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Al Haines (shaw) ajhaines at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 15 21:04:50 PST 2009

John, I've taken the liberty of re-posting this message to Project 
Gutenberg's general discussion forum (gutvol-d).  (It's usually a more 
active and vociferous forum than gutvol-p.)

You don't say precisely what you mean by "submitting files", but if you mean 
submitting new ebooks, you should probably start by reading PG's various 
How-To's and FAQ's at http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:How-To and 
http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:FAQ, respectively.

You'll need to obtain a copyright clearance for the book you want to 
produce, described here: 
http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Gutenberg:Copyright_How-To.  (You'll also need 
to create an account for yourself at http://upload.pglaf.org/ to submit 
copyright clearance requests and to upload your finished ebook.)

For general information and standards for the text and HTML versions, 
respectively, see the Volunteers' FAQ and the HTML FAQ at 
http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:FAQ.  For checking text files, the 
three utilities Gutcheck, Jeebies, and Gutspell are indispensable.  They're 
free, and downloadable at http://gutcheck.sourceforge.net/etc.html

PG requires at least a plain text version of the book.  (See the Volunteers' 
FAQ, especially section 7.)  HTML is optional, but desirable.  It's pretty 
much required if the book has illustrations or graphical content.  Other 
formats (doc, rtf, pdf, etc) are optional.  See the File Formats FAQ at the 
above FAQ link for more information.

Comments on your assorted utilities and conversions I leave to others.

Al Haines
Project Gutenberg.

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> Hello all:
> I write code, specifically code to process XML/XHTML, etc, as well as
> lightly marked-up text. I am keen to get involved with the Gutenberg
> activities, and I think that I can contribute best by providing software
> to value-add on existing offerings.
> The best way to have a look at what I do is to go to my site
> (www.limpidsoft.com), where I:
> 1. Outline, in a couple of PDF files, what I have been doing recently;
> 2. Give some rather crude examples of PDF files I have adapted from
> existing Gutenberg files;
> 3. Provide downloads of free, command-line, utilities (for Linux and
> Windows) to convert text or XML to LaTeX and PDF files.
> I would like to get advice on how to get involved with the Gutenberg
> activities: how to submit files, what declarations and other inclusions
> are required.
> John Redmond
> Sydney, Australia
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