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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for October-December 2020


* Thank you, David Widger
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* New eBook Listings from July - August 2020

* Thank you, David Widger

Dr. David Widger was the longest-serving member of the Project Gutenberg production team. The team is known as the "whitewashers," after the famous scene in Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. He is stepping back from his high level of activity, and retiring as a whitewasher.

You can find over 4,800 eBooks that Dr. Widger created at this link: http://www.gutenberg.net.au/widger/home.html

Altogether, he produced, corrected, modified to meet present standards, or simply checked and posted an astounding 35,420 eBooks. This means that Dr. Widger had a hand in processing, creating or improving over half of the entire Project Gutenberg collection.

David Widger was amazingly productive, as well as an excellent mentor and colleague. He leaves a legacy of activity spanning from 2003-2020, and was a model volunteer for sustained output and integrity. It is no exaggeration to say that the world of eBooks would not be the same without Dr. David Widger's contributions to Project Gutenberg.

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* New eBook Listings from July through August 2020

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Company K, First Alabama Regiment, by Daniel P. Smith                    63820
 [Subtitle: or, Three Years in the Confederate Service]

Claude's Confession, by Émile Zola                                       63819

A Half Century Among the Siamese and the Lāo, by Daniel McGilvary        63818
 [Subtitle: An Autobiography]

Fog of the Forgotten, by Basil Wells                                     63817

La vuelta al mundo de un novelista; vol. 2/3, by Vincente Blasco Ibáñez  63816
 [Language: Spanish]

Frank Merriwell on the Road, by Burt L. Standish                         63815
 [Subtitle: The All-Star Combination]

The Dry Collodion Process, by Charles Long                               63814

In His Image, by Bryce Walton                                            63813

Grandma Perkins and the Space Pirates, by James McConnell                63812

Herra Byronin ammatti, by Bernard Shaw                                   63811
 [Language: Finnish]

La vuelta al mundo de un novelista, Vol. 1/3, by Vincente Blasco Ibáñez  63810
 [Language: Spanish]

The Little Review, Vol. 1, No. 4, June 1914, by Margaret C. Anderson     63809

Space Bat, by Carl Selwyn                                                63808

The Great Green Blight, by Emmett McDowell                               63807

Courtin' Christina, by J. J. Bell                                        63806

Old Sports and Sportsmen, by John Randall                                63805
 [Subtitle: or, the Willey Country]

L'esprit dans l'histoire, by Édouard Fournier                            63804
 [Subtitle: Recherches et curiosités sur les mots historiques]
 [Language: French]

Forms of Water in Clouds and Rivers, Ice and Glaciers, by John Tyndall   63803

Unter den Hohen Tauern, by Arthur Achleitner                             63802
 [Subtitle: Ein Roman aus der Steiermark]
 [Language: German]

Kultur-Kuriosa, Zweiter Band, by Max Kemmerich                           63801
 [Language: German]

Kultur-Kuriosa, Erster Band, by Max Kemmerich                            63800
 [Language: German]

Tepondicon, by Carl Jacobi                                               63799

The Water-Colours of J. M. W. Turner                                     63798

Dawn Of the Demi-Gods, by Raymond Z. Gallun                              63797

What Hath Me?, by Henry Kuttner                                          63796

The Shadow-Gods, by Vaseleos Garson                                      63795

La comédie de celui qui épousa une femme muette, by Anatole France       63794
 [Language: French]

Little Helpers, by Margaret Vandegrift                                   63793

Memoir of the early campaigns of the Duke of Wellington,                 63792
 in Portugal and Spain, by John Fane Westmorland
 [Subtitle: By an officer employed in his army]

For a Night of Love, by Émile Zola                                       63791

Rosemary and Pansies, by Effie Smith                                     63790

Ljungarsin taru, by Zacharias Topelius                                   63789
 [Language: Finnish]

Plants Poisonous to Live Stock, by Harold C. Long                        63788

The Purple Pariah, by Byron Tustin                                       63787

Engines of the Gods, by Gardner F. Fox                                   63786

A Nation in the Loom, by Reinert August Jernberg                         63785 
 [Subtitle: The Scandinavian Fibre in Our Social Fabric]
Lead Smelting and Refining, by Various                                   63784
 [Subtitle: With notes on lead mining]

Savage Galahad, by Bryce Walton                                          63783

Example, by Tom Pace                                                     63782

A Group of Famous Women, by Edith Horton                                 63781
 [Subtitle: stories of their lives]

The Story Hour, Vol. 1, No. 2, December, 1908, by Various                63780
 [Subtitle: A Magazine of Methods and Materials for Story Tellers]

The Blue Venus, by Emmett McDowell                                       63779

Poetry of the Anti-jacobin, by Various                                   63778
 [Subtitle: Comprising the Celebrated Political and Satirical
  Poems of the Rt. Hons. G. Canning, John Hookham Frere,
  W. Pitt, the Marquis Wellesley, G. Ellis, W. Gifford, the
  Earl of Carlisle, and Others]

Amica America, by Jean Giraudoux                                         63777
 [Illustrator: Maxime Dethomas]
 [Language: French]

Eight Dramas of Calderon, by Pedro Calderon de la Barca                  63776

Legend, by Clemence Dane                                                 63775

Sanajalkoja, by Kustaa Killinen                                          63774
 [Subtitle: Vihkonen runoelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Jours de famine et de détresse, by Neel Doff                             63773
 [Language: French]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1029, September 16, 1899, by Various  63772

The Clay Industries, by John Randall                                     63771
 [Subtitle: including the Fictile & Ceramic Arts
  on the banks of the Severn]

The Christian serving his own generation, by John Alexander              63770
 [Subtitle: A Sermon occasioned by the lamented death
  of Joseph John Gurney, Esq.]

Christ Remembered at his Table, by John Alexander                        63769

Post-scriptum de ma vie, by Victor Hugo                                  63768
 [Language: French]

Una excursión a los indios ranqueles - Tomo 2, by Lucio Mansilla         63767
 [Language: Spanish]

Man nth, by Gardner F. Fox                                               63766

The Divine and Perpetual Obligation of the Observance of the Sabbath,    63765
 by John Perowne

Divine Mercy: or the temporal advantages of the Sabbath, by George Bryan 63764

Prospects of the Church of England, by Charles John Vaughan              63763
 [Subtitle: a sermon]

Nymphes dansant avec des satyres, by René Boylesve                       63762
 [Language: French]

A Letter to the Viscount Palmerston, M.P. &c. &c. &c. on the             63761
 Monitorial System of Harrow School, by Charles John Vaughan

Pohjolan puolukoita, by Various                                          63760 
 [Subtitle: Keräymä runoja, suomennoksia ja alkuperäisiä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Brain Sinner, by Alan E. Nourse                                      63759

The Moon and the Sun, by James McKimmey                                  63758

Breath of Beelzebub, by Larry Sternig                                    63757

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, No. 751,     63756
 May 18, 1878, by Various

A few words on the Crystal Palace Question, by Charles John Vaughan      63755

All In The Day's Work, by Ida M. Tarbell                                 63754
 [Subtitle: An Autobiography]

A Second Letter on the late Post Office Agitation,                       63753
 by Charles John Vaughan

Frank Merriwell on the Boulevards, by Burt L Standish                    63752
 [Subtitle: Astonishing the Europeans]

The Derelict, by William J. Matthews                                     63751

The Story Tellers' Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 1913, by Various        63750

Mimsy's Joke, by Millard Grimes                                          63749

Mary Boyle--Her Book, by Mary Louisa Boyle                               63748

The Trinity Archive, Vol. 1, No. 5, March 1888, by Trinity College       63747

A Reply to Dr. Vaughan's "Letter on the late Post-Office Agitation",     63746
 by James Roberts Pears

Beyond Rope and Fence, by David Grew                                     63745

Hier Zensur - wer dort?, by Heinrich Hubert Houben                       63744
 [Subtitle: Antworten von gestern auf Fragen von heute]
 [Illustrator: Thomas Theodor Heine]
 [Language: German]

Idole des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, 8, Moral ohne Religion               63743
 [Subtitle: Religiös-wissenschaftliche Vorträge]
 [Language: German]

Sixty-Year Extension, by Alan E. Nourse                                  63742

The Galactic Ghost, by Mack Reynolds                                     63741

A Letter on the late Post Office Agitation, by Charles John Vaughan      63740

English Cathedrals Illustrated, by Francis Bond                          63739
 [Subtitle: Second and Revised Edition]

Subscription the disgrace of the English Church,                         63738
 by Charles Nourse Wodehouse
 [Subtitle: First Edition]

Egypt and its Monuments, by Robert Hitchens                              63737
 [Illustrator: Jules Guérin]

A Letter to the Rev. C. N. Wodehouse, Canon of Norwich,                  63736
 occasioned by his late pamphlet, entitled "Subscription
 the Disgrace of the English Church", by Charles Green

Subscription the disgrace of the English Church,                         63735
 by Charles Nourse Wodehouse
 [Subtitle: Second Edition]

Le mariage de Chiffon, by Gyp                                            63734
 [Language: French]

China and the Chinese, by Edmond Plauchut                                63733

Elina, by Eino Leino                                                     63732
 [Subtitle: Murroskauden kertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Syria, the Desert and the Sown, by Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell       63731
 [Illustrator: John Singer Sargent]

Books and Printing; a Treasury for Typophiles, by Various                63730

In the Garden of Delight, by Lily Hardy Hammond                          63729

De spoorzoeker, by Gustave Aimard                                        63728
 [Subtitle: Schetsen en Tooneelen uit de Amerikaansche wildernis]
 [Language: Dutch]

A letter to the Rev. Charles N. Wodehouse, Canon of Norwich,             63727
 occasioned by his recent publication, entitled, "What is the meaning
 of Subscription?", by Charles Campbell
 [Subtitle: with a few observations on the speech &c.
  of the Lord Bishop of Norwich, on Subscription]

Pelléastres, by Jean Lorrain                                             63726
 [Illustrator: Armand Rapeño]
 [Language: French]

The Trinity Archive, Vol. 1, No. 4, February 1888, by Trinity College    63725

Death disarmed of its sting, by Lyman H. Atwater                         63724
 [Subtitle: A tribute to the memory of the Hon. Roger Minott Sherman,
  being the discourse preached at his funeral, January 2, 1845]

Sämtliche Werke 7-8: Der Jüngling, by Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojews    63723
 [Language: German]

Flyvefisken »Prometheus«, by Vilhelm Bergsøe                             63722
 [Subtitle: En Fremtidsfantasi]
 [Language: Danish]

Mirage For Planet X, by Stanley Mullen                                   63721

Through the Asteroids--To Hell!, by Leroy Yerxa                          63720

The Louvre: Fifty Plates in Colour, by Paul George Konody                63719
 and Maurice W. Brockwell

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 5, May 1841, by Various                  63718

Hærø kartanon Gunvor, by Alvilde Prydz                                   63717
  [Language: Finnish]

The Time-Techs Of Kra, by Max Sheridan                                   63716

Enter the Nebula, by Carl Jacobi                                         63715

Ivan le terrible, by Alexis Tolstoy                                      63714
 [Subtitle: ou la Russie au XIVe siècle]
 [Language: French]

Land Beyond the Flame, by Evelyn Goldstein                               63713

Expiation, by Dora Melegari                                              63712
 [Language: French]

Godey's Lady's Book, Vol. 48-49, No. 18, May, 1854, by Various           63711

A Manual of Photographic Chemistry: Including the Practice               63710
 of the Collodion Process, by T. Frederick Hardwich

Prisoner of the Brain-Mistress, by Bryce Walton                          63709

Total Recall, by Larry Sternig                                           63708

The Primus Curse, by Bill Wesley                                         63707

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 4, April 1841, by Various                63706

Buffalo Bill's Bold Play, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                   63705
 [Subtitle: The Tiger of the Hills]

Some Impressions of My Elders, by St. John Greer Ervine                  63704

Down Went McGinty, by Fox B. Holden                                      63703

Mary Anonymous, by Bryce Walton                                          63702

A Key into the Language of America, or an Help to the Language           63701
 of the Natives in that part of America Called New-England,
 by Roger Williams
 [Subtitle: Together with Briefe Observations of the Customes,
  Manners, and Worships, &c. of the Aforesaid Natives, etc.]

Historia del famoso predicador Fray Gerundio de Campazas,                63700
 alias Zotes, 2 de 2, by José Francisco de Isla
 [Language: Spanish]

Madame Roland, by Ida M. Tarbell                                         63699
 [Subtitle: A biographical Study]

Biographical Catalogue of the Portraits at Panshanger,                   63698
 the Seat of Earl Cowper, K.G., by Mary Louisa Boyle

Space-Lane of No-Return, by George A. Whittington                        63697

The Vanisher, by Michael Shaara                                          63696

Prodigal Weapon, by Vaseleos Garson                                      63695

Passage to Planet X, by Henry Hasse                                      63694

Mental Radio, by Upton Sinclair                                          63693

Familiar Animals, by Anonymous                                           63692

Sibylla, by Octave Feuillet                                              63691 
 [Language: Finnish]

Was Helmut in Deutschland erlebte, by Gabriele Reuter                    63690
 [Subtitle: Eine Jugendgeschichte]
 [Illustrator: Rudolf Sievers]

On the Eve of Redemption, by Samuel Max Melamed                          63689

No Posting                                                               63688

The Geisha Memory, by Winston Marks                                      63687

Last Call From Sector 9G, by Leigh Brackett                              63686

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 3, March 1841, by Various                63685

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 20, No. 1028, September 9, 1899, by Various   63684

Color Blind, by Charles A. Stearns                                       63683

A Yellow Aster, Vol. 1 of 3, by Kathleen Mannington Caffyn               63682

Tama, by Watanna Onoto                                                   63681
 [Illustrator: Genjiro Kataoka]

Memorias de un hombre de acción #14, Las figuras de cera, by Pío Baroja  63680
 [Language: Spanish]

Les amours du chevalier de Faublas, tome 5/5,                            63679
 by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray
 [Language: French]

Travels Through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West,        63678
 by William Bartram

The Recluse, by Mike Curry                                               63677

The Pluto Lamp, by Charles A. Stearns                                    63676

Mutiny, by Larry Offenbecker                                             63675
 [Illustrator: Joseph Doolin]

La Glu, by Jean Richepin                                                 63674
 [Langauge: French]

Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians, by Fanny Kelly        63673

Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth, by George Meredith                 63672

Conservation Archaeology of the Richland/Chambers Dam and Reservoir,     63671
 by L. Mark Raab and Randall W. Moir

50 Wonderful Ways to use Sour Cream from Appetizers to Desserts,         63670
 by Anonymous
 [Subtitle: Recipes from the Test Kitchen
  of the American Dairy Association]

The Story Tellers' Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1913, by Various        63669

Steel Giants of Chaos, by James R. Adams                                 63668

A Boy's Adventures Round the World, by John Andrew Higginson             63667

Napraforgók, by Mór Jókai                                                63666
 [Subtitle: Ujabb beszélyek]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 2, February 1841, by Various             63665

Estudo de Guitarra, by Antonio da Silva Leite                            63664
 [Subtitle: Em que se Expoem o Meio Mais Facil para Aprender
  a Tocar este Instrumento]
 [Langauge: Portuguese]

Survival, by Basil Wells                                                 63663

The Grave of Solon Regh, by Chas. A. Stearns                             63662

Au Pays du Mufle, by Laurent Tailhade                                    63661
 [Subtitle: Ballades et quatorzains. Préface d'Armand Silvestre]
 [Langauge: French]

The Game of Chess, by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman                             63660

The Roswell Report: Case Closed, by James McAndrew                       63659

Crisis On Titan, by James R. Adams                                       63658

Venusian Invader, by Larry Sternig                                       63657

The Ultimate World, by Bryce Walton                                      63656

Quinta e Palacio da Bacalhôa em azeitão, by Joaquim Rasteiro             63655
 [Language: Portuguese]

The House of Islâm, by Marmaduke Pickthall                               63654

The Heart of Hyacinth, by Onoto Watanna                                  63653
 [Illustrator: Kiyokichi Sano]

The Violators, by Eando Binder                                           63652

Woge und Wind, by Georg Reicke                                           63651
 [Subtitle: Eine Strandnovelle in Versen]
 [Langauge: German]

Meridiana: The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians         63650
 In South Africa, by Jules Verne

The Temptress (La tierra de todos), by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez             63649

Defense Mech, by Ray Bradbury                                            63648

La marchande de petits pains pour les canards, by René Boylesve          63647
 [Language: French]

La Vie d'un Simple, by Émile Guillaumin                                  63646
 [Subtitle: (Mémoires d'un Métayer)]
 [Language: French]

The Last Monster, by Gardner F. Fox                                      63645

Schools of Hellas, by Kenneth John Freeman                               63644
 [Subtitle: An Essay on the Practice and Theory of
  Ancient Greek Education from 600 to 300 B. C.]

Die Krankheit, by Alfred Henschke Klabund                                63643
 [Langauge: German]

Phœbe, by Eleanor Gates                                                  63642

The New York Tombs Inside and Out!, by John Josiah Munro                 63641 
 [Subtitle: Scenes and Reminiscences Coming Down to the
  Present. A Story Stranger Than Fiction, with an
  Historic Account of America's Most Famous Prison]

Jupiter's Joke, by A. L. Haley                                           63640

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 1, January 1841, by Various              63639

Electron Eat Electron, by Noel Loomis                                    63638

A Village in Picardy, by Ruth Gaines                                     63637
 [Illustrator: Francisque Poulbot]

The Glad Tidings, by Ellet Joseph Waggoner                               63636

Translation of the Life of Omar ibn Said: Manuscript No. 1,              63635
 by Omar ibn Said

L'Amour impossible / La bague d'Annibal,                                 63634
 by Jules Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly
 [Language: French]

Out of the Iron Womb!, by Poul Anderson                                  63633

Formula For Conquest, by James R. Adams                                  63632

"Phone Me In Central Park", by James McConnell                           63631

Der Einzige auf der weiten Welt, by Karl Bienenstein                     63630
 [Subtitle: Ein Menschenleben]
 [Language: German]

Walda, by Mary Holland Kinkaid                                           63629
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

The Childrens's Story of Westminster Abbey, by G. E. Troutbeck           63628

Elbukottak, by Dezső Szomory                                             63627
 [Langauge: Hungarian]

Saaren seikkailija, by Emil Elenius                                      63626
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Langauge: Finnish]

Broken Butterflies, by Henry Walsworth Kinney                            63625

The Life of David Belasco, Vol 2, by William Winter                      63624

Pearl, its story, its charm and its value, by Wallis Richard Cattelle    63623

The Black Panther, by John Hall Wheelock                                 63622
  [Subtitle: A book of poems]

My "Little Bit", by Marie Corelli                                        63621

Putting the Most Into Life, by Booker T. Washington                      63620

Land and Sea Tales for Boys and Girls, by Rudyard Kipling                63619

A Little House in War Time, by Agnes Castle and Egerton Castle           63618
 [Illustrator: Charles Robinson]

The Ultimate Eve, by H. Sanford Effron                                   63617

Hagerty's Enzymes, by A. L. Haley                                        63616

A Century's Progress in Astronomy, by Hector MacPherson                  63615

With the Guns, by Cecil John Charles Street                              63614

The Space Between, by Robert E. Gilbert                                  63613

Valkoinen hevonen, by Mayne Reid                                         63612
 [Subtitle: Seikkailuja Meksikossa]
 [Langauge: Finnish]

Olvasás közben, by Hugó Ignotus                                          63611
 [Subtitle: Jegyzetek és megjegyzések]
 [Langauge: Hungarian]

Speeches at the Constitutional Convention, by Robert Smalls              63610
 [Subtitle: With the Right of Suffrage Passed
  by the Constitutional Convention]

Beer-Trust Busters, by A. R. Stuart                                      63609

Dick Merriwell's Heroic Players, by Burt L. Standish                     63608
 [Subtitle: How the Yale Nine Won the Championship]

Galambos Pál naplója, Jobbadán Amerikában, by Viktor Rákosi              63607
 [Langauge: Hungarian]

Lupe, by Afonso Celso de Assis Figueiredo                                63606
 [Language: Portuguese]

The Beast-Jewel Of Mars, by V. E. Thiessen                               63605

Battlefield in Black, by George A. Whittington                           63604

Andrée and his Balloon, by Henri Lachambre and Alexis Machuron           63603

Kulturgeschichte der Nutztiere, by Ludwig Reinhardt                      63602
 [Language: German]

Im Morgenlicht, by Hans Paasche                                          63601
 [Subtitle: Kriegs-, Jagd- und Reise-Erlebnisse in Ostafrika]
 [Language: German]

Una Excursión a los Indios Ranqueles - Tomo 1, by Lucio Mansilla         63600
 [Language: Spanish]

When Thoughts Will Soar, by Baroness Bertha von Suttner                  63599
 [Subtitle: A romance of the immediate future]

The Essentials of Logic, by Bernard Bosanquet                            63598
 [Subtitle: Being Ten Lectures on Judgment and Inference]

The Aeroplane In War, by Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper           63597

Our Navy at war, by Josephus Daniels                                     63596

Syntymä, lapsuus ja kuolema, by Samuli Paulaharju                        63595
 [Subtitle: Vienan Karjalan tapoja ja uskomuksia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kristiina Lauritsantytär III: Risti, by Sigrid Undset                    63594
 [Langauge: Finnish]

Outing, Vol. 13, October 1888, to March 1889, by Various                 63593
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Recreation]

Cassell's Natural History, Vol. 3 of 6, by P. Martin Duncan,             63592
 A. H. Garrod, W. S. Dallas, and R. Bowdler Sharpe

Greek Biology and Greek Medicine, by Charles Joseph Singer               63591

Midshipman Merrill, by Henry Harrison Lewis                              63590

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Fräulein Doctor im Irrenhause, by Julie Thenen                           63589
 [Subtitle: Eine Begebenheit aus unserer Zeit]
 [Language: German]

Within the Pale, by Michael Davitt                                       63588
 [Subtitle: The True Story of Anti-Semitic Persecution in Russia]

Estampas de viaje, by Luis G. Urbina                                     63587
 [Subtitle: España en los días de la guerra]
 [Langauge: Spanish]

Solus eris, by Zoltán Ambrus                                             63586
 [Langauge: Hungarian]

A bazini zsidók, by Lajos Biró                                           63585
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Nuclear Ship Savannah, First Atomic Merchant Ship, by Anonymous      63584

Indians of Louisiana, by Anonymous                                       63583

Oliver's Bride; A true Story, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                  63852

The age of science, by Merlin Nostradamus                                63581
 [Subtitle: A newspaper of the twentieth century]

The Loot of Cities, by Arnold Bennett                                    63580
 [Subtitle: Being the Adventures of a Millionaire
  in Search of Joy (A Fantasia), And Other Stories]

A Narrative of the Life and Travels of Mrs. Nancy Prince,                63579
 by Nancy Gardner Prince

Lehtori Garthin avioliitto, by Elisabeth Maria Beskow                    63578
 [Language: Finnish]

Love Potions through the Ages, by Harry E. Wedeck                        63577
 [Subtitle: A Study of Amatory Devices and Mores]

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire (16/20), by Adolphe Thiers           63576
 [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française]
 [Langauge: French]

Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire (15/20), by Adolphe Thiers           63575
 [Subtitle: faisant suite à l'Histoire de la Révolution Française]
 [Langauge: French]

The Rise of Universities, by Charles Homer Haskins                       63574

Trust in God, by Anonymous                                               63573

The Gold Thread and Wee Davie, by Norman MacLeod                         63572
 [Subtitle: Two Stories for the Young]

Exploits and Adventures of a Soldier Ashore and Afloat,                  63571
 by William Llewellyn Adams

Twenty Centuries of Paris, by Mabell Shippie Clarke Smith                63570

The Watsons, By Jane Austen, Concluded by L. Oulton                      63569

Buffalo Bill's Best Bet, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                    63568
 [Subtitle: A Sure Thing Well Won]

A Remonstrance of the State of the Kingdom, by Anonymous                 63567

Jack Manly, by James Grant                                               63566
 [Subtitle: His Adventures by Sea and Land]

A nagy per, mely ezer éve folyik s még sincs vége (3. kötet),            63565
 by Károly Eötvös

A nagy per, mely ezer éve folyik s még sincs vége (2. kötet),            63564
 by Károly Eötvös

A nagy per, mely ezer éve folyik s még sincs vége (1. kötet),            63563
 by Károly Eötvös

Harry Joscelyn, Vol. 3 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                   63562

Wrecked on Spider Island, by James Otis                                  63561
 [Subtitle: Or, How Ned Rogers Found the Treasure]

Storia degli Italiani, Vol. 3 di 15, by Cesare Cantù                     63560
 [Language: Italian]

A Sack of Shakings, by Frank Thomas Bullen                               63559

Harlow Niles Higinbotham, by Harriet Monroe                              63558
 [Subtitle: A memoir with brief autobiography
  and extracts from speeches and letters]

Hannu Halle kaikkialla, by Heinrich Zschokke                             63557
 [Language: Finnish]

Confessions of a Tradesman                                               63556

Pahuuden voimia, by Jonas Lie                                            63555
 [Language: Finnish]

Going-to-the-Sun, by Vachel Lindsay                                      63554

An Expedition to Mount St. Elias, Alaska, by Israel Cook Russell         63553

Armazindy, The Poems and Prose Sketches of James Whitcomb Riley          63552

Verena in the Midst                                                      63551

The Art of Ballet, by Mark Edward Perugini                               63550

Under the Polar Star, by Dwight Weldon                                   63549
 [Subtitle: or, The Young Explorers]

Die Philosophie unserer Klassiker, by Karl Vorländer                     63548
 [Subtitle: Lessing - Herder - Schiller - Goethe]
 [Language: German]

Homage to John Dryden, by Thomas Stearns Eliot                           63547
 [Subtitle: Three Essays on Poetry of the Seventeenth Century]

The Undefeated, by John Collis Snaith                                    63546

A short history of the printing press and of the improvements            63545
 in printing machinery from the time of Gutenberg up to the
 present day, by Robert Hoe

The Red Saint, by Warwick Deeping                                        63544

Les femmes qui font des scènes, by Charles Monselet                      63543
 [Language: French]

The Twentieth Century Epic, by R. B. Garnett                             63542

The Adventures of a Pincushion, by Anonymous                             63541
 [Subtitle: Designed Chiefly for the Use of Young Ladies]

Evolution and Adaptation, by Thomas Hunt Morgan                          63540

Pirun miekka, by Emil Elenius                                            63539
 [Subtitle: Runonäytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

All in a Life-time, by Henry Morgenthau and French Strother              63538

Frank Merriwell's Fun, by Burt L Standish                                63537
 [Subtitle: Fearless and True]

Advisory Ben, by Edward Verrall Lucas                                    63536
 [Subtitle: A Story]

The Fairy Latchkey, by Magdalene Horsfall                                63535

Os descobrimentos portuguezes e os de Colombo, by Manuel Pinheiro Chagas 63534
 [Subtitle: Tentativa de coordenação historica]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              63533
 No. 750, May 11, 1878, by Various

Within a Budding Grove, by Marcel Proust                                 63532

Hangyaboly, by Margit Kaffka                                             63531
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

A Tale of Old Japan, by Alfred Noyes                                     63530
 [Illustrator: Kate Riches]

Mists of Mars, by George A. Whittington                                  63529

A Class-Book of Old Testament History, by George Frederick Maclear       63528

Cosmic Yo-Yo, by Ross Rocklynne                                          63527

A Woman of Yesterday, by Caroline Atwater Mason                          63526

El poema de la Pampa, by José María Salaverría                           63525
 [Subtitle: "Martín Fierro" y el criollismo español]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Silver Plague, by Albert dePina                                      63524

Coming of the Gods, by Chester Whitehorn                                 63523

The Amazing City, by John Frederick Macdonald                            63522

Raiders of the Second Moon, by Gene Ellerman                             63521

An American Crusader at Verdun, by Philip Sidney Rice                    63520

Fossil Forests of the Yellowstone National Park, by Frank Hall Knowlton  63519

Vandals of the Void, by Robert Wilson                                    63518

A Practical Manual of the Collodion Process, Giving in Detail            63517
 a Method For Producing Positive and Negative Pictures on
 Glass and Paper, by Samuel Dwight Humphrey

The Vanishing Venusians, by Leigh Brackett                               63516

Tanskan prinssi Otto, by B. S. Ingemann                                  63515
 [Language: Finnish]

Boys and Girls, by James W. Foley                                        63514
 [Subtitle: The Verses of James W. Foley]

A nazarénusok, by Károly Eötvös                                          63513
 [Language: Hungarian]

A' bölcseség vigasztalásai, by Anicius Manlius Torquatus                 63512
 Severinus Boethius
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Negro Laborer, by William H. Councill                                63511
 [Subtitle: A Word to Him]

The Kernel and the Husk, by Edwin A. Abbott                              63510
 [Subtitle: Letters on Spiritual Christianity]

Edipo rey; Edipo en Colona; Antígona, by Sófocles                        63509
 [Language: Spanish]

The Boy Fortune Hunters in Yucatan, by L. Frank Baum                     63508

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              63507
 No. 749, May 4, 1878, by Various

Boy Scout Explorers at Emerald Valley, by Don Palmer                     63506

Midás király (2. kötet), by Zoltán Ambrus                                63505
 [Language: Hungarian]

Midás király (1. kötet), by Zoltán Ambrus                                63504
 [Language: Hungarian]

Greek Imperialism, by William Scott Ferguson                             63503

Torn Sails, by Allen Raine                                               63502
 [Subtitle: A Tale of a Welsh Village]

First the Blade, by Clemence Dane                                        63501
 [Subtitle: A Comedy of Growth]

Muse and Mint, by Walter S. Percy                                        63500

Dick and Larry: Freshmen, by Francis Lynde                               63499
 [Illustrator: George Avison]

Da Buch der Novellen. Erster Band, by Peter Rosegger                     63498
 [Language: German]

Medicina Gymnastica, by Francis Fuller                                   63497
 [Subtitle: or, A treatise concerning the power of exercise,
  with respect to the animal oeconomy; and the great
  necessity of it in the cure of several distempers]

L'art d'aimer les livres et de les connaître:, by Jules Le Petit         63496
 [Subtitle: lettres à un jeune bibliophile]
 [Illustrator: François-Alexandre-Alfred Gérardin]
 [Language: French]

The Natural Food of Man, by Hereward Carrington                          63495
 [Subtitle: Being an attempt to prove from comparative anatomy,
  physiology, chemistry and hygiene, that the original, best
  and natural diet of man is fruit and nuts]

Keeper of the Deathless Sleep, by Albert dePina                          63494

Boesman-Stories, Vol. 2 of 4, by G. R. von Wielligh                      63493
 [Subtitle: Deel II. Dierstories en ander verhale]
 [Illustrator: R. F. Keet]
 [Language: Afrikaans]

Lukís Láras, by Demetrios Vikélas                                        63492 
 [Subtitle: Kertomus Kreikan vapaussodan ajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Snow Baby, by Josephine Diebitsch Peary                              63491
 [Subtitle: A true story with true pictures]

The Altar of Freedom, by Mary Roberts Rinehart                           63490

The Historians' History of the World in Twenty-Five Volumes, Vol. 08,    63489
 by Various 
 [Subtitle: Parthians, Sassanids and Arabs; The Crusades and the Papacy]

Ambições, by Ana de Castro Osório                                        63488
 [Language: Portuguese]

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories, Vol. 2 of 2, by Rudyard Kipling     63487

Lättiläisiä satuja, by Victor von Andrejanoff                            63485
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuvaelmia menneitten aikojen eloista ja oloista,                         63484
 by Carl Ferdinand Nordlund
 [Language: Finnish]

Frank Merriwell's Chase, by Burt L Standish                              63483
 [Subtitle: Exciting Times Afloat]

The Baronial Halls, Vol. 2 of 2, by S. C. Hall                           63482
 [Subtitle: Ancient Picturesque Edifices of England]
 [Illustrators: J.D Harding, G. Cattermole, S. Prout,
  W. Müller, and J. Holland]

The Baronial Halls,, by S. C. Hall                                       63481
 [Subtitle: Ancient Picturesque Edifices of England]
 [Illustrators: J.D Harding, G. Cattermole, S. Prout,
  W. Müller, and J. Holland]

The Two Doves, and Other Tales, by Anonymous                             63480
 [Subtitle: Holiday tales, translated from the German]

The Three Lovers, by Frank Swinnerton                                    63479

Histoire de France, by Jacques Bainville                                 63478
 [Language: French]

Image Of Splendor, by Lu Kella                                           63477

A Man of the Moors, by Halliwell Sutcliffe                               63476

The Brides Of Ool, by M. A. Cummings                                     63475

Alien Equivalent, by Richard R. Smith                                    63474

Dust Unto Dust, by Lyman D. Hinckley                                     63473

Den Lilla Swenska och Finska Tolken, by Anonymous                        63472
 [Subtitle: Ruottalainen ja Suomalainen Kielikirja]
 [Language: Swedish]

Kahvikulta, by Aaro August Nuutinen                                      63471
 [Subtitle: 1-näytöksinen savolaispila]
 [Language: Finnish]

Les vignes du Seigneur, by Charles Monselet                              63470
 [Language: French]

Washington Confidential, by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer                   63469

Occupations of the Negroes, by Henry Gannett                             63468
 [Subtitle: Occasional Papers, No. 6]

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International                63467
 Military Tribunal, Vol. 9, by Various
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg 14 November 1945-1 October 1946]

The Grey Wave, by Arthur Hamilton Gibbs                                  63466

Ludwig Bechsteins Märchenbuch, by Ludwig Bechstein                       63465
 [Subtitle: Mit 176 Holzschnitten nach
  Originalzeichnungen von Ludwig Richter]
 [Illustrator: Ludwig Richter]
 [Language: German]

Nuestra Pampa; libro de lectura, by Jaime Molins                         63464
 [Language: Spanish]

The Gingerbread Boy and Joyful Jingle Play Stories,                      63463
 by Laura Rountree Smith and Mildred Lyon

Over There with the Marines at Chateau Thierry,                          63462
 by Capt. George H. Ralphson

O Romance de um Homem Rico, by Camilo Castelo Branco                     63461
 [Language: Portuguese]

Die seltsamen Geschichten des Doktor Ulebuhle, by Bruno H. Bürgel        63460
 [Illustrator: Edmund Fürst]
 [Language: German]

Paradise (to be) Regained, by Henry Thoreau                              63459

Pussy-Cat Town, by Marion Ames Taggart                                   63458
 [Illustrator: Rebecca Chase]

To Your Kitchen From Mine, by Anonymous                                  63457

Andreas Vesalius the Reformer of Anatomy, by James Moores Ball           63456

The Vanishing Comrade, by Ethel Cook Eliot                               63455
 [Subtitle: A Mystery Story for Girls]

How to Make Sock Toys, by John M. Clapper                                63454
 [Subtitle: A Pack-O-Fun Publication]

John Law of Lauriston, by A. W. Wiston-Glynn                             63453

The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, Vol. 2 of 32,                         63452

California, by Ina Coolbrith                                             63451

Course of Study of the Oakland High School, by Oakland High School       63450

The Story of the Bank of England, by Henry Warren                        63449
 [Subtitle: A History of English Banking, 
  and a Sketch of the Money Market]

Madame Claire, by Susan Ertz                                             63448

Vanhaa Lappia ja Per�pohjaa, by Samuli Paulaharju                        63447
 [Language: Finnish]

The Silver Domino, by Marie Corelli                                      63446
 [Subtitle: Or, Side Whispers, Social and Literary]

Indiana, by George Sand                                                  63445
 [Illustrator: Oreste Cortazzo]

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, Vol. 4 of 4, by Robert Wilson      63444

Twenty Unsettled Miles in the Northeast Boundary, by T. C. Mendenhall    63443
 [Subtitle: [From the Report of the Council of the American
  Antiquarian Society, presented at the Annual Meeting held
  in Worcester, October 21, 1896]]

Double Trouble, by Carl Jacobi                                           63442

History of Taxation in Rhode Island to the year 1790,                    63441
 by Henry B. Gardner

Nachtgespräche, by Auguste Hauschner                                     63440
 [Language: German]

Romanceiro III, by V. de Almeida Garrett                                 63439
 [Subtitle: Romances Cavalherescos Antigos]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Romanceiro I, by V. de Almeida Garrett                                   63438
 [Subtitle: Romances da Renascença]
 [Language: Portuguese]

The Seven Plaits of Nettles, and other stories, by Edric Vredenburg      63437
 [Illustrators: T. Noyes Lewis and Hilda Cowham]

Pääskysen liverryksiä lapsille, by Maria Wilhelmina Krohn                63436 
 [Language: Finnish]

La marquise de Condorcet, by Antoine Guillois                            63435
 [Subtitle: Sa Famille, son Salon, ses Amis, 1764-1822]
 [Language: French]

Rainha sem reino, by Alberto Pimentel                                    63434
 [Subtitle: (Estudo historico do seculo XV)]
 [Language: Portuguese]

The Harvest of the Sea, by James Glass Bertram                           63433
 [Subtitle: A contribution to the natural and
  economic history of the British food fishes]

Colony of the Unfit, by Manfred A. Carter                                63432

Trail and Trading Post, by Edward Stratemeyer                            63431
 [Subtitle: or The Young Hunters of the Ohio]
 [Illustrator: J. W. Kennedy]

Lazarus Come Forth, by Ray Bradbury                                      63430

Joe Carson's Weapon, by James R. Adams                                   63429

The Daguerreian Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2, June 1, 1851, by Various         63428

The Daguerreian Journal, Vol. 1, No. 8, March 1, 1851, by Various        63427

Will Bradley, His Chap Book                                              63426

Leipä ja laulu, by Larin-Kyösti                                          63425
 [Subtitle: Kokoelma kertomuksia ja taruja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Cuentos populares en Chile, by Ramón A. Laval                            63424
 [Language: Spanish]

Kathrina, A Poem, by Josiah Gilbert Holland                              63423

Roentgen Rays and Phenomena of the Anode and Cathode,                    63422
 by Edward P. Thompson

Glass and Glass Manufacture, by Percival Marson                          63421

Eight Lectures on India, by Halford John Mackinder                       63420

Death Star, by Tom Pace                                                  63419

Poor Blossom, by Edith Carrington                                        63418
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Horse]

The Wishing-Stone Stories, by Thornton Waldo Burgess                     63417
 [Illustrator: Harrison Cady]

Rust, Smut, Mildew, & Mold, by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke                     63416

London Labour and the London Poor, Vol. 4, by Henry Mayhew               63415

Lo prohibido, tomo 2 de 2, by Benito Pérez Galdós                        63414
 [Language: Spanish]

Lo prohibido, tomo 1 de 2, by Benito Pérez Galdós                        63413
 [Language: Spanish]

Lo prohibido (novela completa), by Benito Pérez Galdós                   63412
 [Language: Spanish]

Saarelaiskuvia II, by Emil Elenius                                       63411
 [Language: Finnish]

Rumänisches Tagebuch, by Hans Carossa                                    63410
 [Language: German]

La nouvelle Robinsonnette, by Edward Andreyevich Granström               63409
 [Subtitle: Aventures d'une fillette sur une île déserte]
 [Language: French]

Report of the committee appointed to investigate the causes              63408
 and extent of the late extraordinary sickness and mortality
 in the town of Mobile

Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer, by Edith Lavell                         63407

Contos e Phantasias, by Maria Amalia Vaz de Carvalho                     63406
 [Language: Portuguese]

Personal Narrative of Events, From 1799 to 1815,                         63405
 by William Stanhope Lovell

Galatea, by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra                                    63404

Den ljusa skalpen, by Sigge Strömberg                                    63403
 [Subtitle: Nya präriehistorier]
 [Language: Swedish]

El criticón, tomo 2 de 2, by Baltasar Gracián y Morales                  63402
 [Language: Spanish]

The Happy Castaway, by Emmett McDowell                                   63401

These are the British, by Drew Middleton                                 63400

The Glebe 1914/09, Vol. 2, No. 2, Poems, by George W. Cronyn             63399

The Hairy Ones, by Basil Wells                                           63398

A Select Glossary of the Texas Revolution, by Jean Carefoot              63397

The Geologic Story of the Great Plains, by Donald E. Trimble             63396

Freezing Combination Main Dishes, by Anonymous                           63395
 [Subtitle: Home and Garden Bulletin No. 40]

Bill Bolton and the Flying Fish, by Noel Everingham Sainsbury, Jr.       63394

Mind-Stealers of Pluto, by Joseph Farrell                                63393

Doorway to Kal-Jmar, by Stuart Fleming                                   63392

A Short History of the Fatimid Khalifate, by De Lacy O'Leary             63391

Moslem and Frank, by Gustave Louis Strauss                               63390
 [Subtitle: or, Charles Martel and the rescue of Europe]

Homestead Ranch, by Elizabeth G. Young                                   63389

The development of British landscape painting in water-colours,          63388
 by Alexander Joseph Finberg and E. A. Taylor

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, Vol. 3 of 3, by W. Clark Russell               63387

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, Vol. 2 of 3, by W. Clark Russell               63386

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, Vol. 1 of 3, by W. Clark Russell               63385

Asser's Life of Alfred, by John Asser                                    63384

The Wonder Clock, by Howard Pyle and Katharine Pyle                      63383
 [Subtitle: or four & twenty marvellous Tales,
  being one for each hour of the day]

The Attack on the Mill and Other Sketches of War, by Émile Zola          63382

Saarroksissa Himalajalla, by Mayne Reid                                  63381
 [Subtitle: Saksalaisten veljesten seikkailuja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Proverbes sur les femmes, l'amitié, l'amour et le mariage,               63380
 by Pierre Marie Quitard
 [Language: French]

>From Monkey to Man, or, Society in the Tertiary Age, by Austin Bierbower 63379
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Missing Link]
 [Illustrator: H. R. Heaton]

El corazón juglar, by Luis G. Urbina                                     63378
 [Language: Spanish]

Henry James at Work, by Theodora Bosanquet                               63377

The Sweating Sickness in England, by Francis C. Webb                     63376

Saarelaiskuvia I, by Emil Elenius                                        63375
 [Language: Finnish]

Confessions of a Railroad Signalman, by James Octavius Fagan             63374 

Rain and roses, by Jeannette Fraser Henshall                             63373

Einstein's Theories of Relativity and Gravitation, by J. Malcolm Bird    63372

Lehrbuch der Botanik für Hochschulen, by Eduard Strasburger              63371
 [Language: German]

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, Vol. 3 of 4, by Robert Wilson      63370

The Sense of the Past, by Henry James                                    63369

De Werken van William Shakespeare, by William Shakespeare                63368
 [Subtitle: Koning Richard de Tweede]
 [Language: Dutch]

De Werken van William Shakespeare, by William Shakespeare                63367
 [Subtitle: Koning Hendrik de Vierde]
 [Language: Dutch]

Nietzsche's Philosophie, by Henri Lichtenberger                          63366
 [Language: Dutch]

The Flying Boys to the Rescue, by Edward S. Ellis                        63365
 [Illustrator: Edwin J. Prittie]

Dramatische Werken, by Hendrik Ibsen                                     63364
 [Subtitle: De comedie der liefde; Brand; Peer Gynt]
 [Language: Dutch]

Storia degli Italiani, Vol. 2 di 15, by Cesare Cantù                     63363
 [Language: Italian]

Het Anarchisme in de Arbeidersbeweging, by Jos. Loopuit                  63362
 [Language: Dutch]

Cottage Folk, by Alice Vansittart Carr                                   63361

Buffalo Bill Among the Sioux, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham               63360
 [Subtitle: The Fight in the Rapids]

San Ignacio de Loyola, by Benjamín Marcos                                63359
 [Language: Spanish]

Memoir of Roger Williams, by James D. Knowles                            63358
 [Subtitle: The Founder of the State of Rhode-Island]

Motion Pictures and Filmstrips, 1970, by The Copyright Office            63357
 of the Library of Congress
 [Subtitle: Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series
  Volume 24, Parts 12-13]

Sir Charles Warren and Spion Kop, by Defender                            63356
 [Subtitle: A Vindication]

Studies on Fermentation, by Louis Pasteur                                63355

A Garden of Girls, by Helena Walsh Concannon                             63354
 [Subtitle: Or, Famous Schoolgirls of Former Days]

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

The Treasure of the Bucoleon, by Arthur D. Howden Smith                  63353

Marcella, by Mrs. Humphry Ward                                           63352 
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Robert Fulton and the Submarine, by Wm. Barclay Parsons                  63351

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Vol. 3 of 11, by Various                 63350

La société bordelaise sous Louis XV, by André Grellet-Dumazeau           63349
 [Subtitle: et le salon de Mme Duplessy]
 [Language: French]

Trial of Pedro de Zulueta, Jr., on a Charge of Slave Trading,            63348
 under 5 Geo. IV, cap. 113, on Friday the 27th, Saturday the
 28th, and Monday the 30th of October, 1843, at the Central
 Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London, by Pedro de Zulueta, Jr.
 and W. B. Gurney
 [Subtitle: A Full Report from the Short-hand Notes of W. B. Gurney, Esq.]

Seven Lectures on the United Kingdom for use in India,                   63347
 by Halford John Mackinder
 [Subtitle: Reissued for use in the United Kingdom]

On, by Hilaire Belloc                                                    63346

Lessons in wireless telegraphy, by Alfred Morgan                         63345
 [Subtitle: A systematic elementary course in
  the principles of wireless telegraphy and the
  electrical laws upon which it depends]

Paper Shell Pecans, by Keystone Pecan Company, Manheim, Pa               63344

Die Mutter, by Gutti Alsen                                               63343
 [Subtitle: Blätter aus dunklen Tagen]
 [Language: German]

The White Czar, by Clarence Hawkes                                       63342
 [Subtitle: A Story of a Polar Bear]
 [Illustrator: Charles Livingston Bull]

Nouveaux Contes des Collines, by Rudyard Kipling                         63341
 [Language: French]

The Great Diamond Syndicate, by Nicholas Carter                          63340
 [Subtitle: The Hardest Crew on Record]

Valperga Vol. 3 of 3, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley                     63339
 [Subtitle: or, The life and adventures of Castruccio, prince of Lucca]

Valperga Vol. 2 of 3, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley                     63338
 [Subtitle: or, The life and adventures of Castruccio, prince of Lucca]

Valperga, Vol. 1 of 3, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley                    63337
 [Subtitle: or, The life and adventures of Castruccio, prince of Lucca]

The history of the Popes, from the foundation of the See of Rome,        63336
 to the present time, by Archibald Bower

The Armenian Crisis in Turkey, by Frederick Davis Greene                 63335
 [Subtitle: The Massacre of 1894, Its Antecedents and
  Significance With a Consideration of Some of the
  Factors Which Enter Into the Solution of This Phase
  of the Eastern Question]

Ireland in Travail, by Joice Mary Nankivell and Sydney Loch              63334

Haudattu temppeli, by Maurice Maeterlinck                                63333
 [Language: Finnish]

Boche and Bolshevik, by Hereward T. Price                                63332
 [Subtitle: Experiences of an Englishman in the German Army
  and in Russian Prisons]

The Baptism of the Prince, by John Alexander                             63331
 [Subtitle: A Sermon]

The Members of the Established Church Vindicated, by William Greary      63330
 [Subtitle: from certain charges, direct or implied, in a letter
  addressed to them by the Rev. John Alexander, on the subject
  of Infant Education]

L'oeuvre du chevalier Andrea de Nerciat, 2/2,                            63329
 by André-Robert Andréa de Nerciat
 [Subtitle: Félicia ou mes fredaines]
 [Language: French]

Teatro selecto, tomo 4 de 4, by Pedro Calderón de la Barca               63328
 [Language: Spanish]

Chatterton, by Ernest Lacy                                               63327

A Letter of Affectionate Remonstrance addressed to the members           63326
 of the Established Church in Norwich and in Norfolk and
 occasioned by the proposed exclusive system of infant
 education, by John Alexander

Infant Schools and Dissenters, by John Alexander                         63325
 [Subtitle: A Vindication of "a letter
  of affectionate remonstrance," &c.]

Pulmusparvi, by Jooseppi Mustakallio                                     63324 
 [Language: Finnish]

A funeral sermon for the Rev. Joseph Kinghorn, by John Alexander         63323
 [Subtitle: preached in St. Mary's Meeting-house, Norwich,
  on Sunday afternoon, September 9th, 1832]

Philosophy of Earthquakes, Natural and Religious, by William Stukeley    63322
 [Subtitle: or, An Inquiry into Their Cause, and Their Purpose]

Mr. Waddy's Return, by Theodore Winthrop                                 63321

When I Was Czar, by Arthur W. Marchmont                                  63320

Histoire anecdotique du tribunal révolutionnaire, by Charles Monselet    63319
 [Language: French]

Some Experiments concerning Mercury, by J. H. Boerhaave                  63318

Os contos do tio Joaquim, by Rodrigo Botelho da Fonseca Paganino         63317
 [Language: Portuguese]

Mordvalaisten, tsheremissien ja votjakkien kosinta- ja häätavoista       63316
 by Albert Hämäläinen
 [Subtitle: Vertaileva tutkimus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Thirty years’ history of the church and congregation in                  63315
 Prince’s street chapel, Norwich, by John Alexander

Reasons for joining the Norfolk & Norwich Protestant Association,        63314
 by William Hull

Neurosyphilis, by Harry Caesar Solomon and Elmer Ernest Southard         63313
 [Subtitle: Modern Systematic Diagnosis and Treatment Presented
  In One Hundred And Thirty-Seven Case Histories]

Das Feuer hinter dem Berge, by Juliane Karwath                           63312
 [Subtitle: Roman]
 [Language: German]

Methods & Aims in Archaeology, by William Matthew Flinders Petrie        63311

The Chapel on the Hill, by Alfred Pretor                                 63310

Chimera World, by Wilbur S. Peacock                                      63309

Ronald and I, by Alfred Pretor                                           63308
 [Subtitle: or Studies from Life]

The Untamed, by George Pattullo                                          63307
 [Illustrators: Charles Bull, Charles Russell, and Haydon Jones]

The Arabian Nights, Vol. 2 of 4, by Anonymous                            63306

L'oeuvre du chevalier Andrea de Nerciat, Vol. 1 of 2, by                 63305
 André-Robert Andréa de Nerciat and Guillaume Apollinaire]
 [Language: French]

Double-Cross, by James MacCreigh                                         63304

Le crime des riches, by Jean Lorrain                                     63303
 [Language: French]

Cousin Mary, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                                   63302

Blaubart und Miß Ilsebill, by Alfred Döblin                              63301
 [Subtitle: Mit Steinzeichnungen von Carl Rabus]
 [Illustrator: Carl Rabus]
 [Language: German]

Iamblichus' Life of Pythagoras, or Pythagoric Life,                      63300
 by Chalcidensis Iamblichus
 [Subtitle: Accompanied by Fragments of the Ethical
  Writings of certain Pythagoreans in the Doric
  dialect; and a collection of Pythagoric Sentences
  from Stobaeus and others, which are omitted by
  Gale in his Opuscula Mythologica, and have not
  been noticed by any editor]

Book of the Pearl, by George Frederick Kunz and Charles Hugh Stevenson   63299
 [Subtitle: The history, art, science, and industry
  of the queen of gems]

The New Democracy, by Walter Vrooman                                     63298
 [Subtitle: A handbook for Democratic speakers and workers]

The Brother of a Hero, by Ralph Henry Barbour                            63297
 [Illustrator: Charles M. Relyea]

OEuvres de Marcel Schwob, Vol. 2 of 2, La lampe de Psyché,               63296
 Il libro della mia memoria, by Marcel Schwob
 [Language: French]

The Wishing Cap, by Mary Martha Sherwood                                 63295

Thoughts of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, by Saint Thérèse           63294
 of Lisieux, and Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

The Fasting Cure, by Upton Sinclair                                      63293

 Familiar Dialogues, by Jacques Bellot                                   63292
 [Subtitle: for the Instruction of them, that be desirous to learne
  to speake English, and perfectlye to pronounce the same]

Az erkölcsi törvény alkalmazása, by Zsigmond Bodnár                      63291
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria, Vol. 2 of 4, by Robert Wilson      63290

The Ring of Amethyst, by Alice Wellington Rollins                        63289

William Morris, by John Drinkwater                                       63288
 [Subtitle: A Critical Study]

I'd Like to Do it Again, by Owen Davis                                   63287

Invader From Infinity, by George Whittington                             63286

Nouveaux contes cruels et propos d'au delà, by Auguste de                63285
 Villiers de L'Isle-Adam
 [Language: French]

La tentatrice, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                                  63284
 [Language: French]

New Mexico Magazine's A Taste of New Mexico Kitchens, by Anonymous       63283

How to Make Draperies, by Anonymous                                      63282
 [Subtitle: Singer Sewing Library, No. 102]

The Glebe 1914/04, Vol. 2, No. 1, Collects, by Horace L. Traubel         63281

Four Lectures on the English Revolution, by Thomas Hill Green            63280

The American Navy and Liberia, by R. W. Shufeldt                         63279
 [Subtitle: An Address before the American
  Colonization Society, January 18, 1876]

Stories Pictures Tell Book 8, by Flora Carpenter                         63278

The Dabistán, Vol. 3 of 3, by David Shea, Anthony Troyer,                63277
 and Muòhsin Fåanåi
 [Subtitle: or School of manners, translated from the
  original Persian, with notes and illustrations]

The Dabistán, Vol. 2 of 3, by David Shea, Anthony Troyer,                63276
 and Muòhsin Fåanåi
 [Subtitle: or School of manners, translated from the
  original Persian, with notes and illustrations]

The Dabistán, Vol. 1 of 3, by David Shea, Anthony Troyer,                63275
 and Muòhsin Fåanåi
 [Subtitle: or School of manners, translated from the
  original Persian, with notes and illustrations]

The sexual life of woman in its physiological, pathological              63274
 and hygienic aspects, by Enoch Heinrich Kisch

Thirty Years from Home, by Samuel Leech                                  63273
 [Subtitle: or, a voice from the main deck,
  being the experience of Samuel Leech]

Il romanzo della morte, by Beatrice Speraz                               63272
 [Language: Italian]

Ni ange, ni bête, by André Maurois                                       63271
 [Language: French]

Deep-Sea Plunderings, by Frank Thomas Bullen                             63270

Ocean Tramps, by H. de Vere Stacpoole                                    63269

The Happy-go-lucky Morgans, by Edward Thomas                             63268

Dernières lettres d'un bon jeune homme à sa cousine Madeleine,           63267
 by Edmond About
 [Language: French]

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 5, Supplement,         63266
 by Richard F. Burton

Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1913, by William Stanley Braithwaite     63265

Down the Scale or Up, by Barbara Abel                                    63264

Place Names in Kent, by John Horsley                                     63263

The Hoofs of Pegasus, by M. Letitia Stockett                             63262

Be Kind to One Another, by Anonymous                                     63261

Le Grand Silence Blanc, by Louis-Frédéric Rouquette                      63260
 [Subtitle: Roman vécu d'Alaska]
 [Language: French]

Le Banian, roman maritime, 2/2, by Édouard Corbière                      63259
 [Language: French]

Viagem ao norte do Brazil feita nos annos 1613 a 1614,                   63258
 pelo Padre Ivo D'Evreux, by Ivo D'Evreux
 [Language: Portuguese]

An Apology for the Colouring of the Greek Court                          63257
 in the Crystal Palace, by Owen Jones

The American Diary of a Japanese Girl, by Yone Noguchi                   63256
 [Illustrator: Genjiro Yeto]

Leon, Burgos and Salamanca, by Albert F. Calvert                         63255

The Heritage of The South, by Various                                    63254
 [Subtitle: A History of the Introduction of Slavery;
  its Establishment from Colonial times and final
  Effect upon the Politics of the United States]

Énigmes et découvertes bibliographiques, by P. L. Jacob                  63253
 [Language: French]

Kynäelmiä II, by Kaarlo Hemmo                                            63252
 [Subtitle: Runosommitelmia ja suorasanaisia kokeita]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kynäelmiä I, by Kaarlo Hemmo                                             63251
 [Subtitle: Runosommitelmia]
 [Language: Finnish]

Across The Chasm, by Julia Magruder                                      63250

The Philosophical Theory of the State, by Bernard Bosanquet              63249

Les châteaux d'Athlin et de Dunbayne, 1/2, Histoire arrivée dans         63248
 les Montagnes d'Écosse, by Ann Radcliffe
 [Subtitle: Par Anne Radcliffe, Traduite de l'Anglais]
 [Illustrator: Claude-Louis Desrais]
 [Language: French]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              63247
 No. 748, April 27, 1878, by Various

The Plague of Lust, Vol.2 of 2, by Julius Rosenbaum                      63246
 [Subtitle: Being a History of Venereal Disease in Classical Antiquity]

The Washers and Scrubbers, and The Men Who Robbed Them, by F. C. Adams   63245

Les Jeunes-France, romans goguenards, suivis de Contes humoristiques,    63244
 by Théophile Gautier
 [Language: French]

Hope Farm Notes, by Herbert Winslow Collingwood                          63243

Hellenistic Sculpture, by Guy Dickins                                    63242

Medical Jurisprudence, Vol. 1 of 3, by John Ayrton Paris                 63241
 and John Samuel Martin Fonblanque

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              63240
 No. 747, April 20, 1878, by Various

Siperialaisten maanpakolaisten elämästä: "Metsä humisee",                63239
 by Vladimir Korolenko
 [Subtitle: Metsälegenda]
 [Language: Finnish]

Pelican Pool, by Sydney De Loghe                                         63238
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Early Printed Books, by Edward Gordon Duff                               63237

Ajan käänteessä, by Larin-Kyösti                                         63236
 [Subtitle: Isänmaallisia runoja ja ballaadeja]
 [Language: Finnish]

Historia Pitoresca, by Alfredo Campos                                    63235
 [Subtitle: Palavras e frases celebres]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Dirigible Balloons, by Charles Hayward                                   63234
 [Subtitle: Instruction Paper]

China's Revolution 1911-1912, by Edwin J. Dingle                         63233
 [Subtitle: A Historical and Political Record of the Civil War]

The Epidemics of the Middle Ages, by Justus Friedrich Carl Hecker        63232
 and John Caius

Castes in India, by Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar                               63231
 [Subtitle: Their mechanism, genesis and development]

Two Stories, by Virginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf                         63230
 [Illustrator: Dora Carrington]

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 754, The Bedbug, 1934,                        63229
 by Charles Lester Marlatt

La quinta de Palmyra, by Ramón Gómez de la Serna                         63228
 [Subtitle: (Novela grande)]
 [Language: Spanish]

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 734, Flytraps and Their Operation, 1930,      63227
 by F. C. Bishopp

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 734, Flytraps and Their Operation, 1921,      63226
 by F. C. Bishopp

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 754, The Bedbug, 1916,                        63225
 by Charles Lester Marlatt

With the Persian Expedition, by M. H. Donohoe                            63224

The Man Inside, by Natalie Sumner Lincoln                                63223

La Mort, by Maurice Maeterlinck                                          63222
 [Language: French]

Travels in Virginia in Revolutionary Times, by Various                   63221

Le Banian, roman maritime, 1/2, by Édouard Corbière                      63220
 [Language: French]

Missouri Archaeologist, Vol. 34, No. 1 and 2, December 1972, by Various  63219

Lord William Beresford, V. C., Some Memories of a Famous Sportsman,      63218
 Soldier and Wit, by Mrs. Stuart Menzies

Discovery at Aspen, by Sophie Liebowitz Ruskay                           63217

The West Indies, Being a Description of the Islands, Progress of         63216
 Christianity, Education, and Liberty Among the Colored Population
 Generally, by Nancy Gardner Prince

Az erkölcsi világ, by Zsigmond Bodnár                                    63215
 [Language: Hungarian]

Työmiehiä Kertomus nykyajan oloista, by Kaarlo August Järvi              63214 
 [Subtitle: Kertomus nykyajan oloista]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Citadel of Death, by Carl Selwyn                                     63213

The Living Museum, Vol. 15, No. 6, October 1953, by Various              63212

A Year with a Whaler, by Walter Noble Burns                              63211

English Battles and Sieges in the Peninsula, by William Napier           63210
 [Subtitle: Extracted from his 'Peninsula War']

Decatur and Somers, by Molly Elliot Seawell                              63209
 [Subtitle: Young Heroes of Our Navy]
 [Illustrators: W. Granville Smith, J. O. Davidson, George Gibbs,
  and F. Cresson Schell]

The Bee-Master of Warrilow, by Tickner Edwardes                          63208

The Boy Electrician, by Alfred Morgan                                    63207
 [Subtitle: Practical Plans for Electrical Apparatus
  for work and play, with an explanation of the
  principles of every-day electricity]
 [Illustrator: Alfred Morgan]

L'enfant à la balustrade, by René Boylesve                               63206
 [Language: French]

A Boy's Trip Across the Plains, by Laura Preston                         63205

Biographical Notices of the Portraits at Hinchingbrook,                  63204
 by Mary Louisa Boyle

Faust: A Tragedy, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe                          63203

Margaret Maliphant, by Alice Carr                                        63202

L'homme au masque de fer, by P. L. Jacob                                 63201
 [Language: French]

Baron von Münchhausens merkværdige reiser og eventyr,                    63200
 by Rudolf Erich Raspe
 [Illustrator: Gustave Doré]
 [Language: Norwegian]

Stories Pictures Tell Book 6, by Flora Carpenter                         63199

Lords of Creation, by Ella Cheever Thayer                                63198
 [Subtitle: Woman Suffrage Drama in Three Acts]

Inga Heine, by Jenny Blicher-Clausen                                     63197
 [Subtitle: Jutelma nykyajoilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Volume 17, No. 5, March,            63196
 1894, by Various

A menina Lisa, by Paul de Kock                                           63195
 [Language: Portuguese]

Ivanhoe, by Walter Scott                                                 63194
 [Subtitle: ossia Il ritorno del Crociato]
 [Illustrator: Francesco Hayez]
 [Language: Italian]

Un amant, by Emily Brontë                                                63193
 [Language: French]

The Fairy and the Witch, by A. D. Nelson                                 63192

Winkie, the Wily Woodchuck, by Richard Barnum                            63191
 [Subtitle: Her Many Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Walter S. Rogers]

Proverbs of All Nations, by Walter Keating Kelly                         63190
 [Subtitle: Compared, Explained, and Illustrated]

Highwayman of the Void, by Dirk Wylie                                    63189

The Critic and the Drama, by George Jean Nathan                          63188

Les sentiers dans la montagne, by Maurice Maeterlinck                    63187
 [Language: French]

Porvari-väkeä matkoilla, by Julius Stinde                                63186
 [Subtitle: eli Buchholz-herrasväen matka-kertomukset]
 [Language: Finnish]

Miracles, by Alain-Fournier and Jacques Rivière                          63185
 [Subtitle: avec une introduction de Jacques Rivière]
 [Language: French]

Thrifty Stock and other Stories, by Ben Ames Williams                    63184

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International                63183
 Military Tribunal, by Various
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg, 14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946, Volume 8]

Pat the Lighthouse Boy, by Evelyn Everett-Green                          63182

A Japanese Nightingale, by Winnifred Eaton                               63181
 [Illustrator: Genjiro Yeto]

Letters to a Young Housekeeper, by Jane Prince                           63180

Manette Salomon, by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt             63179
 [Language: French]

Eerik Menvedin lapsuus, by B. S. Ingemann                                63178
 [Subtitle: Historiallinen romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Erämaan ritarit, by Arvi A. Seppälä                                      63177
 [Subtitle: 5-näytöksinen näytelmä Peräpohjolan tukkityömailta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Buffalo Bill's Girl Pard, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                   63176
 [Subtitle: Dauntless Dell's Daring]

The Sia, by Matilda Coxe Stevenson                                       63175
 [Subtitle: 1894 N 11 / 1889-1890, pages 3-158]

L'occasion perdue recouverte, by Pierre Corneille                        63174
 [Language: French]

The Son of Columbus, by Molly Elliot Seawell                             63173

A Pacific Coast Vacation, by Ida Dorman Morris                           63172

Stories Pictures Tell, Book 7, by Flora Carpenter                        63171

USDA Leaflet No. 160: Crimson Clover (1947), by Eugene Amos Hollowell    63170

USDA Leaflet No. 160, Crimson Clover (1938), by Eugene Amos Hollowell    63169

The Soul of a Cat and Other Stories, by Margaret Benson                  63168

Le thé chez Miranda, by Jean Moréas and Paul Adam                        63167
 [Language: French]

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 1142: Growing Crimson Clover,                 63166
 by Leonard Wheeler Kephart

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 550, Crimson Clover, Growing the Crop,        63165
 by John Minton Westgate

Nameless River, by Vingie Eve Roe                                        63164

Studies in the Wagnerian Drama, by Henry Krehbiel                        63163

The Haven Children, by Emilie Foster                                     63162
 [Subtitle: or Frolics at the Funny Old House on Funny Street]

Autour des trônes que j'ai vu tomber, by Princess of Belgium Louise      63161
 [Language: French]

Forest Glen, by Elijah Kellogg                                           63160
 [Subtitle: or The Mohawk's Friendship]

Treasure of the Brasada, by Les Savage                                   63159

Harry Joscelyn, Vol. 2 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                   63158

Mythology in Marble, by Louie M. Bell                                    63157

Boys of the Central, by I. T. Thurston                                   63156
 [Subtitle: A High-School Story]

The White Comrade and Other Poems, by Katherine Hale                     63155

The New Joan and Other Poems, by Katherine Hale                          63154

Morning in the West, by Katherine Hale                                   63153
 [Subtitle: A Book of Verse]

Sir George Arthur and his Administration of Upper Canada, by Walter Sage 63152

Un Turc à Paris, 1806-1811, by Bertrand Bareilles                        63151
 and Abdurrahim Muhib Efendi
 [Subtitle: Relation de voyage et de mission de
  Mouhib Effendi, ambassadeur extraordinaire du
  sultan Selim III, d'après un manuscrit autographe]
 [Language: French]

The Soul Eaters, by William Conover                                      63150

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, October, 1913, by Various      63149
 [Subtitle: Vol. 86, New Series, Vol. 64. May to October, 1913]

Men Who Have Made the Empire, by George Chetwynd Griffith                63148
 [Illustrator: Stanley L. Wood]

Histoires magiques, by Remy de Gourmont                                  63147
 [Language: French]

American Missionary, Volume 37, No. 12, December, 1883, by Various       63146

Electra, by Benito Pérez Galdós                                          63145
 [Subtitle: Drama em cinco actos]
 [Language: Portuguese]

Rêverie de Nouvel An, by Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette                       63144
 [Language: French]

A Broken Bond, by Nicholas Carter                                        63143
 [Subtitle: The Man Without Morals]

Harry Joscelyn; vol. 1 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                   63142

La mort de Philæ, by Pierre Loti                                         63141
 [Language: French]

A Lost Chapter in the History of the Steamboat,                          63140
 by John Hazelhurst Boneval Latrobe

Fratris Felicis Fabri Evagatorium in Terrae Sanctae, Arabiae             63139
 et Egypti Peregrinationem, by Felix Fabri
 [Subtitle: Volumen Tertium]
 [Language: Latin]

Vaarin muistikirja; Majala, by Bertha Behrens                            63138
 [Subtitle: Kaksi kertomusta]
 [Language: Finnish]

La trépidation, by Robert de Montesquiou-Fézensac                        63137
 [Language: French]

Valencia and Murcia, by Albert F. Calvert                                63136

Kansan keskeltä, by Pekka Aho                                            63135
 [Subtitle: Kolme kertomusta Savosta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Minions of the Crystal Sphere, by Albert de Pina                         63134

Historiallisia rakkauskirjeitä, by Various                               63133
 [Language: Finnish]

The Problem Of The Rupee, by Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar                      63132
 [Subtitle: Its Origin and Its Solution]

USDA Farmers' Bulletin No. 1227, Sewage and sewerage of farm homes,      63131
 by George Warren

Mr. Meek Plays Polo, by Clifford D. Simak                                63130

Propos de peintre, deuxième série: Dates, by Jacques-Émile Blanche       63129
 [Subtitle: Précédé d'une Réponse à la Préface
  de M. Marcel Proust au De David à Degas]
 [Language: French]

Rudimentary Treatise on the Construction of Locks, by A. C. Hobbs        63128

Records of the Kirk of Scotland, by Alexander Peterkin                   63127
 [Subtitle: containing the Acts and Proceedings
  of the General Assemblies from 1638]

Royal Palaces of Spain, by Albert F. Calvert                             63126

The Glebe 1914/03, Vol. 1, No. 6, Erna Vitek, by Alfred Kreymborg        63125

Pirate Princes and Yankee Jacks, by Daniel Henderson                     63124
 [Subtitle: Setting forth David Forsyth's Adventures
  in America's Battles on Sea and Desert with the
  Buccaneer Princes of Barbary, with an Account
  of a Search under the Sands of the Sahara Desert
  for the Treasure-filled Tomb of Ancient Kings]

The Eyes of Thar, by Henry Kuttner                                       63123

National Geographic--Geography of the Air,                               63122
The National Geographic Magazine, Geography of the Air,
 by Adolphus Washington Greely
 [Subtitle: Vol. 3, May 1, 1891, PP. 41-52]

True Love: A Story of English Domestic Life, by Sarah E. Farro           63121

Beyond the Lines, by John James Geer                                     63120
 [Subtitle: Or, A Yankee Prisoner Loose in Dixie]

The Two Spies, by Benson J. Lossing and Anna Seward                      63119
 [Subtitle: Nathan Hale and John André]

Historic Homes, Fort Dodge, Iowa, by Karl F. Haugen                      63118

Description of the Process of Manufacturing Coal Gas,                    63117
 for the Lighting of Streets Houses, and Public
 Buildings etc., by Frederick Accum

The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Vol. 4 of 5, by Various        63116

The Third Massachusetts Regiment Volunteer Militia in the War            63115
 of the Rebellion, 1861-1863, by John Gray Gammons

Stories Pictures Tell Book 5, by Flora Carpenter                         63114

The Lathe of Morpheus, by E. M                                           63113
 [Subtitle: or, The dream song. A tribute to B. C. from E. M]

Men Without a World, by Joseph Farrell                                   63112

The Grenadier Guards in the Great War of 1914-1918, Vol. 3 of 3,         63111
 by Frederick Edward Grey Ponsonby

Hans Thoma und seine Weggenossen, by Hans Thoma                          63110
 [Subtitle: Eine Kunstgabe]
 [Language: German]

Doctor Universe, by Carl Jacobi                                          63109

Worauf freuen wir uns jetzt?, by Fritz Müller                            63108
 [Subtitle: Fröhliche Geschichten]
 [Language: German]

Mrs. Dalloway in Bond Street, by Virginia Woolf                          63107

Una partita a scacchi; Il Trionfo d'amore; Intermezzi e scene,           63106
 by Giuseppe Giacosa
 [Language: Italian]

Tri Noveloj, by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin                             63105
 [Language: Esperanto]

Amid the High Hills, by Sir Hugh Fraser                                  63104

Saara, by Kristofer Janson                                               63103
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Two years in the French West Indies, by Lafcadio Hearn                   63102
 [Illustrator: Arthur W. Rushmore]

Nuevas cartas americanas, by Juan Valera                                 63101
 [Language: Spanish]

Die Engel mit dem Spleen, by Kasimir Edschmid                            63100
 [Illustrator: Robert Genin]
 [Language: German]

The Radio Boys in Darkest Africa, by Gerald Breckenridge                 63099

The Horse's Friend, by O. S. Pratt                                       63098
 [Subtitle: The Only Practical Method of Educating the Horse
  and Eradicating Vicious Habits]

Warrior of Two Worlds, by Manly Wade Wellman                             63097

Bouvard und Pécuchet, by Gustave Flaubert                                63096
 [Subtitle: Roman aus dem Nachlass]
 [Language: German]

Quartz from the Uplands, by Lewis McKenzie Turner                        63095

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