[PGCanada] Movement?

Wallace J.McLean ag737 at freenet.carleton.ca
Thu Dec 9 17:41:08 PST 2004

So... how quickly can we establish a public domain e-library, operating 
under Canadian copyright rules, on Canadian soil?

I guess 2004 is out... how soon into 2005 can we do it? What are the 
first steps?

I will foolishly volunteer to do CR clearances for existing PG texts 
under Canuckistan CR law.

How do we start processing new works that are eligible under Canadian 
rules, esp. those that aren't under PG/US rules?

I'm not a techie, just an idea guy. Techies?

End of January?

I have some other things to say, but again: openly-archived lists. I'm 
not going to draw fire from enemies of the public domain, not just yet.

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