[gutvol-w] Project Gutenberg site not working over IPv6 tunnel

Paul Tow macskeeball at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 12:26:45 PDT 2016

Yes, I get the same problem with the main iBiblio home page. I had contacted iBiblio as well: https://answers.ibiblio.org/questions/1701/cant-connect-to-ibiblio-website-or-gutenbergorg-wh.html

As of today, two people in the Reddit discussion have said they’ve been able to access Project Gutenberg over their IPv6 tunnel, but I still cannot. One of them said he’s using a tunnel from Hurricane Electric, and the other one hasn’t yet said. I’m using the 6rd tunnel provided automatically by AT&T, and I can’t connect.

I suppose I should provide iBiblio with a traceroute.

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On 16-07-29 11:00 PM, Paul Tow wrote:
> For a long while now, a technical issue with the Project Gutenberg website
> has been making it completely inaccessible to a large number of Internet
> users. [...]
> - Forum thread I started to figure out this issue with Project Gutenberg:
> https://www.reddit.com/r/ipv6/comments/4v8ncz/project_gutenberg_not_working_over_ipv6/

www.gutenberg.org is hosted at ibiblio.org. A post near the bottom of the 
reddit thread suggests that this might be an ibiblio-wide problem. Do you 
get the same failure-to-connect behavior for other ibiblio pages?


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