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This is the Project Gutenberg Newsletter for June-July 2021 


* 50 years of eBooks. Project Gutenberg's anniversary is July 4
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* New eBook Listings from May-June 2021

* 50 years of eBooks. Project Gutenberg's anniversary is July 4

Here is the text of a new article by Project Gutenberg. It's online at https://www.gutenberg.org/about/background/50years.html and also includes some links to other historical material about Project Gutenberg.

July 4, 2021 – In 1997, Time-Life magazine picked the movable type printing press as the most important invention of the second millennium. Like most important innovations and social changes, the printing press was an evolution that had deep roots in history.

Move forward in time to 1971, when Michael Hart invented the eBook. Like Gutenberg’s printing press, Hart’s innovation followed decades of prior work. To name a few, this includes Vannevar Bush’s “Memex” (1930s, based on microfiche), Bob Brown’s “The Readies” (1930s), Brown University’s “FRESS” (1960s), Ted Nelson’s Xanadu (1960s), and many others.

What Michael envisioned in 1971 was eBooks for reading enjoyment. This was the innovation. His focus was not on the mechanics of presentation or analysis, nor was it on outcomes like literary analysis or hermeneutics. The eBook as Michael envisioned it would have a similar purpose to the printed book: enjoyable to read, and a source of enlightenment, education, and entertainment. It would all be free, for unlimited reuse and without limitation of purpose.

For the two decades from 1971-1991, Hart evangelized the idea of eBooks, and worked on the first 100 or so titles. These included historical documents - famously starting with the US Declaration of Independence. Also reference works, literary works, a few donated contemporary works, mathematical constants, and more. Subsequent years saw issuance of short videos and longer movies, graphical collections, sheet music, audio files, and eBooks in dozens of languages and formats.

Like the movable type printing press, the modern digital computer was a machine usable for many different purposes: all types of content, suitable for a wide range of interests. This was the vision and genius of Michael Hart.

Project Gutenberg evolved from a concept to become an organization. Volunteers would identity printed books to digitize, and create an eBook for Project Gutenberg to publish and redistribute.

By the turn of the new millennium, Project Gutenberg was producing thousands of new eBooks per year. Distributed Proofreaders was launched, and became the biggest single source of new eBooks - harnessing the combined energies of volunteers.

Digital eBook readers became commonplace, and by the second decade of the millennium it was clear that eBooks had become widely adopted. Over the course of more than 30 years, the concept of literature being available for unlimited redistribution, freely available to all for any purpose, had gone from being seen as rather outlandish to becoming completely mainstream. This is the pathway of successful innovations, and in the case of Project Gutenberg the innovation has boundless social benefits.

Project Gutenberg has kept up with the times, offering e-reader friendly formats and features to help get free literature to as many people as possible - whether they are using a computer, a tablet, an e-reader, a mobile phone, or even if they are printing the eBooks on paper.

Everyone should have free, unlimited access to the world’s literature. Whenever they want, with a variety of formatting and delivery choices. “Literature,” said Hart, “should be as free as the air we breathe.”

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of Michael Hart’s invention, Project Gutenberg remains vibrant and relevant. The efforts of thousands of volunteers have created a library of literature, reference and more, with over 60 languages and dialects.

Project Gutenberg celebrates 50 years of eBooks, and of continuously improving methods for creating and distributing them. The enduring gift of literary works to the people of the world is the outcome of the spirit of innovation and devotion to the common good.

Enjoy these eBooks. Share them. Celebrate.

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* New eBook Listings from May-June 2021

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 Jun 2021 to 30 Jun 2021 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

The Place of Animals in Human Thought, by Contessa Evelyn Lilian         65720
 Hazeldine Carrington Martinengo-Cesaresco]

La familia de Doctor Pedraza, by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez                   65719
 [Illustrator: Varela de Seijas]
 [Language: Spanish]

A Whaleman's Wife, by Frank Thomas Bullen                                65718

The Age of Justinian and Theodora, Vol. 2 of 2, by William Gordon Holmes 65717
 [Subtitle: A History of the Sixth Century A.D.]

The Quiet Hotel, by Frank Dumont                                         65716
 [Subtitle: A Farcical Sketch in One Act]

Narrative, of a five years' expedition against the Revolted Negroes      65715
 of Surinam, in Guiana on the Wild Coast of South America; from the
 year 1772 to 1777, Vol. 1 of 2, by John Gabriel Stedman, Thomas
 Holloway & Francesco Bartolozzi
 [Illustrator: William Blake]

The Dance of Life, by Havelock Ellis                                     65714

Tutto per bene, by Luigi Pirandello                                      65713
 [Subtitle: Commedia in 3 atti]
 [Language: Italian]

The Tower of London, Vol. 1 of 2, by Ronald Charles Sutherland Gower     65712

Pløjeren, by Karen Blixen                                                65711
 [Language: Danish]

A Synopsis of the British Mosses, by Chas. P. Hobkirk                    65710

The House of the Secret, by Claude Farrère                               65709
 [Subtitle: (La maison des hommes vivants)]

The Philosophy and Theology of Averroes, by Averroes                     65708

The Crime of Caste in Our Country, by Benjamin Rush Davenport            65707

Money-Saving Main Dishes, by Anonymous                                   65706
 [Subtitle: Home and Garden Bulletin No. 43]

Forest Trees of Illinois, by Robert H.  Mohlenbrock                      65705

Guide to the Geologic Map of Illinois, by anonymous anonymous            65704
 [Subtitle: Educational Series 7]

Follas Novas, by Rosalía de Castro                                       65703
 [Language: Galician]

A sajtó, by Lajos Biró                                                   65702
 [Language: Hungarian]

Why Not? A Book for Every Woman, by Horatio Storer                       65701

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Spring and Autumn of 1884,       65700
 by Full author: J. A. Harvie Brown, J. Cordeaux, R. Barrington,
 G. A. More, & W. Eagle Clarke
 [Subtitle: Sixth Report (Vol. II No. 1)]

Life and death, by Albert Dastre                                         65699

Maleisch-Nederlandsche Gesprekken, by Abraham Anthony Fokker             65698
 [Language: Dutch]

De pelsjagers van de Arkansas, by Gustave Aimard                         65697
 [Subtitle: Tafereelen uit de wouden en prairien van Amerika]
 [Illustrator: Ch. Rochussen]
 [Language: Dutch]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 366, January 1, 1887, by Various       65696

The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, by Emmuska Orczy                   65695

Egy év történelem, by Ignotus                                            65694
 [Subtitle: Jegyzetek 1914 tavaszától 1915 nyaráig]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Forgotten Man and Other Essays, by William Graham Sumner             65693

Progress and Achievements of the Colored People, by Kelly Miller         65692
 & Joseph R. Gay

The Alien Dies at Dawn, by Alexander Blade                               65691

Lair of the Dragonbird, by Robert Silverberg                             65690

Les Fuerzas Extrañas, by Leopoldo Lugones                                65689
 [Language: Spanish]

The Everlasting Man, by G. K. Chesterton                                 65688

Äidit, by Jalmari Finne                                                  65687
 [Subtitle: Romaani kansannaisista]
 [Language: Finnish]

Henry More Smith, by Walter Bates                                        65686
 [Subtitle: The Mysterious Stranger]

Libros de caballerías, by Ramón Marí­a Tenreiro                          65685
 [Subtitle: Selección]
 [Language: Spanish]

L'Histoire merveilleuse de Robert le Diable, by Thierry Sandre           65684
 [Subtitle: remise en lumière pour édifier les petits et
  distraire les autres]
 [Language: French]

A Most Unholy Trade, by Henry James                                      65683
 [Subtitle: Being Letters on the Drama by Henry James]

Lord Lister No. 1: De Groote Onbekende, by Kurt Matull & Theo Blakensee  65682
 [Language: Dutch]

Nog eens: de millioenen uit Deli, by J. van den Brand                    65681
 [Language: Dutch]

Il castello di Trezzo, by Giambattista Bazzoni                           65680
 [Subtitle: Novella storica]
 [Language: Italian]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65679
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 21, May 24, 1884, by Various

Paul Verlaine, by Anna-Maria Tallgren                                    65678
 [Subtitle: Hänen elämänsä ja runoutensa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Fables of Flowers for the Female Sex, by John Huddlestone Wynne          65677
 [Subtitle: With Zephyrus and Flora, a Vision]

The Thing in the Truck, by Darius John Granger                           65676

Six Years with the Texas Rangers, by James B. Gillett                    65675
 [Subtitle: 1875 to 1881]

The Adventures of a Marmotte, by Eliza Grey                              65674
 [Subtitle: Sold for the Distressed Irish]

Putnam's Automobile Handbook, by H. Clifford Brokaw & Charles A. Starr   65673
 [Subtitle: The Care and Management of the Modern Motor-Car]

Förgeteg János mint közero és más elbeszélések, by István Tömörkény      65672
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Time Snatcher, by Randall Garrett                                    65671

Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons,    65670
 Thursday, January 31, 1799
 [Subtitle: On offering to the House the resolutions which he
  proposed as the basis of an union between Great Britain and
  Ireland, Fifth Edition]

Compete or Die!, by Mark Reinsberg                                       65669

Revolt of the Brains, by C. H. Thames                                    65668

The Wolf Queen, by Charles Howard                                        65667
 [Subtitle: or, The Giant Hermit of the Scioto]

Bleekman's Planet, by Ivar Jorgensen                                     65666

My household of pets, by Théophile Gautier                               65665

Het Leven der Dieren, by A. E. Brehm                                     65664
 [Language: Dutch]

List of Post Offices in Canada 1860, by Postmaster General,              65663
 Canadian Post Office
 [Subtitle: and the Names of the Postmasters]

Der Zauberberg, by Thomas Mann                                           65662
 [Subtitle: Zweiter Band]
 [Language: German]

Der Zauberberg, by Thomas Mann                                           65661
 [Subtitle: Erster Band]
 [Language: German]

De millioenen uit Deli, by J. van den Brand                              65660
 [Language: Dutch]

The Incomplete Theft, by Ralph Burke                                     65659

The Art of Music, Vol. 1, by Leland Hall                                 65658
 [Subtitle: Book 1, The Pre-classic Periods]

Kahden tulen välissä, by Archibald Clavering Gunter                      65657
 [Subtitle: Romaani Yhdysvaltain kansalaissodasta]
 [Language: Finnish]

Roughriders of the Pampas, by F. S. Brereton                             65656
 [Subtitle: A Tale of Ranch Life in South America]

Billy Whiskers at the Circus, by F. G. Wheeler                           65655
 [Illustrator: Arthur DeBebian]

Brave British soldiers and the Victoria Cross, by Samuel Beeton          65654
 [Subtitle: a general account of the regiments and men of the
  British Army, and stories of the brave deeds which won the
  prize "for valour"]

Memorials of Old Lincolnshire, by E. Mansel Sympson                      65653

Joyce Kilmer,  Vol. 1 of 2, by Joyce Kilmer                              65652
 [Subtitle: Poems, Essays and Letters in Two Volumes]

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 365, December 25, 1886, by Various     65651

Boy Scouts at Sea, by Arthur Astor Carey                                 65650
 [Subtitle: Or, A Chronicle of the B. S. S. Bright Wing]
 [Illustrator: Harold James Cue]

Mathias Aleksanteri Castrén, by Anna-Maria Tallgren                      65649
 [Language: Finnish]

Querkopf Wilson, by Mark Twain                                           65648
 [Language: German]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65647
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 20, May 17, 1884, by Various

General Anthony Wayne's Expedition into the Indian Country,              65646
 by Anonymous

Kentucky Rug Yarns, Vol. 5, Rugs, by Anonymous                           65645

Germaine Berton. Die rote Jungfrau, by Iwan Goll                         65644
 [Subtitle: Außenseiter der Gesellschaft. Die Verbrechen 
  der Gegenwart. Band 5]
 [Illustrator: Louis Berings]
 [Language: German]

The lives of celebrated travellers, Vol. 2, by James Augustus St. John   65643

Outcast of the Stars, by Robert Silverberg                               65642

Dad, by Albert Payson Terhune                                            65641
 [Illustrator: W. D. Goldbeck]

Maamieslauluja, by Eero Eerola                                           65640
 [Language: Finnish]

Savonlinna 1475-1875, by Johan Reinhold Aspelin                          65639
 [Language: Finnish]

The Principles of the Art of Conversation, by J. P. Mahaffy              65638

The Hawks of Hawk-Hollow, by Robert Montgomery Bird                      65637
 [Subtitle: A Tradition of Pennsylavania]

A Lost Lady, by Willa Cather                                             65636

Work and Play in Girls' Schools, by Dorothea Beale,                      65635
 Lucy H. M. Soulsby, & Jane Frances Dove
 [Subtitle: By Three Head Mistresses]

A Nine Days' Wonder, by Bithia Mary Croker                               65634

May, Vol. 2, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                                   65633

La prueba, by Emilia Pardo Bazán                                         65632
 [Language: Spanish]

May, Vol. 1, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                                   65631

Zelda Dameron, by Meredith Nicholson                                     65630
 [Illustrator: John Cecil Clay]

The Boy Ranger, by Oll Coomes                                            65629
 [Subtitle: or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn]

The Natural History of the Tea-Tree, with Observations                   65628
 on the Medical Qualities of Tea, and on the Effects
 of Tea-Drinking, by John Coakley Lettsom

La ragione degli altri, by Luigi Pirandello                              65627
 [Subtitle: Commedia in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Simple Poems for Infant Minds, by Anonymous                              65626

The first of May, by Anna Harriet Drury                                  65625
 [Subtitle: a new version of a celebrated ballad : sixth edition]

A Short Treatise on Head Wear, Ancient and Modern, by Anne C. Goater     65624
 [Illustrator: Walter H. Goater]

A Short Treatise on Boots and Shoes, Ancient and Modern,                 65623
 by Walter H. Goater

Commentaries on the Surgery of the War, by G. J. Guthrie                 65622
 [Subtitle: in Portugal, Spain, France, and the Netherlands]

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Autumn of 1879,                  65621
 by John A. Harvie-Brown & John Cordeaux

A Cruel Enigma, by Paul Bourget                                          65620

Cerise, by George John Whyte-Melville                                    65619 
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Last Century]
 [Illustrator: G. P. Jacomb-Hood]

Practical Farm Buildings, by A. F. Hunter                                65618
 [Subtitle: Plans and Suggestions]

The Master of Aberfeldie, Vol. 3 of 3, by James Grant                    65617

The Master of Aberfeldie, Vol. 2 of 3, by James Grant                    65616

The Master of Aberfeldie, Vol. 1 of 3, by James Grant                    65615

Mr. Togo, by Wallace Irwin                                               65614
 [Subtitle: Maid of all Work]

Ye Olde Mint, by Frank H. Stewart                                        65613
 [Subtitle: Being a brief description of the first U.S. Mint,
  established by Congress in the year 1792, at Seventh Street
  and Sugar Alley (now Filbert Street) Philadelphia]

Yllätys, by Kaarlo Asp                                                   65612
 [Subtitle: Yksinäytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Reservikasarmista, by Santeri Ivalo                                      65611
 [Subtitle: Muistoja sotamiesajoiltani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Il Lago di Como e il Pian d'Erba, by Pier Ambrogio Curti                 65610
 [Subtitle: Escursioni autunnali]
 [Language: Italian]

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Spring and Autumn of 1883,       65609
 by J. A. Harvie Brown, J. Cordeaux, R. M. Barrington & A. G. More
 [Subtitle: Fifth Report]

The Great Green Diamond, by Inspector Stark                              65608
 [Subtitle: Thief Against Thief]

Berzsenyi báró és családja, by Zoltán Ambrus                             65607
 [Subtitle: Tollrajzok a mai Budapestrol]
 [Language: Hungarian]

Queen Maria Sophia of Naples, A Forgotten Heroine, by Carl Küchler       65606
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

Indians of Lassen Volcanic National Park and Vicinity, by Paul E. Schulz 65605

Notes on the Art Treasures at Penicuik House Midlothian, by John M. Gray 65604

Vanha laulu, by Kaarlo Asp                                               65603
 [Subtitle: Kolminäytöksinen näytelmä]
 [Language: Finnish]

Kuvauksia Hailuodosta, by Samuli Paulaharju                              65602
 [Language: Finnish]

The Trail of Black Hawk, by Paul G. Tomlinson                            65601

Harzheimat, by Karl Reinecke-Altenau                                     65600
 [Subtitle: Das Heimatbuch eines Malers]
 [Language: German]

De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe, by Johan Fabricius                       65599
 [Language: Dutch]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65598
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 19, May 10, 1884, by Various

Tales of the Wild and the Wonderful (1825), by Mary Diana Dods           65597

A Brief History of Printing in England, by Frederick W. Hamilton         65596
 [Subtitle: A Short History of Printing in England
  from Caxton to the Present Time]

Une semaine à la Trappe, by Alfred Monbrun                               65595
 [Language: French]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65594
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 18, May 3, 1884, by Various

A History of Kansas, by Anna Estelle Arnold                              65593

The Flower of Old Japan, by Alfred Noyes                                 65592
 [Subtitle: and Other Poems]

Pimpernel and Rosemary, by Emmuska Orczy                                 65591

William Again, by Richmal Crompton                                       65590
 [Illustrator: Thomas Henry]

Journal History of the Twenty-Ninth Ohio Veteran Volunteers, 1861-1865   65589
 by J. Hamp SeCheverell

The Evacuation of England, by Louis Pope Gratacap                        65588
 [Subtitle: The Twist in the Gulf Stream]

Wild Nat, The Trooper, by William R. Eyster                              65587
 [Subtitle: or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade]

Santippe, by Alfredo Panzini                                             65586
 [Subtitle: Piccolo romanzo fra l'antico e il moderno]
 [Language: Italian]

A Brief History of Printing, by Frederick W. Hamilton                    65585
 [Subtitle: Part 2, The Economic History of Printing]

Dramas (2 de 2), by Víctor Hugo                                          65584
 [Subtitle: Lucrecia Borgia ; María Tudor ; La Esmeralda ; Ruy Blas]
 [Illustrator: F. Gómez Soler]
 [Language: Spanish]

New Brooms, by Robert James Shores                                       65583

Causes and Consequences, by John Jay Chapman                             65582

Jean Craig Finds Romance, by Kay Lyttleton                               65581

Carl Svenske, by Gustaf Björlin                                          65580
 [Subtitle: Historisk berättelse från frihetstiden]
 [Illustrator: Nils Larson]
 [Language: Swedish]

Gray Hairs Made Happy, by Anonymous                                      65579
 [Subtitle: An interesting story for children]

Adolescence, by Claude Anet                                              65578
 [Language: French]

Adventures in Journalism, by Philip Gibbs                                65577

The Goslings, by Upton Sinclair                                          65576
 [Subtitle: A Study of the American Schools]

Söder om landsvägen, by Emma Bendz                                       65575
 [Subtitle: I prästkaret genom Vemmenhögs härad]
 [Language: Swedish]

The Freeman, and Other Poems, by Ellen Glasgow                           65574

The Smithport Landing Site, by Clarence H. Webb                          65573
 [Subtitle: An Alto Focus Component in De Soto Parish, Louisiana]

The New York Cake Book, by Anonymous                                     65572
 [Subtitle: Fifty Recipes by a Famous New York Chef]

Near Nature's Heart; A Volume of Verse, by Crawford Jackson              65571

Plague and Pestilence in Literature and Art,                             65570
 by Raymond Henry Payne Crawfurd

Histology of medicinal plants, by William Mansfield                      65569

The Runaway Bunny, by Laura Rountree Smith                               65568
 [Illustrator: Dorothy Dulin]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65567
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 17, April 26, 1884, by Various

Porgy, by Edwin DuBose Heyward                                           65566
 [Illustrator: Theodore Nadejen]

Țara mea, by Marie Queen of Romania                                      65565
 [Language: Romanian]

Spider-webs in Verse, by Charles William Wallace                         65564
 [Subtitle: A Collection of Lyrics for Leisure
  Moments Spun at Idle Hours]

Nuts in Family Meals, Home and Garden Bulletin Number 176, by Science    65563
 by the Science and Education Administration
 [Subtitle: A Guide for Consumers]

30 Tempting Spaghetti Meals, by The Campbell Soup Company                65562

Jungle Tales, by Bithia Mary Croker                                      65561

The Land of Afternoon, by Gilbert Knox                                   65560
 [Subtitle: A Satire]

The Jade God, by Alan Sullivan                                           65559

By Honour Bound, by Bessie Marchant                                      65558
 [Subtitle: A School Story for Girls]

Highways of Canadian Literature, by J. D. Logan & Donald G. French       65557
 [Subtitle: A Synoptic Introduction to the Literary
  History of Canada (English) from 1760 to 1924]

Hare and Tortoise, by Pierre Coalfleet                                   65556

Green Timber Thoroughbreds, by Theodore Goodridge Roberts                65555

Greek Athletics, by F. A. Wright                                         65554

Inspector French's Greatest Case, by Freeman Wills Crofts                65553

On Time, by Oliver Optic                                                 65552
 [Subtitle: or, Bound to Get There]

Devils Postpile National Monument, California, 1984, by Anonymous        65551

The Mosquito Fleet, by Bern Keating                                      65550

Louise, Queen of Prussia, by Heinrich Merz                               65549
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

How To Have Bird Neighbors, by S. Louise Patteson                        65548

Pioneer Auto Museum and Antique Village, by Dick Geisler                 65547
 [Subtitle: Murdo, South Dakota]

Le Turco, by Edmond About                                                65546
 [Language: French]

The Making of a Man, by James Wideman Lee                                65545

The Assassination of Christopher Marlowe, by Samuel Aaron Tannenbaum     65544
 [Subtitle: A New View]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65543
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 16, April 19, 1884, by Various

The Romance of the Moon, by John Ames Mitchell                           65542

Gitanjali, by Rabindranath Tagore                                        65541
 [Subtitle: Sangesopfer]
 [Language: German]

Youth, Vol. 1, No. 6, August 1902, by Various                            65540
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]

Boy Scouts in the White Mountains, by Walter Prichard Eaton              65539
 [Subtitle: The Story of a Long Hike]
 [Illustrator: Frank T. Merrill]

The 13th Immortal, by Robert Silverberg                                  65538

Harwood's Vortex, by Robert Silverberg                                   65537

Hilda van Suylenburg, by Cécile De Jong van Beek en Donk                 65536
 [Language: Dutch]

Ghetto, by Herman Heijermans, Jr.                                        65535
 [Subtitle: Burgerlijk Treurspel in 3 Bedrijven]
 [Language: Dutch]

Slaughter on Dornell IV, by Ivar Jorgensen                               65534

Secret of the Painting, by Robert Moore Williams                         65533

Kwan Yin, by Henri Borel                                                 65532
 [Subtitle: Een boek van de Goden en de Hel]
 [Language: Dutch]

Het Jongetje, by Henri Borel                                             65531
 [Language: Dutch]

Voyage d'un faux musulman à travers l'Afrique, by René Caillié           65530
 [Subtitle: Tombouctou. Le Niger, Jenné et le Désert]
 [Language: French]

Susi-veikot, by Henry Rider Haggard                                      65529
 [Subtitle: Umslopogaasin ja Galazin seikkailuja]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Island Trapper, by Capt. Chas. Howard                                65528
 [Subtitle: or The Young White-Buffalo Hunters]

Dead Shot, by Albert W. Aiken                                            65527
 [Subtitle: The White Vulture]

Bring Back My Brain!, by Dwight V. Swain                                 65526

Mäenkylän maitomies, by Eduard Vilde                                     65525
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Modern Street Ballads, by John Ashton                                    65524

Sateenkaari, by Rex Beach                                                65523
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Les Syrtes, by Jean Moréas                                               65522
 [Language: French]

Guardians of the Tower, by Randall Garrett                               65521

The Sunny Side of the Street, by Marshall P. Wilder                      65520
 [Illustrators: Bart Haley & Charles Graham]

The Escape, by William Wells Brown                                       65519
 [Subtitle: Or, A Leap For Freedom]

The Southern Case for School Segregation, by James Jackson Kilpatrick    65518

De graaf de Lhorailles, by Gustave Aimard                                65517
 [Illustrator: Ch. Rochussen]
 [Language: Dutch]

Musta sankari, by Henry Rider Haggard                                    65516
 [Subtitle: Allanin ystävän Umslopogaasin lapsuus ja nuoruuden vaiheet]
 [Language: Finnish]

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Spring and Autumn of 1882,       65515
 by John A. Harvie Brown, John Cordeaux, R. M. Barrington, & A. G. More
  [Subtitle: Fourth Report, 1882]

Paddy at Home, by E. De Mandat-Grancey                                   65514

The Youth of Washington, by S. Weir Mitchell                             65513
 [Subtitle: Told in the Form of an Autobiography]

Lasers, by Hal Hellman                                                   65512

This Then is Upland Pastures, by Adeline Knapp                           65511
 [Subtitle: Being some out-door essays dealing with the
  beautiful things that the spring and summer bring]

Delicious Recipes including Toll House Chocolate Cookies,                65510
 by Lamont, Curliss & Company

The Adventures of Peterkin, by Gilly Bear                                65509
 [Illustrator: Helen E. Ohrenschall]

Aunt Jenny's 12 Pies Husbands Like Best, by Lever Brothers Company       65508

Grandma's Recipes for Mother and Daughter, by Anonymous                  65507

A Short Cut to Better Jams and Jellies, by Anonymous                     65506

Musical Instruments, by Carl Engel                                       65505

The Indians in Wisconsin's History, by John M. Douglass                  65504

60 New Trimmed Gift Ideas, by Anonymous                                  65503
 [Subtitle: Fun; Easy to Make]

Faster Ways to Favorite Dishes with the New Minute Tapioca, by Anonymous 65502

My Hundred Favorite Recipes, by Mary Blake                               65501

Essentials of Music Theory Elementary, by Carl E. Gardner                65500

Diary of Captain John Cooke, 1794, by Anonymous                          65499

Manasses (Bull Run) National Battlefield Park, 1953, by Anonymous        65498

Buried Cities and Bible Countries, by George St. Clair                   65497

Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women,                 65496
 by Elizabeth Blackwell
 [Subtitle: Autobiographical sketches]

What Cheer, by Job Durfee                                                65495
 [Subtitle: Or Roger Williams in Banishment, a Poem]

Au Coeur Frais de la Forêt, by Camille Lemonnier                         65494
 [Language: French]

Youth, Vol. 1, No. 4, June 1902, by Various                              65493
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]

The Goose-step, by Upton Sinclair                                        65492
 [Subtitle: A Study of American Education]

Le poison, by Edmond Haraucourt                                          65491
 [Illustrator: Lucien Simon]
 [Language: French]

Magic London, by Netta Syrett                                            65490
 [Illustrator: Helen Jacobs]

It Might Have Happened Otherwise, by Hugh Pendexter                      65489

Romanticismo, by Gerolamo Rovetta                                        65488
 [Subtitle: (dramma in 4 atti)]
 [Language: Italian]

Lightning Jo, by Capt J. F. C. Adams                                     65487
 [Subtitle: The Terror of the Santa Fe Trail]

Dramas (1 de 2), by Víctor Hugo                                          65486
 [Subtitle: Hernani; El Rey se divierte; Los Burgraves]
 [Language: Spanish]

Eneboerne, by Karen Blixen                                               65485
 [Language: Danish]

A Body of Divinity, Vol. 4 of 4, by Thomas Ridgley                       65484
 [Subtitle: wherein the doctrines of the Christian
  religion are explained and defended]

The Sinister Invasion, by Alexander Blade                                65483

The Green Millennium, by Fritz Leiber                                    65482

~ ~ ~ ~ Posting Dates for the below eBooks:  1 May 2021 to 31 May 2021 ~ ~ ~ ~

TITLE and AUTHOR                                                     EBOOK NO.

Gabrielle de Bergerac, by Henry James                                    65481

A Sketch of Charles T. Walker, D.D., Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist        65480
 Church, Augusta, Ga., by Silas Xavier Floyd

An authentick account of the measures and precautions used at Venice,    65479
 by Anonymous
 [Subtitle: By the Magistrate of the Office of Health,
  for the Preservation of Publick Health]

Philosophumena, Volume 1, by Hippolytus                                  65478
 [Subtitle: The Refutation of All Heresies]

Freedom! Equality!! Justice!!!, by Victoria C. Woodhull                  65477
 [Subtitle: A Speech on the Impending Revolution, Delivered
  in Music Hall, Boston, Thursday, Feb, 1, 1872, and the
  Academy of Music, New York, Feb. 20, 1872]

A Bounty Boy, by Frank Thomas Bullen                                     65476
 [Subtitle: Being Some Adventures of a Christian Barbarian
  on an Unpremeditated Trip Round the World]

A List of English & American Sequel Stories, by Thomas Aldred            65475

Mirabilia descripta, by Catalani Jordanus                                65474
 [Subtitle: The wonders of the East, by Friar Jordanus]

Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift                                    65473
 [Illustrator: Milo Winter]

Christmas Chat, by Anonymous                                             65472
 [Subtitle: or, Observations on the late change at court, on the
  different characters of the ins and outs; and on the present
  state of publick affairs]

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Spring and Autumn of 1881,       65471
 by J. A. Harvie Brown, John Cordeaux, Phillip M. C. Kermode,
 R. Barrington, & A. G. More

A vizözön és egyéb elbeszélések, by Lajos Biró                           65470
 [Language: Hungarian]

Kansanopistosta ja kansanopiston ympäristöiltä, by Lauri Soini           65469
 [Language: Finnish]

Zanoni, by Edward Bulwer Lytton                                          65468
 [Subtitle: Yli-ihmisen elämäntarina]
 [Language: Finnish]

Rouva Mayburnin kaksoiset, by John Habberton                             65467
 [Language: Finnish]

British Marine Painting, by Charles Geoffre Holme & Alfred Lys Baldry    65466

The Professor's House, by Willa Cather                                   65465

Charles Peace, by Anonymous                                              65464
 [Subtitle: or The Adventures of a Notorious Burglar]

The End: How the Great War Was Stopped, by L. P. Gratacap                65463
 [Subtitle: A Novelistic Vagary]

Rudimentary Architecture for the the Use of Beginners, by W. H. Leeds    65462
 [Subtitle: The Orders and Their Aesthetic Principles]

Greek Tragedy in the Light of Vase Paintings, by John Homer Huddilston   65461

An Almond for a Parrot, by Anonymous                                     65460
 [Subtitle: Being a reply to Martin Mar-Prelate.]

The Dark Road:, by Gaston Leroux                                         65459
 [Subtitle: further adventures of Chéri-Bibi]

The Primrose Path, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                             65458

Mélusine, by Jehan d'Arras                                               65457
 [Subtitle: Nouvelle édition, conforme à celle de 1478,
  revue et corrigée]
 [Language: French]

Life of James Mars, a Slave Born and Sold in Connecticut, by James Mars  65456

Chinese vs. Negroes as American Citizens, by Samuel Raymond Scottron     65455

The Trail of the Swinging Lanterns, by John Morison Copeland             65454
 [Subtitle: a racy, railroading review of transportation
  matters, methods and men]

The Last Days of the Romanovs, by George Gustav Telberg & Robert Wilton  65453

American Dangers and Duties, by A. D. Mayo                               65452
 [Subtitle: Tracts for the Times, Vol. 2, No. 12]

Kill Me If You Can!, by S. M. Tenneshaw                                  65451

The Three Thieves Of Japetus, by Mark Reinsberg                          65450

Dissociations, by Remy de Gourmont                                       65449
 [Language: French]

Chronique du crime et de l'innocence, tome 6/8,                          65448
 by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Champagnac
 [Subtitle: Recueil des événements les plus tragiques;...]
 [Language: French]

Woman's World, by Robert Silverberg                                      65447

Six Frightened Men, by Randall Garrett                                   65446

Deep Waters, by Robert Hoskins Crozier                                   65445
 [Subtitle: Or A Strange Story]

Die beiden Freundinnen und ihr Giftmord, by Alfred Döblin                65444
 [Subtitle: Außenseiter der Gesellschaft.
  Die Verbrechen der Gegenwart. Band 1]
 [Language: German]

Behind the Scenes in a Hotel, by The Consumers' League of New York       65443

Disunion and Restoration in Tennessee, by John Randolph Neal             65442
 [Subtitle: Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
  for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of
  Political Science, Columbia University]

Learning to Spell, by Catherine T. Bryce, Frank J. Sherman               65441
 & Arthur W. Kallom
 [Subtitle: A Manual for Teachers Using the Aldine Speller]

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania, by George Miksch Sutton    65440

Leaflet No. 312: Apples in Appealing Ways, by Anonymous                  65439

The Moon Maker, by Arthur Train & Robert W. Wood                         65438
 [Illustrator: Frank D. McSherry]

Beware, The Usurpers!, by Geoff St. Reynard                              65437

The Rebirth of Turkey, by Clair Price                                    65436

Konkurssi, by Björnstjerne Björnson                                      65435
 [Subtitle: Näytelmä neljässä näytöksessä, viidessä muutoksessa]
 [Language: Finnish]

Les Rêveries du Promeneur Solitaire, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau            65434
 [Subtitle: Ouvrage faisant suite aux Confessions]
 [Language: French]

Billy Whiskers at Home, by Frances Trego Montgomery                      65433
 [Illustrators: C. W. Frank & Frances Brundage]

White Magic, by David Graham Phillips                                    65432
 [Subtitle: A Novel]
 [Illustrator: A. B. Wenzell]

The Maid of Orleans, by Frederick Henning                                65431
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

Stain Removal from Fabrics: Home Methods, by Anonymous                   65430
 [Subtitle: Farmers' Bulletin No. 1474]

Sunset's Cabin Plan Book, by Ralph P. Dillon                             65429
 [Illustrator: Norman Gordon]

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military       65428
 Tribunal, Vol. 11
 [Subtitle: Nuremburg 14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946]

Jean Craig Grows Up, by Kay Lyttleton                                    65427

Industrial Minerals and Metals of Illinois, by J. E. Lamar               65426
 [Subtitle: Educational Series 8]

The Tale of the Great Mutiny, by W. H. Fitchett                          65425

More About Teddy B. and Teddy G. The Roosevelt Bears, by Seymour Eaton   65424
 [Subtitle: Being Volume Two Depicting their further
  Travels and Adventures]
 [Illustrator: Richard Keith Culver]

Hunting Indians in a Taxi-Cab, by Kate Sanborn                           65423

Ykskylän uneksija, by Jalmari Hahl                                       65422
 [Subtitle: Kertoelma]
 [Language: Finnish]

Esthétique de la langue française, by Remy de Gourmont                   65421
 [Language: French]

Isabeau de Bavière reine de France, by Marcel Thibault                   65420
 [Subtitle: La jeunesse, 1370-1405]
 [Language: French]

Visite chez le prince, by Jean Giraudoux                                 65419
 [Illustrator: Jean-Gabriel Daragnès]
 [Language: French]

Boy Scouts in California, by G. Harvey Ralphson                          65418
 [Subtitle: or The Flag on the Cliff]

Cry Chaos!, by Dwight V. Swain                                           65417

Clubfoot the Avenger, by Valentine Williams                              65416
 [Subtitle: Being some further adventures of Desmond Oakwood,
  of the Secret Service]

The Yellow Frigate, by James Grant                                       65415
 [Subtitle: or, The Three Sisters]

Travels into Turkey, by Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq                        65414
 [Subtitle: Containing the most accurate account
  of the Turks, and neighbouring nations]

The Lives of Celebrated Travellers, Vol. 2 of 3,                         65413
 by James Augustus St. John

Books Relating to Applied Science, 1890, published by E. & F. N. Spon    65412

Report on the Migration of Birds in the Spring and Autumn of 1880,       65411
 by J. A. Harvie Brown, John Cordeaux and P. M. C. Kermode

Los Apóstoles, by Ernesto Renán                                          65410
 [Language: Spanish]

Itämerenmaakuntien venäläistyttämisyritys vuosina 1886-1906,             65409
 by Maanpakolainen
 [Language: Finnish]

Pikku-veikon kirja, by Gustaf af Geijerstam                              65408
 [Subtitle: Avioliittoromaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

A Love Crime, by Paul Bourget                                            65407

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 364, December 18, 1886, by Various     65406

Le vagabond des étoiles, by Jack London                                  65405
 [Language: French]

Of the Buildings of Justinian, by Procopius                              65404

La fin de l'art, by Remy de Gourmont                                     65403
 [Language: French]

Croc-Blanc, by Jack London                                               65402
 [Language: French]

A Perfect Fool, by Florence  Warden                                      65401
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Youth, Vol. 1, No. 3, May 1902, by Herbert Leonard Coggins               65400
 [Subtitle: An Illustrated Monthly Journal for Boys & Girls]
 [Author: Various]

Plank Frame Barn Construction, by John L. Shawver                        65399

The Calumet Book of Oven Triumphs!, by General Foods Corporation         65398

Anthony Wayne, 1745-1796, by Randolph C. Downes                          65397

The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Vol. 10 of 13,               65396
 by Enguerrand de Monstrelet
 [Subtitle: Containing an account of the cruel civil wars
  between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy]

You Can't Buy Eternity!, by Dwight V. Swain                              65395

Battle Out of Time, by Dwight V. Swain                                   65394

The Phantom Regiment, by James Grant                                     65393
 [Subtitle: or, Stories of "Ours"]

Roman Public Life, by Abel Hendy Jones Greenidge                         65392

Il Conte di Monte-Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas                             65391
 [Language: Italian]

The Threee Choirs: A Handbook to the Cathedrals of Gloucester, Hereford, 65390
 and Worcester, by Richard King
 [Subtitle: A Complete Description of the Buildings, a History
  of Each Diocese and Biographical Notices of the Bishops]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, Fifth        65389
 Series, No. 15, Vol. I, April 12, 1884, by Various

Skid Row Pilot, by Randall Garrett                                       65388

As Other Men Are, by Dornford Yates                                      65387

The Little French Girl, by Anne Douglas Sedgwick                         65386

Four Bells, by Ralph D. Paine                                            65385
 [Subtitle: A Tale of the Caribbean]
 [Illustrator: Frank E. Schoonover]

And Five Were Foolish, by Dornford Yates                                 65384

Diana of Kara-Kara, by Edgar Wallace                                     65383

The Crimson West, by Alex. Philip                                        65382

On Translating Homer, by Mathew Arnold                                   65381

Washington the Soldier, by Henry B.  Carrington                          65380

Selections from Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes and USDA Favorites,           65379
 by the Science and Education Administration

Reality Unlimited, by Robert Silverberg                                  65378

Flight Into the Unknown, by Tom W. Harris                                65377

Twenty Years of My Life, by Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen               65376
 [Illustrator: Yoshio Markino]

The Poems of Richard Corbet, late bishop of Oxford and of Norwich        65375
 [Subtitle: 4th edition, With Biographical Notes and a Life of
  the Author, by Octavius Gilchrist]

Overlord of Colony Eight, by Robert Silverberg                           65374

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 363, December 11, 1886, by Various     65373

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, by Otto H. Adams                 65372

Old Fort Chartres on the Mississippi River, by John T. Faris             65371

The Mannion Court-Martial, by Randall Garrett                            65370

The War History of the 1st/4th Battalion, the Loyal North Lancashire     65369
 Regiment, by Anonyous
 [Subtitle: now the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire), 1914-1918]

Our Little Tot’s Own Book, by Anonymous                                  65368
 [Subtitle: of Pretty Pictures, Charming Stories,
  and Pleasing Rhymes and Jingles]

Guide to Fortune-Telling by Dreams, by Anonymous                         65367

L'avant-naissance de Claude Dolet, by Etienne Dolet                      65366
 [Language: French]

The Story of a Needle, by A. L. O. E.                                    65365

Pies Made with Pet Evaporated Milk, by The Pet Milk Company              65364

Magna Carta: A Commentary on the Great Charter of King John,             65363
 by William Sharp McKechnie
 [Subtitle: With an Historical Introduction]

Harry Fenimore's Principles, by Isabel Thompson Hopkins                  65362

Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of France,         65361
 Vol. 2 of 2, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Charlie and His Puppy Bingo, by Helen Hill and Violet Maxwell            65360
 [Illustrators: Helen Hill] and Violet Maxwell]

James Clerk Maxwell and Modern Physics, by Richard Glazebrook            65359

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 362, December 4, 1886, by Various      65358

Ismael; an oriental tale. With other poems,                              65357
 by Edward George Lytton Bulwer

The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. 8, No. 361, November 27, 1886, by Various     65356

The Lost Giant and Other American Indian Tales Retold,                   65355
 by Violet Moore Higgins
 [Subtitle: Story Time Tales]

Lily Speed-O-Weave Leaflet No.147-S: Luncheon Set No. 86, by Anonymous   65354

Hyvässä turvassa, by Johanna Spyri                                       65353
 [Language: Finnish]

Mallassaunalla, by Kaarle Halme                                          65352
 [Subtitle: Näytelmällinen pikakuva 1:ssä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Story of the Indian Mutiny, by Ascot Moncrieff                       65351

John Holder's Weapon, by Robert Moore Williams                           65350

La conquête des femmes, by Maurice Magre                                 65349
 [Subtitle: Conseils à un jeune homme]
 [Language: French]

Barnstormer, by Tom W. Harris                                            65348

I'll See You In My Dreams, by William Campbell Gault                     65347

Tom Sawyers Neue Abenteuer, by Mark Twain                                65346
 [Language: German]

Under Three Flags, by Bert Leston Taylor and Alvin T. Thoits             65345
 [Subtitle: A Story of Mystery]

Purpur, by Per Hallström                                                 65344
 [Subtitle: Berättelser]
 [Language: Swedish]

The Ambassador's Pet, by Alexander Blade                                 65343

Texas Museum Directory, 1985, by Anonymous                               65342

Treatise on Poisons, by Robert Christison                                65341
 [Subtitle: In relation to medical jurisprudence, physiology,
  and the practice of physic]

De drie steden: Parijs, by Emile Zola                                    65340
 [Language: Dutch]

Vengeances Corses, by Pierre-Paul Raoul Colonna de Cesari Rocca          65339
 [Language: French]

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65338
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 14, April 5, 1884, by Various

The Age of Justinian and Theodora, Vol. 1 of  2,                         65337
 by William Gordon Holmes
 [Subtitle: A History of the Sixth Century A.D.]

The Personal Relation in Industry, by John Davison Rockefeller, Jr.      65336

Arms and Armor of the Pilgrims, 1620-1692, by Harold L. Peterson         65335

Ecclesiastical History of England, The Church of the Restoration,        65334
 Vol. 1 of 2, by John Stoughton

Halma, by Benito Pérez Galdós                                            65333
 [Language: Spanish]

1913, by Lajos Biró                                                      65332
 [Subtitle: Történelmi szinmu három felvonásban]
 [Language: Hungarian]

The Cosmic Looters, by Alexander Blade                                   65331

Mrs. Arthur, Vol. 3 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                      65330

Mrs. Arthur, Vol. 2 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                      65329

Mrs. Arthur, Vol. 1 of 3, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant                      65328

Cottage Cheese Recipe Book, by The Borden Company                        65327

Baker's Coconut Recipes, by The Franklin Baker Company                   65326

They Reached for the Moon, by William Oberfield                          65325

The Old Way, by Milton Lesser                                            65324

The Aldine Readers: A First Reader, by Frank E. Spaulding                65323
 and Catherine T. Bryce
 [Illustrator: Margaret Ely Webb]

How to Get Rich, by Anonymous                                            65322

A Pictorial Guide to Mesa Verde National Park, by Ansel F. Hall          65321

Kibun Daizin, by Gensai Murai                                            65320
 [Subtitle: From Shark-Boy to Merchant Prince]
 [Illustrator: George Varian]

Golf Architecture, by Donald Alexander Mackenzie                         65319
 [Subtitle: Economy in Course Construction and Green-Keeping]

A Modern Hercules, by Melvin G. Winstock                                 65318
 [Subtitle: The Tale of a Sculptress]

Lives of the most eminent literary and scientific men of France,         65317
 Vol. 1 of 2, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Head-Gear, Antique and Modern, by R. H. Wadleigh                         65316

Turner's Water-Colours at Farnley Hall, by Alexander Joseph Finberg      65315

Little Joe Otter, by Thornton W. Burgess                                 65314
 [Illustrator: Harrison Cady]

The Sublime Jester, by Ezra Brudno                                       65313

The Divine Lady, by E. Barrington                                        65312
 [Subtitle: A Romance between Nelson and Emma Hamilton]

The Chaste Diana, by E. Barrington                                       65311

The Crystal Cup, by Gertrude Atherton                                    65310

Colin II, by E. F. Benson                                                65309
 [Subtitle: A Novel]

Billy Mink, by Thornton W. Burgess                                       65308
 [Illustrator: Harrison Cady]

The Romance of Modern Geology, by E. S. Grew                             65307
 [Subtitle: Describing in simple but exact language the making
  of the earth with some account of prehistoric animal life]
 [Illustrator: Henry R. Knipe]

History For Ready Reference, Vol. 1 of 6, by Josephus Nelson Larned      65306

Christmas Magic, by Anonymous                                            65305
 [Subtitle: Using "Scotch" Brand Tapes and "Sasheen" Brand Ribbon]

The Road, by Hilaire Belloc                                              65304

Recipes: Hershey's Baking Chocolate, by Anonymous                        65303

Mozart's Youth, by Franz Hoffmann                                        65302
 [Subtitle: Life Stories for Young People]

Histoire des rats, pour servir à l'histoire universelle,                 65301
 by Claude Guillaume Bourdon de Sigrais
 [Language: French]

De Hogerveldt's, by Paulus Adrianus Daum & Johan Jacob Estor             65300
 [Subtitle: Oorsponkelijk Tooneelspel in 3 Bedrijven]
 [Language: Dutch]

Kalevan uhri, by Eero Eerola                                             65299
 [Subtitle: Näytelmä 4:ssä näytöksessä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Gift, by Melvin Sturgis                                              65298

L'innesto, by Luigi Pirandello                                           65297
 [Subtitle: Commedia in tre atti]
 [Language: Italian]

Why We Love Lincoln, by James Creelman                                   65296

Scatalogic Rites of All Nations, by John Gregory Bourke                  65295
 [Subtitle: A dissertation upon the employment of
  excrementitious remedial agents in religion,
  therapeutics, divination, witchcraft, love-philters,
  etc., in all parts of the globe]

The Phantom Regiment, by James Grant                                     65294
 [Subtitle: or, Stories of "Ours"]

Owen's Moral Physiology, by Ralph Dale Owen                              65293
 [Subtitle: or, A Brief and Plain Treatise on the Population Question]

Teräshermoinen mies, by Kurt Lange                                       65292
 [Subtitle: Seikkailukertomus Villistä Lännestä]
 [Language: Finnish]

The Pinafore Picture Book: the Story of H.M.S. Pinafore,                 65291
 by William Schwenck Gilbert
 [Illustrator: Alice B. Woodward]

Among the Lindens, by Evelyn Raymond                                     65290
 [Illustrator: Victor A. Searles]

Munchausen XX, by The Baron                                              65289
 [Illustrator: Richard Harvey Curtis]

Greetings from Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, by Mike Roberts        65288
 [Subtitle: 7 Framing-Size Photo Reproductions in Natural COlor]

The Manufacture of Tomato Products, by W. G. Hier                        65287
 [Subtitle: Including whole tomato pulp or puree, tomato
  catsup, chili sauce, tomato soup, trimming pulp]

Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 5, February 2, 1884, by Various             65286
 [Subtitle: A Weekly Journal for the Farm, Orchard and Fireside]

Music and Life, by Thomas Whitney Surette                                65285
 [Subtitle: A study of the relations between ourselves and music]

Massasoit's Town, Sowams in Pokanoket, by Virginia Baker                 65284
 [Subtitle: Its History Legends and Traditions]

The Friendly Killers, by S. M. Tenneshaw                                 65283

Double Identity, by Charles F. Myers                                     65282

Aave, by Henrik Pontoppidan                                              65281
 [Language: Finnish]

Borgia, a Period Play, by Michael Field                                  65280

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65279
 Fifth Series, Vol. 1, No. 13, March 29, 1884, by Various

A Tract on Monetary Reform, by John Maynard Keynes                       65278

Die Pest zu London, by Daniel Defoe                                      65277
 [Language: German]

A History of Sculpture, by Ernest Henry Short                            65276

Le second enfer d'Etienne Dolet, by Étienne Dolet                        65275
 [Language: French]

Chance, Love, and Logic, by Charles S. Peirce                            65274
 [Subtitle: Philosophical Essays]

Les quinze joyes de mariage, by Antoine de La Sale                       65273
 [Subtitle: Conforme au manuscript de la
  bibliothèque publique de Rouen]
 [Language: French]

The Hunt Pack, by Samuel Alexander White                                 65272

Gloria at Boarding School, by Lillian Garis                              65271

Bob Taylor's Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 1905, by Various             65270

The Ice Crop, by Theron L. Hiles                                         65269
 [Subtitle: How to Harvest, Store, Ship and Use Ice]

Sairaanhoitajan maailmasta, by Sophie Mannerheim                         65268
 [Language: Finnish]

Rebels and Reformers, by Arthur & Dorothea Ponsonby                      65267
 [Subtitle: Biographies for Young People]
  [Author:  Ponsonby]

Les Rues de Paris, tome deuxième, by Bathild Bouniol                     65266
 [Language: French]

USDA Circular 363: The Migration of North American Birds, 1935,          65265
 by Frederick C. Lincoln

Discipline in School and Cloister, by Jacobus X....                      65264

Les Aspirans de marine, volume 2, by Édouard Corbière                    65263
 [Language: French]

The Fritz Strafers, by Percy F. Westerman                                65262
 [Subtitle: A Story of the Great War]
 [Illustrator: Stanley L. Wood]

Mediæval Military Architecture in England, Vol. 2 of 2,                  65261
 by George Thomas Clark

The Physical Training of Children, by Pye Henry Chavasse                 65260

Early English Water-Colour Drawings of the Great Masters,                65259
 by Alexander Joseph Finberg

God Hath Spoken, by Harris Dark                                          65258

The Grasshopper and The Corliss, by Anonymous                            65257
 [Subtitle: Milestones in the Mighty Age of Steam]

The Memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timberlake                                   65256
 [Subtitle: [Who Accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians
  to England in the Year 1762]

Waiting for an Omnibus in the Lowther Arcade on a Rainy Day,             65255
 by John Maddison Morton
 [Subtitle: A Farce, in One Act]

We're Off to Mars!, by Carlton Furth                                     65254

A Handbook of Modern Japan, by Ernest Wilson Clement                     65253

Captures, by John Galsworthy                                             65252

Decimal Classification, Tables géographiques, by International           65251
 Institute of Bibliography
 [Language: French]

Recipes Used in the Cooking Schools, U. S. Army, by U. S. Army           65250

The Observations of Professor Maturin, by Clyde Furst                    65249

"The Murderous Tyranny of the Turks", by Arnold J. Toynbee               65248

A Class-Book of New Testament History, by George Frederick Maclear       65247

Master Race, by Richard Ashby                                            65246

Emblems of Mortality, by John S. Hawkins                                 65245
 [Engraver: John Bewick]

On criminal abortion in America, by Horatio R. Storer                    65244

Prints, by Emil Heinrich Richter                                         65243
 [Subtitle: A Brief Review of Their Technique and History]

Satellite of Death, by Randall Garrett                                   65242

Rescue Mission, by Robert Silverberg                                     65241

A Madman On Board, by Robert Silverberg                                  65240

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art,              65239
 Fifth Series, No. 12, Vol. 1, March 22, 1884, by Various

The Secret of Chimneys, by Agatha Christie                               65238

The Secret Play, by Ralph Henry Barbour                                  65237
 [Illustrator: Norman P. Rockwell]

Roster of the Rainbow division (Forty-Second), by Harold Stanley Johnson 65236
 [Subtitle: Major General Wm. A. Mann commanding]

Graham's Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 6, December 1841, by Various             65235

1851, by Henry Mayhew                                                    65234
 [Subtitle: The adventures of Mr and Mrs Sandboys and family,
  who came up to London to enjoy themselves, and to see the
  Great Exhibition]
 [Illustrator: George  Cruikshank]

What the Judge Saw, by Sir Edward Abbott Parry                           65233
 [Subtitle: Being 25 Years in Manchester by One Who Has Done It]

The Shadow-Eater, by Benjamin De Casseres                                65232

House Operator, by S. M. Tenneshaw                                       65231

The Mistake of Christopher Columbus, by Jules Archer                     65230

Hold Back Tomorrow, by Kris Neville                                      65229

Eminent literary and scientific men of Italy, Spain, and Portugal,       65228
 Vol. 3 of 3, by James Montgomery

John, A Love Story; Vol. 2 of 2, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant               65227

John, A Love Story, Vol. 1 of 2, by Mrs. Margaret Oliphant               65226

Napoleons syskon, by Alma Söderhjelm                                     65225
 [Language: Swedish]

Variété I, by Paul Valéry                                                65224
 [Language: French]

Mixed Pickles, by Evelyn Raymond                                         65223

USFWS Circular 16, Migration of Birds, 1979, by Frederick C. Lincoln     65222
 and Steven R. Peterson
 [Illustrator: Bob Hines]

The Martians and the Coys, by Mack Reynolds                              65221

The Answer, by Emil Petaja                                               65220

Pour l'Amour du Laurier, by Auguste Gilbert de Voisins                   65219
 [Language: French]

Hero From Yesterday, by Robert Randall                                   65218

Marie-Claire, by Marguerite Audoux                                       65217
 [Subtitle: Romaani]
 [Language: Finnish]

Lasten lauluja, by Immi Hellén                                           65216
 [Language: Finnish]

Hans of Iceland, Vol. 2 of 2, The Last Day of A Condemned,               65215
 by Victor Hugo

Hans of Iceland, Vol. 1 of 2, by Victor Hugo                             65214

Le Dix-huit Brumaire, by Jacques Bainville                               65213
 [Language: French]

Reisebilder, by Mark Twain                                               65212
 [Subtitle: und verschiedene Skizzen]
 [Illustrator: H. Schrödter]
 [Language: German]

Sonne und Sterne, by Max Wilhelm Meyer                                   65211
 [Language: German]

Never Trust a Thief!, by Ivar Jorgensen                                  65210

Chambers's Journal of Popular Literature, Science, and Art, Fifth        65209
 Series, Vol. 1, No. 11, March 15, 1884, by Various

Death Walks On Mars, by Alan J. Ramm                                     65208

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