[gutvol-p] Re: Quick question about file formats

Marcello Perathoner marcello at perathoner.de
Sat Oct 30 11:56:50 PDT 2010

Paulo Levi wrote:
> Another quick question :)
> Are the rules for creating a download url from the "file" tag in the rdf catalog 
> consistent?
> let's say i have a html and zipped file, of #etext15560 , in this case the 
> download link is
> &f;dirs/1/5/5/6/15560/15560-h.zip
> The way to recreate from the arguments is obvious (if lengthy), but i seem to 
> recall it changed before - is there a algorithm that always gives a "valid" 
> link, or should i just give up compressing this and include the link in my db?

The "algorithm" is the expansion of XML entities, which any common 
run-of-the-mill xml parser will do for you.

I think we had this discussion already. This is an XML file and should 
be processed thru an XML parser. If you don't, every little cosmetic 
change to the file structure will break your program. You have been warned.

Marcello Perathoner
webmaster at gutenberg.org

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