[gutvol-p] catalog.rdf invalid xml

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Tue Mar 22 19:36:31 PST 2005


thanks for making the Project Gutenberg catalogue available in RDF.
This creates many possibliities for browsing and indexing ebooks, for
both personal and research uses.

Unfortunately it seems the catalog.rdf file is missing some lines, and
as a result cannot be parsed by strict parsers such as those in libxml2
(which is very widely used by many platforms).

After some brief googling I came across Grahame Bowland's site, which
includes a simple unix shell script which he developed recently:


This inserts the missing entities into the DOCTYPE declaration at the
top of catalog.rdf. Of course it would be better if these entities could
be included in the original catalog.rdf published by Project Gutenberg :)

So, would it be possible for the system that's generating catalog.rdf to
include these entities?



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