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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for July 2020


* Forty-nine years of eBooks!
* Thank you!
* New website
* Join Distributed Proofreaders
* Find Project Gutenberg on social media
* New eBook Listings from April through June 2020

* Forty-nine years of eBooks!

July 4 is the date we celebrate Michael Hart's invention of eBooks. You can find his telling of the story here: https://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Gutenberg:The_History_and_Philosophy_of_Project_Gutenberg_by_Michael_Hart

For forty-nine years, Project Gutenberg has digitized and distributed eBooks. They are intended to be absolutely free for anyone to read or redistribute, anywhere in the world that it is legal to do so.

>From 1971 through the 1980s, a few dozen eBooks were created. These were mostly typed (transcribed) by hand from printed volumes, although a few were contemporary works that were "born digital" and then contributed to Project Gutenberg.

By the early 1990s, Michael focused on a regular cadence of new productions, seeking to release some new eBooks every month throughout a year. And then, in the next year, to double the production. This required developing some guidelines for eBook production, and expanding the corps of volunteers working on new eBooks.

At the same time, interest in online content projects was blossoming around the world. Many efforts were focused on online versions of published literature, as well as ways that individuals could generate their own content. This is years before social media, and most individuals (and organizations) had little access to the Internet and websites of the times. Project Gutenberg has repeatedly been lauded as a great place to find something to read, and a tremendous resource for educators and others.

Project Gutenberg's sustained efforts from 1971 to the present make it one of the oldest online content projects in the world. Michael Hart's tireless efforts to lead the creation and distribution of free online literature, supported by thousands of volunteers, made it all possible.

You can help to celebrate free eBooks and the positive benefit they have on individuals and society:
 - read them!
 - share them!
 - help create more!

Project Gutenberg is thankful to everyone who helps to fulfill its mission:
  "To encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks."

* Thank you!

Here is a nice message we received:


I am a Librivox volunteer, I use some of the book on tour catalog in
Spanish, to récord them and "libérate" them.

I just want to let you know, (all volunteer on the spanish proyect
Gutenberg área) that your job is greatly useful to us: publica domain
guarantee, clean reading, and different formats... I have récord
myself severa books on this way.

Please let People know my geatitude and the gratitude of the others
spanish librivox volunteers. Is awesome to see how things based on
"free work" or volunteers for getting culture more easily to access to
everyone works.

Thanks, health and... Keep going!!!"

* New website

We have continued to work on the new website, and all functionality is now present! This has been a huge effort of modernization and behind the scenes updates. We are now working on choices for the color scheme, logos, fonts, etc. and hope to launch the new site during the month of July.

You can find the new website at https://dev.gutenberg.org , and it is intended to work well with mobile devices and other smaller screens, as well as full-size computer monitors.

The website has a link to a brief survey, to solicit input and ideas. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped with shaping this new website for Project Gutenberg.

* Join Distributed Proofreaders

Visit https://www.pgdp.net to learn about how to help create some of Project Gutenberg's forthcoming eBooks. Proofreading a page a day is easy, fun, and a great way to help bring literature to the world. There are many different roles, for the different steps involved in digitizing a printed book to make a Project Gutenberg eBook. Beginners are welcome, and there is an online tutorial to get started.

* Find Project Gutenberg on social media

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Thanks to the Project Gutenberg Social Media Team for keeping these feeds interesting!

* New eBook Listings from April through June 2020

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jun 2020 to 30 Jun 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Above the French Lines, by Stuart Walcott                                62480
 [Subtitle: Letters of Stuart Walcott, American Aviator,
  July 4, 1917, to December 8, 1917]

Buffalo Bill Entrapped, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                     62479
 [Subtitle: or, A Close Call]

Proud Lady, by Neith Boyce                                               62478

XII conti pomiglianesi, by Vittorio Imbriani                             62477
 [Subtitle: con varianti avellinesi, montellesi,
  bagnolesi, milanesi, toscane, ecc.]
 [Language: Italian]

Conspiracy on Callisto, by James MacCreigh                               62476

Islas Filipinas - Administracion de Justicia,                            62475
 by Carlos Villarragut y Estevan]
 [Subtitle: Memoria dedicada á la exposicion colonial de Amsterdam]
 [Language: Spanish]

The English and Scottish popular ballads, Vol. 3 of 5, by Various        62474

Vezeto elmék, by Zoltán Ambrus                                           62473
 [Subtitle: Irodalmi karcolatok]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Aviation Book, by Haywood Leslie Davis                                   62472

Claes Flemings tider, by Fredrik Cygnaeus                                62471
 [Subtitle: Dramatisk dikt i fem akter]
 [Language: Swedish]

Ei savua ilman tulta, by M. Bayard                                       62470
 [Language: Finnish]

The Sundered Streams, by Reginald Farrer                                 62469
 [Subtitle: The History of a Memory That Had No Full Stops]

Kristitty, by Hall Caine                                                 62468
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Divorce versus Democracy, by G. K. Chesterton                            62467

Prodigals and their Inheritance; Complete, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant     62466

The Prodigals and their Inheritance, Vol. 2, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant   62465

The Prodigals and their Inheritance, Vol. 1, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant   62464

Tropical Fish Handbook, by Guenther-Lothar Schott                        62463
 [Subtitle: Tenth Edition, 1953]

Mineral Survey Procedures Guide, by Various                              62462

A Reforma, by Thomas M. Lindsay                                          62461
 [Language: Portuguese]

The red laugh, fragments of a discovered manuscript, by Leonid Andreyev  62460

Usury, by S. H. Crittenden                                               62459
 [Subtitle: Interest, Premium and Discount]

A locsei fehér asszony (II. rész), by Mór Jókai                          62458
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

A locsei fehér asszony (I. rész), by Mór Jókai                           62457
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Heliodora, by Hilda Doolittle                                            62456
 [Subtitle: And Other Poems]

Guest the One-Eyed, by Gunnar Gunnarsson                                 62455

Trotwood's Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1905, by Various              62454

Achilles, by Carl Frederich Becker                                       62453
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

The Fly Leaf, No. 3, Vol. 1, February 1896, by Various                   62452

Emperor William First, by A. Walter                                      62451
 [Subtitle: The Great War and Peace Hero
 (Life Stories for Young People)]

Historia del Paraguay, Río de La Plata y Tucumán, by José Guevara        62450
 [Language: Spanish]

Maximilian in Mexico, by J. Kemper                                       62449
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

The Life of David Belasco, Vol. 1, by William Winter                     62448

Leaves from St. John Chrysostom, by St. John Chrysostom                  62447

Juhannuksena, by Selma Anttila                                           62446
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Muistelmia Kiinasta, by Vilhelmiina Arpiainen                            62445
 [Language: Finnish]

The Preservation of the Exterior of Wooden Buildings,                    62444
 by Allerton S. Cushman and Henry A. Gardner

Destination: Death, by Wilbur S. Peacock                                 62443

Greycliff Wings, by Harriet Pyne Grove                                   62442

Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox, by Richard Barnum                            62441
 [Subtitle: His Many Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

The Magical Land of Noom, by Johnny Gruelle                              62440

Scripture Histories; from the Creation of the World, to the Death        62439
 of Jesus Christ, by Unknown
 [Subtitle: With a Description of St. Paul's Church, London]

Reife Früchte vom Bierbaum, by Otto Julius Bierbaum                      62438
 [Language: German]

Kohtaus kuntakokouksessa, by Vihtori Lähde                               62437
 [Language: Finnish]

Szeretve mind a vérpadig (2. rész), by Mór Jókai                         62436
 [Subtitle: Történeti regény a Rákóczy-korból]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Szeretve mind a vérpadig (1. rész), by Mór Jókai                         62435
 [Subtitle: Történeti regény a Rákóczy-korból]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Life and Times of Akhnaton, by Arthur Edward Pearse Weigall          62434
 [Subtitle: Pharaoh of Egypt]

Aaro, by Lauri Soini                                                     62433
 [Language: Finnish]

I've been a Gipsying, by George Smith                                    62432
 [Illustrator: E. Weldon]

Etruscan Tomb Paintings, by Frederik Poulsen                             62431
 [Subtitle: Their Subjects and Significance]

The Fly Leaf, Vol. 1, No. 2, January 1896, by Various                    62430

Epidemic Respiratory Disease, by Eugene Lindsay Opie, Francis G. Blake,  62429
 James C. Small, and Thomas M. Rivers
 [Subtitle: The pneumonias and other infections of the
  repiratory tract accompanying influenza and measles]

A Battle for Right, by Nicholas Carter                                   62428
 [Subtitle: A Clash of Wits]

A ciklámen és más novellák, by Lajos Biró                                62427
 [Language: Hungarian]

Blackout, by Joseph Farrell                                              62426

The Ruins of the Roman City of Uriconium, at Wroxeter,                   62425
  near Shrewsbury, by Thomas Wright

Nagy kópé, by Gyula Krúdy                                                62424
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

History of Madeley, by John Randall                                      62423
 [Subtitle: including Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale, and Coalport]

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 3, No. 30, February, 1922, by Various    62422
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, Helping Hand, by Burt L. Standish                62421
 [Subtitle: Fair Play and No Favors]

Talk about Socialism with an old shopmate, by Anonymous                  62420

Heart of Oak, Vol. 3, by William Clark Russell                           62419
 [Subtitle: A Three-Stranded Yarn]

The Amazing Years, by William Pett Ridge                                 62418 

Contemplazione della morte, by Gabriele D'Annunzio                       62417
 [Language: Italian]

Juggernaut of Space, by Ray Cummings                                     62416
 [Illustrator: Graham Ingels]

A vörös postakocsi, by Gyula Krúdy                                       62415
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Geology and Inhabitants of the Ancient World, by Richard Owen            62414

Cowpens, by Thomas J. Fleming                                            62413
 [Subtitle: Downright Fighting: The Story of Cowpens]

Keisaririkos, by Santeri Alkio                                           62412
 [Subtitle: Kuvausjakso 1890-luvulta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Dick Merriwell's Glory, Or, Friends and Foes, by Burt L. Standish        62411

Wintering at Mentone, by William Chambers                                62410

The Girl from Hollywood, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                         62409

Rumpty-Dudget's Tower, by Julian Hawthorne                               62408
 [Subtitle: A Fairy Tale]
 [Illustrator: George W. Hood]

The Measure of Value Stated and Illustrated, by Thomas Robert Malthus    62407
 [Subtitle: With an Application of it to the Alterations
  in the Value of the English Currency since 1790]

Frankenstein, ou le Prométhée moderne, Vol. 3 of 3,                      62406
 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
 [Language: French]

Frankenstein, ou le Prométhée moderne, Vol. 2 of 3,                      62405
 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
 [Language: French]

Frankenstein, ou le Prométhée moderne, Vol. 1 of 3,                      62404
 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
 [Language: French]

Sketches in Holland and Scandinavia, by Augustus J. C. Hare              62403

Galileo and his Judges, by F. R. Wegg-Prosser                            62402

Mason's Norwich General and Commercial Directory & Handbook,             62401
 by Robert Hindry Mason

La Carrozza di tutti, by Edmondo De Amicis                               62400
 [Language: Italian]

Éloge du pet, by Claude-François-Xavier Mercier de Compiègne             62399
 [Language: French]

A Trip to the Rockies, by B. R. Corwin                                   62398

Colonel Edward Buncombe, Fifth North Carolina Continental Regiment,      62397
 by Marshall DeLancey Haywood
 [Subtitle: His Life, Military Career, and Death while a Wounded
  Prisoner in Philadelphia during the War of the Revolution]

Parodies of the Works of English and American Authors, Vol. 1,           62396
 by Various

Phantom Out of Time, by Nelson S. Bond                                   62395

Ascendo al Monto-Blanka en 1787, by Horace Bénédict de Saussure          62394
 [Language: Esperanto]

OEuvres de Marcel Schwob, by Marcel Schwob                               62393
 [Subtitle: Volume 1 of 2]
 [Language: French]

Päivän koittaessa, by Eduard Wilde                                       62392
 [Subtitle: Novelli]
 [Language: Finnish]

Little Susan and her lamb, by Anonymous                                  62391

The Family Letters of Oliver Goldsmith, by Ernest Clarke                 62390
 [Subtitle: A Paper Read Before the Bibliographical
  Society, October 15th, 1917]

Holbein der jüngere, by Hermann Knackfuß                                 62389
 [Language: German]

Laatokan kalastajat, by Ruupert Kainulainen                              62388
 [Subtitle: 3-näytöksinen kansannäytelmä lauluineen ja tansseineen]
 [Language: Finnish]

Ilman vaan aikojaan, by Kaarlo Hemmo                                     62387
 [Subtitle: Pieniä juttuja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Melville and Co.'s Directory and Gazetteer of Norwich, Yarmouth,         62386
 Dereham, Swaffham..., 1856, by F. R. Melville

Clorinda Walks in Heaven, by Alfred Edgar Coppard                        62385

Alcibiade, la critica e il secolo di Pericle, by Felice Cavallotti       62384
 [Language: Italian]

A Biblia Sagrada, by Various                                             62383
 [Subtitle: Contendo o Velho e o Novo Testamento]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Thralls of the Endless Night, by Leigh Brackett                          62382

Kelet tündér világa, vagy Szaif Züliázán szultán, 2. kötet, by Ali Bey   62381
 [Subtitle: Aráb rege]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Stromaufwärts, by Angela Langer                                          62380
 [Subtitle: Aus einem Frauenleben]
 [Language: German]

Kelet tündér világa, vagy Szaif Züliázán szultán, 1. kötet, by Ali Bey   62379
 [Subtitle: Aráb rege]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Heart of Oak, Vol. 2 of 3, by William Clark Russell                      62378
 [Subtitle: A Three-Stranded Yarn]

Alcatraz of the Starways, by Albert dePina and Henry Hasse               62377

The History of Pedagogy, by Gabriel Compayré                             62376

My Shipmate Louise, Vol. 3, by William Clark Russell                     62375
 [Subtitle: The Romance of a Wreck]

The Story of the Alphabet, by Otto F. Ege                                62374

Ylioppilaan kosinta, by Ruupert Kainulainen                              62373
 [Subtitle: 1-näytöksinen laulunsekainen kansannäytyelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The History of Lynn, Vol. 2 of 2, by William Richards                    62372

Pemrose Lorry, Radio Amateur, by Isabel Hornibrook                       62371
 [Illustrator: Nana French Bickford]

Folk-Speech of Cumberland and Some Districts Adjacent,                   62370
 by Alexander Craig Gibson
 [Subtitle: Being Short Stories and Rhymes in
  the Dialects of the West Border Counties]

The Cumulative Book Review Digest, Vol. 3, 1907, by Various              62369
 [Subtitle: Complete in a single alphabet]

Werther, by Johann Wolfgang Goethe                                       62368
 [Illustratorstrator: Tony Johannot]
 [Language: French]

Il Cavalier Mostardo, by Antonio Beltramelli                             62367
 [Language: Italian]

Christopher Columbus, by Joachim Heinrich Campe                          62366
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

The History of Lynn, Vol. 1 of 2, by William Richards                    62365

The Origin of Tyranny, by Percy Neville Ure                              62364

Love in Idleness, by F. Marion Crawford                                  62363
 [Subtitle: A Bar Harbour Tale]

An epitome of astronomy, with the new discoveries, by W. Walker          62362
 [Subtitle: including an account of the eidouranion,
  or transparent orrery]

El Señor y los demás son Cuentos, by Leopoldo Alas                       62361
 [Language: Spanish]

Adele Doring at Boarding School, by Grace May North                      62360
 [Illustrator: Florence Liley Young]

El anacronópete; Viaje a China; Metempsicosis,                           62359
 by Enrique Gaspar y Rimbau
 [Illustrator: Francisco Gómez Soler]
 [Language: Spanish]

Neue Novellen, by Elise Polko                                            62358
 [Language: German]

Message From Mars, by Clifford D. Simak                                  62357

Defensa obligada contra acusaciones gratuitas, by P. Nozaleda            62356
 [Language: Spanish]

A Voyage Round The World, by William Betagh                              62355
 [Subtitle: Being an account of a remarkable enterprize, begun
  in the year 1719, chiefly to cruise on the Spaniards in the
  great South ocean, Relating the true historical facts of that
  whole affair, testifyd by many imployd therein; and confirmd
  by authorities from the owners]

The Pleasures of the Table, by George Herman Ellwanger                   62354
 [Subtitle: An Account of Gastronomy from Ancient Days
  to Present Times. With a History of Its Literature,
  Schools, and Most Distinguished Artists; Together
  With Some Special Recipes, and Views Concerning the
  Aesthetics of Dinners and Dinner-giving]

An Essay Towards Regulating the Trade, by John Cary                      62353
 [Subtitle: And Employing the Poor of this Kingdom]

Julião e a Biblia, by Emilio Martinez                                    62352
 [Language: Portuguese]

Revenge of the Vera, by Henry Hasse                                      62351

Mutiny in the Void, by Charles R. Tanner                                 62350

The Blue Behemoth, by Leigh Brackett                                     62349

Assignment on Venus, by Carl Jacobi                                      62348

Twenty-Three Stories by Twenty and Three Authors, by Various             62347

In Black and White, by Rudyard Kipling                                   62346
 [Subtitle: The writings in prose and verse of Rudyard Kipling]

Collectors' Items, by Anonymous                                          62345
 [Subtitle: Fifty Superb Recipes from Spice Islands]

My Shipmate Louise, Vol. 2 of 3, by William Clark Russell                62344
 [Subtitle: The Romance of a Wreck]

My Shipmate Louise, Vol. 1 of 3, by William Clark Russell                62343
 [Subtitle: The Romance of a Wreck]

Stonehenge and other British Stone Monuments Astronomically              62342
 Considered, by Joseph Norman Lockyer

Heart of Oak, Vol. 1, by William Clark Russell                           62341
 [Subtitle: A Three-Stranded Yarn]

Avant et Après, by Paul Gauguin                                          62340
 [Subtitle: Avec les vingt-sept dessins du manuscrit original]
 [Language: French]

Da un carteggio inedito, by Giosuè Carducci                              62339
 [Language: Italian]

The Countess of Rudolstadt, by George Sand                               62338
 [Subtitle: A Sequel to "Consuelo"]

Des soirs, des gens, des choses, 1909-1911, by Ernest La Jeunesse        62337
 [Language: French]

Master Rockafellar's Voyage, by William Clark Russell                    62336
 [Illustrator: Gordon Browne]

The Unpublished Legends of Virgil, by Charles Godfrey Leland             62335

Saaressa, by Lauri Soini                                                 62334
 [Subtitle: Kertomus äskeiseltä ajalta]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Norwich Directory of 1783, by William Chase                          62333
 [Subtitle: or, Gentlemen and Tradesmen's Assistant]

The Last Ninety Days of the War in North-Carolina,                       62332 
 by Cornelia Phillips Spencer

Aallotar, by Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de La Motte-Fouqué        62331
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Boesman-Stories, Vol. 1 of 4, by G. R. von Wielligh                      62330
 [Subtitle: Deel I. Mitologie en legendes]
 [Illustrator: R. F. Keet]
 [Language: Afrikaans]

The Mate of the Good Ship York, by William Clark Russell                 62329
 [Subtitle: Or, The Ship's Adventure]
 [Illustrator: W. H. Dunton]

The Dream Coach, by Anne Parrish and Dillwyn Parrish                     62328

Historical and descriptive sketches of the town and soke of Horncastle   62327
 in the county of Lincoln and several places adjacent, by George Weir

A List of C. Kegan Paul & Co.'s Publications, 1879                       62326

Menace of the Mists, by Richard Storey                                   62325

Grifters' Asteroid, by H. L. Gold                                        62324

The Sword of Johnny Damokles, by Hugh Frazier Parker                     62323

Eye Service and Love Service, by Anonymous                               62322

The Flame Breathers, by Ray Cummings                                     62321

The Life and Surprising Exploits of Jack Sheppard, by Anonymous          62320

Cosmic Castaway, by Carl Jacobi                                          62319

Essai sur le commerce, by Richard Cantillon                              62318
 [Language: French]

The Undesirable Governess, by F. Marion Crawford                         62317

Citadel of Lost Ships, by Leigh Brackett                                 62316

Domestic animals, by Anonymous                                           62315
 [Subtitle: a story book for children]

Stranger From Space, by Hannes Bok                                       62314

Oridin's Formula, by R. R. Winterbotham                                  62313

Concrete Construction for the Home and the Farm, by The Atlas            62312
 Portland Cement Company

Meine Brüder im stillen Busch, in Luft und Wasser«, by Martin Braeß      62311
 [Language: German]

The two kinds of fear, by Anonymous                                      62310

The Old Man's Story, by Anonymous                                        62309

The oak and the briony, by Anonymous                                     62308

Every-day heroism, by Anonymous                                          62307

Star Book No. 232: Novelties and Things, by Anonymous                    62306
 [Subtitle: Made with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn]

Kuopus ja muita kertomuksia, by Hilda Tihlä                              62305
 [Language: Finnish]

Black'erchief Dick, by Margery Allingham                                 62304

A Winter of Content, by Laura Lee Davidson                               62303

Scritti politici, by Terenzio Mamiani                                    62302
 [Language: Italian]

Canoemates, by Kirk Munroe                                               62301
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades]

The Plague of Lust, Vol. 1 of 2, by Julius Rosenbaum                     62300
 [Subtitle: Being a History of Venereal Disease in Classical Antiquity]

A Discourse on Trade, by John Cary                                       62299
 [Subtitle: And Other Matters Relative to it]

The Impending Sword, Vol. 3 of 3, by Edmund Yates                        62298
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Patchwork Papers, by E. Temple Thurston                              62297

The Fly Leaf, No. 1, Vol. 1, December 1895, by Various                   62296

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 May 2020 to 31 May 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Mary Lee, by Geoffrey Pomeroy Dennis                                     62295 

Savolainen soittaja, by Kauppis-Heikki                                   62294
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kaappaajan kynsissä, by Øvre Richter Frich                               62293
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Dogs and the Fleas, by Frederic Scrimshaw                            62292
 [Subtitle: By One of the Dogs]

A History of the Peninsular War, Vol. 5, Oct. 1811-Aug. 31, 1812,        62291
 by Charles Oman
 [Subtitle: Valencia, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Salamanca, Madrid]

Le livre du faulcon, by Anonymous                                        62290
 [Language: French]

Le trésor des équivoques, antistrophes, ou contrepéteries,               62289
 by Léon Dupré-Carra
 [Language: French]

BIllustrator To-morrow, by Sarah Pratt Carr                              62288
 [Illustrator: Charles M. Relyea]

The Collector's Guide, 1940, by Various                                  62287
 [Subtitle: A monthly periodical devoted to first editions, Americana,
  autographs, old newspapers and magazines, sheet music, etc.]

Kachina Dolls, by Walter Bernard Hunt                                    62286
 [Subtitle: Milwaukee Public Museum Popular Science Handbook
  Series #7, Sept. 1957]

The Art and the Romance of Indian Basketry, by Clark Field               62285
 [Subtitle: Clark Field Collection, Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, 1964]

Apples in Appealing Ways, by Anonymous                                   62284
 [Subtitle: Home and Garden Bulletin No. 161]

Tumbling for Amateurs, by James T. Gwathmey                              62283

Across the Vatna Jökull; or Scenes in Iceland,                           62282
 by WIllustratoram Lord Watts
 [Subtitle: Being a Description of Hitherto Unkown Regions]

Le Martyre de Saint Sébastien, by Gabriele D'Annunzio                    62281
 [Language: French]

Thackeray's London, by WIllustratoram H. Rideing                         62280
 [Subtitle: a description of his haunts and the scenes of his novels]

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 3, No. 29, January, 1922, by Various     62279
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

A Son of Courage, by Archie P. McKishnie                                 62278

A Popular History Of England From the Earliest Times                     62277
 To The Reign Of Queen Victoria, Vol. 4, by François
 Guizot and Henriette Guizot de Witt

Historical and Descriptive Guide through Shrewsbury,                     62276
 by S. F. WIllustratorams

West Point Colors, by Anna Bartlett Warner                               62275

The Stranger in Shrewsbury, by Thomas Howell                             62274
 [Subtitle: or, an historic and descriptive view of Shrewsbury]

Devonshire Witches, by Paul Karkeek                                      62273

VieIllustrators Histoires du Pays Breton, by Anatole Le Braz             62272
 [Language: French]

A Boy's Experience in the Civil War, 1860-1865, by Thomas Hughes         62271

Dramatis Personae, by Arthur Symons                                      62270

Gypsy Coppersmiths in Liverpool and Birkenhead, by R. A. Scott Macfie    62269

Money-making men, by J. Ewing Ritchie                                    62268

The Man From Siykul, by Richard Wilson                                   62267

The Road Past Kennesaw, by Richard M. McMurry                            62266
 [Subtitle: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864]

A First Book in Writing English, by Edwin Herbert Lewis                  62265

"Crazy Daisy" Boutique, Vol. No. 5, by Anonymous                         62264

Colorado Wild Flowers, by Harold DeWitt Roberts and Rhoda N. Roberts     62263
 [Subtitle: Denver Museum of Natural History Popular Series #8]

Marie és más asszonyok, by Lajos Biró                                    62262
 [Language: Hungarian]

Planet of No-Return, by Wilbur S. Peacock                                62261

Trouble On Tycho, by Nelson S. Bond                                      62260

The Basis of Social Relations, by Daniel G. Brinton                      62259
 [Subtitle: A Study in Ethnic Psychology]

Meteor Men of Mars, by Harry Cord and Otis A. Kline                      62258

Practical Organ Building, by W. E. Dickson                               62257

Il Re burlone, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                       62256
 [Language: Italian]

Stellar Showboat, by Malcolm Jameson                                     62255

Fabiola, by Nicholas Wiseman                                             62254
 [Subtitle: The Church of the Catacombs]
 [Illustrators: Yan Dargent and Joseph Blanc]

Star of Panadur, by Albert dePina and Henry Hasse                        62253

The Spirit of Japanese Art, by Yone Noguchi                              62252

The Poems of Alice Meynell                                               62251

History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Shropshire, 1851, by Samuel Bagshaw 62250

Outpost on Io, by Leigh Brackett                                         62249

Des bonnes moeurs et honnestes contenances que doit garder un jeune      62248
 homme, tant à table qu'aIllustratorurs, avec autres notables
 enseignemens, by Sulpitius Verulanus Johannes
 [Subtitle: Oeuvre composé premierement en latin par M. Jean Sulpice
  de Saint-Alban, dit Verulan. Et nouvellement tourné & traduit en
  rime françoise par paraphrase par M. Pierre Broë practicien de
  Tournon sur le Rhosne]
 [Language: French]

A keresztúton, by Károly Lovik                                           62247
 [Language: Hungarian]

Colossus of Chaos, by Nelson S. Bond                                     62246

Hopeaparvi, by Rex Beach                                                 62245
 [Subtitle: Seikkailuromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Galactic Ghost, by Walter Kubilius                                       62244

Histoire littéraire des Fous, by Octave Delepierre                       62243
 [Language: French]

Doorway to Destruction, by Garold S. Hatfield                            62242

Peril of the Blue World, by Robert Abernathy                             62241

A History of Chester Cathedral, by John Hicklin                          62240
 [Subtitle: with biographical notices of the Bishops and Deans]

Furcsa emberek, by Zoltán Ambrus                                         62239
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Fashionable World Displayed, by John Owen                            62238

Pulska Musta, by Anna Sewell                                             62237
 [Subtitle: Hevosen elämänvaiheet, sen itsensä kertomat]
 [Language: Finnish]

Bermuda Houses, by John Sanford Humphreys                                61736

Preserving Louisiana's Legacy, by Nancy W. Dawkins                       62235
 [Subtitle: Everyone Can Help]

Shrubs for Kansas Landscapes, by Anonymous                               62234

Salome, by Oscar Wilde                                                   62233
 [Subtitle: Tragödie in Einem Akt]
 [Illustratorstrator: Aubrey Beardsley]
 [Language: German]

A letter to a country clergyman, occasioned by his address               62232
 to Lord Teignmouth, by John Owen

One Thousand Ways, by Harold Morse Dunphy                                62231

Kitchen Tested Recipes from Canned Foods, by Anonymous                   62230

The Story Without an End, by Friedrich Wilhelm Carové                    62229
 [Illustratorstrator: WIllustratoram Harvey]

Extracts from "Sikes on Parochial Communion", by Thomas Sikes            62228
 [Subtitle: relating to Episcopacy, and the sin of Schism]

Bicycling for Ladies, by Maria E. Ward                                   62227
 [Subtitle: The Common Sense of Bicycling; with Hints as to
  the Art of Wheeling, Advice to Beginners, Dress, Care of
  the Bicycle, Mechanics, Training, Exercise, etc., etc.]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              62226
 No. 739, February 23, 1878, by Various

Battlefield Church, Salop, by W. G. Dimock Fletcher                      62225

The Great Thames Barrage, by Thomas Walter Barber                        62224

Plain Parochial Sermons, by James Slade                                  62223
 [Subtitle: preached in the Parish Church of Bolton-le-Moors]

Remarks upon the proposed destruction of the tower of the Parish         62222
 Church of St. John, Hampstead, by George Gilbert Scott

Our Sabbaths in Danger, by Daniel Moore                                  62221
 [Subtitle: A Sermon, deprecating the comtemplated opening
  of the Crystal Palace on the Lord's-Day]

The New Crystal Palace and the Christian Sabbath, by John Weir           62220

The Day of Small Things, by Anne Manning                                 62219

City of the Living Flame, by Henry Hasse                                 62218

Loistohotelli Babylon, by Arnold Bennett                                 62217
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

La Nonne Alferez, by José-María de Heredia                               62216
 [Illustratorstrator: Daniel Vierge]
 [Language: French]

Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, by Gaston Leroux                                  62215
 [Language: French]

The proposed union of the telegraph and postal systems,                  62214
 by Western Union Telegraph Company
 [Subtitle: Statement of the Western Union Telegraph Company]

Satuja ja tarinoita itäisiltä mailta, by Anonymous                       62213
 [Subtitle: Lasten Hupainen Huvitus I.]
 [Language: Finnish]

Prison Planet, by Bob Tucker                                             62212

Nuevas investigaciones sobre el origen del nombre América,               62211
 by Jules Marcou
 [Language: Spanish]

Eduskuntalaisten koulu, by Jalmari Finne                                 62210
 [Subtitle: 1-näytöksinen pila]
 [Language: Finnish]

Some Observations Upon the Civilization of the western Barbarians,       62209
 by Ah Chin-Lee
 [Subtitle: particularly of the English; made during
  the residence of some years in those parts]

How to Fold Napkins, by Anonymous                                        62208
 [Subtitle: Abundantly Illustrated with Many Handsome Styles
  and Diagrams Which Show How It is Done]

Simples Contes des Collines, by Rudyard Kipling                          62207
 [Language: French]

A few lines against the opening of the Crystal Palace                    62206
 on the Sabbath day, by John Elwin Wrench

The People's Palace and the Religious World, by A Layman                 62205
 [Subtitle: thoughts on public agitation against
  the promised charter to the new Crystal Palace
  Company, and on "Sabbath desecration"]

The Sabbath, by John Martindale Farrar                                   62204
 [Subtitle: a sermon preached in Holy Trinity Church,
  Hurdsfield, on Sunday Evening, January 30, 1853]

The Divided Sabbath, by WIllustratoram Jowett                            62203
 [Subtitle: remarks concerning the Crystal Palace now erecting at Sydenham]

The Sabbath, the Crystal Palace, and the People, by James Baldwin Brown  62202

Los Ladrones de Londres, by Charles Dickens                              62201
 [Language: Spanish]

Sabbath Defence Tactics, by James Bridges                                62200
 [Subtitle: a manual]

The Thought-Men of Mercury, by R. R. Winterbotham                        62199

Quest of Thig, by Basil Wells                                            62198

A Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Derby, by Benjamin Parsons  62197
 [Subtitle: on the cruelty and injustice of opening
  the Crystal Palace on the Sabbath]

Le roi Voltaire, by Arsène Houssaye                                      62196
 [Language: French]

Christians and Infidels, by Anonymous                                    62195

Indian Summer, by Mrs. Emily Grant Hutchings                             62194

Peräkartanon ylioppilas, by K. A. Järvi                                  62193
 [Language: Finnish]

L'eresia nel Medio Evo, by Felice Tocco                                  62192
 [Language: Italian]

Hong Kong, by Gene Gleason                                               62191

Star Book No. 98: Suggestions for Fairs and Bazaars, by Anonymous        62190

Louisiana Prehistory, by Robert W. Neuman and Nancy W. Hawkins Neuman    62189

Betty Crocker's Frosting Secrets, by Anonymous                           62188
 [Subtitle: Fancy Cake Decorating; New cake-trimming short
  cuts; Fabulous party cake ideas; Fun with Frostings]

The Quiet Life, by Various                                               62187
 [Subtitle: Certain Verses by Various Hands]
 [Illustrators: Edwin A. Abbey and Alfred Parsons]

Space Oasis, by Raymond Z. Gallun                                        62186

An Address to Lord Teignmouth, by Thomas Sikes                           62185
 [Subtitle: occasioned by his address to the clergy
  of the Church of England]

For God and Gold, by Julian Corbett                                      62184

Maiden Mona the Mermaid, by Frederick Augustus Dixon                     62183
 [Subtitle: A Fairy Play for Fairy People]

Good Councell against the plague, by Anonymous                           62182
 [Subtitle: Shewing sundry preset preseruatiues for the same]

Arnold's Tempter, by Benjamin F. Comfort                                 62181

An Irish Crazy-Quilt, by Arthur M. Forrester                             62180

Le Petit Art d'Aimer, by Armand Silvestre                                62179
 [Subtitle: en quatorze chapitres]
 [Illustratorstrator: Lucien Métivet]
 [Language: French]

Fuxloh, by Hans Watzlik                                                  62178
 [Subtitle: oder Die Taten und Anschläge des Kasper Dullhäubel]
 [Language: German]

A Serpolette, by Lajos Biró                                              62177
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Wrecking Master, by Ralph Delahaye Paine                             62176
 [Illustrator: George Varian]

Studies of childhood, by James Sully                                     62175

Water pollution: Wells, by Irving A. Watson                              62174

Mordred and Hildebrand, by William Wilfred Campbell                      62173
 [Subtitle: A Book of Tragedies]

The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 10, by William Curtis                       62172
 [Subtitle: Or, Flower-Garden Displayed]

Out of This World, by Henry Hasse                                        62171

Venus Enslaved, by Manly Wade Wellman                                    62170

The Cosmic Derelict, by John Broome                                      62169

Asteroid of the Damned, by Dirk Wylie                                    62168

The Sabbath Breaker Reclaimed, by Old Humphrey                           62167
 [Subtitle: or, a pleasing history of Thomas Brown]

Ugor Ágnes, by György Szemere                                            62166
 [Language: Hungarian]

>From Dixie to Canada, by Homer Uri Johnson                               62165
 [Subtitle: Romances and Realities of the Underground Railroad]

The migrations of early culture, by Grafton Elliot Smith                 62164
 [Subtitle: A study of the significance of the geographical
  distribution of the practice of mummification as evidence
  of the migrations of peoples and the spread of certain
  customs and beliefs]

David Morgan, the Welsh Jacobite, by William Llewellin                   62163
 [Subtitle: a contribution to the history of Jacobitism in Wales]

The Worth of the Soul, by Religious Tract Society of Great Britain       62162
 [Subtitle: No. 179]

The Life and Death of Tom Careless, by Anonymous                         62161
 [Subtitle: to which is added, The History of
  Will Worthy & Nancy Wilmot]

Kirjoja ja kirjailijoita III, by Veikko Antero Koskenniemi               62160
 [Language: Finnish]

The Impending Sword, Vol. 2 of 3, by Edmund Yates                        62159
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

A letter addressed to the Right Honourable Lord Robert Grosvenor, M.P.,  62158
 by the Rev. Evan Evans
 [Subtitle: expanatory of the object and design of the
  Chester Cambrian Society]

The Chester and Holyhead Railway and its Prospects, by William Morgan    62157

International Bridge Authority, Sault Ste. Marie, by Anonymous           62156

Journal of Travels from St. Josephs to Oregon, by Riley Root             62155
 [Subtitle: with Observations of that Country, together with
  Some Description of California, its Agricultural Interests,
  and a Full Description of its Gold Mines]

Canada, by Beckles Willson                                               62154
 [Illustrator: Henry Sandham]

A Letter to the Kensington Canal Company on the Substitution of          62153
 the Pneumatic Railway for the common Railway, John Vallance
 [Subtitle: by which they contemplate extending
  their line of conveyance]

Primrose Hill Park, Regent's Park, and Hampstead Heath,                  62152
 William Ray Smee

Adele Doring of the Sunnyside Club, by Grace May North                   62151
 [Illustrator: Florence Liley Young]

The Danube, by F. D. Millet                                              62150
 [Subtitle: From the Black Forest to the Black Sea]
 [Illustrator: Alfred Parsons]

A Body of Divinity, Vol. 2 of 4, by Thomas Ridgley                       62149

The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary of the Books of the Bible,  62148
 Vol. 29 of 32, by George Barlow

 [Subtitle: The Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary of the
  Epistles of St. Paul the Apostle Galatians, Ephesians,
  Philippians, Colossians, and I-II Thessalonians]

Au temps de l'innocence, by Edith Wharton                                62147
 [Language: French]

The Janitor's Boy, by Nathalia Crane                                     62146
 [Subtitle: And Other Poems]

Tyynen meren rannikolta, by Väinö Hämeen-Anttila                         62145
 [Subtitle: Pieniä kuvauksia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Letter to the Friends and Subscribers of the Church Pastoral-Aid         62144
  Society, by Rev. Caleb Whiteford
 [Subtitle: occasioned by a letter from the Rev. Dr. Molesworth]

Sabbath-Breaking on the Canal, by Rev. John Clutton                      62143
 [Subtitle: A Poem]

The History of Whittington, by William Davies                            62142

An Earnest Exhortation to a Frequent Reception of the Holy Sacrament     62141
 of the Lord's Supper, by James Allan Park
 [Subtitle: particularly addressed to Young Persons]

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 4, Supplement,         62140
 by Richard F. Burton

Captain Chaos, by Nelson S. Bond                                         62139

Cannibal-land, by Martin Johnson                                         62138
 [Subtitle: Adventures with a camera in the New Hebrides]

Venus Enslaved, by Manly Wade Wellman                                    62137

A leányvári boszorkány, by Károly Lovik                                  62136
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Chunky, the Happy Hippo, by Richard Barnum                               62135
 [Subtitle: His Many Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

London in the Time of the Tudors, by Sir Walter Besant                   62134

Useful Phrases in the Shanghai Dialect, by Gilbert McIntosh              62133

Stein unter Steinen, by Hermann Sudermann                                62132
 [Language: German]

Geschichte der Mathematik im Altertum, by Max Simon                      62131
 [Subtitle: In Verbindung mit antiker Kulturgeschichte]
 [Language: German]

Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect, by Francis Lister Hawks                 62130

A History of Story-telling, by Arthur Ransome                            62129
 [Subtitle: Studies in the development of narrative]
 [Illustrator: J. Gavin]

A Grammar of Colloquial Chinese, as Exhibited in the Shanghai Dialect,   62128
 by Joseph Edkins

On the Processes for the Production of Ex Libris Book-Plates,            62127
 by John Vinycomb

Captivating Bible Stories, by Charlotte Mary Yonge                       62126
 [Subtitle: For Young People Written in Simple Language]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              62125
 No. 738, February 16, 1878, by Various

Sanitation of Mofussil Bazaars, by G. W. Disney                          62124

The Sworn Brothers, by Gunnar Gunnarsson                                 62123
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Early Days of Iceland]

Magyar tükör, by Gyula Krúdy                                             62122
 [Language: Hungarian]

John L. Stoddard's Lectures, Vol. 3 of 10, by John L. Stoddard           62121

Les amours du chevalier de Faublas, tome 4/5,                            62120
 by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray
 [Illustrator: Paul Avril]
 [Language: French]

Come Hither, by Various                                                  62119
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Rhymes and Poems for the Young of all Ages]

Legendoj, by Andrzej Niemojewski                                         62118
 [Language: Esperanto]

Water Power for the Farm and Country Home, by David R. Cooper            26117

Working Plan for Colored Antituberculosis Leagues, by C. P. Wertenbaker  62116

Arte de louceiro, by José Ferreira da Silva                              62115
 [Subtitle: Tratado sobre o modo de fazer
  as louças de barro mais grossas]
 [Language: Portuguese]

L'intelligence des fleurs, by Maurice Maeterlinck                        62114
 [Language: French]

On the Road With a Circus, by W. C. Thompson                             62113

Sotalaivan valtaus, by Rikhard Melander                                  62112
 [Subtitle: Kuvaus 1808 vuoden sodasta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Huszonegy novella, by Lajos Biró                                         62111
  [Language: Hungarian]

Radio Boys in the Flying Service, by J. W. Duffield                      62110
 [Subtitle: or, Held For Ransom by Mexican Bandits]

The Star Mouse, by Fredric Brown                                         62109

La Perse, la Chaldée et la Susianne, by Jane Dieulafoy                   62108
 [Language: French]

Egész az északi polusig!; A ki a szivét a homlokán hordja, by Mór Jókai  62107
 [Language: Hungarian]

Le gibet de Montfaucon, by Firmin Maillard                               62106
  [Language: French]

The Girl Scouts' Vacation Adventures, by Edith Lavell                    62105

Syvistä hetteistä, by Marja Salmela                                      62104
 [Language: Finnish]

American Spirit in the Writings of Americans of Foreign Birth,           62103
 by Various

Education, by Ellen G. White                                             62102

Robur, o Conquistador, by Jules Verne                                    62101
 [Language: Portuguese]

Un amour de Swann, by Marcel Proust                                      62100
 [Language: French]

A buvös erszény és egyéb elbeszélések, by Gyula Krúdy                    62099
 [Language: Hungarian]

History of Greece, Vol. 5 of 12, by George Grote                         62098

The Last Martian, by Raymond Van Houten                                  62097

The Ballad of Venus Nell, by Nelson S. Bond                              62096

The Three Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World, Vol. 5,               62095
 Being the First of the Third Voyage

Jesse James' Deperate Game, by William Ward                              62094
 [Subtitle: The Robbery of the Ste. Genevieve Bank]

Rick and Ruddy Out West, by Howard R. Garis                              62093
 [Illustrator: W. B. King]

Oeuvres complètes, tome 6/6, by Laurence Sterne                          62092
 [Language: French]

The First Duke and Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by Thomas Longueville 62091

Favole per i Re d'oggi, by Ercole Luigi Morselli                         62090
 [Language: Italian]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1022, July 29, 1899, by Various       62089

Kun naiset pelkäävät, by Ville Vuoksinen                                 62088
 [Subtitle: Yksinäytöksinen huvinäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Merenvirta, by Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert                            62087
 [Subtitle: Lasten Punainen Huvitus II]
 [Language: Finnish]

Thackeray, by G. K. Chesterton and Lewis Melville                        62086

Pied Piper of Mars, by Frederic A. Kummer                                62085

The Deceased Wife's Sister, and My Beautiful Neighbour, Vol. 3,          62084
 by William Clark Russell

Bei uns im Arzgebirg', by Max Wenzel                                     62083
 [Subtitle: Heiteres aus dem Erzgebirge]
 [Language: German]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1021, July 22, 1899, by Various       62082

The Timber Pirate, by Charles Christopher Jenkins                        62081

John Cheap, the Chapman's Library, by Various                            62080
 [Subtitle: The Scottish Chap Literature of Last Century Classified]

Cathalina at Greycliff, by Harriet Pyne Grove                            62079

Queen of the Blue World, by Basil Wells                                  62078

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 3, No. 28, December, 1921, by Various    62077
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

The Thing of Venus, by Wilbur S. Peacock                                 62076

Gods of Space, by Ray Cummings                                           62075

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1020, July 15, 1899, by Various       62074

George Borrow's Second Tour in Wales, by T. C. Cantrill                  62073

Frank Merriwell's Marriage, by Burt L. Standish                          62072
 [Subtitle: Inza's Happiest Day]

Kunszállási emberek, by Lajos Biró                                       62071
 [Language: Hungarian]

Ylioppilas ja papintytär, by Kristofer Janson                            62070
 [Subtitle: Kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

An Australian Ramble, by J. Ewing Ritchie                                62069
 [Subtitle: a Summer in Australia]

The Face of the Earth as Seen from the Air, by Willis Thomas Lee         62068
 [Subtitle: A Study in the Application of Airplane
  Photography to Geography]

Genealogie der familie Franssen te Tegelen, van 1651 tot heden,          62067
 by M. Hub. H. Michels
 [Language: Dutch]

The Annual Report on the Health of the Parish of St. Mary Abbotts,       62066
 Kensington, during the year 1874, by T. Orme Dudfield

A Letter to Sir Richard Ford and the other Police Magistrates,           62065
 by Robert Holloway
 [Subtitle: upon the prevalancy of Gaming, and the infamous
  practices of Common Informers]

Rules of the Western Grammar School, Brompton                            62064

The Girls of Greycliff, by Harriet Pyne Grove                            62063

The Three Stages of Clarinda Thorbald, by William T. Hamilton, Jr.       62062

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and                   62061
 Art, No. 737, February 9, 1878, by Various

Interesting Incidents connected with the Life of George Bickers          62060

The Irish Peasant, by Anonymous                                          62059
 [Subtitle: the History of Peter Lacy and his wife Susan]

Apostol a Hódságon, by Endre Nagy                                        62058
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Buffalo Bill's Boy Bugler, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                  62057
 [Subtitle: The Last of the Indian Ring]

General Brock, by Matilda Ridout Edgar                                   62056

Reasons for Leaving the Church of Rome, by Rev. Laurence J. Nolan        62055

The Dying Gipsy, by Rev George Crabb                                     62054

The Geology of Mt. Mansfield State Forest, by Robert A. Christman        62053

Bailey's Dam, by Steven D. Smith and George J. Castille III              62052

Notice bio-bibliographique sur La Boëtie, suivie de La Servitude         62051
 volontaire, by Jean François Payen and Estienne de La Boëtie
 [Language: French]

Foreign Exchange, by Robert Latham Owen                                  62050

Nyári zivatar, by Lajos Biró                                             62049
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

London, by G. K. Chesterton                                              62048

La libertà, by John Stuart Mill                                          62047
 [Language: Italian]

Memoirs of Doctor Burney, Vol. 3 of 3, by Fanny Burney                   62046
 [Subtitle: Arranged from his own manuscripts, from
  family papers, and from personal recollections by his
  daughter, Madame d'Arblay]

Leo Tolstoy, by G. K. Chesterton, George Herbert Perris, and             62045
 Edward Garnett

Billy and Hans, My Squirrel Friends, by William James Stillman           62044
 [Subtitle: A True History]

Zurk, by Robert O. Lewis                                                 62043

Thief of Mars, by Henry Hasse                                            62042

Sienai Szent Katalin volegénye, by Endre Nagy                            62041
 [Subtitle: Elbeszélések]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Monster of the Asteroid, by Ray Cummings                                 62040

The Lorelei Death, by Nelson S. Bond                                     62039

Le cronache italiane nel Medio Evo, by Ugo Balzani                       62038
 [Language: Italian]

Child of the Sun, by Leigh Brackett                                      62037

The Unforgiving Offender, by John Reed Scott                             62036
 [Illustrator: Clarence F. Underwood]

A Planet for Your Thoughts, by James Norman                              62035

The Mercurian, by Frank Belknap Long                                     62034

Blood Will Tell, by Benj. Rush Davenport                                 62033
 [Subtitle: The Strange Story of a Son of Ham]
 [Illustrator: J. H. Donahey]

The Hypnotic Experiment of Dr. Reeves, by Charlotte Rosalys Jones        62032
 [Subtitle: and Other stories]

Kuningas Eerik ja lainsuojattomat, by B. S. Ingemann                     62031
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Capillary Crime and other Stories, by F. D. Millet                     62030

Harminc novella, by Lajos Biró                                           62029
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Soul of Ann Rutledge: Abraham Lincoln's Romance, by Bernie Babcock   62028
 [Illustrator: Gayle Porter Hoskins]

Keeping His Course, by Ralph Henry Barbour                               62027
 [Illustrator: Walt Louderback]

A Yankee Girl at Antietam, by Alice Turner Curtis                        62026
 [Illustrator: Nat Little]

Positions, by Richard Mulcaster                                          62025

Les amours du chevalier de Faublas, tome 3/5, by Jean-Baptiste           62024
 Louvet de Couvray
 [Illustrator: Paul Avril]
 [Language: French]

The Life of the Rev. George Whitefield, Vol. 2 of 2, by Luke Tyerman     62023

Szép Mikhál, by Mór Jókai                                                62022
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Jean-Christophe, Vol. 4 of 4, by Romain Rolland                          62021
 [Subtitle: Le Buisson Ardent, La Nouvelle Journée]
 [Language: French]

Lightfoot, the Leaping Goat, by Richard Barnum                           62020
 [Subtitle: His Many Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

Política americana, by Alejandro Calvo                                   62019
 [Language: Spanish]

The Journal of Jacob Fowler, by Jacob Fowler                             62018
 [Subtitle: Narrating an Adventure from Arkansas Through the
  Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New
  Mexico, to the Sources of Rio Grande del Norte, 1821-22]

A Religious Tract, recommending a Christian's Duty,                      62017
 by Rev. Joseph Phillimore

Acts of 30th & 43th Geo. III. relating to a district in the Parish       62016
 of Saint Luke, Chelsea, called Hans Town, by Anonymous

Rakkaus on nopeampi Piiroisen pässiäkin, by Tiitus                       62015
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Korpivaaran Tutjanpohjaan
  tulleesta miljoonaperinnöstä]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Sermon preached at Kensington Church, on June the 29th, 1794,          62014
 by Rev. Joseph Phillimore
 [Subtitle: after the Victory gained at Sea, June the 1st]

Oeuvres complètes, tome 5/6, by Laurence Sterne                          62013
 [Language: French]

A Week in Wall Street, by Frederick Jackson                              62012
 [Subtitle: By One who Knows]

The Sea and its Living Wonders, by George Hartwig                        62011
 [Subtitle: A Popular Account of the Marvels of the
  Deep and of the Progress of Martime Discovery
  from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time]

The Photographer's Evidence, by Nicholas Carter                          62010
 [Subtitle: Clever but Crooked]

The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society, Vol. 1, No. 3            62009

Notes Upon Indigo, by John Hayes                                         62008

Les louanges de la Folie, by Anonymous                                   62007
 [Subtitle: Traicté fort plaisant en forme de paradoxe, traduict
  d'Italien en François par feu messire Jehan du Thier]
 [Language: French]

Leben und Meinungen des Herrn Andreas von Balthesser, eines Dandy        62006
 und Dilettanten, by Richard Schaukal
 [Language: German]

An Account of the Ladies of Llangollen, by Rev. John Prichard            62005

The Church Rate, by Benjamin Richings                                    62004
 [Subtitle: a dialogue between a Churchman and a Dissenter]

Norwich Cheap Tracts No. 42: I'm Greatly Concerned about your Soul,      62003
 by M. A. C.

A Plain Statement of the Doctrines objected to in the Church of Rome,    62002
 by Joseph Reilly

The Cross, by J. C. Ryle                                                 62001
 [Subtitle: A Tract for the Times]

Radio Boys in the Secret Service, by J. W. Duffield                      62000
 [Subtitle: Cast Away on an Iceberg]

Runopisareita, by Lauri Soini                                            61999
 [Language: Finnish]

Als ich noch der Waldbauernbub war, Band 1, by Peter Rosegger            61998
 [Subtitle: Für die Jugend ausgewählt aus den Schriften
  Roseggers vom Hamburger Jugendschriftenausschuß]
 [Language: German]

Über den Bildungstrieb, by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach                   61997
 [Language: German]

Throttled!, by Thomas Tunney                                             61996
 [Subtitle: The Detection of the German and Anarchist Bomb Plotters]

A Girl of High Adventure, by L. T. Meade                                 61995
 [Illustrator: Charles L. Wrenn]

Olivier Twist, by Charles Dickens                                        61994
 [Subtitle: Les voleurs de Londres]
 [Language: French]

Sketches of Imposture, Deception, and Credulity,                         61993
 by Richard Alfred Davenport

Norðurfari, or, Rambles in Iceland, by Pliny Miles                       61992

La realtà, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                           61991
 [Language: Italian]

A Sermon n Preach’d upon the Occasion of the Anniversary Thanksgiving    61990
 of the Fifth of November, 1706, by Nath. Hough
 [Subtitle: at the Church of Kensington]

Some Artists at the Fair, by Frank D. Millet, J. A. Mitchell,            61989
 Will H. Low, W. Hamilton Gibson, and F. Hopkinson Smith

Erzählungen aus der Römischen Geschichte in biographischer Form,         61988
 by Ludwig Stacke
 [Language: German]

Virginia's Adventure Club, by Grace May North                            61987

Greek vase-painting, by Ernst Buschor                                    61986
 [Contributor: Percy Gardner]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Apr 2020 to 30 Apr 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Harrods for Everything, by Harrods, Ltd.                                 61985

Sylvia, by Upton Sinclair                                                61984
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Southey, by Edward Dowden                                                61983
 [Subtitle: No. 134 of 'Harper's Handy Series',
  'English Men of Letters']

The Profession of Journalism, by Various                                 61982
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Articles on Newspaper Editing
  and Publishing, taken from the Atlantic Monthly]

British Butterflies, by A. M. Stewart                                    61981
 [Subtitle: Peeps at Nature, Book 5]

Les amours du chevalier de Faublas, tome 2/5,                            61980
 by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray
 [Illustrator: Paul Avril]
 [Language: French]

Igy is történhetik, by Endre Ady                                         61979
 [Subtitle: Novellák]
 [Language: Hungarian]

War-Gods of the Void, by Henry Kuttner                                   61978

The Domestic Slave Trade of the Southern States, by Winfield H. Collins  61977

"Shadrach", by Nelson S. Bond                                            61976

Frutti proibiti, by Salvatore Farina                                     61975
 [Language: Italian]

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 3,                     61974
 Part 2, Supplement, by Richard F. Burton

The Giant Fish of Florida, by J. Turner-Turner                           61973

Kirjoja ja kirjailijoita II, by Veikko Antero Koskenniemi                61972
 [Language: Finnish]

A Popular History Of England From the Earliest Times To The Reign        61971
 Of Queen Victoria, Vol. 3, by François Guizot and
 Henriette Guizot de Witt

Jean-Christophe, Vol. 3 of 4, by Romain Rolland                          61970
 [Subtitle: Antoinette, Dans la maison, Les Amies]
 [Language: French]

Prince Dusty, by Kirk Munroe                                             61969
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Oil Regions]

The Ballad of Blaster Bill, by Nelson S. Bond                            61968

The Star of Satan, by Henry Hasse                                        61967

Abraham Lincoln's Lost Speech, May 29, 1856                              61966
 [Subtitle: A Souvenir of the Eleventh Annual Lincoln Dinner
  of the Republican Club of the City of New York, at the
  Waldorf, February 12, 1897]

Lettres d'un innocent, by Alfred Dreyfus                                 61965
 [Language: French]

An Essay on the State of England, by John Cary                           61964
 [Subtitle: In Relation to its Trade, its Poor, and its Taxes,
  for Carrying on the Present War against France]

We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin                                                  61963

The Holy Piby, by Robert Athlyi Rogers                                   61962
 [Subtitle: The Black Man's Bible]

Le français tel que le parlent nos tirailleurs sénégalais, by Anonymous  61961
 [Language: French]

Farkasvér, by Jack London                                                61960
 [Language: Hungarian]

Anglo-American Memories, by George W. Smalley                            61959

Sargasso of the Stars, by Frederic A. Kummer                             61958

Wilhelm Hauffs sämtliche Werke in sechs Bänden. Sechster Band            61957
 [Language: German]

The Early Irish Monastic Schools, by Hugh Graham                         61956
 [Subtitle: A study of Ireland's contribution
  to early medieval culture]

U-Boot-Abenteuer im Sperrgebiet, by Karl Emil Selow-Serman               61955
 [Language: German]

The Lady's Walk, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                               61954

The Story of My Life and Work, by Booker T. Washington                   61953
 [Illustrator: Frank Beard]

Spawn of the Venus Sea, by Harry Walton                                  61952

The Raiders of Saturn's Rings, by Raymond Z. Gallun                      61951

Proktols of Neptune, by Henry Hasse                                      61950

The Impending Sword, Vol. 1 of 3, by Edmund Yates                        61949
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Mittelniederdeutsches Handwörterbuch, by August Lübben                   61948
 and Christoph Walther
 [Language: German]

Edinburgh Papers, Edinburgh Merchants, and Merchandise in Old Times,     61947
 by Robert Chambers

Jesse James' Deperate Game, by William Ward                              61946
 [Subtitle: The Robbery of the Ste. Genevieve Bank]

The New Science of Controlled Breathing, Vol. 2 of 2, by Edward Lankow   61945
 [Subtitle: The Secret of Strength, Energy and Beauty,
  Through Breath Control]

The New Science of Controlled Breathing, Vol. 1 of 2, by Edward Lankow   61944
 [Subtitle: The Secret of Strength, Energy and Beauty,
  Through Breath Control]

The Victory of Klon, by Wilbur S. Peacock                                61943

South to Propontis, by Henry Andrew Ackermann                            61942

Mansikoita ja Mustikoita IV, by Various                                  61941
 [Language: Finnish]

A Sermon: Thou shalt not commit Adultery, by Joseph Phillimore           61940

A Child's Dream of the Zoo, by William Manning                           61939

The Burston School Strike, by Casey                                      61938

A Prose English Translation Of Harivamsha, by Dwaipayana Vyasa           61937
 [Subtitle: Translated Literally Into English Prose]

Sinapismos, by Zinão                                                     61936
 [Language: Portuguese]

Outdoor pastimes of an American hunter, by Theodore Roosevelt            61935

Kotipoluilta IV, by Emil Lassinen                                        61934
 [Subtitle: Pieniä kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kotipoluilta III, by Emil Lassinen                                       61933
 [Subtitle: Pieniä kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Come and Find Me, by Elizabeth Robins                                    61932
 [Illustrator: E. L. Blumenschein]

Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck            61931
 of the Whale-ship Essex, by Owen Chase
 [Subtitle: of Nantucket; Which Was Attacked and Finally Destroyed by
  a Large Spermaceti-whale, in the Pacific Ocean; With an
  Account of the Unparalleled Sufferings of the Captain and
  Crew During a Space of Ninety-three Days at Sea, in Open
  Boats in the Years 1819 & 1820]

Observations on the State of Religion and Literature in Spain,           61930
 by John Bowring

Il dolce far niente, by Antonio Caccianiga                               61929
 [Subtitle: Scene della vita veneziana del secolo passato]
 [Language: Italian]

Komet und Weltuntergang, by Wilhelm Bölsche                              61928
 [Language: German]

Invaders of the Forbidden Moon, by Raymond Z. Gallun                     61927

Memoirs of Doctor Burney, by Fanny Burney                                61926
 [Subtitle: Arranged from His Own Manuscripts, from Family Papers,
  and from Personal Recollections by His Daughter, Madame D'Arblay]

Challenge, by Vita Sackville-West                                        61925

On the Architectural History of Chester Cathedral, by Thomas Rickman     61924

The Proportions of Christian Liberality, by William Bengo' Collyer       61923

On the Lady Chapel in Chester Cathedral, by Rev. Canon Blomfield         61922

Viaggj del Capitano Lemuel Gulliver, by Jonathan Swift                   61921
 [Subtitle: In Diversi Paesi Lontani]
 [Language: Italian]

Les amours du chevalier de Faublas, tome 1/5,                            61920
 by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray
 [Illustrator: Paul Avril]
 [Language: French]

Dead Man's Planet, by R. R. Winterbotham                                 61919

Adventures in Silence, by Herbert Winslow Collingwood                    61918

Educación común en el Estado de Buenos-Aires,                            61917
 by Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
 [Language: Spanish]

Effie Ogilvie, Complete, by Margaret Oliphant                            61916
 [Subtitle: the story of a young life]

Effie Ogilvie, Vol. 2, by Margaret Oliphant                              61915
 [Subtitle: the story of a young life]

Effie Ogilvie, Vol. 1, by Margaret Oliphant                              61914
 [Subtitle: the story of a young life]

History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin,              61913
 Vol. 7 of 8, by J. H. Merle D'Aubigné

Az elátkozott család, by Mór Jókai                                       61912
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Oxbow Wizard, by Theodore Goodridge Roberts                          61911

A Funeral Sermon preach'd on the decease of the Right Honourable         61910
 the Lady Elizabeth Cutts, by William Wigan
 [Subtitle: Late wife of the Right Honourable the Lord Cutts,
  on the 5th of December, 1697, at Kensington Church]

History of the Ordinance of 1787 and the old Northwest Territory,        61909
 by Various
 [Subtitle: A Supplemental Text for School Use]

Scott Burton in the Blue Ridge, by Edward Gheen Cheyney                  61908

Genesis!, by R. R. Winterbotham                                          61907

Sämtliche Werke 5-6: Die Dämonen, by Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski   61906
 [Language: German]

Oeuvres complètes, tome 4/6, by Laurence Sterne                          61905
 [Language: French]

World of Mockery, by Sam Moskowitz                                       61904

The Cable Game, by Stanley Washburn                                      61903
 [Subtitle: The Adventures of an American Press-Boat
  in Turkish Waters During the Russian Revolution]

How Salvator Won & Other Recitations, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox             61902

The Mythology of Greece and Rome, by Otto Seemann                        61901
 [Subtitle: With Special Reference to Its Use in Art]

The Educational Writings of Richard Mulcaster, by Richard Mulcaster      61900

The Pirate Submarine, by Percy F. Westerman                              61899

Paholaisen silmä, by Øvre Richter-Frich                                  61898
 [Language: Finnish]

Pieni palvelustyttö, by Amy Le Feuvre                                    61897
 [Language: Finnish]

Angels in Art, by Clara Erskine Clement                                  61896

Space-Wolf, by Ray Cummings                                              61895

The World-Struggle for Oil, by Pierre l'Espagnol del la Tramerye         61894

A koszivu ember fiai (2. rész), by Mór Jókai                             61893
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

A koszivu ember fiai (1. rész), by Mór Jókai                             61892
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Der Schwarzwald, by Ludwig Neumann                                       61891
 [Language: German]

The Dragon-Queen of Jupiter, by Leigh Brackett                           61890

Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation,                      61889
 by Thomas Hill Green and Bernard Bosanquet
 [Subtitle: Reprinted from Green's Philosophical Works,
  Vol. 2, with Preface by Bernard Bosanquet]

Chinook, the Cinnamon Cub, by Allen Chaffee                              61888
 [Illustrator: Peter Da Ru]

Una historia de dos ciudades, by Charles Dickens                         61887
 [Language: Spanish]

Behind the veil at the Russian court, by Catherine Radziwill             61886

Ricordi d'infanza e di scuola, by Edmondo De Amicis                      61885
 [Language: Italian]

The War-Nymphs of Venus, by Ray Cummings                                 61884

Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders It?, by Dwight Lyman Moody               61883

Kotipoluilta II, by Emil Lassinen                                        61882
 [Subtitle: Pieniä kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kotipoluilta I, by Emil Lassinen                                         61881
 [Subtitle: Pieniä kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Construction of the Small House, by Harold Vandervoort Walsh         61880
 [Subtitle: A Simple and Useful Source of Information
  of the Methods of Building Small American Homes,
  for Anyone Planning to Build]

Bubájosok, by Dezso Kosztolányi                                          61879
 [Subtitle: Novellák]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Manor School, by L. T. Meade                                         61878 

Dangerous Dilemmas, by James Peddie                                      61877
 [Subtitle: Startling but True]

Jean-Christophe, Vol. 2 of 4, by Romain Rolland                          61876
 [Subtitle: La Révolte, La Foire sur la Place]
 [Language: French]

Animal Stories from Eskimo Land, by Renée Coudert Riggs                  61875
 [Subtitle: Adapted from the Original Eskimo Stories
  Collected by Dr. Daniel S. Neuman]
 [Illustrator: George W. Hood]

Alma vasca, by José María Salaverría                                     61874
 [Language: Spanish]

Warum und Weil. Physikalischer Teil., by Otto Ule                        61873
 [Subtitle: Fragen und Antworten aus den wichtigsten
  Gebieten der gesammten Naturlehre.]
 [Language: German]

Treasure of Triton, by Charles A. Baker                                  61872

Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena, by William E. Robinson       61871

The Monster That Threatened the Universe, by R. R. Winterbotham          61870

Satellite of Fear, by Frederic Arnold Kummer                             61869

Jean-Christophe, Vol. 1 of 4, by Romain Rolland                          61868
 [Subtitle: L'Aube, Le Matin, L'Adolescent]
 [Language: French]

The Deep Sea Hunters, by Alpheus Hyatt Verrill                           61867
 [Subtitle: Adventures on a Whaler]

American Missionary, Volume 37, No. 11, November, 1883, by Various       61866

The Master of Man, by Hall Caine                                         61865
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Sin]

Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, Vol. 3, No. 27, November, 1921, by Various    61864
 [Subtitle: America's Magazine of Wit, Humor and Filosophy]

4-1/2 B, Eros, by Malcolm Jameson                                        61863

Metsäsissi, by Gabriel Ferry                                             61862
 [Subtitle: Kuvaus Amerikan Lännestä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Old London Street Cries and the Cries of To-day, by Andrew W. Tuer       61861
 [Subtitle: With Heaps of Quaint Cuts including
  Hand-coloured Frontispiece]

Marta, by Eliza Orzeszkowa                                               61860
 [Language: Esperanto]

The Ultimate Salient, by Nelson S. Bond                                  61859

Revolt on Io, by Nelson S. Bond                                          61858

Bashful Fifteen, by L. T. Meade                                          61857 

Oeuvres complètes, tome 3/6, by Laurence Sterne                          61856
 [Language: French]

Phantom of the Seven Stars, by Ray Cummings                              61855

The Runaway Equator, by Lilian Bell                                      61854
 [Subtitle: And the Strange Adventures of a Little Boy
  in Pursuit of It]
 [Illustrator: Peter Newell]

Frank Merriwell's False Friend, by Burt L. Standish                      61853
 [Subtitle: An Investment in Human Nature]

Kittens and Cats, by Eulalie Osgood Grover                               61852
 [Subtitle: A First Reader]

El crimen y el castigo, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky                            61851
 [Language: Spanish]

Riesen und Drachen der Vorzeit, by Rudolf Bommeli                        61850
 [Subtitle: Geschichte der Erde, Dritter Teil]
 [Language: German]

Dalla spuma del mare, by Salvatore Farina                                61849
 [Language: Italian]

Kristiina Lauritsantytär 1 of 3: Seppele, by Sigrid Undset               61848
 [Language: Finnish]

Tinkle, the Trick Pony, by Richard Barnum                                61847
 [Subtitle: His Many Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

The American Missionary, Vol. 37, No. 10, October, 1883, by Various      61846

Space-Liner X-87, by Ray Cummings                                        61845

The Stellar Legion, by Leigh Brackett                                    61844

Exit From Asteroid 60, by D. L. James                                    61843

The Castaway, by George Danzell                                          61842

Tizio Caio Sempronio, by Antonio Giulio Barrili                          61841
 [Subtitle: Storia mezzo romana]
 [Language: Italian]

The Running Fight, by William Hamilton Osborne                           61840
 [Illustrator: Harrison Fisher and George Brehm]

The Wreck of The Corsaire, by William Clark Russell                      61839

Kurjuksen kulukusta pelastunna, by Kaarlo Hemmo                          61838
 [Subtitle: Entisestään vähissä meärin loajennettu murrejuttu]
 [Language: Finnish]

Tarzan and the Ant Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                          61837 

Chicago and its cess-pools of infamy, by Samuel Paynter Wilson           61836

Samlade skaldeförsök, by Pehr Thomasson                                  61835
 [Language: Swedish]

The City of Dreadful Night, by Rudyard Kipling                           61834
 [Illustrator: Charles D. Farrand]

Der Harz, by Friedrich Günther                                           61833
 [Language: German]

Cristóbal Colón y el descubrimiento de América, 2 de 2,                  61832
 by Alejandro de Humboldt
 [Subtitle: Historia de la geografía del nuevo continente y de
  los progresos de la astronomía náutica en los siglos XV y XVI]
 [Language: Spanish]

Cristóbal Colón y el descubrimiento de América, 1 de 2,                  61831
 by Alejandro de Humboldt
 [Subtitle: Historia de la geografía del nuevo continente y de
  los progresos de la astronomía náutica en los siglos XV y XVI]
 [Language: Spanish]

Dick Merriwell's Assurance, by Burt L. Standish                          61830
 [Subtitle: In his Brother's Footsteps]

Peggy from Kerry, by L. T. Meade                                         61829

A Popular History Of England From the Earliest Times To The Reign Of     61828
 Queen Victoria, Vol. 2, by François Guizot and Henriette Guizot de Witt

Langs de Zuiderzee, by Jacobus Pieter Thijsse                            61827
 [Illustrators: L. W. R. Wenckebach, Jan Voerman Jr.,
  and Edzard Koning]
 [Language: Dutch]

Beyond Light, by Nelson S. Bond                                          61826

Meine erste Weltreise, by James Cook                                     61825
 [Language: German]

A régi jó táblabirák, by Mór Jókai                                       61824
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Old-Time Spelling School, by John Gordon  Ellenbecker                    61823
 [Subtitle: In Three Parts]

Alleluja, by Marco Praga                                                 61822
 [Language: Italian]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20: No. 1019, July 8, 1899, by Various        61821

American Missionary, Volume 37, No. 9, September, 1883, by Various       61820

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, Vol. 1 of 4, by Robert Wilson      61819

On Being Negro in America, by J. Saunders Redding                        61818

Rollo Learning to Read, by Jacob Abbott                                  61817
 [Subtitle: The Rollo Series]

Oeuvres complètes, tome 2/6, by Laurence Sterne                          61816
 [Language: French]

Ulla ja Mark, by Anni Swan                                               61815
 [Language: Finnish]

Ristilukki, by Arvi Järventaus                                           61814
 [Subtitle: Rakkauskertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Folklore of Wells, by R. P. Masani                                       61813
 [Subtitle: Being a Study of Water-Worship in East and West]

>From Midshipman to Field Marshal, by Evelyn Wood                         61812

Quest on Io, by Robert Moore Williams                                    61811

Revolt in the Ice Kingdom, by Ray Cummings                               61810

The Story of a Great Delusion, by William White                          61809
 [Subtitle: In a series of Matter-Of-Fact Chapters]

Tales about Birds, by Thomas Bingley                                     61808
 [Subtitle: Illustrative of their Nature, Habits, and Instincts]

Psychomancy, by Charles G. Page                                          61807
 [Subtitle: Spirit-Rappings and Table-Tippings Exposed]

When the Word is Given..., by Louis E. Lomax                             61806
 [Subtitle: A Report on Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X,
  and the Black Muslim World]

Goddess of the Moon, by John Murray Reynolds                             61805

Sheer Off: A Tale, by A. L. O. E                                         61804

Tales of Shipwrecks and Other Disasters at Sea, by Thomas Bingley        61803 

Quaker Strongholds, by Caroline Emelia Stephen                           61802

Mississippi Piney Woods, by Patti Carr Black                             61801
 [Subtitle: A Photographic Study of Folk Architecture]

I. I-em-hotep and Ancient Egyptian medicine; II. Prevention              61800
 of valvular disease, by Richard Caton
 [Subtitle: The Harveian Oration]

The Ecclesiastical Orders of Knighthood, by James Van der Veldt          61799

Venus Has Green Eyes, by Carl Selwyn                                     61798

The Planet That Time Forgot, by Donald A. Wollheim                       61797

For the Birds, by Anonymous                                              61796

>From an Easy Chair, by Ray Lankester                                     61795

Buccaneer of the Star Seas, by Ed Earl Repp                              61794

Seul à travers l'Atlantique, by Alain Gerbault                           61793
 [Language: French]

Olympic Victor Monuments and Greek Athletic Art, by Walter Woodburn Hyde 61792

The Arab conquests in Central Asia, by Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen Gibb  61791

My Literary Zoo, by Kate Sanborn                                         61790

L'affaire du bonnet et les Mémoires de Saint-Simon,                      61789
 by André Grellet-Dumazeau
 [Language: French]

Swiss Heroes, by A. A. Willys                                            61788
 [Subtitle: An Historical Romance of the Time of Charles the Bold]

Seeing Lincoln, by Anne Longman                                          61787

Manual of Mending and Repairing with diagrams, by Charles Godfrey Leland 61786

The Plus Food for Minus Meals, by Anonymous                              61785

Paul Jones, by Molly Elliott Seawell                                     61784

Paradoxes and Problemes, by John Donne                                   61783

A Poor Gentleman, by Margaret Oliphant                                   61782

Star Pirate, by Frederick A. Kummer                                      61781

Az öreg tekintetes, by Géza Gárdonyi                                     61780
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Crises in the History of the Papacy, by Joseph McCabe                    61779

Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825, Vol. 2, by A. Levasseur           61778
 [Subtitle: or Journal of a Voyage to the United States]

Journal of the Life and Religious Labours of Elias Hicks                 61777

Kulturgeschichte der Nutzpflanzen, Band IV, 2. Hälfte,                   61776
 by Ludwig Reinhardt
 [Language: German]

Kulturgeschichte der Nutzpflanzen, Band IV, 1. Hälfte,                   61775
 by Ludwig Reinhardt
 [Language: German]

Beautiful Philippines, by Philippine Commission of Independence          61774
 [Subtitle: A Handbook of General Information]

Sewerage and Sewage Treatment, by Harold Eaton Babbitt                   61773

OEuvres complètes, tome 1/6, by Laurence Sterne                          61772
 [Language: French]

The Double Search, by Rufus Jones                                        61771
 [Subtitle: Studies in Atonement and Prayer]

Dorymates, by Kirk Munroe                                                61770
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Fishing Banks]

The Thirteenth Hussars in the Great War, by Henry Mortimer Durand        61769

La poudre aux yeux, by René Boylesve                                     61768
 [Language: French]

Winged Arrow's Medicine, by Harry Castlemon                              61767
 [Subtitle: The Massacre at Fort Phil Kearney]
 [Illustrator: W. H. Fry]

Asteroid H277-Plus, by Harry Walton                                      61766

The Pleistocene of North America, by Oliver P. Hay                       61765
 [Subtitle: and its vertebrated animals from the states
  east of the Mississippi River and from the Canadian
  provinces east of longitude 95°]

Tennyson, by G. K. Chesterton and Richard Garnett                        61764

Collected Works of William Hazlitt, Vol. 4 of 12                         61763

The Bush Fire, by Ida Louisa Lee                                         61762
 [Subtitle: And Other Verses]

Karkuri, by Friedrich Gerstäcker                                         61761
 [Language: Finnish]

Charles Dickens, by G. K. Chesterton and Frederick George Kitton         61760

Cave-Dwellers of Saturn, by John Wiggin                                  61759

Irish Impressions, by G. K. Chesterton                                   61758

Tündérkert, by Zsigmond Móricz                                           61757
 [Subtitle: Szépasszonyok hosszú farsangja]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Sphere of the Never-Dead, by Sam Carson                                  61756

O. Henryana, by O. Henry                                                 61755
 [Subtitle: Seven Odds and Ends, Poetry and Short Stories]

The Masterfolk, by Haldane Macfall                                       61754
 [Subtitle: Wherein is Attempted the Unravelling of the Strange
  Affair of my Lord Wyntwarde of Cavil and Miss Betty Modeyne]

Die Gotischen Zimmer, by August Strindberg                               61753
 [Language: German]

Exiles of the Three Red Moons, by Carl Selwyn                            61752

The Book of the Sword, by Richard Francis Burton                         61751

Round the Galley Fire, by William Clark Russell                          61750

Mansikoita ja Mustikoita III, by Various                                 61749
 [Language: Finnish]

Karjalan kankahilta I, by K. J. Juuti                                    61748
 [Subtitle: Kertoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Un Jeune Officier Pauvre, by Pierre Loti                                 61747
 [Subtitle: fragments de journal intime rassemblés
  par son fils, Samuel Viaud]
 [Language: French]

Pahkakuppi ynnä muita kertomuksia, by Kalle Kajander                     61746
 [Language: Finnish]

L'École des indifférents, by Jean Giraudoux                              61745
 [Language: French]

The Tantalus Death, by Ross Rocklynne                                    61744

Adolphe, by Benjamin Constant                                            61743
 [Subtitle: Erään tuntemattoman papereista löydetty tarina]
 [Language: Finnish]

Poems by Speranza, by Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde                         61742

A Voice from the South, by Anna Julia Cooper                             61741
 [Subtitle: By a Black Woman of the South]

Lolóma, by Henry Britton                                                 61740
 [Subtitle: or Two years in cannibal-land: A story of old Fiji]

Los exploradores españoles del siglo XVI, by Charles F. Lummis           61739
 [Language: Spanish]

Les espionnes à Paris, by Émile Massard                                  61738
 [Subtitle: la vérité sur Mata-Hari, Marguerite Francillard,
  la femme du cimetière, les marraines, une grande vedette
  parisienne, la mort de Marussia]
 [Language: French]

Verflossene Stunden, by Sophie Junghans                                  61737
 [Subtitle: Novelle; Album, 26. Jahrgang, 6. Band]
 [Language: German]

No Posting                                                               61736

Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming, by Howard R. Garis                          61735
 [Subtitle: How the Frog Boys Surprised the Fox]
 [Illustrator: Lang Campbell]

Postscripts, by O. Henry                                                 61734

Voyages du Capitaine Lemuel Gulliver, En Divers Pays Eloignes,           61733
 Tome II de III, by Jonathan Swift
 [Language: French]

Experimental Mechanics, by Robert Stawell Ball                           61732
 [Subtitle: A Course of Lectures Delivered at
  the Royal College of Science for Ireland]

The Footprints of the Jesuits, by Richard Wigginton Thompson             61731

Superstitions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland,                  61730
 by John Gregorson Campbel
 [Subtitle: Collected Entirely from Oral Sources]

Sex & Character, by Otto Weininger                                       61729
 [Subtitle: Authorised Translation from the Sixth German Edition]

Two, by Tricks, by Edmund Yates                                          61728
 [Subtitle: A Novel.]

How to Teach Reading in the Public Schools, by S. H. Clark               61727

Through Afro-America, by William Archer                                  61726
 [Subtitle: An English Reading of the Race Problem]

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