle: A Practical Cook Book for Canoeists,
  Corinthian Sailors and Outers]

Wilderness Babies, by Julia Augusta Schwartz                             55704
 [Illustrator: John Huybers]

In Our Convent Days, by Agnes Repplier                                   55703

Day by Day With The Russian Army 1914-15, by Bernard Pares               55702

Under Many Flags, by Katharine Scherer Cronk and Elsie Singmaster        55701

Nouvel atlas de poche des champignons Comestibles et Vénéneux            55700
 les plus répandus. - tome 2, by Paul Dumée
 [Illustrator: A Bessin]
 [Language: French]

Allgemeiner deutscher Bier-Comment, by Various                           55699
 [Language: German]

Kuopion takana, by Gustaf von Numers                                     55698
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Luonnon lapsia, by Maiju Lassila                                         55697
 [Subtitle: 4-näytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Rose of the World, by Agnes Castle & Egerton Castle                      55696

Pioneer Saturn Encounter, by National Aeronautics                        55695
 and Space Administration

Flash Evans, Camera News Hawk, by Frank Bell                             55694

Flash Evans and the Darkroom Mystery, by Frank Bell                      55693

The Surgery of Ritual Circumcision, by Jacob Snowman                     55692

A Complete Classified List of Books, Pamphlets, Etc.,                    55691
 Published Exclusively by The Open Court Publishing Co.

William Hamilton Gibson, by John Coleman Adams                           55690
 [Subtitle: artist--naturalist--author]

The Clock Struck One, by Fergus Hume                                     55689

The Gallery of Portraits, with Memoirs, Volume 4 of 7, by Anonymous      55688

The Initiates of the Flame, by Manly Palmer Hall                         55687

The Review, Vol. 1, No. 3, March, 1911, by Various                       55686

The Post Office and its Story, by Edward Bennett                         55685

Firebrands, by Frank E. Martin and George M. Davis                       55684

Go-Ahead, by Harry Castlemon                                             55683
 [Subtitle: Or, The Fisher-Boy's Motto]

Quncas Borba, by Machado de Assis                                        55682
 [Language: Portuguese]

Gleanings in Buddha-Fields, by Lafcadio Hearn                            55681
 [Subtitle: Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East]

Transmission; or, Variation of Character Through                         55680
 the Mother, by Georgiana Bruce Kirby

Presiding Ladies of the White House, by Lila Graham Alliger Woolfall     55679
 [Subtitle: containing biographical appreciations together
  with a short history of the Executive mansion and a
  treatise on its etiquette and customs]

Mrs. Radigan, by Nelson Lloyd                                            55678
 [Subtitle: Her Biography, with that of Miss Pearl Veal,
  and the Memoirs of J. Madison Mudison]

Hottentotit, by Jalmari Kara                                             55677
 [Subtitle: Koulumuistelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Told by Uncle Remus, by Joel Chandler Harris                             55676
 [Subtitle: New Stories of the Old Plantation]
 [Illustrators: A. B. Frost, J. M. Conde and Frank Uerbeck]

Vildhjärnor, by Sigge Strömberg                                          55675
 [Subtitle: Amerikahistorier]
 [Language: Swedish]

The Sacred Books of the East, Volume 6 of 14, by Various                 55674
 [Subtitle: Medieval Arabic, Moorish, and Turkish]

List of Post Offices in Canada 1872, by Postmaster General of Canada     55673

Men I'm Not Married To, by Dorothy Parker                                55672

Women I'm Not Married To, by Franklin Pierce Adams                       55671

Men I'm Not Married To, by Dorothy Parker and Franklin Pierce Adams      55670
 [Subtitle: with Women I'm Not Married To]

The Brighton Boys at St. Mihiel, by Lieutenant James R. Driscoll         55669

Twenty Years' Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate,               55668
 by Frank Thorpe Porter

Szerelem bolondjai, by Mór Jókai                                         55667
 [Language: Hungarian]

The German Spy in America, by John Price Jones                           55666
 [Subtitle: The Secret Plotting of German Spies in the United
  States and the Inside Story of the Sinking of the Lusitania]

Clergymen of the Church of England, by Anthony Trollope                  55665

Sudenpyytäjät, by James Oliver Curwood                                   55664
 [Language: Finnish]

The Sauciest Boy in the Service, by W. Gordon-Stables                    55663
 [Subtitle: A Story of Pluck and Perseverance]
 [Illustrator: Henry Austin]

Koning Jan, by William Shakespeare                                       55662
 [Language: Dutch]

Petsamon rata, by Jalmari Kara                                           55661
 [Subtitle: Isänmaallinen unelma]
 [Language: Finnish]

Cassell's Natural History, Vol. 1 of 6, by Peter Martin Duncan,          55660
 James Murie and William Sweetland Dallas

Voyages imaginaires, songes, visions et romans cabalistiques,            55659
 Tome 35, by Hamilton and Cazotte and Murat
 [Language: French]

The Horse In History, by Basil Tozer                                     55658

Pieter Maritz, der Buernsohn von Transvaal, by August Niemann            55657
 [Language: German]

Unikko ja ohdake, by Jalmari Kara                                        55656
 [Language: Finnish]

Lapsikuningas ja hänen soturinsa, by Jalmari Finne                       55655
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen seikkailuromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Deep Sea's Toll, by James B. Connolly                                55654

Kokemusten koulu, by Aleksander Lindqvist                                55653
 [Subtitle: Huvittava kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Sep 2017 to 30 Sep 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

A Colonial Reformer, Vol. 2 of 3, by Rolf Boldrewood                     55652
 [Author a.k.a. Thomas Alexander Browne]

The Rogerenes: some hitherto unpublished annals belonging                55651
 to the colonial history of Connecticut, by John Rogers
 Bolles and Anna Bolles Williams

Stray Leaves from Strange Literature - Fantastics                        55650
 and other Fancies, by Lafcadio Hearn

Matkustus Suomessa, by Zacharias Topelius                                55649
 [Language: Finnish]

Lord Palmerston, by Anthony Trollope                                     55648

Fekete gyémántok, by Mór Jókai                                           55647
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Family at Gilje, by Jonas Lie                                        55646
 [Subtitle: A Domestic Story of the Forties]

The Valley of Gold, by David Howarth                                     55645
 [Illustrator: H. Weston Taylor]

Pedestrianism; or, An Account of the Performances                        55644
 of Celebrated Pedestrians during the Last and
 Present Century, by Walter Thom
 [Subtitle: With a full narrative of Captain Barclay's
  public and private matches; and an essay on training]

The English Peasantry and the Enclosure of Common Fields,                55643
 by Gilbert Slater

The Sacred Herb, by Fergus Hume                                          55642

Kustaa Vaasa ja hänen aikalaisensa II: Aurinko laskee,                   55641
 by Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Atlas de poche des mammifères de la France, de la Suisse                 55640
 romane et de la Belgique avec leur description, moeurs
 et organisation, by René Martin
 [Language: French]

Daphnis et Chloé, by Longus                                              55639
 [Subtitle: Les pastorales de Longus]

Les Peintres Cubistes, by Guillaume Apollinaire                          55638
 [Subtitle: Méditations Esthétiques]
 [Language: French]

Les aventures de Télémaque, by Louis Aragon                              55637
 [Language: French]

Goose-Quill Papers, by Louise Imogen Guiney                              55635 

Tutti Frutti, Erster Band, von 5, by Hermann von Pückler-Muskau          55634
 [Subtitle: Aus den Papieren des Verstorbenen]
 [Language: German]

Eine Reise nach Freiland, by Theodor Hertzka                             55633
 [Language: German]

Vadon virágai, by Mór Jókai                                              55632
 [Language: Hungarian]

History of Chemistry, Volume 2 of 2, by Edward Thorpe                    55631

History of Chemistry, Volume 1 of 2, by Edward Thorpe                    55630

Historical record of the Sixth, by Richard Cannon                        55629
 [Subtitle: or Royal First Warwickshire Regiment
  of Foot: from its Formation in 1674 to 1838]

Dealings with the Inquisition, by Giacinto Achilli                       55628
 [Subtitle: Or, Papal Rome, Her Priests, and Her Jesuits]

Emmeline, by Elsie Singmaster                                            55627
 [Illustrator: B. J. Rosenmayer]

Science in Short Chapters, by W. Mattieu Williams                        55626

Webster & Tourneur, by John Webster and Cyril Tourneur                   55625
 [Subtitle: The White Devil, The Duchess of Malfi,
  The Atheist's Tragedy, The Revenger's Tragedy]

The Young Train Dispatcher, by Burton E. Stevenson                       55624
 [Subtitle: The Boy's Story of the Railroad Series]
 [Illustrator: A. P. Button]

The Philosophy of Fine Art, Volume 3 of 4, by G. W. F. Hegel             55623
 [Subtitle: Hegel's Aesthetik]

Red Wagon Stories, by Wells Hawks                                        55622
 [Subtitle: or Tales Told Under the Tent]

Humors Looking Glasse, by Samuel Rowlands                                55621

Histories of two hundred and fifty-one divisions of the German army      55620
 which participated in the war (1914-1918), by United States Army

The Theory of Environment, by Armin Hajman Koller                        55619
 [Subtitle: An outline of the history of the idea
  of Milieu, and its present status]

The Key to Theosophy, by H. P. Blavatsky                                 55618
 [Subtitle: Being A Clear Exposition, In The Form Of Question
  And Answer Of The Ethics, Science And Philosophy]

Monsieur Judas, by Fergus Hume                                           55617
 [Subtitle: A Paradox]

Prosa Dispersa, by Rubén Darío                                           55616
 [Subtitle: Obras Completas Vol. 20]
 [Language: Spanish]

Murtoviivoja, by L. Onerva                                               55615
 [Subtitle: Novelleja]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated, by John Collingwood Bruce                55614

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 8, August, 1881, by Various      55613

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 7, July, 1881, by Various        55612

Karma, by Algernon Blackwood and Violet Pearn                            55611
 [Subtitle: A Re-incarnation Play]

Why Men Fight, by Bertrand Russell                                       55610
 [Subtitle: A method of abolishing the international duel]

The Squirrel's Pilgrim's Progress, by J. D. Williams                     55609
 [Subtitle: A Book for Boys and Girls Setting Forth the
  Adventures of Tiny Red Squirrel and Chatty Chipmunk]
 [Illustrator: H. Wood]

The War in the East, by Trumbull White                                   55608
 [Subtitle: Japan, China, and Corea]

Bálványos-vár, by Mór Jókai                                              55607
 [Subtitle: Történeti regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Mandarin's Fan, by Fergus Hume                                       55606

Histoire du chien de Brisquet / The Story of Brisquet's Dog,             55605
 by Charles Nodier
 [Language: French]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 52, June 26, 1841, by Various        55604

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 51, June 19, 1841, by Various        55603

Curiosities of Ale & Beer: An Entertaining History, by John Bickerdyke   55602
 [Subtitle: Illustrated with over Fifty Quaint Cuts]

Lovers' Saint Ruth's, by Louise Imogen Guiney                            55601
 [Subtitle: and Three Other Tales]

Kustaa Vaasa ja hänen aikalaisensa I: Ruotsin vapauttaja,                55600
 by Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Uhkapeli, by Jalmari Kara                                                55599
 [Subtitle: Arnold Bromanin papereista]
 [Language: Finnish]

Shifting For Himself, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                              55598
 [Subtitle: or Gilbert Greyson's Fortunes]

Sam Steele's Adventures on Land and Sea, by Capt. Hugh Fitzgerald        55597
 [Illustrator: Howard Heath]

Life of Robert Stevenson, by David Stevenson                             55596

A Catalogue of Books Published by Methuen and Company, November 1907     55595

My Opinions and Betsey Bobbet's, by Marietta Holley                      55594
 [Subtitle: Designed as a Beacon of Light to Guide Women
  to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, But Which
  May Be Read by Members of the Sterner Sect without
  Injury to Themselves or the Book]
 [Illustrator: J. C. Beard]

Travels in Peru and India, by Clements Robert Markham                    55593
 [Subtitle: While Superintending the Collection of
  Chinchona Plants and Seeds in South America, and
  Their Introduction into India]

Good Stories For Great Birthdays, by Francis Jenkins Olcott              55592
 [Subtitle: Arranged For Story-Telling And Reading Aloud
  And For The Children's Own Reading]

Old Fashioned Flowers, by Maurice Maeterlinck                            55591
 [Subtitle: and other out-of-door studies]

Jim Mortimer, by Warren Bell                                             55590
 [Illustrator: Gordon Browne]

History of Spanish Literature, Volume 2 of 3, by George Ticknor          55589

Erdélyi képek, by Mór Jókai                                              55588
 [Language: Hungarian]

A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights                    55587
 Entertainments, Now Entituled the Book of the Thousand
 Nights and a Night Volume 9 of 17, by Sir Richard Francis Burton

The Education of Children, by Rudolf Steiner                             55586
 [Subtitle: From the standpoint of theosophy]

Manual of Style governing Composition and Proof Reading                  55585
 in the Government Printing Office, by United States
 Government Printing Office

Manufacture of Chocolate and other Cacao Preparations, by Paul Zipperer  55584

The Life Story of a Black Bear, by Harry Perry Robinson                  55583

The Orloff Couple and Malva, by Maxim Gorky                              55582

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International                55581
 Military Tribunal, Vol. VII, by Various
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946]

Das wandernde Licht, by Ernst von Wildenbruch                            55580
 [Language: German]

Sten Sture nuorempi ja Kristiina Gyllenstjerna II: Tuomio,               55579
 by Louise Stjernström
 [Language: Finnish]

Der letzte Sommer, by Ricarda Huch                                       55578
 [Subtitle: Eine Erzählung in Briefen]
 [Language: German]

Tales of Two Countries, by Maxim Gorky                                   55577

Cover: Mogg's Cab Fare Distance Map and London Guide, by W. Mogg         55576
 [Subtitle: Index to the Streets, Squares, and Cab Stands]

The Historical Christ, by Fred. C. Conybeare                             55575
 [Subtitle: Or, An investigation of the views
  of Mr. J. M. Robertson, Dr. A. Drews,
  and Prof. W. B. Smith]

Raporto pri la oka kongreso de esperantistoj, by Ned Katryn              55574
 [Language: Esperanto]

Runoja, by L. Onerva                                                     55573
 [Language: Finnish]

Uuden pirtin hyppijäiset, by Gustaf von Numers                           55572
 [Subtitle: Yksinäytöksinen kansannäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Whom God Hath Joined, by Fergus Hume                                     55571
 [Subtitle: A Question of Marriage]

Postal Riders and Raiders, by W. H. Gantz                                55570

Calligrammes, by Guillaume Apollinaire                                   55569
 [Subtitle: Poèmes de la paix et de la guerre (1913-1916)]
 [Language: French]

The Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy 1919                   55568
 (New Series, No. 58), by Anonymous

Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy, January, 1863,            55567
 by Anonymous

I Go A-Marketing, by Henrietta Sowle                                     55566

Das Weiberdorf, by Clara Viebig                                          55565
 [Illustrator: Max Liebermann]
 [Language: German]

Lustra of Ezra Pound, by Ezra Pound                                      55564

El amigo Manso, by Benito Pérez Galdós                                   55563
 [Language: Spanish]

Frank Reade, Jr.'s Search for the Silver Whale, by Luis Senarens         55562
 [Subtitle: Under the Ocean in the Electric "Dolphin"]

Fort Ticonderoga, by S. H. P. Pell                                       55561
 [Subtitle: A Short History]

The Mercer Boys' Mystery Case, by Albert Capwell Wyckoff                 55560

Von Wundern und Tieren, by Wilhelm Bölsche                               55559
 [Subtitle: Neue naturwissenschaftliche Plaudereien]
 [Language: German]

The Boarding School, by Hannah Webster Foster                            55558
 [Subtitle: Lessons of a Preceptress to Her Pupils: Consisting of
  Information, Instruction and Advice, Calculated to Improve the
  Manners and Form the Character of Young Ladies. To Which Is
  Added, a Collection of Letters, Written by the Pupils to Their
  Instructress, Their Friends, and Each Other.]

Ready About, by Oliver Optic                                             55557
 [Subtitle: or, Sailing the Boat]

The Transient Lake, by Luis Senarens                                     55556

The Golden Rule Cook Book, by Maud Russell Lorraine Sharpe               55555
 [Subtitle: Six hundred recipes for meatless dishes]

Le rêve et la vie, by Gérard de Nerval                                   55554
 [Subtitle: Les filles du feu - La bohème galante]
 [Language: French]

The Last Frontier, by Edward Alexander Powell                            55553
 [Subtitle: The White Man's War for Civilisation in Africa]

Sten Sture nuorempi ja Kristiina Gyllenstjerna I:                        55552
 Ruotsin Valkyria, by Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Subtitle: Historiallis-romanttinen kuvaus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 6, June, 1881, by Various        55551

A Valiant Ignorance, Vol. 3 of 3, by Mary Angela Dickens                 55550
 [Subtitle: A Novel in Three Volumes]

My Memory of Gladstone, by Goldwin Smith                                 55549

Fifty Years of Freedom, by Francis J. Grimke                             55548
 [Subtitle: with matters of vital importance to both
  the white and colored people of the United States]

Die Christliche Taufe, by J. Seefried                                    55547
 [Subtitle: im Lichte der hl. Schrift und der Geschichte
  von der Zeit ihrer Entstehung bis auf die Gegenwart]
 [Language: German]

The Progress of the Century, by Various                                  55546

Le invasioni barbariche in Italia, by Pasquale Villari                   55545
 [Language: Italian]

Tuukan poika, by Gustaf von Numers                                       55544
 [Subtitle: Jatkoa näytelmään "Tuukan tappelu" 3 sivuinen tarina]
 [Language: Finnish]

Eeva Aarnio, by Immi Hellén                                              55543
 [Subtitle: Kertomus nuorille]
 [Language: Finnish]

Den äkta gentlemannen, by J. G. Wenzel                                   55542
 [Subtitle: eller grundsatser och reglor för god ton och sannt
  lefnadsvett i umgängeslifvets särskilda förhållanden]
 [Language: Swedish]

A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure                 55541
 of Dry Rot in Timber, by Thomas Allen Britton
 [Subtitle: With remarks on the means of preserving wood
  from destruction by sea worms, beetles, ants, etc.]

The North-West Amazons, by Thomas Whiffen                                55540
 [Subtitle: Notes of some months spent among cannibal tribes]

Korean Tales, by Horace Newton Allen                                     55539
 [Subtitle: Being a collection of stories 
  translated from the Korean folk lore]

A Cruising Voyage Around the World, by Woodes Rogers                     55538

Jack Howlandin seikkailut, by James Oliver Curwood                       55537
 [Language: Finnish]

Historical Record of the Sixth, or Inniskilling Regiment                 55536
 of Dragoons, by Richard Cannon
 [Subtitle: Containing an Account of the Formation of the
  Regiment in 1689, and of Its Subsequent Services to 1846]

Mightier than the Sword, by Alphonse Courlander                          55535

The Aeroplane Express, by Ashton Lamar                                   55534
 [Subtitle: or, The Boy Aeronaut's Grit]
 [Illustrator: S. H. Riesenberg]

Le flâneur des deux rives, by Guillaume Apollinaire                      55533
 [Language: French]

The Story of Viteau, by Frank Richard Stockton                           55532

Common Sense Applied to Religion, by Catharine E. Beecher                55531
 [Subtitle: The Bible and the People]

Erämaan tytär, by James Oliver Curwood                                   55530
 [Language: Finnish]

Bothwell, Volume 3 of 3, by James Grant                                  55529
 [Subtitle: or, The Days of Mary Queen of Scots]

Bothwell, Volume 2 of 3, by James Grant                                  55528
 [Subtitle: or, The Days of Mary Queen of Scots]

Bothwell, Volume 1 of 3, by James Grant                                  55527
 [Subtitle: or, The Days of Mary Queen of Scots]

The Law of the Bolo, by Stanley Portal Hyatt                             55526

Trains at Work, by Mary Elting Folsom and David Lyle Millard             55525

Ysaïl, by Henning Berger                                                 55524
 [Subtitle: En berättelse från Chicago]
 [Language: Swedish]

Under Greek Skies, by Julia D. Dragoumis                                 55523

Leven en streven van L. R. Koolemans Beynen, by Charles Boissevain       55522
 [Language: Dutch]

Albrecht Dürer, by Armin Stein                                           55521
 [Subtitle: Een levensbeeld]
 [Language: Dutch]

Tuukkalan tappelu, by Gustaf von Numers                                  55520
 [Subtitle: Kaksi-osainen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Afghan War of 1879-80, by Howard Hensman                             55519
 [Subtitle: Being a Complete Narrative of the Capture of Cabul,
  the Siege of Sherpur, the Battle of Ahmed Khel, the Brilliant
  March to Candahar, and the Defeat of Ayub Khan, with the
  Operations on the Helmund, and the Settlement with Abdur
  Rahman Khan]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 50, June 12, 1841, by Various        55518

Correspondance, by Émile Zola                                            55517
 [Subtitle: Lettres de jeunesse]
 [Language: French]

Buuritytön tarina, by Henry Rider Haggard                                55516
 [Language: Finnish]

Terve mies, by Jalmari Finne                                             55515
 [Language: Finnish]

Cuentos de amor, by Emilia Pardo Bazán                                   55514
 [Language: Spanish]

Sea Scouts All, by Percy F. Westerman                                    55513
 [Subtitle: How the 'Olivette' was won]
 [Illustrator: Charles Pears]

Oxford Water-Colors, by John Fulleylove                                  55512

The Silver Bullet, by Fergus Hume                                        55511

Lady Jim of Curzon Street, by Fergus Hume                                55510
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Miller's Mind Training for Children, Book 3 of 3, by William Emer Miller 55509
 [Subtitle: A Practical Training for Successful Living;
  Educational Games That Train the Senses]

Miller's Mind Training for Children, Book 2 of 3, by William Emer Miller 55508
 [Subtitle: A Practical Training for Successful Living;
  Educational Games That Train the Senses]

The Story of Justin Martyr and Other Poems, by Richard Chenevix Trench   55507

The Water-Finders, by Unknown                                            55506

NEQUA or The Problem of the Ages, by Alcanoan O. Grigsby                 55505
 and Mary P. Lowe

The Tower of London, by Arthur Poyser                                    55504
 [Illustrator: John Fulleylove]

Horrors and Atrocities of the Great War, by Logan Marshall,              55503
 Gilbert Parker, Vance Thompson and Philip Gibbs
 [Subtitle: Including the Tragic Destruction of the Lusitania]

In the World, by Maxim Gorky                                             55502

Éducation et sociologie, by Émile Durkheim                               55501
  [Language: French]

Twenty Drawings, by Kahlil Gibran                                        55500

Our Intellectual Strength and Weakness, by John George Bourinot          55499
 [Subtitle: A Short Historical and Critical Review
  of Literature, Art and Education in Canada]

Homer Martin, by Elizabeth Gilbert Martin                                55498
 [Subtitle: A Reminiscence]

The Historians' History of the World in Twenty-Five Volumes,             55497
 Volume 4, by Various
 [Subtitle: Greece to the Roman Conquest]

A Household Book of English Poetry, by Various                           55496
 [Subtitle: Selected and Arranged with Notes]

Seikkailuja saloilla ja vesillä, by Alfred Emil Ingman                   55495
 [Language: Finnish]

John Chambers, by William Elliot Griffis                                 55494
 [Subtitle: Servant of Christ and Master of Hearts
  and His Ministry in Philadelphia]

The British Jugernath, by Guildford L. Molesworth                        55493
 [Subtitle: Free trade! Fair trade!! Reciprocity!!! Retaliation!!!!]

Behind the Footlights, by Mrs. Ethel Alec-Tweedie                        55492

Representative British Orations with Introductions and Explanatory       55491
 Notes, Volume 3 of 4, by Charles Kendall Adams

Representative British Orations with Introductions and Explanatory       55490
 Notes, Volume 2 of 4, by Charles Kendall Adams

Representative British Orations with Introductions and Explanatory       55489
 Notes, Volume 1 of 4, by Charles Kendall Adams

Zijn Excellentie Eugène Rougon, by Emile Zola                            55488
 [Language: Dutch]

Sämmtliche Werke 5: Dramatische Werke, by Nikolaj Gogol                  55487
 [Subtitle: Der Revisor / Eine Heiratsgeschichte /
  Die Spieler / Fragmente]
 [Language: German]

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 5, May, 1881, by Various         55486

Het Granaatappelhuis, door Oscar Wilde                                   55485
 [Illustrator: Johanna Berhardina Midderigh-Bokhorst]
 [Language: Dutch]

Lucian the dreamer, by J. S. Fletcher                                    55484

Condillac: sa vie, sa philosophie, son influence,                        55483
 by Gustave Baguenault de Puchesse
 [Language: French]

Machines at Work, by Mary Elting Folsom                                  55482

Turjanlinnan satukirja, by Ilmari Kianto                                 55481
 [Language: Finnish]

Granada, Poema Oriental, Tomo I, by José Zorrilla                        55480
 [Subtitle: Poema Oriental]
 [Language: Spanish]

Report on the Dominion Government Expedition to Hudson Bay and           55479
 the Arctic Islands on board the D.G.S. Neptune, by A. P. Low

The Game-Birds of the Coasts and Lakes of the Northern                   55478
 States of America, by Robert Barnwell Roosevelt

Wies Ongeluk, by Felicie Jehu                                            55477
 [Illustrator: Cornelia Spoor]
 [Language: Dutch]

Ships at Work, by Mary Elting Folsom                                     55476
 [Illustrator: Manning De V. Lee]

Captain John Smith, by C. H. Forbes-Lindsay                              55475
 [Illustrator: Harry B. Lachman]

Manual of Shoemaking and Leather and Rubber Products,                    55474
 by William H. Dooley

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TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

Kott?, by Lafcadio Hearn                                                 55473
 [Subtitle: Being Japanese Curio's with Sundry Cobwebs]
 [Illustrator: Genjiro Yeto]

Ski-running, by Somerville, by David M. M. Chrichton Somerville,         55472
 Willi Rickmer Rickmers and Ernest Cushing Richardson

The Black Lion Inn, by Alfred Henry Lewis                                55471
 [Illustrator: Frederic Remington]

Slaves Of Freedom, by Coningsby Dawson                                   55470

Suur-isänmaa by Jalmari Kara                                             55469
 [Subtitle: Romaani menneisyydestä,
  nykyisyydestä ja tulevaisuudesta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Storm in a Teacup, by Eden Phillpotts                                    55468

Sir Rowland Hill, by Eleanor C. Smyth                                    55467
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Great Reform]

Die selige Christina von Stommeln, by Arnold Steffens                    55466
 [Language: German]

The Peoples of India, by James Drummond Anderson                         55465

Barbara Winslow, Rebel, by Elizabeth Ellis                               55464
 [Illustrator: John Rae]

Owen Clancy's Run of Luck, by Burt L. Standish                           55463
 [Subtitle: or, The Motor Wizard in the Garage]

Die organische Chemie in ihrer Anwendung auf Physiologie                 55462
 und Pathologie, by Justus, Freiherr von Liebig
 [Language: German]

The Book of the V.C., by A. L. Haydon                                    55461
 [Subtitle: A record of the deeds of heroism for which the
  Victoria Cross has been bestowed, from its institution
  in 1857 to the present time]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 49, June 5, 1841, by Various         55460

The Curse of Kehama, Volume 2 of 2, by Robert Southey                    55459

The Curse of Kehama, Volume 1 of 2, by Robert Southey                    55458

A Creature of the Night, by Fergus Hume                                  55457
 [Subtitle: An Italian Enigma]

Aventures d'Alice au pays des merveilles, by Lewis Carroll               55456
 [Illustrator: John Tenniel]
 [Language: French]

Working North from Patagonia, by Harry Alverson Franck                   55455
 [Subtitle: Being the Narrative of a Journey, Earned on
  the Way, Through Southern and Eastern South America]

Fanny Lambert, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                                55454

A vénülés elhárítása és az élet meghosszabbítása célszeru                55453
 életmóddal és gyógyeszközökkel, by Arnold Loránd
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Essentials of American Constitutional Law, by Francis Newton Thorpe  55452

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 48, May 29, 1841, by Various         55451

Peeps at Royal Palaces of Great Britain, by Beatrice Home                55450

Aune, by Immi Hellén                                                     55449
 [Language: Finnish]

La media noche, by Ramón del Valle-Inclán                                55448
 [Subtitle: visión estelar de un momento de guerra]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Younger American Poets, by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse                  55447

L'Illustration, No. 3739, 31 October 1914, by Various                    55446
 [Language: French]

The Philosophy of Fine Art, Vol. 2 of 4, by G. W. F. Hegel               55445
 [Subtitle: Hegel's Aesthetik]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 10, July 1885,                              55444
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]

Psycho-Analysis and the War Neuroses, by Sándor Ferenczi, Karl           55443
 Abraham, Ernst Simmel, Ernest Jones, and Sigmund Freud

German War Practices, Part 1: Treatment of Civilians, by Various         55442 

Vanina Vanini; Pallianon herttuatar, by Stendhal                         55441
 [Subtitle: Kaksi kertomusta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Estudio descriptivo de los monumentos árabes de Granada,                 55440
 Sevilla y Córdoba, by Rafael Contreras
 [Subtitle: ó sea La Alhambra, el Alcázar
  y la Gran Mezquita de Occidente]
 [Language: Spanish]

Peeps at Heraldry, by Phoebe Allen                                       55439

Olavi Maununpoika Pariisissa, by Yrjö Sakari Yrjö-Koskinen               55438
 [Subtitle: ja Suomalaisten opinkäynti ulkomailla keski-aialla]
 [Language: Finnish]

Historical Record of the Fifth Regiment of Foot,                         55437
 or Northumberland Fusiliers, by Richard Cannon
 [Subtitle: Containing an Account of the Formation of the
  Regiment in 1674; with its Subsequent Services to 1837]

Malva, by Maksim Gorky                                                   55436
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Captain Chub, by Ralph Henry Barbour                                     55435
 [Illustrator: C. M. Relyea]

Early Man in the New World, by Kenneth Macgowan                          55434
 and Joseph A. Hester, Jr. 

The American Missionary, Volume 34, No. 8, August, 1880, by Various      55433

Ameboid movement, by Asa Arthur Schaeffer                                55432

Old Man Savarin Stories, by Edward William Thomson                       55431
 [Subtitle: Tales of Canada and Canadians]
 [Illustrator: Charles W. Jefferys]

Tableau historique et pittoresque de Paris depuis les Gaulois            55430
 jusqu'à nos jours (Volume 2/8), by Jacques-Maximilien
 Benjamin de Saint-Victor
 [Language: French]

Social Life in the Reign of Queen Anne, by John Ashton                   55429
 [Subtitle: Taken from Original Sources]

Steam Engine Familiarly Explained and Illustrated, by Dionysius Lardner  55428
 [Subtitle: With an historical sketch of its invention
  and progressive improvement, etc.]

A Tour Through Old Provence, by Archibald Stevenson Forrest              55427

William Wycherley, Four Plays, by William Wycherley                      55426
 [Subtitle: Love in a Wood; The Country-wife; The
  Gentleman Dancing-Master; The Plain Dealer]

War and the Arme Blanche, by Erskine Childers                            55425

Francis Parkman, by Little, Brown, and Company                           55424

Le Coq D'Or (The Golden Cock), by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov                55423
 [Subtitle: An Opera in Three Acts]

Kuningatar Hanhenjalan ravintola, by Anatole France                      55422
 [Language: Finnish]

Secrets of the Bosphorus, by Henry Morgenthau                            55421

For the Defence, by Fergus Hume                                          55420

Rund um Süd-Amerika, by Oskar von Riesemann                              55419
 [Subtitle: Reisebriefe]
 [Language: German]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 47, May 22, 1841, by Various         55418

The Gentleman Who Vanished, by Fergus Hume                               55417
 [Subtitle: A Psychological Phantasy]

Salaperäinen nainen, by Wilkie Collins                                   55416
 [Language: Finnish]

The Boy Scout Explorers at Treasure Mountain, by Don Palmer              55415

Grand Teton, by National Park Service                                    55414
 [Subtitle: A Guide to Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming]

Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland, by Frederick Tilberg            55413
 [Subtitle: National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 31]

A list of books published by Chatto and Windus, October 1892,            55412

Vallankumouskertomuksia, by Anatole France                               55411
 [Language: Finnish]

Henkimaailman salaisuuksia, by Birger Schöldström                        55410
 [Language: Finnish]

An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland,             55409
 and Ireland, by Jens Jakob Asmussen Worsaae

Rounding Cape Horn and Other Sea Stories, by Walter McRoberts            55408
 [Illustrator: Grant Wright]

Blue-Stocking Hall, Vol. 3 of 3, by William Pitt Scargill                55407

The Greek Romances of Heliodorus, Longus and Achilles Tatius,            55406
 [Subtitle: Ethiopics, Daphne and Chloe, Clitopho and Leucippe]

Ireland Under the Stuarts and During the Interregnum,                    55405
 Vol. 3 of 3, 1660-1690, by Richard Bagwell

The Man with a Secret, by Fergus Hume                                    55404
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Petrol Engine, by Francis John Kean                                  55403
 [Subtitle: A Text-book dealing with the Principles
  of Design and Construction, with a Special
  Chapter on the Two-stroke Engine]

Our Fellows, by Harry Castlemon                                          55402
 [Subtitle: Skirmishes with the Swamp Dragoons]

Kansalaissota Ranskassa, by Karl Marx                                    55401
 [Language: Finnish]

Common Cause, by Samuel Hopkins Adams                                    55400
 [Subtitle: A Novel of the War in America]
 [Illustrator: Arthur William Brown]

The Rhymer, by Allan McAulay                                             55399

Phyllis, by Margaret Hungerford                                          55398

Railroad Reorganization, by Stuart Daggett                               55397

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 6, December 1849, by Various             55396

Little Brown Jug, by George Melville Baker                               55395

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 9, June 1885,                               55394
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]

Astrologian järjellinen perusta, by Alfred H. Barley and Alan Leo        55393
 [Subtitle: Lisäksi: Lasten kasvatus astrologian valossa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mackinac and Lake Stories, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood                   55392

Historical Record of the 4th, or the King's Own, Regiment                55391
 of Foot from 1680 to 1839, by Richard Cannon

Triumphs and Wonders of the 19th Century, by James P. Boyd               55390
 [Subtitle: The True Mirror of a Phenomenal Era]

Niels Lyhne, by Jens Peter Jacobsen                                      55389

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 5, November 1849, by Various             55388

One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe, by William Carpenter   55387

The Girl Scouts on the Ranch, by Edith Lavell                            55386

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 3, March 1881, by Various        55385

The American Missionary, Volume 34, No. 3, March 1880, by Various        55384

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 4, October 1849, by Various              55383

Field Book of Common Rocks and Minerals, by Frederic Brewster Loomis     55382
 and Walter Everett Corbin
 [Subtitle: For identifying the Rocks and Minerals of the United
  States and interpreting their Origins and Meanings]

After the War: A Southern Tour, by Whitelaw Reid                         55381
 [Subtitle: May 1, 1865 to May 1, 1866]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 3, September 1849, by Various            55380
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Chandler and J. B. Taylor]

The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs, Vol. 6 of 7, by Anonymous        55379

Miss Mephistopheles, by Fergus Hume                                      55378
 [Subtitle: A Novel, (Sequel to Madame Midas.)]

Pre-Raphaelite and other Poets, by Lafcadio Hearn                        55377
 [Contributor: John Erskine]

The Piccadilly Puzzle, by Fergus Hume                                    55376
 [Subtitle: A Mysterious Story]

Famous Frosts and Frost Fairs in Great Britain, by William Andrews       55375
 [Subtitle: Chronicled from the Earliest to the Present Time]

Frank Reade, Jr., Fighting the Terror of the Coast, by Luis Senarens     55374

The Story of Westminster Abbey, by Violet Brooke-Hunt                    55373
 [Subtitle: Being some Account of that Ancient Foundation,
  its Builders and those who Sleep therein]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 2, August 1849, by Various               55372
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Chandler and J. B. Taylor]

Der Weg ohne Heimkehr, by Armin T. Wegner                                55371
 [Subtitle: Ein Martyrium in Briefen]
 [Language: German]

Candida, by Bernard Shaw                                                 55370
 [Language: Finnish]

The Life and Times of Her Majesty Caroline Matilda, Vol. 3 of 3,         55369
 by Sir C. F. Lachelles Wraxall
 [Subtitle: Queen of Denmark and Norway etc.]

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume 1, by Various                     55368

La chanson des joujoux, by Jouy Jules, Blanc Claudius,                   55367
 and Dauphin Léopold
 [Illustrator: Marie Adrien]
 [Language: French]

The Farmer's Veterinarian, by Charles William Burkett                    55366
 [Subtitle: A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Farm Stock]

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 4, April, 1881, by Various       55365

Under King Henry's Banners, by Percy F. Westerman                        55364
 [Subtitle: A story of the days of Agincourt]
 [Illustrator: John Campbell]

Wild Flowers of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and Cedar Breaks    55363
 National Monument, by Carl Elmer Jepson and Leland Francis Allen        

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 35, No. 1, July 1849, by Various                 55362
 [Editors: George R. Graham, J. R. Chandler, and J. B. Taylor]

Flemington, by Violet Jacob                                              55361

Where Your Treasure Is, by Holman Day                                    55360
 [Subtitle: Being the Personal Narrative of Ross Sidney, Diver]

The Mystery Crash, by Ardon Van Buren Powell                             55359
 [Subtitle: Sky Scout Series, #1]

The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs, Vol. 5 of 7, by Anonymous        55358

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 46, May 15, 1841, by Various         55357

Bolshevismi ja olot Venäjällä, by K. N. Rauhala                          55356
 [Language: Finnish]

Leo Mechelinin elämä, by Karl Gabriel Thiodolf Rein                      55355
 [Language: Finnish]

What Does History Teach?, by John Stuart Blackie                         55354
 [Subtitle: Two Edinburgh Lectures]

Boys Who Became Famous Men, by Harriet Pearl Skinner                     55353
 [Subtitle: Stories of the Childhood of Poets, Artists, and Musicians]
 [Illustrator: Sears Gallagher]

Schneeberger Schützenmittwoch vor fünfizig Jahren, by Guido Meyer        55352
 [Language: German]

The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov                                      55351 
 [Subtitle: Audio Performance]

Counterfeit Money, by Anonymous                                          55350
 [Subtitle: The "green goods" business exposed for the
  benefit of all who have dishonest inclinations]

Satuja ja tarinoita II, by Hans Christian Andersen                       55349
 [Language: Finnish]

The Red-headed Man, by Fergus Hume                                       55348

Reminiscences of Prince Talleyrand, Vol. 1 of 2, by Édouard Colmache     55347

Lectures on Painting, by Edward Armitage                                 55346
 [Subtitle: Delivered to the students of the Royal Acadamy]

Aristipp in Hamburg und Altona, by Eugen von Hammerstein                 55345
 [Subtitle: Ein Sitten-Gemälde neuester Zeit]
 [Language: German]

Svante Niilonpoika Sture ja hänen aikalaisensa II: Lapsiuhri,            55344
 by Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Language: Finnish]

Ambassador Morgenthau's Story, by Henry Morgenthau                       55343

Pine Tree Ballads, by Holman F. Day                                      55342
 [Subtitle: Rhymed Stories of Unplaned Human Natur' up in Maine]

Up In Maine, by Holman F. Day                                            55341
 [Subtitle: Stories of Yankee Life Told in Verse]

Squire Phin, by Holman Day                                               55340

The Lawton Girl, by Harold Frederic                                      55339

The Martyrdom of Madeline, by Robert Buchanan                            55338
 [Illustrator: A. W. Cooper]

Lady Kilpatrick, by Robert Buchanan                                      55337

>From Job to Job around the World, by Alfred Charles Ben Fletcher         55336

The Mercer Boys' Cruise in the Lassie, by Capwell Wyckoff                55335

The Philosophy of Fine Art, Vol. 1 of 4, by G. W. F. Hegel               55334
 [Subtitle: Hegel's Aesthetik]

History Teacher's Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 4, December, 1909, by Various    55333

The Republic of Ragusa, by Luigi Villary                                 55332
 [Subtitle: An Episode of the Turkish Conquest]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 8, May 1885,                                55331
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

A Biography of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, by William C. Beecher            55330
 and Samuel Scoville

Young Lord Stranleigh, by Robert Barr                                    55329
 [Subtitle: A Novel]
 [Illustrator: Anonymous]

The Speculations of John Steele, by Robert Barr                          55328
 [Illustrator: F. R. Gruger]

Over The Border, by Robert Barr                                          55327
 [Subtitle: A Romance]

The Mutable Many, by Robert Barr                                         55326
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Matt, by Robert Buchanan                                                 55325
 [Subtitle: A Story of A Caravan]

In Spite of All, by Edna Lyall                                           55324
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Garryowen, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                                    55323 

Neljä naista ristillä, by Maurice Leblanc                                55322
 [Subtitle: Jännitysromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Nachbarn, by Hermann Hesse                                               55321
 [Subtitle: Erzählungen]
 [Language: German]

The Voyage of the Arrow, by T. Jenkins Hains                             55320
 [Subtitle: To the China Seas. Its Adventures and Perils,
  Including Its Capture by Sea Vultures from the Countess
  of Warwick, as set down by William Gore, Chief Mate]
 [Illustrator: H. C. Edwards]

Olympic National Park, Washington, by Gunnar O. Fagerlund                55319
 [Subtitle: Natural History Handbook Series #1]

My Lattice and Other Poems, by Frederick George Scott                    55318

Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus                     55317
 [Subtitle: A new rendering based on the Foulis translation of 1742]

Bitter Cry of Outcast London, by Andrew Mearns                           55316
 and William Carnall Preston
 [Subtitle: An Inquiry into the Condition of the Abject Poor]

Poems, by Clara A. Merrill                                               55315

The English Housekeeper, by Anne Cobbett                                 55314
 [Subtitle: Or, Manual of Domestic Management,
  Containing advice on the conduct of
  household affairs and practical instructions]

The Vanishing of Tera, by Fergus Hume                                    55313

The Rainbow Feather, by Fergus Hume                                      55312

The Girl from Malta, by Fergus Hume                                      55311

The Lone Inn, by Fergus Hume                                             55310
 [Subtitle: A Mystery]

The Crimson Cryptogram, by Fergus Hume                                   55309
 [Subtitle: A Detective Story]

Progress and Poverty, Volume  1 of 2, by Henry George                    55308
 [Subtitle: An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial
  Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase
  of Wealth]

The Black Monk and other Stories, by Anton Tchekhoff                     55307

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 45, May 8, 1841, by Various          55306

The Black Patch, by Fergus Hume                                          55305

Azalea's Silver Web, by Elia W. Peattie                                  55304

Winona, A Dakota Legend, by Eli L. Huggins                               55303
 [Subtitle: And Other Poems]

Princo Serebrjanij, by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy                   55302
 [Language: Esperanto]

Freiland, by Theodor Hertzka                                             55301
 [Subtitle: Ein sociales Zukunftsbild]
 [Language: German]

Society As I Have Found It, by Ward McAllister                           55300

The Forum, by Various                                                    55299
 [Subtitle: October 1914]

Her Husband's Purse, by Helen R. Martin                                  55298
 [Illustrator: John Newton Howitt]

Hazelhurst, by Enid Leigh Hunt                                           55297

Farquharson of Glune, by May Bateman                                     55296

Historical Record of the Second, or the Queen's Royal                    55295
 Regiment of Foot, by Richard Cannon

Poetical Works of Robert Bridges, Volume 3                               55294

Svante Niilonpoika Sture ja hänen aikalaisensa I: Kuolon enkeli,         55293
 by Louise Stjernström
 [Author a.k.a. Carl Blink]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Scaring Off Of Teddy Dawson, by Harold Brighouse                     55292

Graft, by Harold Brighouse                                               55291
 [Subtitle: A Comedy in Four Acts]

Garside's Career, by Harold Brighouse                                    55290
 [Subtitle: A Comedy In Four Acts]

Dealing in Futures, by Harold Brighouse                                  55289
 [Subtitle: A Play in Three Acts]

Hepplestall's, by Harold Brighouse                                       55288

The Price of Coal, by Harold Brighouse                                   55287
 [Subtitle: A Play]

Three Lancashire Plays: The Game, The Northerners, and Zack,             55286
 by Harold Brighouse

Lives of Famous London Beggars, by John Thomas Smith                     55285
 [Subtitle: With Forty Portraits of the Most Remarkable]

Reminiscences of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi, by Maxim Gorky               55284

The Bet and other stories, by Anton Tchekhov                             55283

Work, by Émile Zola                                                      55282

The Christmas Dream of Little Charles, by Justus Starr Redfield          55281

An Enquiry into The Life and Legend of Michael Scot, by J. Wood Brown    55280

Latest Magic, by Professor Louis Hoffmann and Angelo Lewis               55279
 [Subtitle: Being original conjuring tricks]

Chess Generalship, Vol. 1, Grand Reconnaissance, by Franklin K. Young    55278

The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs, Vol. 3 of 7, by Various          55277

Twilight, by Julia Frankau                                               55276

Indian Fights and Fighters, by Cyrus Townsend Brady                      55275
 [Subtitle: The Soldier and the Sioux]

The Wind-Jammers, by T. Jenkins Hains                                    55274

The American Missionary, Volume 35, No. 2, February, 1881, by Various    55273

Kings-At-Arms, by Marjorie Bowen                                         55272

Luonnon-kirja, by Zacharias Topelius                                     55271
 [Subtitle: Ala-alkeiskouluin tarpeiksi]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Ways of Life, by Margaret Oliphant                                   55270
 [Subtitle: Two Stories]

A Description of the Famous Kingdome of Macaria, by Gabriel Plattes      55269
 [Subtitle: Shewing its Excellent Government:
  Wherein The Inhabitants Live in Great Prosperity, Health and
  Happinesse; the King Obeyed, the Nobles honoured; and all
  good men respected, Vice punished, and vertue rewarded]

How it Flies or, Conquest of the Air, by Richard Ferris                  55268
 [Subtitle: The Story of Man's Endeavors to Fly and
  of the Inventions by which He Has Succeeded]

Ei sitä voi koskaan tietää, by Bernard Shaw                              55267
  [Language: Finnish]

The Art of Glass-Blowing, by T. P. Danger                                55266
 [Subtitle: Plain Instruction for the Making of Chemical and
  Philosophical Instruments Which are Formed of Glass]

Chronique du crime et de l'innocence, t. 7 of 8, by Robert Estienne      55265
 [Language: French]

On Growth and Form, by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson                         55264

Thirteen Years of a Busy Woman's Life, by Mrs. Alec Tweedie              55263

Psychology, by William James                                             55262
 [Subtitle: Briefer Course]

Nothing of Importance, by John Bernard Pye Adams                         55261
 [Subtitle: A record of eight months at the front with
  a Welsh battalion, October, 1915, to June, 1916]

Humours of '37, Grave, Gay and Grim, by Robina Lizars                    55260
 and Kathleen MacFarlane Lizars
 [Subtitle: Rebellion Times in the Canadas]

La porte des rêves, by Marcel Schwob                                     55259
 [Illustrator: Georges de Feure]
 [Language: French]

Tom Terror, the Outlaw, by James Jackson                                 55258

At Close Range, by F. Hopkinson Smith                                    55257

The Story of a Donkey, by Sophie Ségur                                   55256
 [Subtitle: Abridged from the French of Madame la comtesse de Ségur]
 [Illustrator: E. H. Saunders]

Anecdotes of Big Cats and Other Beasts, by David Alec Wilson             55255

Fort Sumter: Anvil of War, by National Park Service                      55254

Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy, January 1862,             55253
 by Anonymous

Prärielif, by Sigge Strömberg                                            55252
 [Subtitle: Sannsagor och lögnhistorier från vilda västern]
 [Language: Swedish]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 4, January 1885,                            55251
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 3, December 1884,                           55250
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Daniel Boone, Backwoodsman, by C. H. Forbes-Lindsay                      55249
 [Illustrator: Frank McKernan]

Aatteiden mies, by Juhani Aho                                            55248
 [Subtitle: Piirteitä August Fredrik Soldanin elämästä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Night Operations For Infantry, by Charles Tyrwhitt Dawkins               55247
 [Subtitle: Compiled for the Use of Company Officers]

Yorkshire Vales and Wolds, by Gordon Home                                55246

Poro-kirja, by Ilmari Kianto                                             55245
 [Language: Finnish]

The Prophet's Mantle, by Edith Nesbit & Hubert Bland                     55244

The Puzzle in the Pond, by Margaret Sutton                               55243
 [Subtitle: Judy Bolton Series, #34]

The Black Ghost of the Highway, by Gertrude Linnell                      55242

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 2, November 1884,                           55241
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

More Italian Yesterdays, by Mrs. Hugh Fraser                             55240

Italian Yesterdays, Vol. 2, by Mrs. Hugh Fraser                          55239

Italian Yesterdays, Vol. 1, by Mrs. Hugh Fraser                          55238

The Senator's Favorite, by Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller                     55237

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jul 2017 to 31 Jul 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     ETEXT NO.

I Canti, by Giacomo Leopardi                                             55236
 [Language: Italian]

Lord Roberts' Message to the Nation, by Earl Roberts                     55235

The Life of La Fayette, by Lydia Hoyt Farmer                             55234
 [Subtitle: The Knight of Liberty in Two Worlds and Two Centuries]

Causes amusantes et connues, by Robert Estienne                          55233
 [Language: French]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1, No. 44, May 1, 1841, by Various         55232

A History of the Peninsular War, Vol. 3, by Charles Oman                 55231
 [Subtitle: Sep. 1809 - Dec. 1810, Ocaña,
  Cadiz, Bussaco, Torres Vedras]

The Day After Death (New Edition), by Louis Figuier                      55230
 [Subtitle: Our Future Life According to Science]

Taistelu, by John Galsworthy                                             55229
 [Language: Finnish]

Notes on the New Testament Explanatory and Practical, by Albert Barnes   55228

Margareeta, by Ilmari Kianto                                             55227
 [Subtitle: Sydämmen säveliä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Superior Fishing, by Robert Barnwell Roosevelt                           55226

Victor Serenus, by Henry Wood                                            55225
  [Subtitle: A Story of the Pauline Era]

The American Missionary, Volume 34, No. 7, July, 1880, by Various        55224

Metsäherran herjaaja, by Ilmari Kianto                                   55223
 [Language: Finnish]

Misunderstood, by Florence Montgomery                                    55222

The Battle of the Marne, by George Herbert Perris                        55221

Five Acres too Much, by Robert Barnwell Roosevelt                        55220

The Prose Tales of Alexander Pushkin                                     55219

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 1, October 1884,                            55218
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Making His Mark, by Horatio Alger, Jr.                                   55217
 [Illustrator: Robert L. Mason]

A Brief History of Upshur County, by G. H. Baird                         55216

Cuando la tierra era niña, by Nathaniel Hawthorne                        55215
 [Illustrator: Pablo Milá Fontanals]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Village of Hide and Seek, by Bingham Thoburn Wilson                  55214
 [Illustrator: W. Herbert Dunton]

The Girl Scouts at Miss Allen's School, by Edith Lavell                  55213

Why Frau Fromann Raised her Prices and other stories, Anthony Trollope   55212

Arsène Lupin Mauretanian keisari, by Maurice Leblanc                     55211
 [Language: Finnish]

Arsène Lupin miljoonaperillisenä, by Maurice Leblanc                     55210
 [Language: Finnish]

Voimistelun käsikirja, by Ivar Wilskman                                  55209
 [Language: Finnish]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 10, July 1884,                              55208
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Kansas University Quarterly, Vol. I, No. 1 (1892), by Various        55207
 [Editor: Vernon Lyman Kellogg]

Fábulas, by Félix Samaniego                                              55206
 [Language: Spanish]

Ranskalaista laulurunoutta, by Various                                   55205
 [Subtitle: Alfred Musset'n, Paul Verlaine'n
  ja Charles Baudelaire'n runoja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Nukki, by Marcel Prévost                                                 55204
 [Subtitle: Novelli]
 [Language: Finnish]

813, by Maurice Leblanc                                                  55203
 [Subtitle: Arsène Lupinin merkilliset seikkailut]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 43, April 24, 1841, by Various       55202

The Republic of Plato, by Plato                                          55201

A Book About Words, by George Frederick Graham                           55200

The True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captain John Smith     55199
 into Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, by John Smith
 [Subtitle: From Ann. Dom. 1593 to 1629]

Tähtien turvatit III, by Zacharias Topelius                              55198
 [Subtitle: Aika- ja luonnekuvaus kuningatar Kristiinan ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Tähtien turvatit II, by Zacharias Topelius                               55197
 [Subtitle: Aika- ja luonnekuvaus kuningatar Kristiinan ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 42, April 17, 1841, by Various       55196

The Historians' History of the World in Twenty-Five Volumes,             55195
 Volume 3, by Various
 [Subtitle: Greece to the Peloponnesian War]
 [Editor: Henry Smith Williams]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 9, June 1884,                               55194
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Wilhelms I. Briefe an seinen Vater König Friedrich Wilhelm III.          55193
 Briefe, by Wilhelm I
 [Subtitle: (1827-1839)]
 [Language: German]

A History of North American Birds, by Spencer Fullerton Baird,           55192
 Thomas Mayo Brewer and Robert Ridgway
 [Subtitle: Land Birds - Volume 2]

A History of North American Birds, by Spencer Fullerton Baird,           55191
 Thomas Mayo Brewer and Robert Ridgway
 [Subtitle: Land Birds - Volume 1]

Florida and the Game Water-Birds, by Robert Barnwell Roosevelt           55190

The Summit House Mystery, by L. Dougall                                  55189
 [Subtitle: The Earthly Purgatory]

Emil Rathenau und das elektrische Zeitalter, by Felix Pinner             55188
 [Language: German]

Körperpflege durch Gymnastik, Licht und Luft, by Paul Jaerschky          55187
 [Language: German]

Cassell's History of England, Vol IV (of 8), by Anonymous                55186
  [Subtitle: From the Fall of Marlborough to the Peninsular War]

Some Principles of Frontier Mountain Warfare, by Wilkinson Dent Bird     55185 

Uusi Odysseus, by Jack London                                            55184
 [Subtitle: Kuvaus napaseudulta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Satan, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                                        55183
 [Subtitle: A Romance of the Bahamas]

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 41, April 10, 1841, by Various       55182

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 40, April 3, 1841, by Various        55181

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1 No. 39, March 27, 1841, by Various       55180

One of The Six Hundred, by James Grant                                   55179

Poetical Works of Robert Bridges, Volume 2, by Robert Bridges            55178

Tähtien turvatit I, by Zacharias Topelius                                55177
 [Subtitle: Aika- ja luonnekuvaus kuningatar Kristiinan ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Cartoons and Caricatures of Seattle Citizens, by Various                 55176

Eureka, by Edgar Allan Poe                                               55175
 [Language: French]

Oratory Sacred and Secular, by William Pittenger                         55174
 [Subtitle: Or, the Extemporaneous Speaker, With Sketches
  of the Most Eminent Speakers of All Ages]

Golden Dicky, The Story of a Canary and His Friends,                     55173
 by Marshall Saunders
 [Illustrator: George W. Hood]

Evolution and creation, by Herbert Junius Hardwicke                      55172

Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus, by Hans Jakob Christoffel             55171
 von Grimmelshausen
 [Language: German]

The Prophecy of Merlin and Other Poems, by John Reade                    55170

Life and Lillian Gish, by Albert Bigelow Paine                           55169

Fossils: A Story of the Rocks and Their Record of Prehistoric Life,      55168
 by Harvey C. Markman
 [Subtitle: Denver Museum of Natural History, Popular Series No. 3]
 [Illustrator: Mary Chilton Gray]

Oeuvres complètes de Guy de Maupassant, Volume 10                        55167
 [Language: French]

The Unjust Steward, by Margaret Oliphant                                 55166
 [Subtitle: or The Minister's Debt]

History Teacher's Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 3, November, 1909, by Various    55165

The Picaroons, by Gelett Burgess and Will Irwin                          55164

Kreuz und Quer, Dritter Band, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                    55163
 [Subtitle: Neue gesammelte Erzählungen]
 [Language: German]

Enchantment, by Harold MacGrath                                          55162 

The Madness of Philip, by Josephine Dodge Daskam                         55161
 [Subtitle: and Other Tales of Childhood]
 [Illustrator: F. Y. Cory]

The War and the Gospel, by Henry Wace                                    55160
 [Subtitle: Sermons & Addresses During the Present War]

Nachbarsleute, by Ludwig Thoma                                           55159
 [Language: German]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 8, May 1884,                                55158
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Las Furias, by Pío Baroja                                                55157
 [Subtitle: Memorias de un hombre de acción, tomo 12]
 [Language: Spanish]

American Missionary, Volume 33, No. 11, November, 1879, by Various       55156

Old Mr. Tredgold, by Margaret Oliphant                                   55155

The Twins, by Elizabeth Frances Guptill                                  55154
 [Subtitle: And How They Entertained the New Minister]

Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First aide-de-camp to Napoleon,           55153
 by Jean Comte Rapp

Whale Fishery of New England, by Various                                 55152
 [Editor: State Street Trust Company]

The Armed Ship America, by James Otis                                    55151
 [Subtitle: or, When We Sailed From Salem]
 [Illustrator: J. W. Kennedy]

Many-Storied Mountains, by Greg Beaumont                                 55150
 [Subtitle: The Life of Glacier National Park]

Michigan's Copper Country in Early Photos, by B. E. Tyler                55149

The Drums of War, by Henry De Vere Stacpoole                             55148 

Tales of All Countries, by Anthony Trollope                              55147

Common Objects of the Microscope, by J. G. Wood                          55146
 [Illustrator: Tuffen West]

The Orchid Album, Volume 1, by Robert Warner,                            55145
 Benjamin Samuel Williams and Thomas Moore
 [Subtitle: Comprising coloured figures and descriptions
  of new, rare, and beautiful Orchidaceous Plants]
 [Illustrator: John Nugent Fitch]

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International                55144
 Military Tribunal, Volume 6, by Various
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946]

The Story of the Mince Pie, by Josephine Scribner Gates                  55143

Rough and Ready, by Horatio Alger                                        55142
 [Subtitle: Life Among the New York Newsboys]

Mysteries of Washington City, during Several Months of                   55141
 the Session of the 28th Congress, by Caleb Atwater

A House in Bloomsbury, by Margaret Oliphant                              55140

Torquemada en el purgatorio, by Benito Pérez Galdós                      55139
 [Language: Spanish]

Syystähden alla, by Knut Hamsun                                          55138
 [Subtitle: Kulkijan kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Mystery Queen, by Fergus Hume                                        55137

Dans le cloaque, by Maurice Barrès                                       55136
 [Subtitle: Notes d'un membre de la Commission
  d'enquête sur l'affaire Rochette]
 [Language: French]

P'tit-bonhomme, by Jules Verne                                           55135
 [Illustrator: Léon Benett]
 [Language: French]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 7, April 1884,                              55134
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 6, March 1884,                              55133
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 5, February 1884,                           55132
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Camp-fires of Napoleon, by Henry C. Watson                           55131
 [Subtitle: Comprising The Most Brilliant Achievemnents
  of the Emperor and His Marshals]

Carlos und Nicolás, by Rudolf Johannes Schmied                           55130
 [Subtitle: Kinderjahre in Argentinien / Auf dem Meere]
 [Illustrator: Georg Walter Rößner]
 [Language: German]

Working my Way Around the World, by Lena M. Franck                       55129
 and Harry Alverson Franck

Extempore Speech, by William Pittenger                                   55128
 [Subtitle: How to Acquire and Practice It]

A Picture of the Desolated States, by John Townsend Trowbridge           55127
 [Subtitle: and the Work of Restoration. 1865-1868]

Cloud Studies, by Arthur W. Clayden                                      55126

Madam, by Mrs. Oliphant                                                  55125
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Memoirs of François René Vicomte de Chateaubriand sometime           55124
 Ambassador to England, Vol. 6 of 6, by François René
 Chateaubriand and Alexander Teixeira de Mattos
 [Subtitle: Mémoires d'outre-tombe]

Perkins, the Fakeer, by Edward S. Van Zile                               55123
 [Subtitle: A Travesty on Reincarnation]
 [Illustrator: Hy Mayer]

The Athelings, Complete, by Margaret Oliphant                            55122

The Athelings, Vol. 3 of 3, by Margaret Oliphant                         55121

Paper Currency of England Dispassionately Considered, by John Haslam     55120
 [Subtitle: With Suggestions Towards a
  Practical Solution of the Difficulty]

The Review, Vol. 1, No. 4, April, 1911, by Various                       55119

Porcelain, by Edward Dillon                                              55118

Naisen haamu, by Wilkie Collins                                          55117
 [Subtitle: Mysterio neljässä kertomuksessa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Paris Nights, by Arnold Bennett                                          55116
 [Subtitle: And Other Impressions of Places and People]
 [Illustrator: E. A. Rickards]

The City Of Pleasure, by Arnold Bennett                                  55115
 [Subtitle: A Fantasia on Modern Themes]

Teresa of Watling Street, by Arnold Bennett                              55114
 [Subtitle: A Fantasia on Modern Themes]
 [Illustrator: Frank Gillett]

>From The Log of The "Velsa", by Arnold Bennett                           55113
 [Illustrators: E. A. Rickards and Arnold Bennett]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 4, No. 3, December 1883,                           55112
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Dix-sept histoires de marins, by Claude Farrère                          55111
 [Language: French]

Vacation Camping for Girls, by Jeannette Augustus Marks                  55110

Blue Shirt and Khaki a Comparison, by James F. J. Archibald              55109

The Logic of Hegel, by G. W. F. Hegel                                    55108

Little Songs of Long Ago, by Various                                     55107
 [Subtitle: More old Nursery Rhymes]
 [Illustrator: H. Willebeek Le Mair]

Don Qvixote of the Mancha, by Judge Parry                                55106
 [Subtitle: Retold by Judge Parry]
 [Illustrator: Walter Crane]

Niagara, and Other Poems, by Benjamin Copeland                           55105

Colony Treatment of the Insane and Other Defectives,                     55104
 by Patrick Livingston Murphy

Erdgeist, by Frank Wedekind                                              55103
 [Language: German]

The Wooden Hand, by Fergus Hume                                          55102
 [Subtitle: A Detective Story]

The White Room, by Fergus Hume                                           55101

The West Indies and the Spanish Main, by Anthony Trollope                55100 

The Federal Reserve Monster, by Sam H. Clark and Wallace Campbell        55099 

Strong and Steady, by Horatio Alger                                      55098 
 [Subtitle: Or, Paddle Your Own Canoe]

A Book of Nimble Beasts, by Douglas English                              55097 
 [Subtitle: Bunny Rabbit, Squirrel, Toad, and "Those Sort of People"]
 [Illustrator: Douglas English]

The American Race, by Daniel Garrison Brinton                            55096
 [Subtitle: A Linguistic Classification and Ethnographic
  Description of the Native Tribes of North and South America]

The American Missionary, Vol. 35, No. 1, January, 1881, by Various       55095

The American Missionary, Vol. 34, No. 1, January, 1880, by Various       55094

Life in the Far West, by George Frederick Augustus Ruxton                55093

The Gallery of Portraits, with Memoirs. Vol 2 of 7, by Anonymous         55092

A Plain and Literal Translation of The Arabian Nights Entertainments,    55091
 Now Entitled The Book Of The Thousand Nights and A Night,
 Vol. 8 of 17, by Richard F. Burton

Stephen H. Branch's Alligator Vol. 1 No. 20,                             55090
 September 4, 1858, by Stephen H. Branch

Little Miss Grasshopper, by Johanna Spyri                                55089

The Black Hills, Mid-Continent Resort, by Albert Nathaniel Williams      55088
 [Subtitle: American Resort Series No. 4]

Historical Record of The 46th or South Devonshire                        55087
 Regiment of Foot, by Richard Cannon

Poems, by Edward Dowden                                                  55086

Vanha kauppiaskoti, by Gustav Freytag                                    55085
 [Language: Finnish]

The Homing Pigeon, by Various                                            55084
 [Subtitle: War Department Technical Manual TM 11-410]

Ontto neula, by Maurice Leblanc                                          55083
 [Subtitle: Arsène Lupinin merkilliset seikkailut]
 [Language: Finnish]

Everybody's Book of Luck, by Anonymous                                   55082

The Delinquent, Vol. 4, No. 2, February, 1914, by Various                55081

The Worst Boy in Town, by John Habberton                                 55080

Poems, by Theodore Maynard                                               55079

The Birthplace, by Henry James                                           55078

The Yellow Dove, by George Gibbs                                         55077
 [Illustrator: George Gibbs]

Bahama Bill, by T. Jenkins Hains                                         55076
 [Subtitle: Mate of the Wrecking Sloop Sea-Horse]
 [Illustrator: H. R. Reuterdahl]

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 6 of 9, by Thomas Jefferson       55075
 [Subtitle: Being His Autobiography, Correspondence, Reports,
  Messages, Addresses, and Other Writings, Official and Private]

The Cruise of the Sally D, by James Otis                                 55074

The Trial of Aaron Burr, by Joseph P. Brady                              55073

La dame qui a perdu son peintre, by Paul Bourget                         55072
 [Language: French]

Captivity of the Oatman Girls, by Royal B. Stratton                      55071
 [Subtitle: Being an Interesting Narrative of Life
  Among the Apache and Mohave Indians]

The Memoirs of François René Vicomte de Chateaubriand, Sometime          55070
 Ambassador to England, Vol. 5 of 6, by François René
 Chateaubriand and Alexander Teixeira de Mattos
 [Subtitle: Mémoires d'outre-tombe, Volume 5]

The American Missionary, Volume 34, No. 10, October, 1880, by Various    55069

Notes on the Floridian Peninsula; its Literary History,                  55068
 Indian Tribes and Antiquities, by Daniel G. Brinton

Yorkshire Dales and Fells, by Gordon Home                                55067

The Irish Penny Journal, Vol. 1, No. 38, March 20, 1841, by Various      55066

American Thumb-prints, by Kate Stephens                                  55065

An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Select Committee of the House      55064
 of Commons, Appointed Session, 1849, to Inquire Into the Contract
 Packet Service, by Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation
 Company and Great Britain. Parliament. House

Civilization of the Indian Natives, by Halliday Jackson                  55063
 [Subtitle: or, a Brief View of the Friendly Conduct
  of William Penn Towards Them in the Early
  Settlement of Pennsylvania]

The Inns of Court, by Cecil Headlam                                      55062
 [Illustrator: Gordon Home]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 7, April 1885,                              55061
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 6, March 1885,                              55060
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Modern English Biography, Volume 1 of 4, A-H, by Frederic Boase          55059

La Puchera, by José María de Pereda                                      55058
 [Language: Spanish]

Daily Lesson Plans in English, by Caroline Griffin                       55057

A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding, by James B. Nicholson                55056
 [Subtitle: Containing full instructions in the different
  branches of forwarding, gilding, and finishing]

No Man's Land, by Louis Raphael Nardini                                  55055
 [Subtitle: A History of El Camino Real]

The Commerce and Navigation of the Erythraean Sea, by Anonymous          55054
 [Subtitle: Being a Translation of the Periplus Maris Erythraei
  and Arrian's Account of the Voyage of Nearkhos]

The Chautauquan, Vol. 5, No. 5, February 1885,                           55053
 by The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle
 [Subtitle: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Promotion of True
  Culture; Organ of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle]
 [Editor: Theodore L. Flood]

Bramble Brae, by Robert Bridges                                          55052

Rock Blasting, by Geo. G. André                                          55051
 [Subtitle: A Practical Treatise on the Means Employed
  in Blasting Rocks for Industrial Purposes]

Kotiinpaluu ja muita novelleja, by Runar Schildt                         55050
 [Language: Finnish]

The Poems of Madison Cawein, Volume 1 of 5,                              55049
 [Illustrator: Eric Pape]

The Retreat from Mons, by A. Corbett-Smith                               55048
 [Subtitle: By one who shared in it]

The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs, Volume 1 of 7, by Various        55047

First Principles, by Herbert Spencer                                     55046

All about Battersea, by Henry S. Simmonds                                55045

En sommarsaga från Finland, by Johannes Alfthan                          55044
 [Language: Swedish]

Airiselän tukinajossa, by Väinö Kataja                                   55043
 [Subtitle: Kuvaus Lapin rajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Tar-Heel Tales in Vernacular Verse, by John E. P. Doyle                  55042
 [Illustrator: Bonar]

Algeria and Tunis, by Frances E. Nesbitt                                 55041

The Nursery Alice, by Lewis Carroll                                      55040

Man Who Found Himself, by Margaret Stacpoole                             55039
 and Henry De Vere Stacpoole
 [Subtitle: (Uncle Simon)]

De Sobremesa; crónicas, Segunda Parte (de 5), by Jacinto Benavente       55038
 [Language: Spanish]

Arsène Lupin taistelussa Sherlock Holmesta vastaan, by Maurice Leblanc   55037
 [Language: Finnish]

Historical Record of the Sixteenth, or, The Bedfordshire                 55036
 Regiment of Foot: From Its Formation in 1688 to 1848,
 by Richard Cannon

The Marvellous Adventures and Rare Conceits of Master                    55035
 Tyll Owlglass, by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie
 [Subtitle: Newly collected, chronicled
  and set forth, in our English tongue]
 [Illustrator: Alfred  Crowquill]

Through Portugal, by Martin Hume                                         55034
 [Illustrator: A. S. Forrest]

Das zweite Gesicht, by Hermann Löns                                      55033
 [Subtitle: Eine Liebesgeschichte]
 [Language: German]

Poems of Progress, by Lizzie Doten                                       55032

October and Other Poems, by Robert Bridges                               55031
 [Subtitle: with Occasional Verses on the War]

Laurette eli Punainen sinetti, by Alfred de Vigny                        55030
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuvaelmia ja kertomuksia, by Alphonse Daudet                             55029
 [Language: Finnish]

L'Holocauste, by Ernest La Jeunesse                                      55028
 [Subtitle: Roman Contemporain]
 [Language: French]

Führer durch das böhmische Erzgebirge, das Mittelgebirge                 55027
 und die angrenzenden Gebiete, by August Weymann
 [Language: German]

Sämmtliche Werke 3: Abende auf dem Gutshof bei Dikanka, by Nikolaj Gogol 55026
 [Subtitle: Phantastische Novellen]
 [Language: German]

Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx, Volume 1 of 2, by John Rhys             55025

The Queen of Spades and other stories, by Alexander Pushkin              55024

Mémoires de Céleste Mogador, Volume 3 of 4, by Céleste de Chabrillan     55023
 [Language: French]

The Brain of an Army, by Spenser Wilkinson                               55022
 [Subtitle: A Popular Account of the German General Staff]

Through Swamp and Glade, by Kirk Munroe                                  55021
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Seminole War]
 [Illustrator: Victor Perard]

The Last Egyptian, by L. Frank Baum                                      55020
 [Subtitle: A Romance of the Nile]
 [Illustrator: Francis P. Wightman]

Historical Record of the Fifteenth or The Yorkshire                      55019
 East Riding Regiment of Foot: From Its Formation
 in 1685 to 1848, by Richard Cannon

Good Times with the Juniors, by Lilian M. Heath                          55018

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