[gutvol-p] catalog.rdf invalid xml

Marcello Perathoner webmaster at gutenberg.org
Wed Mar 23 14:34:09 PST 2005

Conrad Parker wrote:

> Unfortunately it seems the catalog.rdf file is missing some lines, and
> as a result cannot be parsed by strict parsers such as those in libxml2
> (which is very widely used by many platforms).

I just parsed it successfully using perl 5.8.0 and libxml 2.5.10.

> After some brief googling I came across Grahame Bowland's site, which
> includes a simple unix shell script which he developed recently:
> http://angrygoats.net/svn/gutenberg/fix-catalog.sh
> This inserts the missing entities into the DOCTYPE declaration at the
> top of catalog.rdf. Of course it would be better if these entities could
> be included in the original catalog.rdf published by Project Gutenberg :)

We do not use HTML entities in the database any more, so the generated 
RDF/XML and RSS should not contain any.

Marcello Perathoner
webmaster at gutenberg.org

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