[PGCanada] Early Todo List

James Linden jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca
Thu Apr 15 19:11:54 PDT 2004

We have some needs to address in the near (and/or immediate) future:

  1) Non Profit Organization.
	At least one lawyer to help setup the PG of Canada non-profit organization.
Pro-bono work is pretty much our only option right now. Coming up with the
funds to register the non-profit, etc is going to be difficult enough.

  2) Lawyer(s).
	We need them for continuing work as copyright experts and for copyright
clearance questions. Again, pro-bono.

  3) Logo.
	Naturally, we'll probably want to include the standard maple leaf. :-) The
only idea I've had is to somehow incorporate the printing press (from PG's
logo), a maple leaf, and something to represent "the future", maybe a gear
(aka "cog"), or something. We'll want something that will look good online,
on print matter (posters, letterhead, bookmarks, business cards, etc), and
on CDs and DVDs.

  4) Website.
	We should get a good website up and running as soon as possible. I don't
have the time to write a custom CMS, so I'm thinking we should use something
like PHP-Nuke or Nucleus, or one of the other PHP-based solutions. If there
is another PHP programmer lurking who is interested in writing something
custom, speak up, eh?

  5) Organizational Stucture.
	I'm keenly interested in starting with a proper organizational structure
for PG of Canada. We've seen the ruckus on gutvol-d, etc -- let's avoid
that, eh?

  6) Volunteers.
	Naturally, PG of Canada will stand on the shoulders of volunteers. If you
have anything to contribute, post your list of "I'd like to..." to the list.
Please include some sort of personal intro if you do -- I'd like to get to
know everyone, and I'm sure everyone would like to get to know you too. If I
need to post an intro to myself, say so, but as I've been pretty outspoken
on the PG lists, I'm thinking it's probably not needed. :-p

  7) Discussion.
	We need plenty of discussion about every aspect of PG Canada.


   Incidentally, the name is "Project Gutenberg of Canada", aka "PG Canada"
or "PG of Canada" -- not "PGCA" :-)

   James Linden
   Founder, Project Gutenberg of Canada
   jlinden at projectgutenberg.ca

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