[PGCanada] !@!Re: [BP] Australian Copyright changes clear parliament

Michael Hart hart at pglaf.org
Mon Dec 13 10:40:06 PST 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Tony Kline wrote:

> Steve Thomas <stephen.thomas at adelaide.edu.au> wrote:
>> THE final element of the Australia-US free trade agreement (FTA) has
>> passed through federal parliament.
>> The term of protection for copyright material was extended by 20 years.
> I like the way they call it a FREE Trade Agreement Steve, and then extend
> the copyrights. Nice one, mate!

FREE trade means THEY can trade, and WE can't.

Just as when the Age of Exploration was for THEM, but not for US.

Not to mention the Age of Reason. . . .

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