[gutvol-p] Gutenberg Catalogue RDF

William Waites william.waites at okfn.org
Wed May 26 04:52:28 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm working on a project, http://bibliographica.org/ which involves
annotating and enriching information about authors and works. We
need some seed data! I would very much like to use the gutenberg
catalogue for this and it seems like I have three options:

  * generate RDF out of the marc dump (lossy, messy)
  * use the catalog.rdf.bz2 (old rdf layout)
  * use the individual RDF e.g. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/12345.rdf
     (means crawling the site).

I'd really rather not crawl the site (and suspect you'd rather I not as
well) but I would like to use the RDF generated for individual works
(well, manifestations, but I digress).

Any chance of producing a dump like catalog.rdf.bz2 but with the
updated schema?

Kind regards,

William Waites           <william.waites at okfn.org>
Mob: +44 789 798 9965    Open Knowledge Foundation
Fax: +44 131 464 4948                Edinburgh, UK

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