[PGCanada] Re: PG* filenames/directories

Carlo Traverso traverso at dm.unipi.it
Thu Apr 22 23:52:19 PDT 2004

Surely a PG based on life+n copyright law has to be able to associate
a book to authority files. This is necessary for copyright
clearance. The full path in the hyerarchy could hence be assigned at
the clearance, instead of being extemporary like it is now.

A better clearance management and documentation is also necessary to
avoid duplication of efforts (this already begins to happen with DP
and DP-EU), it might become dramatic with several PG-like projects
running in parallel. David Price is doing an excellent work, but a
moment will come when his structure will be inadequate, surely well
before 1M books.

Substantially, I propose to catalogue a book before preparing it.  The
first steps are already done, with the clearance, and the time between
clearance and posting is enough to correct everything. This may be
some extra work, since a clearance might result in no posting, but
also allows savings in duplication of work between clearance and

I see this clearance management as a need in any case, and with
this documentation in place a coordinated naming scheme might 
become straightforward.


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