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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for May 2021


* "Crossed out" eBook ad wins CLIO Awards bronze medal
* Greg Newby interviewed in Web Masters podcast
* Volunteer with Distributed Proofreaders
* Find Project Gutenberg on social media
* New eBook Listings from April 2021

* "Crossed out" eBook ad wins CLIO Awards bronze medal

Congratulations to "the community." This is a marketing firm that worked with Project Gutenberg to develop a print campaign that shows visually how much more of a story may be found in a book, than in a movie or similar adaptation of the book.

Their graphic, "Crossed-out classics: A Christmas Carol," won a bronze metal in the CLIO awards. You can find an image of their work here:

The image was created by comparing the story elements of the Project Gutenberg eBook with a Christmas Carol movie. The blacked out areas in the image represent parts of the book that are not part of the movie. The message is that by reading the book - which is freely available from Project Gutenberg - you can get much more of the story.

* Greg Newby interviewed in Web Masters podcast

The Web Masters podcast interviewed Greg Newby, CEO of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and long-time Project Gutenberg volunteer. You can find the podcast, transcript, and download links here: https://share.transistor.fm/s/667f33b9

* Volunteer with Distributed Proofreaders

Visit https://www.pgdp.net to learn about how to help create some of Project Gutenberg's forthcoming eBooks. Proofreading a page a day is easy, fun, and a great way to help bring literature to the world. There are many different roles, for the different steps involved in digitizing a printed book to make a Project Gutenberg eBook. Beginners are welcome, and there is an online tutorial to get started.

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* New eBook Listings from April 2021

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Apr 2021 to 30 Apr 2021 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Souvenirs littéraires... et autres, by Willy                             65150
 [Language: French]

The House of Adventure, by Warwick Deeping                               65149

Herön kartanon lapset, by Alvilde Prydz                                  65148
 [Language: Finnish]

The English Secretary; or, Methode of Writing Epistles and Letters,      65147
 1599, by Angel Day

How To Sing, by Luisa Tetrazzini                                         65146

Essays of a Biologist, by Julian Huxley                                  65145

Derval Hampton, Vol. 2 of 2, by James Grant                              65144
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Sea]

Derval Hampton, Vol. 1 of 2, by James Grant                              65143
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Sea]

Barbarossa, by Franz Kuhn                                                65142
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

The Vicious Delinquents, by Mark Reinsberg                               65141

Not in the Rules, by Mack Reynolds                                       65140

History of Birds, by Unknown                                             65139

Revolt of the Devil Star, by Ross Rocklynne                              65138

The Longsnozzle Event, by Hal Annas                                      65137

The Cathedral, by James Russell Lowell                                   65136

Jean Craig in New York, by Kay Lyttleton                                 65135

The Women Who Make Our Novels, by Grant Martin Overton                   65134

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65133
 Fifth Series, No. 10, Vol. I, March 8, 1884, by Various

Wild Pastures, by Winthrop Packard                                       65132
 [Illustrator: Charles Copeland]

I rang med husets katt, by Astrid Väring                                 65131
 [Language: Swedish]

The Power of Sexual Surrender, by Marie Nyswander Robinson               65130

How to Study Fiorillo, by Edith L. Winn                                  65129

The Miserly Robot, by R. J. Rice                                         65128

Menace From Vega, by Robert Randall                                      65127

An Eel by the Tail, by Allen K. Lang                                     65126

A Journey of a Jayhawker, by W. Y. Morgan                                65125
 [Illustrator: Albert T. Reid]

Voyage to Procyon, by Robert Silverberg                                  65124

Gold Hunting in Alaska, by Joseph Grinnell                               65123
 [Language: Englilsh]

You'll Like It On Mars, by Tom W. Harris                                 65122

Hindu Magic, by Hereward Carrington                                      65121
 [Subtitle: An Expose of the Tricks of the Yogis and Fakirs of India]

Harper's Household Handbook, by Anonymous                                65120
 [Subtitle: A guide to easy ways of doing woman's work]

Homecoming Horde, by Robert Silverberg                                   65119

Cloches pour deux mariages, by Francis Jammes                            65118
 [Subtitle: Le mariage basque; le mariage de raison]
 [Language: French]

The Dazzling Miss Davison, by Florence Warden                            65117

Joutel's Journal of La Salle's Last Voyage 1684-7, by Henri Joutel       65116

Power Through Prayer, by Edward Bounds                                   65115

The Wonders of Optics, by Fulgence Marion                                65114

The Vengeance of Toffee, by Charles F. Myers                             65113

Rachel: A Play in Three Acts, by Angelina Weld Grimké                    65112

Œuvres de jeunesse inédites, by Gustave Flaubert                         65111
 [Subtitle: II: 1839-1842. Œuvres diverses.--Novembre.]
 [Language: French]

Eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain, and Portugal,       65110
 Vol. 2 of 3, by James Montgomery and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Les colombes poignardées, by Maurice Magre                               65109
 [Language: French]

Salon pojat, by Iivo Härkönen                                            65108
 [Subtitle: Mäenlaskumatkoista koulutielle]
 [Language: Finnish]

Knole and the Sackvilles, by V. Sackville-West                           65107

The Great White North, by Helen S. Wright                                65106
 [Subtitle: The story of polar exploration from the earliest
  times to the discovery of the pole]

Keetje Trottin, by Neel Doff                                             65105
 [Illustrator: Albert Marquet]
 [Language: French]

A Catalogue of Books Published by Chapman & Hall, Limited, August,       65104
 1888, by Anonymous

Legendary Islands of the Atlantic, by William Henry Babcock              65103
 [Subtitle: A Study of Medieval Geography]

Kainuun mailta, by Samuli Paulaharju                                     65102
 [Subtitle: Kansantietoutta Kajaanin kulmilta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Maid--To Order, by Hal Annas                                             65101

The Builders, by Fox B. Holden                                           65100

With John Paul Jones, by John T.  McIntyre                               65099
 [Illustrator: Clyde O. Deland]

Daughters of Men, by Hannah Lynch                                        65098

The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4, 1867,           65097
 by Various

Keetje, by Neel Doff                                                     65096
 [Language: French]

Ystävän kirja, by Anatole France                                         65095
 [Language: Finnish]

Metsästysretki, by Jalmari Hahl                                          65094
 [Subtitle: Draamallinen tuokiokuva]
 [Language: Finnish]

Die Umsegelung Afrikas durch phönizische Schiffer ums Jahr 600           65093
 v. Chr. Geb., by Willi Müller
 [Language: German]

Histoire du Canal de Suez, by Ferdinand de Lesseps                       65092
 [Language: French]

Preliminary Report on Gowganda Mining Division District of Nipissing     65091
 Ontario, by W. H. Collins

Report to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State For the Home        65090
 Department, from the Poor Law Commissioners, by Edwin Chadwick
 and Charles Wheatstone
 [Subtitle: on an Inquiry Into the Sanitary Condition of the
  Labouring Population of Great Britain; With Appendices]

Im Gold- und Silberland, by Mark Twain                                   65089
 [Illustrator: Albert Richter]
 [Language: German]

De Chineesche Filosofie (II), by Henry Borel                             65088
 [Subtitle: Toegelicht voor niet-Sinologen, II. Lao Tsz']
 [Language: Dutch]

Ben, The Trapper, by Lewis W. Carson                                     65087
 [Subtitle: The Mountain Demon]

World of the Mad, by Poul Anderson                                       65086

The Barrier, by Bryce Walton                                             65085

The Boy Scout Pathfinders, by Robert Maitland                            65084
 [Subtitle: Or, Jack Danby's Best Adventure]

Race Distinctions in American Law, by Gilbert Thomas Stephenson          65083

Voyage aux Pyrénées, by Hypolite Taine                                   65082
 [Language: French]

Life of Charles T. Walker, D.D., by Silas Xavier Floyd                   65081
 [Subtitle: ("The Black Spurgeon") Pastor Mt. Olivet
  Baptist Church, New York City]

Dick Rodney, by James Grant                                              65080
 [Subtitle: or, The Adventures of an Eton Boy]

Autobiography of Mother Jones, by Mary Harris Jones                      65079

How to Become a Lightning Calculator, by Anonymous                       65078

Tourists to Terra, by Mack Reynolds                                      65077

Pastorals of Dorset, by M. E. Francis                                    65076
 [Illustrator: Claud C. du Pré Cooper]

Look to the Stars, by Willard Hawkins                                    65075

The Ultimate Quest, by Hal Annas                                         65074

La vita di Cola di Rienzo, by Gabriele D'Annunzio                        65073
 [Language: Italian]

The Time Armada, by Fox B. Holden                                        65072

Matthew Fontaine Maury, by Charles Lee Lewis                             65071
 [Subtitle: The Pathfinder of the Seas]

"What So Proudly We Hail...", by Day Keene                               65070

The Brave Walk Alone, by John McGreevey                                  65069

Terrible Tractation and Other Poems, by Christopher Caustic              65068

It's Raining Frogs!, by Milton Lesser                                    65067

The Life of Rev. David Brainerd, Chiefly Extracted from His Diary,       65066
 by Jonathan Edwards

Base-ball Ballads, by Grantland Rice                                     65065

The Old Ones, by Betsy Curtis                                            65064

Kummastuneet kasvot, by Anna de Noailles                                 65063
 [Language: Finnish]

Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1914, by Various                         65062

The Boston cooking-school cook book, by Fannie Merritt Farmer            65061

Wit, Humor, and Shakspeare, by John Weiss                                65060
 [Subtitle: Twelve Essays]

Le temple enseveli, by Maurice Maeterlinck                               65059
 [Language: French]

Old Greek Education, by John Pentland Mahaffy                            65058

Keisarinna Elisabet, by Clara Tschudi                                    65057
 [Language: Finnish]

Amerikanskt, by Ester Blenda Nordström                                   65056
 [Subtitle: Som emigrant till Amerika]
 [Language: Swedish]

A báróné ténsasszony, by Lajos Tolnai                                    65055
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Illustrator: Aladár Kriesch]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Muistelmia hyönteismaailmasta, by J. H. Fabre                            65054
 [Subtitle: Kuvauksia hyönteisten tavoista ja vaistosta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Meet Me in Tomorrow, by Guy Archette                                     65053

Conseils à un Jeune Homme pauvre qui vient faire de la littérature       65052
 à Paris, by Maurice Magre
 [Language: French]

La pace domestica - L'elisir di lunga vita - La borsa,                   65051
 by Honoré de Balzac
 [Subtitle: Racconti scelti]
 [Language: Italian]

Brief for the higher education of the negro, by Kelly Miller             65050

The Evolution Theory, Vol. 2 of 2, by August Weismann                    65049

"Lexington", by Sidney Howard                                            65048
 [Subtitle: A Pageant-Drama of the American Freedom]

The British Campaign in France and Flanders, July to November 1918,      65047
  by Arthur Conan Doyle

The British Campaign in France and Flanders, January to July 1918,       65046
  by Arthur Conan Doyle

The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1917, by Arthur Conan Doyle  65045

The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1916, by Arthur Conan Doyle  65044

The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1915, by Arthur Conan Doyle  65043

The British Campaign in France and Flanders 1914, by Arthur Conan Doyle  65042

Phrenology Examined, by P. Flourens                                      65041

An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre, by John Gregory Bourke           65040
 [Subtitle: An Account of the Expedition in Pursuit of the
  Hostile Chiricahua Apaches in the Spring of 1883]

Sir Isumbras at the Ford, by D. K. Broster                               65039

Két nyár, by Margit Kaffka                                               65038
 [Subtitle: Novellák]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Young Folks Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 1902, by H. L. Coggins        65037
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]

Young Folks Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1902, by H. L. Coggins        65036
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]

Inheritance, by Edward W. Ludwig                                         65035

Velázquez en el museo del Prado, by A. de Buruete y Moret                65034
 [Language: Spanish]

The Life and Sufferings of Leonard Black, by Leonard Black               65033
 [Subtitle: A Fugitive from Slavery]

Wind in Her Hair, by Kris Neville                                        65032

Le meilleur ami, by René Boylesve                                        65031
 [Language: French]

Eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain, and Portugal,       65030
 Vol. 1 of 3, by James Montgomery and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Two-Legs, by Carl Ewald                                                  65029
 [Illustrator: Johan Briede and Helen Jacobs]

Vestire gli ignudi, by Luigi Pirandello                                  65028
 [Subtitle: Commedia in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

A Narrative of Some Remarkable Incidents in the Life of Solomon Bayley   65027
 [Subtitle: Formerly a Slave, in the State of Delaware, North America]

The Social Ladder, by Charles Dana Gibson                                65026
 [Subtitle: Drawings by Charles Dana Gibson]

La petite sœur de Trott, by André Lichtenberger                          65025
 [Language: French]

Los Conquistadores, by José María Salaverría                             65024
 [Subtitle: El origen heróico de América]
 [Language: Spanish]

The Deipnosophists or Banquet of the Learned of Athenæus, Vol. 2 of 3,   65023
 by Athenaeus of Naucratis

Remarks on the Present System of Road Making, by John Loudon McAdam      65022

A Primavera, by Antonio Feliciano de Castilho                            65021
 [Language: Portuguese]

The Complete Distiller, by A. Cooper                                     65020

A nap lovagja, by Sándor Bródy                                           65019
 [Illustrator: Lajos Márk]
 [Language: Hungarian]

A Fool in Spots, by Hallie Erminie Rives                                 65018

The Soul Stealers, by Chester S. Geier                                   65017

Revolutionärer och emigranter, by Alma Söderhjelm                        65016
 [Language: Swedish]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65015
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 8, February 23, 1884, by Various

The ecclesiastical architecture of Scotland from the earliest            65014
 Christian times to the seventeenth century, Vol. 3 of 3
 by David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross

One for the Robot--Two for the Same, by Rog Phillips                     65013

Disappeared From Her Home, by Catherine Louisa Pirkis                    65012

U.S. Marine Operations in Korea, 1950-1953, Vol. 5 of 5,                 65011
 by Pat Meid and James M. Yingling
 [Subtitle: Operations in West Korea]

U.S. Marine Operations in Korea, 1950-1953, Vol. 4 of 5,                 65010
 by Lynn Montross, Hubbard D. Kuokka and Norman W. Hicks
 [Subtitle: The East-Central Front]

U.S. Marine Operations in Korea, 1950-1953, Vol. 3 of 5,                 65009
 by Lynn Montross and Nicholas Canzona
 [Subtitle: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign]

U.S. Marine Operations in Korea, 1950-1953, Vol. 2 of 5,                 65008
 by Lynn Montross and Nicholas Canzona
 [Subtitle: The Inchon-Seoul Operation]

U.S. Marine Operations in Korea, 1950-1953, Vol. 1 of 5,                 65007
 by Lynn Montross and Nicholas Canzona
 [Subtitle: The Pusan Perimeter]

Storia degli Italiani, vol. 5 (di 15), by Cesare Cantù                   65006
 [Language: Italian]

An Illustrated Directory of the Specifications of All Domestic and       65005
 Foreign Motor-cars and Motor Business Wagons, Gasoline, Steam and
 Electric, Sold in this Country, 1907, by MoToR, The National
 Monthly Magazine of Motoring

The Alhambra and the Kremlin, by Samuel Irenæus Prime                    65004
 [Subtitle: The South and the North of Europe]

Porneiopathology, by Robert J. Culverwell                                65003
 [Subtitle: A Popular Treatise on Venereal and Other Diseases
  of the Make and Female Genital System]

The Birds of Australia, Vol. 1 of 7, by John Gould                       65002

The Story My Doggie Told to Me, by Ralph Henry Barbour                   65001
 [Illustrator: John Rae]

Familiar Studies in Homer, by Agnes Mary Clerke                          65000

The Golden Harpoon, by Roger Starbuck                                    64999
 [Subtitle: Lost Among the Floes]

Practical Phrenology Simplified, by Theodore Foster                      64998

The Joss: A Reversion, by Richard Marsh                                  64997

Ad astra, by Larin-Kyösti                                                64996
 [Subtitle: Yömaalarin unelma seitsemässä kuvaelmassa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Hannele, by Gerhart Hauptmann                                            64995
 [Subtitle: 2-näytöksinen unirunoelma]
 [Language: Finnish]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, Fifth        64994
 Series, Vol. 1, No. 4, January 26, 1884, by Various

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, Fifth        64993
 Series, Vol. 1, No. 7, February 16, 1884, by Various

Narrative of Henry Box Brown, by Henry Box Brown                         64992
 [Subtitle: Who Escaped from Slavery Enclosed in a Box
  3 Feet Long and 2 Wide]

The Story of Alexander, by Robert Steele                                 64991
 [Illustrator: Fred Mason]

Le Chèvrefeuille, by Thierry Sandre                                      64990
 [Language: French]

Harlem Shadows, by Claude McKay                                          64989
 [Subtitle: The Poems of Claude McKay]

The Youngest Camel, by Kay Boyle                                         64988
 [Illustrator: Fritz Kredel]

Vrouwenleven in de Dessa, by Marie C. E. Ovink-Soer                      64987
 [Language: Dutch]

Aspasia, by Robert Hamerling                                             64986
 [Illustrator: A. Poussin]
 [Language: Dutch]

Men, Women, and Books, by Augustine Birrell                              64985

Biographical catalogue of the portraits at Weston, the seat              64984
 of the Earl of Bradford, by Mary Louisa Boyle

Mon amour, by René Boylesve                                              64983
 [Language: French]

The Tale of Bunny Cotton-Tail, by Laura Rountree Smith                   64982

Negro Journalism, by George W. Gore                                      64981
 [Subtitle: An Essay on the History and Present
  Conditions of the Negro Press]

Nagyokról és kicsinyekrol, by Károly Eötvös                              64980
 [Language: Hungarian]

Youth, Vol. 1, No. 5, July 1902, by H. L. Coggins                        64979
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]

The Blue Birds at Happy Hills, by Lillian Elizabeth Roy                  64978

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Mar 2021 to 31 Mar 2021 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

The Protocols and World Revolution, by Sergei Aleksandrovich Nilus       64977
 [Subtitle: Including a Translation and Analysis of the "Protocols
  of the Meetings of the Zionist Men of Wisdom"]

L'Art du Cuisinier, Volume 1, by Antoine Beauvilliers                    64976
 [Language: French]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              64975
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 5, February 9, 1884, by Various

El Hombre Mediocre, by José Ingenieros                                   64974
 [Subtitle: Ensayo de psicologia y moral]
 [Language: Spanish]

Suomalainen lukemisto, by Various                                        64973
 [Language: Finnish]

A lecture by Victoria Claflin Woodhull                                   64972
 [Subtitle: In the Boston Theater, Boston, U.S.A. October 22, 1876,
  before 3,000 people. The review of a century; or, the fruit of
  five thousand years]

The Rising Son, or, the Antecedents and Advancement of the Colored Race, 64971
 by Wm. Wells Brown

Valladolid, Oviedo, Avila & Zaragoza, by Albert F. Calvert               64970

Hold Onto Your Body!, by Richard O. Lewis                                64969

Combatman, by John Massie Davis                                          64968

Clara Barton a Centenary Tribute, by Charles Sumner Young                64967

Deux romanciers de Provence: Honoré d'Urfé et Émile Zola,                64966
 by Edmond Rostand
 [Subtitle: Le roman sentimental et le roman naturaliste]
 [Language: French]

World Without Glamor, by Milton Lesser                                   64965

In Exitu Israel, Volume 1 of 2, by Sabine Baring-Gould                   64964
 [Subtitle: An Historical Novel]

Heir Apparent, by Alan E. Nourse                                         64963

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              64962
 Fifth Series, No. 5, Vol. 1, February 2, 1884, by Various

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1934, by Various                64961

Punaiset sudet Historiallinen seikkailukertomus,                         64960
 by Carl August Cederborg
 [Language: Finnish]

Picturesque Spain, by Kurt Hielscher                                     64959

A legnagyobb bolond, by Jenő Rákosi                                      64958
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Illustrator: Dezso Czigány]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Magnetic Girl, by Richard Marsh                                      64957

Marsin ritarit, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                                  64956
 [Language: Finnish]

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 2, No. 6,  February 1935, by Various               64955
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Daring Deeds of Famous Pirates, by Edward Keble Chatterton               64954
 [Subtitle: True stories of the stirring adventures, bravery
  and resource of pirates, filibusters & buccaneers]

The Follies of a Day; or, The Marriage of Figaro, by Thomas Holcroft     64953
 and Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
 [Subtitle: A Comedy, as it is now performing at the Theatre-Royal,
  Covent-Garden. From the French of M. de Beaumarchais]

La cité de l'épouvantable nuit, by Rudyard Kipling                       64952
 [Language: French]

Elämäntarinoita syrjäkadulta, by Ricarda Huch                            64951
 [Language: Finnish]

Ihmissyöjäin vankina, by Verney Lovett Cameron                           64950
 [Subtitle: Seikkailuja Afrikan aarniometsissä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Promenade avec Gabrielle, by Jean Giraudoux                              64949
 [Subtitle: Manuscrit de Jean Giraudoux illustré de seize
  lithographies en couleur par Jean-Émile Laboureur]
 [Language: French]

The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 6 of 13,                64948
 [Subtitle: Containing an account of the cruel civil wars
  between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy]

Verdadera historia de los sucesos de la conquista de la Nueva-España,    64947
 3 de 3, by Bernal Díaz del Castillo
 [Language: Spanish]

Verdadera historia de los sucesos de la conquista de la Nueva-España,    64946
 2 de 3, by Bernal Díaz del Castillo
 [Language: Spanish]

Verdadera historia de los sucesos de la conquista de la Nueva-España,    64945
 1 de 3, by Bernal Díaz del Castillo
 [Language: Spanish]

In colonial days, by Nathaniel Hawthorne                                 64944

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military       64943
 Tribunal, Nuremberg

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 2, No. 5, January 1935, by Various                 64942
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Supplement to Harvesting Ants and Trap-Door Spiders,                     64941
 by J. Traherne Moggridge

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 2, No. 2, October 1934, by Charles D. Hornig       64940
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Divertissements, by Remy de Gourmont                                     64939
 [Illustrator: Pierre-Eugène Vibert]
 [Language: French]

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 2, No. 1, September 1934, by Charles D. Hornig     64938
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Landesverein Sächsischer Heimatschutz, MitteilungenBand X, Heft 10-12,   64937
 [Subtitle: Monatsschrift für Heimatschutz und Denkmalpflege]
 [Language: German]

Cubists and Post-impressionism, by Arthur Jerome Eddy                    64936

La confession et les confesseurs, by Léo Taxil, Antonio María Claret,    64935
 Pierre Jean Corneille Debreyne, and Jean-Baptiste Bouvier
 [Subtitle: Appendice: Pieuses exhortations, par Monseigneur Claret;
  Mœchialogie, par le R. P. Debreyne; Compendium; et les Diaconales,
  par Monseigneur Bouvier]
 [Language: French]

The Castlecourt Diamond Mystery, by Geraldine Bonner                     64934
 [Subtitle: Being a Compilation of the Statements
  Made by the Various Participants in This Curious
  Case Now, For the First Time, Given to the Public]
 [Illustrator: Harrie F. Stoner]

The Arnold Bennett Calendar, by Frank C. Bennett                         64933

Nagy Balogh János élete és muvészete, by Artúr Elek                      64932
 [Subtitle: Egy ismeretlenül élt festo emlékkönyve]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Psychopathia sexualis, by R. von Krafft-Ebing                            64931
 [Subtitle: With especial reference to contrary
  sexual instinct: a medico-legal study]

The Goddess: A Demon, by Richard Marsh                                   64930

Tavaszi ünnep, by Lajos Biró                                             64929
 [Subtitle: Dráma három felvonásban]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Tournament, Its Periods and Phases, by Robert Coltman Clephan        64928

Tactics, Vol. 1 of 2, by William Balck                                   64927
 [Subtitle: Introduction and Formal Tactics of Infantry]

Medical Jurisprudence, Vol. 3 of 3, by John Ayrton Paris                 64926
 and John Samuel Martin Fonblanque

Cadet Life at West Point                                                 64925

A Japanese Blossom, by Winnifred Eaton                                   64924
 [Illustrator: L. W. Ziegler]

Catalonia & The Balearic Islands, by Albert F. Calvert                   64923

Pyrotechnics, by A. St. H. Brock                                         64922
 [Subtitle: The History and Art of Firework Making]

Kánaán könyve, by Gyula Krúdy                                            64921
 [Language: Hungarian]

D'un pays lointain, by Rémy de Gourmont                                  64920
 [Language: French]

The Fantasy Fan, Volume 1, Number 12, August 1934, by Various            64919
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Klaus Hinrich Baas, by Gustav Frenssen                                   64918
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Are Parents People?, by Alice Duer Miller                                64917

Riverside London; A Sketch-Book, by Dorothy E. G. Woollard               64916
 and P. N. Boxer

The Fantasy Fan, Vol. 1, No. 11, July 1934, by Charles D. Hornig         64915
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Seville, by Albert F. Calvert                                            64914

Les nouvelles leçons d'amour dans un parc, by René Boylesve              64913
 [Language: French]

Lettres de Chantilly, by Marcel Boulenger                                64912
 [Language: French]

The Mislaid Uncle, by Evelyn Raymond                                     64911

The Valley of Democracy, by Meredith Nicholson                           64910
 [Illustrator: Walter Tittle]

Les caravanes d'un chirurgien d'ambulances pendant le siége de Paris     64909
 et sous la commune, by Désiré Joseph Joulin
 [Language: French]

What Is Art?, by Leo Tolstoy                                             64908

The Other Man, by Edgar Wallace                                          64907

Pusztai találkozás; Patak banya, by Sándor Baksay                        64906
 [Illustrator: Elemér Winkler]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Child's Pictorial History of England, by Julia Corner                64905

Some 'Frightful' War Pictures, by William Heath Robinson                 64904

Opening the West with Lewis and Clark, by Edwin L. Sabin                 64903
 [Subtitle: By Boat, Horse, and Foot up the Great River
  Missouri, Across the Stony Mountains and on to the
  Pacific when in the Years 1804, 1805, 1806]
 [Illustrator: Charles H. Stephens]

Élise, by René Boylesve                                                  64902
 [Language: French]

The Fantasy Fan, Volume 1, Number 10, June 1934, by Charles D. Hornig    64901
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

Toledo, by Albert F. Calvert                                             64900

La donna e i suoi rapporti sociali, by Anna Maria Mozzoni                64899
 [Language: Italian]

Judgments in Vacation, by Edward Abbott Parry                            64898

De Danske paa Schelden (1809-1813), by Otto George Lütken                64897
 [Language: Danish]

The Men of the Merchant Service, by Frank Thomas Bullen                  64896
 [Subtitle: Being the polity of the mercantile marine
  for 'longshore readers]

Musical Travels Through England, by Joel Collier                         64895

A Mississippi View of Race Relations in the South, by Dunbar Rowland     64894

The Fantasy Fan, Volume 1, Number 9, May 1934, by Various                64893
 [Subtitle: The Fan's Own Magazine]

The Real Lady Hilda, by Bithia Mary Croker                               64892

A Pair of Them, by Evelyn Raymond                                        64891

Essay on the Principles of Translation, by Alexander Fraser Tytler       64890

Into the Sun, by John L. Chapman                                         64889

In Trust; the Story of a Lady and her Lover, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant   64888

Earth's Maginot Line, by Roy Paetzke                                     64887

La Manifestante, by Léon Frapié                                          64886
 [Language: French]

Parassiti, by Camillo Antona-Traversi                                    64885
 [Language: Italian]

Marsin sotavaltias, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                              64884
 [Language: Finnish]

The Black Man, by William Wells Brown                                    64883
 [Subtitle: His Antecedents, His Genius, and His Achievements]

The Servile State, by Hilaire Belloc                                     64882

When Time Rolled Back, by Ed Earl Repp                                   64881

The Facts of Life, by P. Schuyler Miller                                 64880

The Spiritual Improvement of the Census, by Robert George Baker          64879
 [Subtitle: A Sermon]

The Truth about Church Extension, by Anonymous                           64878
 [Subtitle: An exposure of certain fallacies and
  misstatements contained in the census reports]

The Church and the Census, by James Skinner                              64877
 [Subtitle: A Tract for the Times]

The Numbering of the People, by George Allen                             64876
 [Subtitle: A Sermon in conjunction with the census of 1861 preached
  in St. Thomas' Church, Islington, on Sunday Evening, April 7]

Derelicts of Uranus, by J. Harvey Haggard                                64875

Space Blackout, by Sam Carson                                            64874

Ice Planet, by Carl Selwyn                                               64873

Magyar írók, by Aladár Schöpflin                                         64872
 [Subtitle: Irodalmi arcképek és tollrajzok]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Gene Stratton Porter, Best-Seller, by Anonymous                          64871

St. Clair's Defeat, by Anonymous                                         64870

Auf dem Mississippi; Nach dem fernen Westen, by Mark Twain               64869
 [Illustrators: H. Schrödter and Albert Richter]
 [Language: German]

The Booke of the Universall Kirk of Scotland, by Various                 64868
 [Subtitle: Wherein the Headis and Conclusionis Devysit Be the
  Ministers and Commissionaris of the Particular Kirks Thereof,
  Are Specially Expressed and Contained]

L'Architecture Gothique, by Édouard Corroyer                             64867
 [Language: French]

Narrative of an Expedition Through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca       64866
 Lake, the Actual Source of this River, by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
 [Subtitle: Embracing an Exploratory Trip Through the St. Croix
  and Burntwood (or Broule) Rivers]

Pennsylvania Dutch Guide-Book, by Anonymous                              64865

Newcom Tavern, by Anonymous                                              64864

Lie on the Beam, by John Victor Peterson                                 64863

La Princesse lointaine, by Edmond Rostand                                64862
 [Subtitle: Pièce en quatre actes, en vers]
 [Language: French]

The Love of Azalea, by Onoto Watanna and Gazo Foudji                     64861

The Fantasy Fan, November 1934, by Charles D. Hornig                     64860

Török népmesék, by Ignácz Kúnos                                          64859
 [Language: Hungarian]

Toleration and other essays, by François-Marie Arouet Voltaire           64858

The Old Mill and the Covered Bridge, by Anonymous                        64857

The Fireless Locomotive, by Anonymous                                    64856

Trevison koru-ompelijatar, by Paul Heyse                                 64855
 [Language: Finnish]

Little Dinners With the Sphinx, by Richard Le Gallienne                  64854
 [Subtitle: and Other Prose Fancies]

Madame d'Epone, by Brada                                                 64853
 [Language: French]

George Helm, by David Graham Phillips                                    64852

Decidedly Odd, by Edwin Balmer                                           64851

Les Colons du Rivage, by Jacques Porchat                                 64850
 [Subtitle: ou Industrie et Probité]
 [Language: French]

The dawn of astronomy, by Joseph Norman Lockyer                          64849
 [Subtitle: A study of the temple-worship and mythology
  of the ancient Egyptians]

Cosmic Tragedy, by Thomas S. Gardiner                                    64848

Headhunters of Nuamerica, by Stanton A. Coblentz                         64847

The Planet of Illusion, by Millard V. Gordon                             64846

Lumìe di Sicilia, by Luigi Pirandello                                    64845
 [Subtitle: Commedia in un atto]
 [Language: Italian]

Mák, by Dezso Kosztolányi                                                64844
 [Language: Hungarian]

Around the Black Sea, by William Eleroy Curtis                           64843
 [Subtitle: Asia Minor, Armenia, Caucasus, Circassia,
  Daghestan, the Crimea, Roumania]

The Psychological Regulator, by Arthur Cooke                             64842

Dark Reality, by Robert Moore Williams                                   64841

Healing Rays in Space, by J. Harvey Haggard                              64840

Mi erosebb a halálnál?, by Géza Gárdonyi                                 64839
 [Language: Hungarian]

Le vœu d'être chaste, by Émile Pouvillon                                 64838
 [Language: French]

Selections From Josephus, by Titus Flavius Josephus                      64837

Jane Seton, by James Grant                                               64836
 [Subtitle: or, The King's Advocate]

Tigre and Isola, by Will H. Thompson                                     64835

The Origin of Thought and Speech, by M. Moncalm                          64834

The Mesa Verde Story, by Anonymous                                       64833
 [Subtitle: Diorama Series, Mesa Verde National Park Museum]

The Steam Fire Engine and the Old-time Fire Bell, by Anonymous           64832

Deeds Barn and the Self Starter, by Anonymous                            64831

Mémoires de Miss Coote, by Rosa Belinda Coote                            64830
 [Subtitle: Exploits d'une fouetteuse britannique
  racontés par elle-même]
 [Language: French]

Scott's Wabash Expedition, 1791, by Anonymous                            64829

The French and British at Three Rivers, by Anonymous                     64828

Yesterday's Revenge, by H. L. Nichols                                    64827

Message from Venus, by R. R. Winterbotham                                64826

Practicable Socialism, by Samuel Agustus Barnett and Henrietta           64825
 Octavia Weston Barnett
 [Subtitle: New Series]

Feljegyzések, by Ignotus                                                 64824
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Collected Works of William Hazlitt, Vol. 5 of 12,                    64823

The Alhambra, by Albert F. Calvert                                       64822
 [Subtitle: being a brief record of the Arabian conquest of the
  peninsula with a particular account of the Mohammedan
  architecture and decoration]

Lui, by Louise Colet                                                     64821
 [Subtitle: Roman contemporain]
 [Language: French]

The Vibration Wasps, by Frank Belknap Long                               64820

Service by the Educated Negro, by Roscoe Conkling Bruce                  64819
 [Subtitle: Address of Roscoe Conkling Bruce of Tuskegee
  Institute at the Commencement Exercises of the M Street
  High School Metropolitan A. M. E. Church Washington,
  D.C., June 16, 1903]

The Way Back, by Sam Moskowitz                                           64818

Lunar Station, by Harl Vincent                                           64817

A Green Cloud Came, by Robert W. Lowndes                                 64816

Trips in the Life of a Locomotive Engineer, by Henry Dawson              64815

Little Mexican & Other Stories, by Aldous Huxley                         64814

The Lightning's Course, by John Victor Peterson                          64813

Eyes That Watch, by Raymond Z. Gallun                                    64812

Histoire de Marie Stuart, by Jean-Marie Dargaud                          64811
 [Language: French]

Mio figlio!, by Salvatore Farina                                         64810
 [Language: Italian]

An Adventure, by Elizabeth Morison and Frances Lamont                    64809

Modern Swedish Masterpieces, by Charles Wharton Stork                    64808
 [Subtitle: Short Stories Selected and Translated]

Turkish fairy tales and folk tales collected by Dr. Ignácz Kúnos         64807
 [Subtitle: Translated from the Hungarian version by
  R. Nisbet Bain, Illustrated by Celia Levetus]
 [Illustrator: Celia Levetus]

Kauhujen talo, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton                                   64806
 [Language: Finnish]

L'amour fessé, by Charles Derennes                                       64805
 [Language: French]

What Became of the Slaves on a Georgia Plantation?,                      64804
 by Q. K. Philander Doesticks
 [Subtitle: Great Auction Sale of Slaves, at Savannah,
  Georgia, March 2d & 3d, 1859]

In the Earth's Shadow, by John L. Chapman                                64803

Hajnali szerenád, by Árpád Tóth                                          64802
 [Subtitle: Versek]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Warsickshire Avon, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch                    64801
 [Illustrator: Alfred Parsons]

Buffalo Bill's Still Hunt, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                  64800
 [Subtitle: The Robber of the Range]

Equation for Time, by R. R. Winterbotham                                 64799

La Maternelle, by Léon Frapié                                            64798
 [Illustrator: Théophile Alexandre Steinlen]
 [Language: French]

The Oversight--, by Miles J. Breuer                                      64797

Spanish painting, by Aureliano de Beruete y Moret                        64796

The Ultimate Image, by P. Schuyler Miller                                64795

Betsy Baker! or, Too Attentive by Half, by John Maddison Morton          64794
 [Subtitle: A Farce, in One Act]

H. G. Hawker, airman, his life and work, by Muriel Hawker                64793

Anagramméana, poëme en huit chants, by Gabriel-Antoine-Joseph Hécart     64792
 [Language: French]

Tickets to Paradise, by D. L. James                                      64791

Lord of the Silent Death, by Robert Moore Williams                       64790

Bratton's Idea, by Manly Wade Wellman                                    64789

The Secret Dispatch, by James Grant                                      64788
 [Subtitle: or, The Adventures of Captain Balgonie]

La Douleur; Le vrai mistère de la Passion, by Laurent Tailhade           64787
 [Language: French]

The Kashf al-mahjúb, by `Ali b. `Uthman Al-Jullabi Al-Hujwiri            64786
 [Subtitle: The oldest Persian treatise on Súfiism]

The Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918, by Oscar Jewell Harvey           64785
 [Subtitle: An Account of Its Ravages in Luzerne County,
  Pennsylvania, and the Efforts Made to Combat and Subdue It]

Velan kahleissa, by Gustaf af Geijerstam                                 64784 
 [Subtitle: Saaristolaiskertomus]
 [Language: Finnish]

Mortal Summer, by Mark Van Doren                                         64783

Madmen of Mars, by Erik Fennel                                           64782

De Chineesche Filosofie, by Henry Borel                                  64781
 [Subtitle: Toegelicht voor niet-Sinologen,
  1. Kh'oeng Foe Tsz' (Confucius)]
 [Language: Dutch]

A hazai bölcsészet jelene, by János Erdélyi                              64780
 [Language: Hungarian]

He that will not when he may, Vol. 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant          64779

He that will not when he may, Vol. 2, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant          64778

He that will not when he may, Vol. 1, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant          64777

Le Jardin de Marrès, by Victor Snell                                     64776
 [Subtitle: par Bérénice]
 [Language: French]

Los Lusíadas, by Luis de Camoens                                         64775
 [Subtitle: Poema épico en diez cantos]
 [Language: Spanish]

Warrior Maid of Mars, by Alfred Coppel                                   64774

The history of the London Burkers, by Anonymous                          64773

The Rocketeers Have Shaggy Ears, by Keith Bennett                        64772

Sword of Fire, by Emmett McDowell                                        64771

The Chronicles of Aunt Minervy Ann, by Joel Chandler Harris              64770
 [Illustrator: A. B. Frost]

Unsere Hochzeitsreise in die Urwälder von Kamerun, by Jenny Claren       67469
 [Language: German]

Primitive Time-reckoning, by Martin Persson Nilsson                      64768
 [Subtitle: A study in the origins and first
  development of the art of counting time among the
  primitive and early culture peoples]

The Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. 2, No. 1, December, 1835,          64767
 by Various

Angiola Maria, by Giulio Carcano                                         64766
 [Subtitle: Storia domestica]
 [Language: Italian]

Twenty Years on Horseback, or Itinerating in West Virginia,              64765
 by William Marion Weekley

Flame-Jewel of the Ancients, by Edwin L. Graber                          64764

The Irish War, by Anonymous                                              64763

Some Historic Trees, by Anonymous                                        64762

The Humour of Holland, by A. Werner                                      64761
 [Illustrator: Dudley Hardy]

Le Salut par les Juifs, by Léon Bloy                                     64760
 [Subtitle: Édition nouvelle revue et modifiée par l'auteur]
 [Language: French]

The Last Two Alive!, by Alfred Coppel                                    64759

The Little Review, Vol. 1, No. 8, November 1914, by Various              64758

Paid Off, by Walter J. Coburn                                            64757

General Harmar's Campaign, by Anonymous                                  64756

Citadel of the Green Death, by Emmett McDowell                           64755

Structure and Functions of The Body, by Annette Fiske                    64754
 [Subtitle: A Hand-Book of Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses
  and others desiring a Practical knowledge of the Subject]

Adam Smith, by Francis W. Hirst                                          64753
 [Subtitle: English Men of Letters]

The Life of Cervantes, by Albert F. Calvert                              64752

Fráter György (2. rész), by Mór Jókai                                    64751
 [Subtitle: Történelmi regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Fráter György (1. rész), by Mór Jókai                                    64750
 [Subtitle: Történelmi regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Upper Canada Sketches, by Thomas Conant                                  64749

An analysis of religious belief, by John Russell Amberley                64748

The Enormous Word, by William Oberfield                                  64747

Collision Orbit, by Clyde Beck                                           64746

Flowering Evil, by Margaret St. Clair                                    64745

Suicide Command, by Stanley Mullen                                       64744

Plain Sermons, by James Galloway Cowan                                   64743
 [Subtitle: Preached at Archibishop Tenison's Chapel, Regent Street]

"Hear ye the Rod, and who hath appointed it", by James Galloway Cowan    64742
 [Subtitle: A Sermon for the Fast Day, October 7, 1857]

The Ritual Movement, by James Galloway Cowan                             64741
 [Subtitle: Three plain sermons preached at
  St. John the Evangelist's, Hammersmith]

Marsin jumalat, by Edgar Rice Burroughs                                  64740
 [Subtitle: Seikkailuromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Paula Monti, by Eugène Sue                                               64739
 [Subtitle: or, The Hôtel Lambert]
 [Illustrator: Jules David]

Sketches from "Punch", by Phil May                                       64738

Les femmes et le langage, by Rémy de Gourmont                            64737
 [Language: French]

Saper vivere, by Matilde Serao                                           64736
 [Subtitle: Norme di buona creanza]
 [Language: Italian]

Bear ye one another's burdens, by James Galloway Cowan                   64735
 [Subtitle: A Plain Sermon on the Lancashire Distress]

The Cause and Cure of the Cattle Plague, by James Galloway Cowan         64734
 [Subtitle: A Plain Sermon]

Christian Marriage Indissoluble, by James Galloway Cowan                 64733
 [Subtitle: A Plain Sermon]

Bible-Burning, by John C. Miller                                         64732
 [Subtitle: the substance of a sermon preached in St. Martin's
  Church, Birmingham, on Sunday evening, Dec. 10, 1848]

A Voice from the Fire, by Robert Wallace                                 64731
 [Subtitle: A Sermon occasioned by the public burning
  of the Bible at Kingstown, by the Redemptorist
  Fathers, on the 5th of November, 1855]

Crawford's Defeat, by Anonymous                                          64730
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Frontier in 1812]

Le Jour naissant, by Auguste Gilbert de Voisins                          64729
 [Language: French]

Biblical Revision, by Edward Slater                                      64728
 [Subtitle: considerations in favour of a revised translation
  of Holy Scripture]

The Clerk of the Woods, by Bradford Torrey                               64727

Z-Day on Centauri, by Henry T. Simmons                                   64726

Valkyrie from the Void, by Basil Wells                                   64725

The Sun-Death, by Stanley Whiteside                                      64724

In the Sphere of Time, by J. W. Pelkie                                   64723

Alpha Say, Beta Do, by Alfred E. Maxell                                  64722

Les grandes chroniques de France (6/6), by Paulin Paris                  64721
 [Subtitle: selon que elles sont conservées en l'Eglise
  de Saint-Denis en France]
 [Language: French]

Lettres d'un Innocent, by Alfred Dreyfus                                 64720
 [Subtitle: The Letters of Captain Dreyfus to His Wife]

Le trésor des humbles, by Maurice Maeterlinck                            64719
 [Language: French]

Skizzenbuch, by Mark Twain                                               64718
 [Illustrator: H. Schrödter]
 [Language: German]

A Sermon preached at Christ Church, Kensington, on May 1, 1859,          64717
 by William Wright

A Farewell Sermon, by Joseph Holden Pott                                 64716
 [Subtitle: delivered on Sunday, October 23, A.D. 1842,
  at the Parish Church of St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington]

Palm Sunday, by Maria Callcott                                           64715
 [Subtitle: or, Little Mary's Saturday's walk]

Thüringen, by Albert Scobel                                              64714
 [Language: German]

Eri asein, by August Strindberg                                          64713
 [Subtitle: Valikoima runoja]
 [Language: Finnish]

A brief guide to the Food Collection, by Henry Cole                      64712

The Warlock Of Sharrador, by Gardner F. Fox                              64711

Hostage of Tomorrow, by Robert Abernathy                                 64710

A lélekidomár (2. rész), by Mór Jókai                                    64709
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

A lélekidomár (1. rész), by Mór Jókai                                    64708
 [Subtitle: Regény]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Nicaraguan Antiquities, by Carl Bovallius                                64707

The Epistles on the Romance of the Rose, by Charles Frederick Ward       64706
 [Subtitle: and other documents in the debate]
 [Language: French]

The Pharaohs and Their People, by E. Berkley                             64705
 [Subtitle: Scenes of old Egyptian life and history]

The story of my childhood, by Clara Barton                               64704

Waterless Cooking for Better Meals, Better Health, by Anonymous          64703
 [Subtitle: Tested Recipes]

Ultimatum, by Roger Dee                                                  64702

The Romance of the Forest, by Ann Ward Radcliffe                         64701
 [Subtitle: interspersed with some pieces of poetry]

Fombombo, by Thomas Sigismund Stribling                                  64700

A History of the Comstock Silver Lode & Mines, by Dan De Quille          64699
 [Subtitle: Nevada and the Great Basin Region;
  Lake Tahoe and the High Sierras]

Buch und Bildung, by Friedrich Oldenbourg                                64698
 [Subtitle: Eine Aufsatzfolge]
 [Language: German]

Children of India, by Janet Harvey Kelman                                64697

Unwelcome Tenant, by Roger Dee                                           64696

Moon of Treason, by Emmett McDowell                                      64695

Mystery of the Caribbean Pearls, by Andy Adams                           64694
 [Subtitle: Biff Brewster Adventures, #8]

Radio-Activity, by Ernest Rutherford                                     64693

Australian Essays, by Francis W. L. Adams                                64692

Eternal Zemmd Must Die!, by Henry Hasse                                  64691

The Dead-Star Rover, by Robert Abernathy                                 64690

The True Grecian Bend, by Larry Leigh                                    64689

A barátfalvi lévita; Ujabb elbeszélések, by Mór Jókai                    64688
 [Language: Hungarian]

Cookie 'n' Cracker Cookin', by Jeanette Hindman Elliott                  64687
 and Alfred Festen
 [Subtitle: To be "Talked About" Use Cookie 'n' Cracker Cookin']

Forgers and Forgeries, by William George Constable                       64686

Secrets of Making Frozen Desserts at Home, by Anonymous                  64685
 [Subtitle: 150 Tested Recipes]

Hawkins-Davison Houses, Frederica, St. Simons Island, Georgia,           64684
 by Margaret Davis Cate

The Kingdom of Promise and Prophecy, by Robertson Lafayette Whiteside    64683

The Painted Veil, by William Somerset Maugham                            64682

Jessica Trent's Inheritance, by Evelyn Raymond                           64681

Pensaci, Giacomino!, by Luigi Pirandello                                 64680
 [Language: Italian]

Who Goes There?, by Charles H. Davis                                     64679

The First Man On the Moon, by Alfred Coppel                              64678

A Text-book of Entomology, by Alpheus S. Packard                         64677

Boesman-Stories, by G. R. von Wielligh                                   64676
 [Subtitle: Deel IV. Gemengde Vertellings,
  mees van 'n Awontuurlike Aard]
 [Illustrator: H. Anthon Aschenborn]
 [Language: Afrikaans]

In Brightest Africa, by Carl Ethan Akeley                                64675

L'ensorcelée, by Jules Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly                         64674
 [Language: French]

Pillar of Fire, by Ray Bradbury                                          64673

Tubemonkey, by Jerome Bixby                                              64672

Secret Diplomacy, by Paul S. Reinsch                                     64671
 [Subtitle: How Far Can It Be Eliminated?]

Philip Rollo, Vol. 2 of 2, by James Grant                                64670
 [Subtitle: or, the Scottish Musketeers]

Philip Rollo, Vol. 1 of 2, by James Grant                                64669
 [Subtitle: or, the Scottish Musketeers]

El imperio jesuítico, by Leopoldo Lugones                                64668
 [Language: Spanish]

When the Spoilers Came, by Robert Moore Williams                         64667

Patents and How to Get One, by U.S. Department of Commerce               64666
 [Subtitle: A Practical Handbook]

An exciting New Year's day in Jungletown, by Beulah Mary Crocker         64665

Buffalo Bill's Ruse, by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham                        64664
 [Subtitle: Won by Sheer Nerve]

La Bête Errante, by Louis-Frédéric Rouquette                             64663
 [Subtitle: Roman vécu du Grand Nord Canadien]
 [Language: French]

The real Argentine, by J. A. Hammerton                                   64662
 [Subtitle: Notes and Impressions of a Year in the Argentine and Uruguay]

8 anime in una bomba, by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti                       64661
 [Subtitle: Romanzo esplosivo]
 [Language: Italian]

The Serpent's Tooth, by Bithia Mary Croker                               64660

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, by John de Courcy and Dorothy de Courcy   64659

When Kohonnes Screamed, by Gardner F. Fox                                64658

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