[gutvol-p] Re: converting from HTML to latex for printing

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Thu Jul 29 14:59:56 PDT 2010

harald, you have set for yourself a task that is impossible.

i tell you that so as to warn you.

and to give you a marker, so that if you _do_ attain your goal,
you will have an _extremely_ strong sense of accomplishment.

because you will _deserve_ it.

because your goal is impossible.

or close enough to impossible that it might as well be impossible.


someone "with authority" will probably come on here to tell you
that they aren't really interested in receiving your reworked .html,
or your latex files, for that matter, or even your high-quality .pdf.

scratch that.   they'll probably backchannel you to tell you all that,
because they don't particularly enjoy having to say it here in public.

but i'll let them tell you that.   because even if they did say "ok",
it's impossible for you to do what you want, so it doesn't matter.

i could explain why it's impossible -- because the idiosyncrasies of
the handmade .html files are too impossible for anyone to tame -- 
but you probably won't believe it until you have tried, and failed, so
i won't bother to elaborate.

so, even though i probably shouldn't do it, because it might serve
to encourage you, i'll be the first to wish you luck on your endeavor.


p.s.   but i give very big kudos to you for having discovered pandoc...
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