[gutvol-w] Duplicate author records

Luciano Ramalho ramalho at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:26:53 PST 2006


I am web programmer and library sciences student, and I've found an
authority problem in your database.

If you visit the URL below [1] you'll find two names:

- Cochrane, Thomas, Lord
- Dundonald, Thomas Cochrane, Earl of, 1775-1860

They refer to the same person, as a brief inspection of the eBooks
under the names demonstrates.

Thomas Cochrane became the 10th Earl of Dundonald when his father died
in 1831, according to the 15th edition of the Encyclopaedia

By the way, the Britannica has a "see" reference under "Cochrane,
Thomas" pointing to "Dundonald, Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of".

If this is not the right place to report such an error, please tell me
where to do it.


Luciano Ramalho

[1] http://www.gutenberg.org/author/cochrane

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