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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for September 2019


* Project Gutenberg is one of the "100+ best websites on the Internet"
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* New eBook Listings from August 2019

* Project Gutenberg is one of the "100+ best websites on the Internet"

We are honored to be among the 100+ best websites on the Internet as listed by makeuseof.com: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/best-websites-internet/

The list includes several other great places to get free access to the world's great literature.

* Website Redesign Project

The Project Gutenberg website redesign is ongoing, and we will be testing new functions and methods during upcoming weeks and months.

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* New eBook Listings from August 2019

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Aug 2019 to 31 Aug 2019 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Kylän lauluja, by Larin-Kyösti                                           60130
 [Language: Finnish]

A Visit to the Sarö and Shera Yögurs, by C. G. E. Mannerheim             60129

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 40, No. 1, January 1852, by Various              60128

Monotonie, by Alfredo Oriani                                             60127
 [Language: Italian]

Pens and Types, by Benjamin Drew                                         60126
 [Subtitle: or Hints and Helps for Those
  who Write, Print, Read, Teach, or Learn]

Love of the Wild, by Archie P. McKishnie                                 60125

The Girl of the Golden Gate, by William Brown Meloney                    60124

The Wonderful Year, by William J. Locke                                  60123

The Tale of Triona, by William J. Locke                                  60122

The Glory of Clementina Wing, by William J. Locke                        60121

The House of Baltazar, by William J. Locke                               60120

Isis very much unveiled, being the story of the great mahatma hoax,      60119
 by Edmund Garrett

Casa Grande Ruins Trail, by Anonymous                                    60118

Los Desastres de la guerra, by Francisco de Goya                         60117
 [Subtitle: colección de ochenta láminas inventadas
  y grabadas al agua fuerte]
 [Language: Spanish]

West Side Studies: Boyhood and Lawlessness, The Neglected Girl,          60116
 by Ruth Smiley True

Idillii spezzati, by Antonio Fogazzaro                                   60115
 [Language: Italian]

The Sardonic Arm, by Maxwell Bodenheim                                   60114

A student's history of education, by Frank Pierrepont Graves             60113

Ireton, A Poem, by Thomas Bailey                                         60112

Nala och Dayamanti, by Anonymous                                         60111
 [Subtitle: En indisk dikt ur Mahabharata]
 [Language: Swedish]

Harper's Round Table, December 15, 1896, by Various                      60110

Floyd's Flowers, Or Duty and Beauty For Colored Children,                60109
 by Silas X. Floyd
 [Subtitle: Being One Hundred Short Stories Gleaned
  from the Storehouse of Human Knowledge and Experience,
  Simple, Amusing, Elevating]

Legend of the blemished king and other poems, by James H. Cousins        60108
 [Illustrator: Lewis H. Victory]

Five Minute Sermons, Vol. 1, by Rev. Algernon A. Brown and Anonymous     60107

Tableau historique et pittoresque de Paris depuis les Gaulois            60106
 jusqu'à nos jours (Tome 6/8), by Jacques-Maximilien Benjamin
 Bins de Saint-Victor
 [Language: French]

The Great Galveston Disaster, by Paul Lester                             60105
 [Subtitle: Containing a Full and Thrilling Account
  of the Most Appalling Calamity of Modern Times
  Including Vivid Descriptions of the Hurricane

Pilgrimages to the Spas in Pursuit of Health and Recreation,             60104
 by James Johnson
 [Subtitle: With an inquiry into the comparative merits
  of different mineral waters; the maladies to which they
  are applicable, and those in which they are injurious]

What a Colored Man Should Do to Vote, by Anonymous                       60103

Wanderer of the Wasteland, by Zane Grey                                  60102
 [Illustrator: W. Herbert Dunton]

Large Fees and how to get them, by Albert V. Harmon                      60101
 and George Frank Lydston
 [Subtitle: A book for the private use of physicians]

Anthony Trollope; His Work, Associates and Literary Originals,           60100
 by T. H. S. Escott

Cecilia of the Pink Roses, by Katharine Haviland Taylor                  60099
 [Illustrator: May Wilson Preston]

Mr. Rabbit at Home, by Joel Chandler Harris                              60098
 [Subtitle: A sequel to Little Mr. Thimblefinger and his Queer Country]
 [Illustrator: Oliver Herford]

Horses and Men, by Sherwood Anderson                                     60097
 [Subtitle: Tales, long and short, from our American life]

Mr. Fortune's Practice, by H. C. Bailey                                  60096

Croatian Tales of Long Ago, by Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic                     60095
 [Illustrator: Vladimir Kirin]

Suomen kansan seikkailusatuja, by Iivo Härkönen                          60094
 [Subtitle: Kolmas sarja suomalaisia satuja lapsille ja nuorisolle]
 [Language: Finnish]

Cane, by Jean Toomer                                                     60093

La donna nella vita e nelle opere di Giacomo Leopardi,                   60092
 by Emma Boghen-Conigliani
 [Language: Italian]

A Brief History of the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers,                60091
 by Theophilus Charles Noble
 [Subtitle: London A.D. 1351-1889, with an Appendix
  Containing Some Account of the Blacksmiths' Company]
 [Illustrator: George Cruikshank]

The Dim Lantern, by Temple Bailey                                        60090
 [Illustrator: Coles Phillips]

Der Snob, by Carl Sternheim                                              60089
 [Language: German]

Le streghe, by Defendente Sacchi                                         60088
 [Subtitle: dono del folletto alle signore]
 [Language: Italian]

Influenza, by Provincial Board of Health Ontario                         60087

The Boy Travellers in The Russian Empire, by Thomas W. Knox              60086
 [Subtitle: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey in European
  and Asiatic Russia, with Accounts of a Tour across Siberia]

Il Parlamento Nazionale Napoletano per gli anni 1820 e 1821, by Various  60085
 [Subtitle: memorie e documenti]
 [Language: Italian]

Life in Southern Prisons, by Charles Smedley                             60084
 [Subtitle: From the Diary of Corporal Charles Smedley]

Harper's Round Table, December 8, 1896, by Various                       60083

The Stock Exchange from Within, by W. C. van Antwerp                     60082

Star People, by Katharine Fay Dewey                                      60081
 [Illustrator: Frances B. Comstock]

Le fourbe, by Marcel Boulenger                                           60080
 [Language: French]

Le Grand Écart, by Jean Cocteau                                          60079
 [Language: French]

The White Heart of Mojave, by Edna Brush Perkins                         60078
 [Subtitle: An Adventure with the Outdoors of the Desert]

The Millennium and Other Poems, by Parley P. Pratt                       60077

An Englishwoman in Utah, by Mrs. T. B. H. Stenhouse                      60076
 [Subtitle: The Story of A Life's Experience in Mormonism]

A Memoir of Thomas Bewick, by Thomas Bewick                              60075
 [Subtitle: Written by himself]

The Mysterious Stranger, by John T. McCutcheon                           60074
  [Subtitle: and other cartoons]

The Forlorn Hope, Vol. 2 of 2, by Edmund Yates                           60073
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Forlorn Hope, Vol. 1 of 2, by Edmund Yates                           60072
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Principles of politeness, and of knowing the world,                      60071
 by Philip Dormer Stanhope
 [Author a.k.a. The Earl of Chesterfield]

Texas Gemstones, by Elbert A. King, Jr.                                  60070

Ritratti letterari, by Edmondo De Amicis                                 60069
 [Language: Italian]

Ethical philosophy of life presented in its main outlines,               60068
 by Felix Adler

Leave it to Psmith, by P. G. Wodehouse                                   60067

Kiana, a Tradition of Hawaii, by James Jackson Jarves                    60066

Wings and Stings, by A. L. O. E                                          60065
 [Subtitle: A Tale for the Young]

Dorothea Beale of Cheltenham, by Elizabeth Raikes                        60064

I filtrati dolci, by Giuseppe De Astis                                   60063
 [Language: Italian]

Die Frauenfrage im Mittelalter, by Karl Bücher                           60062
 [Language: German]

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, by Various                     60061
 [Subtitle: Vol. 86, No. 5, September, 1913]

With Poor Immigrants in America, by Stephen Graham                       60060

The Lunarian Professor and His Remarkable Revelations Concerning         60059
 the Earth, the Moon and Mars, by James Bradun Alexander
 [Subtitle: Together with An Account of the Cruise of the Sally Ann]

Giphantia, by Charles-François Tiphaigne de La Roche                     60058
 [Subtitle: Or a View of What Has Passed, What Is Now Passing,
  and, During the Present Century, What Will Pass, in the World]

The Uses of Diversity, by G. K. Chesterton                               60057
 [Subtitle: A book of essays]

Scrap Book of Mormon Literature, Vol. 1 of 2, by Charles W. Penrose,     60056
 B. H. Roberts, Orson Pratt, and Parley P. Pratt
 [Subtitle: Religious Tracts]

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Alaska, by Lyman Frank Baum                   60055
 [Author a.k.a. Floyd Akers]

Romantic Love and Personal Beauty, by Henry Theophilus Finck             60054
 [Subtitle: Their development, causal relations, 
  historic and national peculiarities]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1013, May 27, 1899, by Various        60053

Comment on Prononce le Français, by Phillipe H. Martinon                 60052
 [Subtitle: Traité complet de prononciation pratique
  avec le noms propres et les mots étrangers]
 [Language: French]

Glimpses of America, by James W. Buel                                    60051
 [Subtitle: Our Country's Scenic Marvels]

The Book of Herbs, by Rosalind Northcote                                 60050

Lehtisiä mietekirjastani, by Zacharias Topelius                          60049
 [Language: Finnish]

The History of the Rifle Brigade (the Prince Consort's Own)              60048
 Formerly the 95th, by William Henry Cope

The Englishwoman in Egypt, by Sophia Lane Poole                          60047
 [Subtitle: Letters from Cairo]

Tatlings, by Sydney Tremayne                                             60046
 [Illustrator: Anne Harriet Fish]

The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller, by Felix Fontaine        60045
 [Subtitle: Being the most complete work on fortune-telling
  and interpreting dreams ever printed, etc. etc]

Against This Age, by Maxwell Bodenheim                                   60044

Tunneling: A Practical Treatise, by Charles Prelini                      60043

The Moon Princess, by Edith Ogden Harrison                               60042
 [Subtitle: A Fairy Tale]
 [Illustrator: Lucy Fitch Perkins]

Hampshire Days, by W. H. Hudson                                          60041

Notes on Novelists, by Henry James                                       60040
 [Subtitle: With Some Other Notes]

The Secret of Heroism, by William Lyon Mackenzie King                    60039
 [Subtitle: A Memoir of Henry Albert Harper]

Great Men as Prophets of a New Era, by Newell Dwight Hillis              60038

Clipped Wings, by Rupert Hughes                                          60037

Clemenceau, by H. M. Hyndman                                             60036
 [Subtitle: The Man and His Time]

History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin,              60035
 Vol. 4 of 8, by J. H. Merle D'Aubigné

The Principles of Ornament, by James Ward                                60034

Lucien Leeuwen ou l'Amarante et le Noir, by Stendhal                     60033
 [Subtitle: Tome Second]
 [Illustrator: Maximilien Vox]
 [Language: French]

Miti, leggende e superstizioni del Medio Evo, vol. II, by Arturo Graf    60032
 [Language: Italian]

Miti, leggende e superstizioni del Medio Evo, vol. I, by Arturo Graf     60031
 [Language: Italian]

Lucien Leeuwen ou l'Amarante et le Noir, by Stendhal                     60030
 [Subtitle: Tome Premier]
 [Illustrator: Maximilien Vox]
 [Language: French]

Seventeen Talks on the Banking Question, by Charles Newell Fowler        60029

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