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Mon Nov 8 14:34:35 PST 2010

On Monday, 8th November 2010 at 16:23:09 (GMT -0500 EST), Bowerbird at aol.com wrote :

> but of course it's not the hardware that makes the kindle attractive,
> not in the slightest.   it's the e-book inventory which amazon offers.

Speak for yourself. I only use my Kindle and Kindle DX to read free books.
I've never bought an e-book from Amazon, nor do I intend to. (There is
the added offence to us European Kindle holders that we're even supposed
to pay for downloading Amazon's "free" e-books, a couple of dozen
euro-cents for every "free" e-book! And there's a rather heavy surcharge
on Amazon's US price for every regular e-book, plus many of them cannot
be purchased in Europe.)

Still, even without ever purchasing any Amazon e-books, the Kindles
are wondeful devices, and I couldn't go without them. (The iPad is
wonderful, too, after it gets dark! I use Kindles in daytime, and the
iPad in nighttime, and the iPhone while moving about -- Stanza app,


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