[gutvol-p] Size/image limit in Web browser?

Scott Lawton scott_bulkmail at productarchitect.com
Wed Jan 4 07:58:02 PST 2006

> > I've never heard of a hard limit.  I've seen IE slow to a claw if memory
>> becomes an issue and at least one some browsers, it won't display the text
> > properly until all the images have been downloaded.

Older browser versions and/or older computers certainly have trouble with large HTML files and/or lots of images.  But, if PG hasn't received too many complaints on this with existing large files, perhaps it's manageable for most people.

> > Multi-part HTML files are more of a pain in the patoot (you can't search
>> through the whole document, if you want a copy, you have to keep track of
> > multiple files, etc).  I don't like them and would prefer all one file.

Ideally both would be available, but perhaps that's something to leave to others.


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